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f3u1n Mar 29
I miss how my writing style was attracted to me
Especially since the world is submerged in my creative energy
What about it if I seemed prideful or outright diabolical?

I have got the Gold Cell imagination and an unsuspecting demeanor
Whatever it takes, I know my procrastination is making me feel cleaner
From the impure emotions that implicitly inundate me

I know that my originality is empowering
Only for myself and I could not care less about my surroundings
I am more than just another number in society

Even my actions could not be influenced by external bribery

Should I dare sue for libel or slander on the basis of institutional discrimination?
How could I even dare to compile evidence for an explanation?
I could not care less if my influence affects successive generations

M. 3/28/22 @ 9:18 p.m.
Written extemporaneously, I let my internal perils emanate through those words.
Marla R Oct 2021
Paradise is a state of mind
In a place where there is plenty-
A place where on your down time
Things look more than just pretty.

Paradise can mean a lot of things,
It can be multiple places.
The coming & going of years
Passing over different faces.

Paradise can bring you fortune-
Her smile may even give some fame,
But she levees a heavy tax
For all who stand to gain.

Paradise takes your heart & soul
Just to make you feel at home,
Not knowing whether you’ll get to leave
Feeling broken or as a new whole.

Paradise is a vacation-
Paradise is a job.
Paradise is exploitation-
Paradise is a massage.

Paradise is a place to enjoy
As others are made to suffer,
With money standing in between
To play the role of buffer.

Paradise is a cup of coffee
Paradise is a broken promise
Paradise is a rolled up leaf
Paradise is a stolen profit

Paradise is whatever you
want it to be,
As long as you make it yourself
& don’t steal it like a thief.
The choices that you make in paradise still play a part in defining you.
Choose wisely.
Carlo C Gomez Jan 2021
The beauty
Of your nest
Lies in knowing
What hides within
Is better than the rest

A glimpse through your foliage
Reveals a soft calyx
The petals of which are
The enthroned souls of the faithful
But a trap door nonetheless

When I enter
You will sigh
When I keep at it
You will know why
Angels sing

Allesha Eman Oct 2020
Dear capricious heart,
I’m sorry for leaving you at the door step of my past self.
I know you’re built with wings that can’t take you to the sky,
But I was made of broken bones, my identity split between a continental divide,
And I was yearning for the moment that I’d come to terms with ambiguity.

Now I feel at ease,
knowing you’ve found comfort in the changing of the seasons,

And I have conquered the impossible task of hearing you beat without apprehension
Allesha Eman Oct 2020
A cloud rests on the surface of the earth
and my heart, like a paperweight,  
tethers me to the stormy waters.  
I can’t foresee where I’m heading.  
But there’s something in the heavy air
compelling my lungs conform to the feeling
of letting go
Fae Jun 2020
The ribbon of our lives
tied by our emotions.
Just like
interlaced fingers.
Eternal, just like
my emotions for you.
Unrequited affection.
Never satisfied.
Thirsty for more,
but never attainable.
Some of these poems have no titles. Also as per usual, the images have no reference to the poems, any relation is creation of your own design. They're old poems I found from high school - college. They're mostly terrible but I don't like keeping the old papers. So.. here. © 9 minutes ago
The sadness and frigidness are there
When there is no clear communication
Ambiguity is present
Along with a cryptic situation
Nothing but darkness
When words are left unspoken
You block your blessings
As things are sadly blown out of proportion
Diksha Prashar Dec 2019
Love is not
A validity
Ensuring life full of
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