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Time crawls as if crippled
Rain slaps against my window
Slow thuds of hurt hit my heart
As I cry into my pillow

I roar in restless pain
And throw off my dampened covers
I lurch towards the window, screaming
Why can't we still be lovers?

My finger caresses your name
Through the cold moisture of the glass
Praying it's all a dream
That the rain and hurt will pass

I watch the icy drips of wetness
Slither down the pane
I know there is a world outside
But I can only see your name
I witnessed their cause.
My mind couldn’t accept it then.
The pain and death,
Suffering of children and fear.
The deception and manipulation,
Forced control set their workings.
It lay slathered in the atmosphere of personality.
You can reach up and taste the very nature of evil.
Deeply immersed into the innocent eyes of youth,
Lies the havoc of evil’s ruin.

The vastness of man is infinite.
Set his course and it will never end.
He conceives wicked essence.
Its disturbance anxiously screams,
Never to settle.
Barren hosts lay in wait,
Ignorant they are being the inception.

Colors of a new dawn,
It speaks of death and sorrow.
What could one reconcile,
From their bitter decay and mistrust?

It is seen, the pale gaze of angst in hollow eyes.
Innocence must perish with evil,
The ramifications of injustice is paid.
Why this price?
Be it so high that all must perish?

Subliminal notion steeps with defect.
The idle lay in mediocre peace of ignorance.

© 2020
Zachary Kinnett
Bee Sep 29
keep pouring into me
your fears
the shadows that haunt you
your pain
the bags that break your back
pour into me
i am just a vessel
for you to shed your skin
as to pretend to be anew again

but be wary that i’ve sat
with this heaviness for so long
that gunpowder rests in me
i am your gun, ready to load
and if you cut me too close
im bound to explode
Remus Sep 24
Desire to fly alone and soar again
And continue to grow, becoming strong.
Enemies fear me greatly, for my gaze
Is causing the competition to work.
Receiving points, I crave so much to stay
Collide with the attempt of winning but not
I embrace defeat so gracefully
Support around overwhelms me greatly
I fear in what is really on their minds
Disappointed in myself for stopping us
Victory will hopefully wait until I fly
Because I want to fight on my own
Remus Sep 24
A wall surrounds me that
acts like I am not a threat.
Acts like I am not an equal

I return to the corner of those
who are underestimated
Walls will not stop us even if
we are six-foot or five-foot two
We must break through.

The Iron Wall.
A wall seen as indestructible
A wall that mocks me
My hands spikes the ball only to
ricochet and slam
into the court beneath me

Run faster.
Jump higher.
Get there before they even realize.
A wall is only a problem until
you can see the other side

The view over the wall
is right before me
clear as day but
I know it’s only temporary
Temporary because there will
be more walls
Walls that I will have to take down

There will be other obstacles on
the other side that I will have to face
but breaking down the wall is
what I must face now
this is about Haikyuu!!
Remus Sep 24
Mother wept for weeks when you died.
Her cries rang throughout the house
as if she had put a microphone up to her mouth.
She demanded to know why I killed her daughter.
Where was the daughter who wore floral skirts to spin around in?
Where was the daughter who wore shimmering gold makeup as a way to be pretty?
Where was the daughter that begged for her hair braided like Katniss every morning?
She demanded answers but I don’t know if you actually ever existed.

I know you tried to exist.
I know you kept trying to stop me from ‘taking your place’
by devouring every feminine stereotype you could find.
I couldn’t live repressed under emotions you refused to address.
I couldn’t survive as you tried every title besides the correct one.
I couldn’t stand the sight of you in the mirror or photos
I still can’t.

Maybe I did **** you as I cut my hair shorter than you wanted.
I killed you by throwing out all your favorite clothing items.
I killed you by no longer letting you be the ideal daughter.
I killed you just like I started to **** our family.
All it took was a simple letter saying I wasn’t a girl, but instead a boy.
The silent treatment felt more like a punishment for wanting to be me.
I was cut off while I still lived in the same house as them.
The only thing is that I would **** you again,
but only if I got to see you crumble away every time.
I turned this in for my creative writing class and thought I'd share
Lisa Stegeman Sep 18
They tell you about the good dreams,
The making pancakes with my husband at 2am dream.
The dancing in the kitchen in our jammies dream.
The getting my dream job dream.
The picking out curtains dream.

They didn’t mention the other dreams.
The laying in bed next to the love of my life trying to decide
if I should jump off a bridge or just swallow pills dream.
The having *** with the lights off bc I refuse to look at my own skin dream.
The waterproof mascara that doesn’t run when I cry at my desk dream.

I couldn’t call them nightmares.
A nightmare is unreal, uncanny, but
a dream is a reality that hasn’t fully formed yet
when the veil between life and dreams is thin.
That’s what I’m afraid of
elysian Sep 14
go to sleep, silly.
he doesn’t love you.
Nitin Raikar Sep 4
Confusion confronted me...
Illusion Blinded me....
Hallucination threatened me....
Bogged in a Quagmire of Incoherent thoughts...

Ahoy! A Bolt from the Blue to my rescue
Amplifying glimmer of Wisdom..
A crowning Halo of a thousand Candelas !
Incinerating Ignorance to Ashes...
Trampling Verbosity

Marching Unscathed!
Marching Unscathed!
..... The Soldier in Me🙏🏻

@Nitin Raikar
Moonchild May 16
With stapled lips, he thought of the day;
Inhaled as if a brick was blocking his airway
With a heavy heart—brimmed in anxiety,
The man, yet fright, stood in weary.

He's called out for an unending critic,
Walking past the hall of justice with ocean of eyes—clamantly staring at him.
He's creeped out, feeling less of a righteous civic
The man, in worry, seemed to broke down affirm.

His defied soul returned to every judging mutter;
As if he remembered every detail of how people named him, "the great jitter"
A known suspect of the silent past—close to death, he was threatened
10 years had gone, today was his final trial.

On the long run, afraid of saying a fragment
For he knew his voice would end this hellish session;
The man, in epiphany, had faced the judge
For now, they knew, he was the real victim of this unjust system.

"This country nor the government may not believe me, for I have demolished the untold in a decade,
For I hated speaking the truth in public, for as I know, my brevity won't ever be heard.
I may die for tomorrow, but I know that my voice today will lastly matter as a victim of this prejudice.
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