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Sitting at my computer
Watching the time go by
Why doesn’t it fly
Instead it just ticks by ever so slowly
At slug pace

It must just be
My anxiety
Creeping up from behind
While I’m worrying about you

Gosh, what should I do?
But I guess there is nothing to be done
I said what I could
Now it’s up to the clocks
But I’m not very patient
I can feel my stomach drop

It was just an argument
How bad could it be…
But my mind only sees
All the fatalities
Would it be all my fault?
I hate all this drama
Causing trauma

But soon it came to an end
And you returned
Seeming unburned
Saying it was all good
What a relief
I know I shouldn’t have been so worried
But it can get messy with a third party
Now, I hope you all are better for it :)
You told me your stories, your past to present, but today lead us to another dimension.

I wasn't there when you dealt with your demons, but now you have me so let's be fair.

You told me you were an alcoholic drunk, with no self luck, ambition or love for life. I never judged you and understood your story.

But now it's time to deplete your new mission.
You left without a say
You parted your lips to the bottled glass and began your sipping.
Waited 8 hours wondering where you were, and it sure felt like forever.

When you came back to me, you told me what happened, but you had a new demon inside you, growing like I never seen before.
You hurt my feelings, because you lied to my face, but I guess that's what happens when you're dealing with the addictions you must really face.

No more you said, You don't like the taste, your stomach hurts but now again you repeat the same mistakes from many years before.

I try to help, frustrated I' am, sad I' am, crying I' am, but you do not care, you're emotionless, because to you, I' am the mean one.

What is it I must do, you tell me to dump you, but meanwhile you tell me you love me, so what is it?

confusion, haste, anger, malice,
you left within a clip of air once again,
because after our talk, you had to disappear from the truth, the bitter cold truth that bit your tongue like a scared cat in the middle of a dark alley way.

I cannot forgive you, not yet, not now, prove yourself first to me and then we will see...
Sad from being lied to and 2 faced by my man, but I guess addiction is starting again.
Keep rising even thou you'd fallen
Below the ground where you face had felt the dust of earth.
You could change, becoming beautiful, letting go of the past.
Your dreams are possible bringing every single one of it into reality, walk where the sun lead until it dawn on you keeping your dreams at your reach and you become unstoppable.
Tegan Jun 4
you learnt I was scared of thunder
and mesmerised by lightning
your freckles had doubled in number
and in the morning we are fighting
the hottest day for months
as the earth tries to sweat us out
I lay naked and sweating also
trying not to shout
leave in ten
no leave in five
or never leave you're always right
so I trundle on a bus
now clothed after my own morning of no fuss
I wonder what the ****
why early morning buck
why calamities and sweaty dagger eyes
cause in your dream
I had been mean
I don't know her
and she's not me.
Randy Johnson May 28
People call him a coward because he won't use his fists.
But he's not a coward at all, he's a pacifist.
When he refuses to fight, many say it makes no sense.
But he doesn't believe in fisticuffs, he's against violence.
Because he won't fight back, a man picked on him and knocked him down.
He refused to fight that man even though he was knocked to the ground.
You can call him a coward if you want but it's not true.
He will not fight people and that is a smart thing to do.
People call him a wimp, they say because he won't fight, it's a disgrace.
But if there were more men like him, the world would be a better place.
stillhuman May 24
I have never seen darkness
like yours
So palpable
Terrorizing me
hauling my choice
to ever forgive it

It felt like a knife
inches away
breathing on my neck
cold like the dead
that never said goodbye

I had to fight it
stand rightous to its madness
keep it contained
like blood spilling
from my hands cupped
trying so hard
to just
save it

And I won
or i thought i did
but the darkness remained
still kept me hostage
behind your back
you didn't notice
you didn't see it
the bruise from impact
the apathy covering
hiding sheltering
the obnoxious selfish heaving
of my trapped naked self
enveloped by darkness
The one that almost took your life
The one that ruined our night
that still holds me tight
as i try to survive
and it was never your fault, it never was
Johnnyqu33r May 23
Tears taste like
Pabst blue ribbon
Sat out overnight
Sixteen ounce pounder
Cigarette **** roughly
Stuffed through that
Small can opening
To sip from
In the morning
Another long night
Spent mostly crying
Wake up thirsty
Long drawn drink
Pulling black bits
Of wet tabbaco
From my teeth
Only your tears
Ever tasted like
Cigarette soaked beer
xavier thomas May 13
It's f-k up
that I can be submissive
to your every need

Yet, you struggle being submissive for me
Ralph Bobian Apr 1
Am I just waxing poetic
Trying to mask the aesthetic?
Painting the black skies hovered
over you in my presence as ****..
Ya your grey clouds are electric.
Oh it’s just part of your charm
This toxic personality storm
Acid rain down on me
And when its raining it pours
But Please excuse the floors
It’s just her personality flood
Caution tape on the doors
To avoid at all costs
Hazardous conditions like her’s
that cause her thunder to roar
crashing down on me lightning
All because I struck a nerve
All because I’ll never learn
All while I try to endure
Keeping my head above water
But in the same flood that I drown in
You stand knee deep in denial
As your waves crash over me
Dead body washes ashore
What was all of this for?
The one thing that’s for certain and
That I know is for sure
This may have broken my spirit..

But my soul’s weathered your storm
Mental olympics......
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