G 13h
she runs a blade
along the side of truth
tearing seams to separate
the situation from semantics

tossing context
so I am nothing more
than a consequence
of bad behaviour,
an example of pain’s twisted path

reduced from a person
to a speed bump,
slowing her life plan

a hangnail on the hand
that feeds
Venus 2d
You are so wise with your cool kid friends
My sister, the teenage mother
I remember being so fed up with you and your bullshit even at age seven
Back when you’d hit me to prove that you were high and mighty

You are so tough with your machete slicing words
And the wine stains on your couch from too many nights alone
Crying at seasons of the bachelor on repeat
And for the men that won’t stop leaving you

Tell me that I am too clutzy for life from the desk of your office job
The one with the stupid gimmicky commercials telling customers how to save more money on their car insurance
Laugh at the mistakes I learn from while looking at pictures of you carting around yours to and from kindergarten
Spaghettios foaming at the mouth of kids while they get strapped to their car seats in a teletubbies daze

I will never forget your laser beam screams cutting into me
Your cackles when you heard
Of the disturbance in your sister
The disease of liking other girls
KMH 3d
“I'm just tired”
I'm sad

“I'm just tired”
I feel like nothing

“I'm just tired”
I don't know

“I'm just tired”
You wouldn’t understand

“I'm just tired”
I want to cry but I won't

“I'm just tired”
I just wish…

“I'm just tired”
I want to scream

And Sometimes
“I’m just tired”
Means I’m lost
and I don't know what to do
© KMH 2018
My soul came back, quick like lightning,
and it's arrival was not welcome.
Sporting a fresh crack under whitening,
bound with a fate to always be numb.
Everyone desperately craves originality,
but they don't realize the isolation.
There doesn't seem to be a solid home for me,
amongst this dust and desolation.

Horror of hollow, living on the brink of life.
Tomorrow I'll swallow my words that cut like a knife.
I'll document the destruction and bring it to light,
I hope the eruption satisfies your appetite.

The walls were tainted with love struck scribbles,
written in every colour of the rainbow,
so we painted but there still were dribbles,
I slept in a made bed and always reap what I sow.
What does it matter if it's in the past?
There's no reasons that I've found.
But I see a pattern of what doesn't last
and you know lately I'm always down.

You went to rub salt in my wound
I told you that I've had my fill.
You informed me the world was doomed,
and you were looking forward to the thrill.

Horror of hollow, living on the brink of life.
Borrow and follow the world's sense of strife.
I'll document the destruction and bring it to light,
just because that's how you feel it doesn't make it right.

I never knew much about other souls,
until I watched one fall apart,
crumbling from all the cracks and holes,
stemming out from a broken heart.
I was never fluent in social clues,
the ones that tell you what you want to hear,
instead I'd sit silent ready to lose,
what I loved all due to fear.

Horror of hollow, living on the brink of life.
Explorer of wallow, bestfriend and a wife.
I'll document the destruction and bring it to light,
I'll underline the tragedy and italicize my might.
I'll document the destruction and bring it to light,
but how will anyone know if it never makes it into sight?
Mary L 5d
Black ink
Swollen whisper
Flooding sink
Black ink
Crawling through the thick water
And then it kissed her
Flooding sink.
Ink dancing
Spirals of
Black ink
Couldn’t breath
Moon casting shadows.
Black ink
Gripping its hold
Scripture upon sleek fricture
Black ink
Faster, faster
Flooding sink
Black ink
Black ink
Running, running
Black ink
Flooding sink
Water racing across the floor boards
Holding her in its grip
Black ink
Blood, blood
Flooding sink
Lights flickering
The paper
Black ink,
Black ink.
May Mar 13
Oh those long summer nights
Usually spent in the backyard with smoke in the air
And old country music mixing in with the laughter

Everyone’s smile is as big as the summer sun
From roasting marshmallows to driving on old backroads at early hours
And staying up all night just to see the sun rise

Oh the sweet summer sun
I’ll never stop wishing for the tan lines we get
to last forever and ever
Spending all day on those bluffs
The rush you get when you jump into the cool lake water for the first time will probably never get old

Summer is the love of my life
It brings an abundance of happiness to my life
And just the word makes me feel all warm inside
The best memories I’ve made have been during that wonderful time
Man I wish someone loved me as much as I love summer
rpkersting Mar 13
It’s just the learning curve.
You’ll get it someday, son.
Everybody gets it someday, son.
You better get it someday, son.

Why aren’t you fucking getting it, son?

Grow up, and grow fast.
Get ahead. Get ass.
You gotta do it somehow,
and you better do it
right now.
Later, and you’ll be too late.
Missing the compound interest rates.
^my father never actually said this to me
Words, they're stuck and stumbling, from the tip of my tongue
numb lips unfrozen
when your image runs across
My tear stained reddened eyes!
Can I call this love a cancer?
Can I call this love a cancer?

Cuz I breathe in your laughter and smiles like smoke!
And I'd happily smile and choke!
If its the last thing I see, before I croak!
Can I call this love a cancer?

My heart its been so cold!
If I had a dollar for everytime someone told me they loved me, Id be broke!
What makes me so special, an abundance of self-doubt
Can you rip out your eyes and trade with me?
Ive ripped out mine so I could take yours
and see what you say you see
What you seem to believe
you see.....
In me!
Sometimes I like to write my own lyrics to songs, that I listen to.
This one was written a few years ago, while I listened to Dance Gavin Dance's "People you Know."
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