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Poetic T Jun 2020
I wasn't just that band aid,
          that was  going to heal
   you with faint kisses.

And peel off useless after I'd
                      been there a while.

My intentions were to
          rejuvenate our blemished  

And yes there will scars,
        but we'll heal together.
Lyka Mosca Apr 2020
Help him.
Whether he asks or not,
Whether its heavy or light.

A little assist,
Won't take much time

A while is enough
To ease a broken heart
Mark Toney Oct 2019
don’t get caught standing
you’ll fall backwards or forwards-
Ambien’s effect
5/8/2019 - Poetry form: Senryu - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Emily Apr 2019
Jack had the knack
Of showing quite quick with one single flick.
I called him for aid; he did as I bade.

Cheerfully willing to always be filling
Water and ice for my cup, he heard me speak up.

May he never get bored of pleasing the horde,
And find satisfaction, in his quick action.
Kylprin Feb 2019
Loud world I find silence
Love my own pain
Don't want to forget yesterday
Wash away the pain
Bullet in my brain
It won't take it away
Sitting idle and awake  
I won't forget my mistakes
I cough
And feel the sickness
And wonder
How many babies
From the same
But are not
Because of their
Or place
Of origin
Anya Dec 2018
Awkward smiles
We try
Ha, ha, ha
Act like it’s all good
Touching the surface, greatly scratching, bearly a ripple
We easily avoid it, the clean, smooth, pristine surface
Skirt around disturbing it’s placed waters
Skirt around saying what really needs to be said
Instead we laugh, and smile
Weaving a masterpiece
Of our own

Some may blame this course of action but,
What if we do disturb the sleeping lion
What then
What then?
Are we afraid of
Our perfect facade
Perfect visage breaking
Shattering into millions of tiny pieces
Too small to reattach

“But if it’s broken can’t you just fix it?”
“How, Sweetie?”

“My mommy always puts a band aid on my boo boos”
“But it’s not a boo boo, it’s completely broken.”

“Then why don’t you just build it again?”
“With legos! That way it’ll be taller and even better!”

Ha, ha, ha, ha
Sometimes the answer is right there
Oh Ye Creator, who love us
The superceder above us
Aid me, Lord! Let me not despair
I'm at the bottom of this sphere, cuddled by deep fear
Let me witness your blessing, ere I die.
Let your guiding light arise, to drown my cry
My heart, my soul and whole, is under thy control
Let not the floods of anguish, overwhelm my soul
Let not my spirit separate from its being
The garbage bin; I don't want to be
I know I'm destined for something great
But there are obstacles that keep it wait
I know its all part of the plan
But my skin is turning to tan
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