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Betty Aug 2020
A dried out inkwell
An empty mind with no words
And a broken pen
HeyitsAngel Jul 2020
I beg on my knees
For people to stay
The people I want to stay the most
Are the ones I am better without
Please don't go
Is what I have said to people I thought were my forever
Please don't break my heart
I am done begging
For the attention, you don't want to give
Don't give me hope
I give 100 percent to people
Make time for them
Comfort them
But who's there when life hits me
I have my amazing family
But I only want to tell them so much
Music is key
Writing poetry is great
It's words that you truly feel
It ***** when everything around you is great
But mentally you feel off
I feel broken
Even though you could look at my life
And say what does she have to be sad about
I wish I knew why I feel so sad
I'm tired
Nothing really interests me anymore
The things I once loved I don't anymore
I am going to bring back that happy girl
She is somewhere
I will fight to be happy again
There will be no more confusion with my tiredness and sadness
Michelle Apr 2020
Your eyes are distant from mine.
I stare in the expanse of Whatwas,
and the Whatwas changed into the
and the Whatis created a distance.

Remorsing my actions,
Soothing own woven wounds,
I staggered,
The ambiance around me filled with familiarity,
Feeling my breath enticed,
Replacing the blur with vision again,
The wind started whirling around me,
My brain looking out for the reason,
Trusting my senses I turned around,
Fallen on the ground,
Finding for the gulp of air,
She lifted her head,
Eyes moistened with tears,
Breath uneven due to tiredness,
Lips trembling with the cold,
My heart broke with destruction I caused,
Converging her fortitude,
She held out her hand,
I only asked her 'Cam I be weak?',
She responded with her liveliness,
She entwined me in her freshness.
Two damaged people trying to heal each other is love..
Paper Heart Poet Mar 2020
How close can I get without being hurt
Should I be open-hearted or cautious
Giving myself to others or hiding behind my mask
Never knowing my limits, but I don’t know yours either

Pain or safe, oh which to choose
Will you hold my hand, even when I’m wrong
Or push me away

Don’t wanna feel shame next to you
I hate myself already
Looking for love in other hearts
Maybe there’s some left for me

Unconditional and forgiving
Here I am naked and honest
Not living or denying anymore

Your choice is upon you
I’m not gonna beg or pretend
Tired of being someone else
Time to look for myself
Time to find my consciousness
Isabel Frye Mar 2020
My darling.... are you ever confronted with the universal truth that you won’t ever sink to the bottom of the ocean?
Have you ever been confronted with the fact that you won’t ever touch the validation you seek?
And as you reach the tiled pool floor and you brace yourself
Your skin says no
Like an oily layer you slip and slide back up
Now as you speak to me your voice quivers as if, you never had even touched the thick water before
My darling there is a science to art
And as my density shakes like your lips whenever you become small and fall to the floor, I wonder why I keep fighting for something you just won’t give up.
maybe you truly are a scientist
And as lips touch,
the waves of the ocean cover us and we sink slowly but surely  
Maybe if I jump head first I’ll be worthy enough,
If I make a big enough mess,
a disaster,
maybe if I scratch the surface, or even throw a fit,
I can really be noticed
Maybe if I dance in the hearts of mankind, dance in your shaking veins as I try my hardest to trust you, to give in
maybe then I’ll hit the bottom of the ocean
But I sink because of pressure
I sink because you tell me to
I sink because I want to silence my thoughts
I sink because I want to stay in this moment
Where the vibrations of your mockery and foolishness can never dream of reaching me
I sink because I don’t want to swim
I sink because I want to reach the bottom of this ocean.
Maybe then I’ll touch the feeling of being wanted,
The eerie silence hugging me tighter and tighter, holding me like a new mother holds her child, wanting to shield them from the world.
But in the pool water I only float quickly back to earth
To life
I hate leaving the quiet waters
As my body enters the real abyss I breathe the cold air into my lungs and I scream-
I scream to be heard
I scream to silence these useless memories
I scream to be known
I scream for you to see
I scream for all that was lost
I scream so that you can wake up
I scream for worthiness- I scream to trust.
I scream so that maybe these bubbles won’t surface
I scream for the waves to carry my sighs
I sigh for the ocean to carry my screams.
And I scream to find my voice.
And that I too may
May hit the bottom of the floor
It may be a universal truth that I will never reach the perfection I seek
It may be my death wish, and I am doomed to fail
But I will still wish that maybe,
Maybe I too
Will be told
That science is an art
And I too can be an artist.
My first poem! I would love if you could possibly leave a comment with feedback, I would really appreciate it!
I'm tired
Of fake rainbows and fools gold
Of the best of intentions with little to no action
Of giant smiles through biting teeth

I'm tired
Of caring too much and not caring enough
Of either feeling helpless or hopeless
Of running myself in circles while not doing a thing

I'm tired
Of all the warning signs being there but no one seeing a need to warn
Of innocence lost and hope forgotten
Of lotteries with no winners, just losers

I'm tired
Of those with blame being held blameless
Of all the finger pointing but never introspective
Of an endless need to consider everyone's feelings while simultaneously no one cares

I'm tired
Of dishonesty from those in positions of power
Of distrustful actions from those we're expected to trust
Of money buying impunity

I'm tired
Of being too lazy to have patience
Of being part of the problem and not part of the solution
Of trying to deal with my paranoia when someone's clearly out to get me

I'm tired
Of endless waves of pity but never an open heart
Of technology connecting us yet making us less connected
Of the traditional definition of 'face-to-face time' replaced with things like Facebook or FaceTime

I'm tired
Of togetherness only after we've been divided
Of lives of youths spent by a misspent youth
Of tragedy happening without warning with clear warning signs

I'm tired

Of no one being able to agree and that's the only thing agreed upon
Written: February 16, 2018

All rights reserved.
Dechen Wangmo Dec 2019
every day I do the usual
all the same
nothing unpredictable or exciting
yet I live each day,
without a purpose mostly,
in a place,
I cannot call it home.
the beginning of the week or day,
its a plan,
far planned by the people
I don't even have time for...
this mediocre, this clique,
I am trying not to live,
yet I continue to live,
with norms.
that unsatisfying plan,
which I have to follow, only
for the people and the amount,
which I don't seem to enjoy.
the restlessness and the urge to escape,
the relentless plan,
so far in vain
and it will be so.
Jay M Sep 2019
Dawn breaks
Eyelids struggle
Coffee smell
Awful but awakening
Decisions made in seconds

You have to go through a little hell
To wake the hell up

Shake off the dream
Dance into the waking world
Twirl me around
Like a ribbon in the hands of a dancer
Spiraling towards nothing
Yet going somewhere of significance

Make me laugh
Make me smile
Make me move for a while
Just please keep me awake

You have to go through a little hell
To wake the hell up

Wake the hell up!
Jump out of your skin!
Let the dreams go!
Wake the hell up!

Shake off the dream
Dance into the waking world
Twirl me around
Like a ribbon in the hands of a dancer
Spiraling towards nothing
Yet going somewhere of significance

You have to go through a little hell
To wake the hell up

Wake the hell up!
Jump out of your skin!
Let the dreams go!
Wake the hell up!

I’m outta control!
Just let it roll!
Oh, wake me up now!

Spiraling somewhere
Falling around
Dancing like never before
Keep me awake
Make me laugh
But just don’t let me sleep!

Wake the hell up!
Jump out of your skin!
Let the dreams go!
Wake the hell up!

Wake the hell up!

- Jay M
September 26th, 2019
I'm tired as hell, so this is to wake me the hell up.
It's about me pumping my leg to keep myself awake, then my friends making me laugh which wakes me up. Then I decided to just make myself laugh to stay awake. As some say, laughter is the best medicine.
Lil Moon Moon Aug 2019
I was raised to protect the throne of the king
A warrior summoned to slice everything
Fighting for years a battle not mine
It polished my skills, it made me shine

I cannot count the lives I've taken
Nor the screams of children I've been slayin'
All I remember was the sword I'm swinging
Under the rainy sky, I felt like drowning

How can I be a hero of my country?
When only few of us returns home out of many
This has nothing to do with fate and destiny
This is clearly a product of a greedy authority

I was once a coward, couldn't face the truth
Being just a knight, it ruined my youth
Wearing this armor symbolizes my dignity
I took it off, it sent me to reality.

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