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J 4d

Next time I solipsisticly question my impact
Or dramatize or overreact
Remind me that due to tech lives can be lost
And hubris pays the ultimate cost.
In which I watch the first episode of Chernobyl and realize  at least I’m not sending people to their death via radiation poisoning.  Holy ******* ****.  And here I whine about usability.  It puts things in context for sure.
OpenWorldView May 17
hubris not wisdom
is ruling the current world
it will end in tears
it always does
Iska Apr 12
There once was a rock,
So bold and proud
But upon all others
He did scoff and frown.

He watched as the wistful wind
Tossed the waves up high
As the writhing sea
Draped in dazzling white
Frothed and danced in blissful delight.

He beheld the moon stained sand
As it churned and swept about
As the mighty wind blew the gulls throughout

The endless horizon
That crept to the sea.
Such beauty wasted,
For he truly believed
That none could ever be better then he.

“I am a pebble and I bow to none!”
Were the boastful words he cried to the Sun.
“Nothing could possibly change me!”
He declared to the Sea
“For I am eternal, while you all fade with time.”
He hollered to the Sand, with hubris filled pride.

“Then go forward, little pebble, and challenge the Tide.”
The whistling Wind whispered as they rolled him to the shore,
And the foolish pebble, need hear no more.

Flouncing, bouncing and pirouetting
The pebble lay upon the shore
when the Tide came to play
He told the Tide to “step aside,
For we are not the same.
I shall last forever,
whilst you are destined to fade away.”

The Tide surrounded him in a glittering host
he was then pushed and pulled throughout the coast
As the wild Waves rolled and bounced the pebble about
Before he was spat out once more on the sandy shore.

He cried out in pure rage.

So the Sand devoured him
And swallowed him whole
For how could he possibly not see
That he was not the only one
Blessed with the gift of immortality?

“Foolish pebble”
the Sand hissed in fury
“We are the dust of mountains.
We are the tellers of time
So tell me, little one,
how are you any better then I?”

The pebble stammered at a loss of words,
for such a thought had never occurred.
“As I thought.” The Sand sneered.
“How dare you be so quick to look down upon your peers.”

The poor pebble quivered as the sand spoke again
“If you wish to know eternity,
Look to the water,
towering over the waves.
Stands a Rock, older then both you and I.
Who knows? Perhaps she’s been there since the dawn of time..”

So the pebble turned again to the shore, peering over the waves
And what he beheld left him amazed.

The salt stained stone stood ageless.
Amongst the crashing of waves.
Breathing immortality, she gleamed in the sun.
The winds howled in rage
and the waves tossed their plumes
Demanding to be obeyed
But despite all of their efforts,
The Rock could not be swayed.

The pebble stood, humbled
And regret ensued.
Grief struck his core
and he was left quite confused.
When he heard a kind voice,
Both ancient and new.

“Hello, Little Pebble,
So battered and bruised.
Can’t you see?
The sand rubbed you smooth,
And the waves polished you anew.”

“I know your heart is heavy,
And filled with much regret.
So learn from your mistakes
And don’t you ever forget
That while you are simply a pebble
You glitter with gems from within
And once you embrace your potential,
Your eternity shall finally begin.”


{we are the tellers of time} is a line referring to the fact that hour glasses use sand to mark the passing of time.
For Grandma P.
Happy 71st birthday
Quivering, my hands try to hold
the thing most beyond man’s control.
My bloodshot eyes cannot behold
the weariness I can’t console.

My achy bones refuse to move
to encounter the vague unseen,
to meet what latent dreams disprove
in the fog of the in between.

I’ve not adjusted to the light.
I tried but my eyes weren’t prepared.
I want the end to be in sight—
the insight of which I am scared.

When will at last I be awake?
Is this the day I understand?
I stumble out into daybreak
to hold the future in my hand.
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Victor D López Dec 2018
god is dead
he died of a bad review in The New York Times
that accused him of being
a fascist
and a *****

he is being replaced by a new
non-sectarian trinity
Me Myself and I
all of whom are
to **** god
and say
god is dead
god dead is
dead is god
is god dead

I think I have heard somebody suggest
(and therefore I have)
that the Department of Health is soon to issue
new and improved
free of charge  
to every adult
man and woman
sitting in front
of his/her
TV/Smart Phone/Game Console/Computer
waiting for
Slightly revised from the original in Of Pain and Ecstasy: Collected Poems
Superbia Dec 2018
I am the one who stands above all
I stand proud mighty and tall
I have climb to the highest, I have reached its peak.
I tower above, Let cower the meek

I only looked down and never above and around
I let it pass by all the love that surround
I always saw that praise was for me only, Now I see that "One" can also mean lonely

I am The One, my greatness is shown
I am The One, though I stand the highest I stand... alone
PoetAnon May 2018
If only we could have seen
the way we would become
years after that first
when we only saw each other.
Making love
Innocent souls
intelligibly linked
Speaking without words
A look, sweet caress,
Warm touch
An abyss of unity;
Shh! Don’t speak.

How inconspicuous and slow
the descent into
Mutual passion silently transformed into
sly betrayal
Envy, Jealously, Greed  
My weapons distilling your desire.
Surrender to my body.
Don’t speak.
Falling, falling,
Two souls grazing the inferno

Damaged now
but we can’t go back
Too late to talk.
Silence is King.
Our deepest selves metamorphosized
  into words!
Thought exposed
Can you imagine?
No, no I cannot
Sacrifice the last part of myself
  you didn’t take.
Gnat May 2018
Guillotine, guillotine
Metal in the sunshine gleam
Touching with the dirt
Touching toes with the folk

I'm a bird, I guess
but with wings!

I'm ascended, I suppose
All alone
no one

to tell me if I'm wrong!

Guillotine, guillotine
Metal in the sunshine gleam
Touching with the dirt
Touching toes with the folk

It's my joke on you
from your things!

All alone no

to tell me if I'm wrong!
Heather Apr 2018
Seeing is believing
So see me
Believe me
And cast your hollow faiths to the ground
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