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He loves her... She loves him
What if her family finds out they had sex...
Her dad screams, her mom dies inside...
His aunt cries...
She and he get torn apart...
But what if he completes her?
parents will be parents but what if it's not just parents it friends too?
they will forever be apart til death do they come together...
Just some insight on what's happening inside my brain and in my life :(
Sela 6d
That day, everyone keeps comforting my heart.
That day, my anxiety overwhelmed me.
That day, no one is paying attention with her.
That day, everyone just want to know.
That day, my mother was fighting against her demon.

Today, someone gives me the feeling, the feeling is familiar.
Today, everyone is getting anxious.
Today, the day they know their friend is lying there unconscious.
Today, I know I should tell myself how I should deal with the irony.
Today, my friend is fighting against the same demon that my mother has been dealing with for these past few months.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow.
Will it come to my mom and my friend?
For them who I loved with my heart.
For them who never stop believing that the tomorrow will come.
For them who fight against their Chronic Kidney Disease.
Xaela San Sep 15

You two fight and argue through nonsense claims. Which sometimes result to physical fight without realizing the consequences of breaking this family apart.

I hope someday, somewhere beyond this figthing; I can see and feel the family we had before again.
nadezhda Sep 13
hurting, breaking, destroying defiance.

i’m draining away in the midst of compliance.
OpenWorldView Sep 12
Among all this madness
there are those rare moments
which keep you going
in the hope for more.
Colt Sep 11
When monsters fall in love, do they leave their ways behind them?
or terrorize towns hand in hand?
Do they still open tops of buildings like giant jars of jam
with giddy smiles striking fear for miles around them?
Will they still pick planes from the sky? Or just the crust from their lover's cloudy eyes?
Do their mangled hearts become manicured?
With razor claws brushing wretched jaws,
will children hear them making out in closets?
Will they huff and puff at armies, or yell sweet nothings to pass the time?
Their passion would be fascinating, making love while making masses fear their wrath.
And maybe if we're lucky, we'll see two monsters in the park--
with lipless mouths and fighting tongues--
showing us a love so stark, it would be a first to be given hope
by such vile a folk.
For there's a chance for all of us, if even monsters fall in love.
I want to wake up.
So I try to sleep.
Counting sheep,
one two,
what more can I do?
Three four,
please don't fight anymore.
Five six,
I'm going to be sick.
Seven eight,
I start to hyperventilate, screaming the only way I know how
without making any sound.
I breathe in and out, crying out,
'I don't want to hear it anymore
don't make me listen to it anymore
why are you making me listen to it more?'
I pray to a God I'm not sure exists,
I ask for forgiveness,
I beg and plead Him to take my family on a leash
and lead us to victory.
I can't afford to lose my family.
Hey so this is actually a true story soooo yeah I thought it would make a really cool poem though so here it is
Emmah Sep 1
In his head there's a gun
His body wants to run
But his mind keeps him still
The gun is aimed to kill

He doesn't want to shoot
He's not a willing recruit
The safety's not on
The world is now gone

He's begging to stop
But the barrel won't drop
His voice is getting desperate
His thoughts are never seperate

There's a gun inside his head
Bang! And there he's dead
Woke up from my dreaming to a nightmare, she was screaming
Got back to the car the radio sang about my demons
I hate heathens, singing along for no reason
As she slams the door behind me
Revenge is open season

5 days in I look like you
Broken glass back pain
Rum stains on my shoes
Redoing old never feels new
Only see myself in a car mirror view

I want her in my windshield
I want her name on my screen
Any source of affection puts worth into screams
A honk has no emotion
My notions are bleeding
Feeding on desire, I hit the gas
Before my house catches fire

Her words were knives, dipped in lies
I realize theres no easy way
I "Take a break from all my sinning"
But God made me gay

Screams turned to silence
Caution escaped violence
My bed never felt so wrong
When I left my demons in song
I long for my steering wheel
I feel I have to stop admitting
Can't help that I'm forgiving
I named my car twister
I call this twisted living
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