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Marla May 30
A lot of people in life will say
You owe them everything
You have because they helped
You get to where
You are.
Those are the kind of people
that have never been put in check.

So always make it clear,
Never get it twisted:
Help should always be charitable.
Help comes from the heart
of a humanitarian
and not that of a businessman.
Help is Help,
not a bartering tool.
M-E Dec 2018
In this blessed cold night
And so many other nights
I can find warmness for my hand
In a pair of gloves
And for my heart
Giving it out
To someone in need
Johnny walker Dec 2018
With all the rain today It's beginning "look not like Christmas" damp and miserable dreadful weather
talk about depressing If you were not in a downer you certainly would be now
today an old homeless lady stood In the rain asked me for some change I gave two pounds
feel so sorry for the homeless and disgusted this government allows It to be so
Homeless people, we are supposed to be a charitable
country but can't help us
own whatever
Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2018
Believe  it or not,
I come from a conservative Islamic family,
My Life is based on Islamic principles,
But,I don't feel caged,
In fact, I feel at peace,calm and safe.
Home is where you live,
Home life is on the principles of Faith in Allah,
And its two arms patience and gratitude to HIM.
Trust, kindness and above all respect for each other is a must,
A visitor who knocks on your door is as good as an angel,
He should be greeted and treated with courtesy,
Greetings create a bond in the name of Allah,
Parents are our peers and given utmost respect,
We never speak out of context to them.
Breakfast,lunch and dinner is a family affair,
We all sit on the floor in a circle with a big aluminium thaal (plate) in the middle,
And partake our portion of food from there,
Before eating we begin with Bismillah and a pinch of salt.
Women cover their heads all the time with a dupatta,
When they go out they wear a hijab.
Women are prohibited to talk loudly but some do,
What goes behind close doors between a husband and wife should remain between them,
Not to wash the ***** linens in public.
Music is not allowed in islam but most of us do,
A Muslim must pay part of his earnings as zakat (charity).
From birth till death our lives depend on the sound advise of our Spritual Leader,
I am delighted I have somebody to guide me,
He makes sure each and every community member is provided with lunch,
So no one goes to sleep hungry,
Most of all festivals are community based gatherings so no one is alone,
I am the lucky one,not imprisoned.
Islam is peace if you know the true Muslims
Sameer Denzi Dec 2018
God once asked his faithful servants
a perplexing question:
“Who will lend me a Beautiful Loan
Which I will double
And multiply many times?”

The servants looked hither and thither
and at each other in puzzlement:
“What could we possibly lend to The Creator
Of mankind and of the unseen
Of the Earth and of the Heavens
And everything in between?”

But one among them wept in tranquil delight
For he understood what was being asked:
It is the act of giving without expectation
From ones material wealth,
From ones precious time,
From ones accrued knowledge,
To alleviate the suffering of others
M-E Sep 2018
Dave had a box for tips
In it was ten dollars and fifty cents
He reserved the box for charity
Cause charity was his clarity
One day behind the counter
Comes a bald bearded bounty hunter
He asked where to find THE GOLDEN STAR
Bought a map and a candy bar
Before he left, he paid in cash
Gave a tip, and left in a dash
Dave found it odd
Opened the box and “Oh My God“
The tip that the bearded bounty hunter gave
Is a golden dime in the hands of Dave
Thousands of dollars it worth
Dave kept it for himself only, no one is hurt
Forgetting the reason the box is reserved for
His purity of soul is not preserved anymore
He thought what to buy, and thought it around
Tell he woke up, at the morning and found
That he have a box for tips
In it was ten dollars and fifty cents
Aa Harvey Aug 2018
From riches to rags

Most human beings are living like ghosts,
Not really knowing what the future holds.
Whilst we wash in the slime,
In our own cardboard homes.

There is a building; that is your home.
Once picture perfect; now in ruins after a cyclone.
Now like those you once looked down upon,
From your self-appointed pedestal;
You too have become what you used to call a ***.

But now you must call them what they are;
A friend, an enemy, a homeless dying drunk,
Sleeping in a burnt out car.
In need of shelter, just as you are;
But the ***** that gave you shelter,
Shows charity starts at home.

For when the streets become your home
And you have lived that way for many years;
You will look at people in their suits
And recall once hearing all the cheers.
Success was such an easy thing to attain,
But compassion for your fellow man has become your new aim.

For when you have lost all your worldly possessions
And you have realized your working life, is simply a profession.
Then maybe you will see clearly, find some sort of consolation;
Once you have regrouped and once more risen.

You have to begin your life, all over again;
But the partner standing by you is in the same situation.
Then three years down the line,
As you sit there upon your throne;
You remember the bad old days have now come and gone.

But you are no longer a snob;
Now you no longer live for your job.
Now you no longer choose to live alone;
You can now open up to a fellow human being and live life as one.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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