I feel anguished ; don't know
if that's foolish.
But I'll keep blowing hot and cold if you keep flipping
the switch.
It was the forbidden fruit
sticky sweet and dripping
down your greedy fingers
as you watched her
from the corner of your eye

Skin like glass
eyes like fire
a laugh that rings
a smile that touches the sky

She was magnanimous
an unwitting host to your innermost desires

You stole the fruit
and you knew the consequence
but in the end
what did it matter?

An eternity of suffering for your disobedience
or a lifetime of regret from pushing it away?

They said the fruit was poison
that it would steal your breath
and take your soul

But how was that any different from
what she did to you?
How was it any different than
meeting her eye?
carmen 3d
it's a thirty minute drive
from your house to mine
and yet you make it every time
to feel the heat between my thighs.

you are nineteen and i
am a small seventeen,
but that doesn't stop you
from lying to me everyday.

i used to be beautiful once,
a real dime they used to say,
but now i'm used and rotten;
only my youth and sex appeal remain.

he likes to watch my hips
shake and shimmy against his touch
and put me in his movies
that his friends all pay to watch.

did i know that john would ask
if i wished to be his twentieth?
why, yes, my dear, i did;
he asked me last june the same way.

you've got too many films
with me in the starring role.
i'm far too young to make them
and you are far too old.

come inside, i know you're dying
to see your movie queen.
did you bring the stuff;
the liquor and the weed?
carmen 3d
they all tell me i
should leave you there,
but i'm too attached to go.
you loved me once on
the siesta key beach and
you promised me things
on my living room carpet
after we made love.

what happened to the man
who called me beautiful and
stayed up to see the sunset smile
on my golden flesh?
where did you go, my love?
i don't enjoy the slow
saturation of nectar tears
that trickle down my
cinema blue beaten face.

if i wanted to be used like
a piece of average teenage garbage
i would've stayed with the
drunken football player
or the alcoholic parolee
that loved me on a sheet next to
the street barely hidden by cars.
you're so worried about my past
that you can't see the blinding present.

my biggest regret was slipping you
into my virgin kiss the first time
i snuck out into the velvet night
to get a glimpse of you.
tell me, what makes you different
than ------ or ----- or ------?
you're just the same and as much of
a creep as ------- was.

you make me feel like i'm dreaming,
like i walk in a haze and i'm
tired of feeling crazy, summer stranger.
your threats don't frighten me
'cause they're emptier than your hollow ribs.
i'll call you when the moon rises and
the sun rules the tides or the bible parts
the seas the way you once parted my thighs.
don't lie to me.
Often times I don’t know how I am.
That one question holds so many possibilities,
And I can’t narrow them down to one.

How are you?
I’m not sure to be honest.

There are days I feel a raging inferno,
Where fire burns my insides,
making me curse the world that’s brought me to this point.

But other times, it’s a tidal wave of sorrow.
In those times I can’t even muster the energy to swim.
I’d rather let the world drown me than care about it for another second.

The worst times though are the happy ones.
They usually follow the wave and flame.
It’s like my emotions decided that they’ve had enough of one extreme,
And that it’s time to swing to the next.

I know these happy feelings won’t last-
As soon as that song ends,
As soon as I return to reality,
I will return to nothing.
Because I know this happiness is not a reflection of how I truly feel,
But a valiant effort to hide the storms inside of me.

So when people ask me,
How are you?
I say I’m fine.
I’ve gotten quite good at hiding anything,

I am scared to acknowledge the natural disaster that is my soul,
For I fear that one day it will be my end.
suddenly i feel as if the world is spinning
and i am no longer apart of the gravitational hold
i float,
they say this is paranoia
that i am apart of this universe
i am firmly planted on the ground
but my legs don’t move when i walk
and my head is starting to hurt from the altitude
i glide through the air, through life,
until they wrap their arms around me
bringing me further and further into their world
you need to be normal
you need to walk
you need to exist
but i feel my existence must be lie,
there are parts of me missing
i am not one with this earth
i am bound for the sky
for there must be something for me in the horizon ahead
Jan Jul 9
Oh darling, don’t cry,
this is merely love’s way of getting revenge.
Jan Jul 7
My skin dreads your fingertips ghosting over it
Whispering lullabies from the distant shore
My lips dread your pair that trail butterfly kisses to the juncture of my jaw
My ears dread the dulcet tunes murmured from your pillow lips
That caresses the inner workings of my heart with bonafide admiration

My heart—the one you have—is the only one that adores every little gesture you make
Every slight remark
Every subtle action

But the rest of me does not want you
Because as much as I adore you
I cannot picture us together
Without the image shattering again.
Dani Jul 5
You told me
Baby, I’ll ruin you.
I said
Don’t play with fire.
or you’re going to get burnt
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