What distance of measure brings me relief?
That agony can break?
For it is not time, if lifetimes' of blood and birth have found us in the now...
Nor miles, that mountains did not move...
Not even the lonely stars know such peace...
My agony the measure of distance...
My own skin a prison, my pleasure and pain...
Only in breath and bond can I have a single moment...
And I would cross it all just to touch you

You run home off the bus,
behind you is angst.
Ahead of you is home.
What makes a home?
Is it the family that doesn't care?
Or the food that you refuse?
Or the hatred behind sorrow, all within your eyes?
Maybe it's the blades,
that have replaced all your friends.
And give you,
comfort. Love,
and blood.

Sometimes you make me want to die
Because no one can hate a dead girl.
Then it'd just be sad and I'd be only a waste of talent and life.
But even death cannot solve problems
As it's bound to only cause more.
And besides, it would never grant you the ability to see things from my point of view.
You'd only lay the blame on someone else because that's what you do.
But I don't want to die.
I'm scared for my life that I won't live,
Actually live- something further than simply surviving.
Is this the angst of every fledgling I feel?
I want to jump
And fly
Because there is no cure for every problem.
There is push on
And there is pray.

JungJin Jun 16

As sweet as sugar,
As Fragile as glass,
Everyone knew she wouldn't last.

As bitter as coffee,
As Hard as stone,
That was his personality.

She loved him,
And he broke her,
They had no happily ever after.

JungJin Jun 16

Her pale skin is painted with blood,
And her mouth had the most twisted grin.
As she stood over the body,
That was once her lover.
She felt Jealousy, Anger but no sadness.

The clock on the wall ticks
As time goes by.
Tick. Tick. Tick.

Time sure flies when your killing time.

Currently online.

Two chat heads active.
My fragile heart though, in one.

Friends online: 87.
Last seen: 16:43
Really, ignoring me?

But who are you talking to?
Delivered. Delivered. Is this deliberate?
Are you busy, are you with someone? Who is he?
Don’t you see what you do to me?

— Minutes since message sent: 320 or more,
Years together: best part of four.
I’m not counting but
Is he the one from your instagram?

Friends nearby: 6.
Last seen: 23:55.

Flick up to clear all apps,
And with that my heart.


what is my mind, ill never know..
It's just a dream, a fiction, and a fantasy
this worlds lost in the haze of greed, selfishness
whats ravaged is the soul

I pity this world
a shared dream that they can never awake from
an illusion like the shadow of candle flames
dancing behind a closed curtain.

Never able to see past their deluded mind,
always taking out their angst on people
who do not deserve it.

What good is a world that has abandoned compassion, and decency...
in exchange for the pure lust of status, vanity, self-righteousness,
to further solidify their dreamed identity into something
that makes them feel real, makes them feel powerful, and in control.

I hate this world, and I reject your shared hallucination.
Does this make me insane? Does it make me evil?
That I refuse to recognize authority?
That I refuse to recognize your bullshit selfish rules,
and this game you have invented?

This game where the goal is power, possession, stature
I fucking refuse to accept your reality.

I do not recognize your imagined importances,
your overachieving selves, reaching for immortality,
while pushing away what's real, and what really matters.

and each passing moment brings us all closer to the reality I inhabit,
where nothing exists except for what you decide to imagine is true,
where each passing moment brings us closer to annihilation,
and in that annihilation, I hope to be totally freed..
because, you all, have made this world a fucking nightmare,
you bath in it, fuck in it, relish it,
like eating shit, and sucking up your own vomit
all while believing it's the best thing ever.

You are all clowns.

Jerry Chebon Jun 12

I've dug myself so deep a hole
That I have no choice but to
Write my way out of it...

pnkrck Jun 9

i am the truth
i am the inevitable
i am the past
the present
and future
i am teenage rebellion in your shirt pocket
i am the note you give to your love
i am the begging of you to come back
i am the door slamming in your face
i am the product of the very life that started on this earth and
i am unknown poetry scribbled on the stall of a god damn school bathroom
begging to be read
begging to be understood

i am all and i am nothing

i just,

Jonathan Jun 8

I’m taught to follow, to do what everyone expects me to do.
I’m merely a ghost living in the shadows of others that has walked before me.
Never free, never able to just be me.
I’m just a ghost living in the shadows.

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