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Earth flows with an
Abundance of native matter
Throughout her body
To silence our bellies and
Bring to life, key necessities
Imagined from the vast mind
That wills so.

But greed continues to
Be embraced by men
Numb to empathy, who sadly
Struggles to warm our cold
Hearts of stone.
Akta Agarwal Mar 24
Freely giving unconditionally to the unknown person
With the thought of helping them
To give some peace as per our own status
And as said to give without the think of receiving something in respect of this is the pure hearted love
But am not that pure
But I want to help them in my possible ways
It's really the kindest thoughts of giving them something from your own store
And when got to know bcoz of my utmost help they got their life and the children can able to fed his / her family
And no needs to beg
It will be the priest feeling that anyone can ever get
By giving them I didn't have done charity I had buy peacefulness and happiness with this.
It's not charity
It's thought of letting them developed.
Helping someone didn't means charity always
there is camaraderie
and sometimes just that
loose affiliation which brings
us together in a common purpose.

Christmas is coming although one
can't be really sure
perhaps this year it'll be marginalised
like the outcast and the poor,
but perhaps not.

I'm full of hope
I have to be,
even as things change
around me,

She grounds me from these
flights of fancy,
anchors me
in this storm.
“Inasmuch as you did it to one
of the least of these my brethren,
You did it to me,” proclaimed the Master.
Inasmuch as the body is one
Tuning out the least among us
Is an act of self sabotage.

The mystery of many members in one body
Precludes apathy- abominable ambivalence toward the elect.
The epidemic of savage inequalities in the church
is a glaring act of self-sabotage.

To truly thrive is to transcend temporal tendencies–
it’s measured in connection with the brethren.
To prosper alone is alien to the gospel.
In such a mundane state, shiftiness and perfidy abound.

In an age of narcissism where tokenism thrives,
The redeemed spin out of balance
by taking their cue from the world.

By minding the least of these,
and by shunning an unholy, self-absorbed trend,
We are spared the cataclysm foretold.
There’s comfort in the unity of the faithful
That other state is pure self-sabotage,
added to the drudgery of life.
Robert Ippaso Nov 2020
Does society need a push to be made just,
Can we not together find solutions set to last,
Homelessness and poverty rife with shame,
With people given numbers but no name.

Are we so callous, blind and proud
To block our ears from cries so very loud,
Their wants and needs not our concern,
As we shake our heads with gazes stern.

Gone are the neighborhoods that kept us close,
Replaced by ones which only inequalities expose,
Gleaming steel towers where merely money speaks,
Silent neighbors with no word spoken for countless weeks.

Corporations filled with wanton greed,
Blind to crippling poverty and need,
Governments complicit in this crime
Grasping for income all signs of morals they begrime.

Solutions few, decisions hard,
So many options by self-interest barred
And yet in some humanity prevails,
Providing sustenance that such humanity entails.

To the rest of us, the watching masses,
Idly gazing through rose colored glasses,
The moment beckons for a  society to heal,
Lest that apathy our very soul forever steal.
Nagalakshmi kp Aug 2020
Candle makes me believe,
In humanity,
In charity,
In selflessness,
In bringing clarity
To one's life,
In making the world
A better place,
Not judging someone
By colour and creed
Harvesting their purity
Just by their deeds!
Can one be like a candle, giving light to the world, by sacrificing itself ?!
JA Perkins Jun 2020
"Just keep your love about you."
said the kettle to the ***.
"What you have, you have to give
and charity is all you've got."
"And keep yourself together."
said the kettle to the cup.
"Some day soon you'll find a spoon
that stirs your spirit up."
Keep your love about you
SA Szumloz Jun 2020
We called her the local clown of Fifth Avenue
Because she gave out popcorn and balloons
To all the poor children who had no food
In store for the long, hot summers.

Her balloons were her favorites, though
They were in all colors of the rainbow
She blew hundreds and sent them to where the angels go
"They're filled with love," She used to say with a dreamy smile.

Then came a time when her clown-days were over
The end of life forced her to retire from being the joker
At her last hour, though, we were positively sure
That a lonely balloon was gliding across the horizon.

That's when we realized,
This was her sweet goodbye

To the poor children who lived on Fifth Avenue.
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