Sometimes I cry for no reason
The simplest things stress me out
I get so stressed and the dumbest tasks
and no one, not even my parents can understand why
The claim its an excuse for my irrational behavior but is it?
I get labeled as the angsty girl
who gets angry at everything?
Is it my fault? or is it anxiety's?
She never gets blamed
She is a burden the kind that you cant get rid off easily
The kind that weighs you down for the rest of your life
The kind that drowns you

This could be the night I overdose
In my mind, I've never been this close
Setting fire to everything I own
Tearing up the clothes
I've never felt so much desire
To drown in the flames of the fire
angels can't take me higher
There are no heroes left for hire
Don't tell me you love me your a liar
Here the battles of the choir
As I lay down my rights
Take these wings
Because I fear the fall
In the middle of flight
I'd rather stay planted on the ground
Blend into the blackness of the night
I'd rather fade into the midst of time
Return to dust beneath the raging sun
Cuz I know I can never be someone

©2017 Written By Benji James

i wish i told you
(that it's not your fault, it never was your fault in all the ways you told yourself to stay i know you thought about my happiness every single time)

i wish i knew better
(than to do what i did, than to take it out on you as if it wasn't my problem but yours, as if i was the victim and i did nothing wrong)

i wish i never held you back
(never tried to keep you to myself, but i realized too late when you left that i wasn't loving you the way i was supposed to, that i became the kind of lover i told myself i wouldn't become)

it's been almost four months and there are times where i miss you a lot. i can't say sorry enough for what i did, and i'm not sure if i'm forgiven (and that it's okay whether or not i am), but i hope that you're doing okay and that you're happy.
Rebecca 6d

Out of breath

And helpless

And afraid

And angry

And quiet

Oh so quiet

You've always been so quiet

So why does it feel like you've been screaming all these years?

The vocal cords bear the brunt of the damage
Dovey 7d

"I'm telling you- I understand..."

  "Like hell you do, bitch!"

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