emotions RUN rampant


like the path of moonSoon windS

screams, Yells and cries

Music in discoRd

fear aLL around

elepHants traMple on grasses

grasses, NOWHERE to hide

young plead with old

When mum and dad fight.
Even though you have bigger steps,
Wider vision to witness Earth's majesty,
experienced alot of things I didn't had the chance to feel,
and even though your hair turns grey first,

You are still the one worthy of loving
Our bond will always be discrimination-defying.
My girl is taller and older than me but we defy discrimination. This explains the hidden side of love,finally unveiled
Eden S Lucf Jun 15
You crawl into my heart
so that I can't let go
So that I can't forgive him
So that I continue to love-
No, so I can continue to obsess
over him

Almost every beautiful thing he said
Had you written all over it
And more lies
That I couldn't stop shedding tears
Cause for some reason
I knew
The cherished memories I want
Were all in the past

But the lines you planted
And the truth I saw
Were two very different things
I have yet to forgive him
There's not much to this poem considering it how rustie I am at it. But I enjoy writing poetry if you can even call this that.
Jamilla Jun 13
What if I died today?
Would anyone miss me anyway?
What if I died today?
And I never had the chance to say goodbye.
Would you hate me,
Because I just wanted to stop the pain?
What if I died today?
Would you forget me that easily?
What if I died today?
Would you say good riddance
If you saw me lying there
No heartbeat, just a cold body.
What if I died today?
Would you trap me in your arms,
Like I was trapped in my own mind?
What if I died today?
Would you cry like I did
Every single night, Alone.
Because of the demons in my head.
What if I died today?
Would you realize how much
I wanted all of this to stop
And wish to see my worth.
What if I died today?
Would you see my scars
And wish you'd have noticed
How I was in so much pain?
What if I died today?
Would you care?
Like nobody does.
What if I died today...
I know you have fought hundreds of battle
I can see the bruises
Don't cover them love
Let them heal
rjh Jun 4
crooked nose, bruised knuckles, uneven eyes. strange marks on your body where they do not belong. scarred and bruised and angry and ugly. i kiss the wounds that stretch across your sore body and say a quiet prayer.

you're thinning and your eyes seem empty, but i love you all the same. you're reaching out for something that does not exist, never will; i reach out too, if only in the hope to grab it for you.

you deserve the universe and the scratches on your cheekbones prove it. you fight like a wild dog but your heart is softer than anything i have ever known.

i wish i could save you. you and your twisted morals. you and your crazy love that has never given up yet. you have had so many chances to stop; to give up; to lead a life of morality and clean hands and hearing in your left ear.

you are so wild. you are so harsh. you are so ugly.  and i have never seen anything so beautiful.
i'm rambling again
April Jun 1
Remember that the world can love
Remember that the future’s there
Remember that you can succeed
If only you still live
Never stop fighting
Mo Jun 1
Consumed by the fire
of our anger,
it's hard to say,
but, In the silence
far away,
You are right.

Covered in the ashes
of that infurno we let rage.
In the silence,
I can say,
you are right,
I'm defensive.

I wrap a scorched heart
in my arms.
Wounded, by the burns,
from the lava
that flowed off tounges.
It's hard to say,
But in the silence
Far away,
I'm sensitive.

Couldn't protect myself
from criticism,
I've been
your victim.
But in the silence,
far away,
I can say,
You've been mine too.

Fighting fire with fire,
we burned down to the ground.
But, in the silence,
Anger tamed.
I can say,
You were right,
I am to blame.
Erica C May 24
"i love you" she says
"i'll never leave you"
"i love you and only you"
but it wasn't the truth was it?
you avoid me in the halls
you had to block me
we used to be happy
but now
our story is filled with broken "i love you"'s
and heartbroken "i'm sorry"'s
do you still love me like you say you do?
do you really want me to fight for you
you said "if you love me, you'd fight for me"
but my love i am fighting
but nothing will work
for we are two broken hearts, filled with lust, love, and hurt
david snyder May 12
Razor Razor please be honest,
Who here has fought for the longest,
Razor Razor please don't lie,
Who has chosen not to die,
Razor razor drawing blood,
Who here has survived the flood,
Razor Razor causing pain,
Who has chosen to walk in the rain,
Razor razor in the shower,
Who has survived their darkest hour,
Razor razor cutting skin,
Remind them scars are not a sin,
Razor Razor you have been blamed,
Remind them they need not be ashamed
Razor razor have some fun,
Scars are marks from battles won,
Razor razor in the night,
Remind them they are winning the fight,
Razor Razor hold it in,
They're fighting a war and they will win!
dedicated to those who cut
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