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XslyfoxX Mar 9
A light flickers for five seconds.
A light goes dark.
A light shines for five seconds.
A light goes dark.
All is light, all is dark.
All is scene, all is lost.

In all the light, all I see is you.
In deepest dark, all I seek is you.
When the light blinds my eyes,
You’re what brings me sight.
When darkness steals my eyes,
You’re presence holds me tight.
Through sharpest light, and darkest night.
With love - slyfox
Zywa Dec 2018
Swimming pool conversations, half naked
and touch-ready making an impression
shiny rubbing each other in
under the hems and guess
familiar curious innocence
of lying together and drowse

no looking at him in despair
no letting him sound out if I
no putting my arms around him
no sweet words
no conquering him with my *******
.....and longing mouth
no making his heart skip
.....with bated breath, waiting

saying no
long before
he asks me
Collection "Eyes lips chest and belly"
Raizel Nov 2018
We were so much and then nothing,
We talked like strangers,
And then not at all.

You were gone and the drugs were there,
Powders, pops and smokes,
Numb the pain and the world.

You messaged me again,
Now we are something
But who knows what.

I'd rather have the drugs,
Than this talking,
Avoiding everything.

Why do you torture me?
With all this sweet talk
No answer about us.
All these sweet talks, the mug you sent me, and everything else. Why do you do it? When it tortures me so much, why do you avoid a real answer about us.
Dominic Wright Nov 2018
I remember the blurred vision,
Nose quivers.

The feeling of sadness free falling from my eyes.

I watched it take shape,
In the crevices of my palms.

Palmar Flexion.

My face was the night sky,
My eyes were the moon.

They controlled the tides,
And crashed the waves.

That night,
Those 2 weeks,

I was stuck in the twilight.
Lexi Guffey Sep 2018
We are falling apart,
desperate to love
and be loved,
searching for people and places and moments
that will fill the cracks in our broken pieces
within a world where
transparency is a radical notion,
and we never say what we mean.
We internalize instead of articulate,
existing in solitude instead of alliance,
living ambiguously instead of authentically,
feigning indifference to avoid revealing vulnerability,
so committed to conforming to social norms
that we'd rather tear ourselves apart
than tell the people we love that we love them.
Eno Sep 2018
Where my imagination ends and you begin I do not know
It’s probably in the spaces between
The majestic idealistic powers I give to you as one would the protagonist in a book and the pathetic weak minded bore I see through when I’m too tired to give a ****
Too tired of the back and forth
Serving as a mere amusement and confidence boost
Neither embracing nor rejecting
Just stirring everything
Slowly beneath the surface
Madhumita Apr 2018
Some girl I never knew
knew an art that wasn’t kung fu.
She did not whistle well
when her peaches didn’t sell.
And a boy I never liked
loved her not at first sight.
He kissed her on a day it didn’t rain
never to lay eyes on her again.
Nary a soul whispers her name,
nary a heart feels any shame.
She was pretty not so long ago,
this girl I will never know.
NaPoWriMo Day 25
Poetry form: Ambiguity
Dustin Dean Mar 2018
Neutral lamb beneath the orbit
Takes in multicultural ****
Opinions clothed in a hurry
As we seal the need to worry
Meanwhile, the seconds gallop
Each one faster than its former
Ethereal beauty wonders on
Ponders on why they can't see
Juices that flow within, without

You know it's never fun
To wine and dine alone
A Henslo Dec 2017
When a poem comes alive
I might be like Pygmalion
Not sharing her with anyone
Gently adoring her all my life

Yet, relieved from her laces
Doesn't a poem's magic lie
In that through the reader's eye
She may reveal her many faces?

So I charily hand her over
To the public domain
As however much I love her

It would be a thoughtless sin
Not letting you discover
What I never did put in
AH 2017
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