I stand alone in the crowd
The only one who won’t go out
All alone in a wave
Of these people who only crave
To hear what puts on the fake smiles
And none of them go many miles
Before they realize
That dead gaze in their eyes
But they don’t care
They won’t give up the lies
So they bicker and fight
And I try and choose flight
But I get dragged down
I can’t breathe I begin to drown
I wake up in a cold sweat
Is this life over with yet?
This is just a poem about the world and how we view it and how it is viewed and maybe in it you can see what might be truth
reforming for a crowd
does not make you the hero you play
you are the reason
I find so much darkness in humanity
while you preach openly of blasphemous ignorance-
you’re sheltered in your own
the reason we perceive you as such a wonder
is not of your goodness
but of your bold ignorance in your ways
the reflection must show you
so what’s wrong with your eyes?
Well I'm glad you asked.
I'm your next monumental task.
Call me Rufus because I'm about to make your empire crumble.
From my earthquaking hook, it will make the crowds rumble.
Float like a butterfly, hit like Tyson.
I got the strength of the All American Bison.
That left they say is “the kiss of death” please,
you haven't seen a real American breed.
A combo of the world's greatest.
My team is the smartest and latest.
What could you have to possibly show?
I’ll hit you with the jab high and low.
You’re skills of movement and power are shit.
Damn, I can’t wait to make you cry and quit
I can’t think as far ahead
as Twenty-Sixty-Five —
Will there be robots everywhere?
Will I even be alive?

Will the swampy infestations
That live inside my mind
Have made all my dreams turn murky?
Can the melancholy chords unwind?

Will my queue of queries find
A line of answers to be paired with
That will lead to real relief?
Or is happiness a myth?

Is this poem too grave for gaiety
And does it fail to arrest
And win your love and favour?
Can I keep your interest?

In fifty years from now,
Have you found depression’s cure?
And reading this while drinking nanite tea,
Do you think “what utter horse manure”?

If so, I envy your leaps and bounds
And to see them, I will strive,
And for that to be possible
I choose today to survive.
Broadsky Feb 11
I remember nights when I was so petrified, you'd sit outside the bathroom door for me as I'd shower. I remember nights you'd climb in my bed to soothe my sobs and stop my tears from wetting my pillow. I remember when you'd hold my hand and teach me to be confident with my shoulders back. I remember the nights of endless secret telling and shushes to keep quiet. I remember it all. Yet those sweet pea memories are slowly drifting away back to sea with the memory of who you used to be. I can't seem to get you to look me in the eyes anymore, I can't get you to hold me when I have an episode. I can't get you to spend time with me, your baby sister, and maybe its a big sister thing; growing tired of being your litter sister's keeper. I dont know. But I know there are no more nights of secret telling, there are no more nights of being held while I cry. There are no more nights of you sitting outside the bathroom door for me. There are none.
When do you know to let go?
I hit rock bottom,
and then I start again.

I don't let the bad times take away the positive things I've done.

I take a deep breath,
I get up,
I continue walking down the road.

There are so many things I would like to do before I'm gone,
I'm not letting a little wind take away my opportunities.

I hit rock bottom,
and then I start again.

Even when it seems like everything is lost.
Even when my head hurts for crying.
When my eyes burn because of the tears.
Even when my knees are red for being on the floor,
and my body can't hold itself straight anymore.

I wake up to a better day, every day.

I put on my jacket,
my favorite pair of boots,
the nice beanie my mom knit for me,

and I go out.

I keep on dreaming.
I keep on smiling.
I keep on breathing.

I live.
A reminder to stay strong, never give up, and always keep fighting.
From me, to you ::and me::
Here I am. Listening to music. Staring at a screen.

“You're now in line. There are 49 people ahead of you.”

Waiting in line to speak to someone, anyone. Because I think I’m going scream. Here I am, trying to find help.

“You're now in line. There are 7 people ahead of you.”

Trying to keep myself from closing the browser.

“Click to Start Chat ... Thank you for your patience. We are currently experiencing long wait times. Please call the Lifeline at
1-800-273-TALK (8255) if you would like to speak to a counselor now."

Where am I at in my life?

"Lifeline Chat is a service of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline"

I’m begging myself to keep fighting.
i'll be fine. don't worry. i just needed to find somewhere to vent this.
Jack Jan 25
Fighting his fight,
Try as he might,
Beaten black and blue,
All because of you.

Life rotting him to his core,
All his body painfully sore,
His losing battle he fought,
Without help of any sort.

He shakes, struggling to cope,
Losing all his youthful hope,
Our silent warrior, making no fuss,
Postpones his fighting just to save us.
Why can't you save anyone? this is based on a close friend of mine who regularly suffers in silence. He is not alone and he will no longer have to  fight on his own. Stay safe and protect your people. JY x
Kaede Jan 24
Puso koy huwag masyadong pahirapan
Baka bukas ay hindi na ito makalaban.
Kung nagkasala may ako nay patawarin,
Mga alaala huwag sana tulayang limutin.
I feel guilty over something. I think I've made a wrong move. I am now paying!
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