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It doesn't matter how long it took
before we
met each
other. What
matter most
was how well
we'd ever
stay together
longer. On
our journey
of trust,
honesty fuels the motion. Loving
you is a
mission with commitment
to bringing us
to a rightful
Baby you're my aspiration, my
dream in
whom lies
my whole vision.
BSween Apr 15
We were met on two shores
trying to get to the beach
we both knew the terminus
stood just out of reach
and we settled for us
with the thought in our heads
that if something improved
we’d move out of there.

Then the storm had subsided
and none of us cried it
was more than we’d hoped for
and mother just moped there for
days but we’ll raise her spirits
buy in more spirits and drink her a toast
while the waves belt the coast.
My rail tracks seem to have disappeared
Only the red autumn leaves seem to have covered
A cold melancholy in the air hovers
As I look beyond to see what uncovers

But the truth is that it is an endless journey
There’s no special place ahead, no sanctuary
Just the train, and the passing estuary
The destination seems lost, as I realise it was only imaginary.

Now I yearn for meaning.

What is this train journey,
Where is it leading?
Maybe it’s better to just hop off
And enjoy it from the beginning.
Enjoy the journey because there's no destination.
Past Mar 11
This is the end.

The end of what?


Got different encounter of this life. Different beliefs, different perspectives with diverse mindset towards it. But not anyone not a single soul even the sages of earth known enough. Man perish for fortune birds yet search for feeds. Life is really encounter. If you haven't feel you hadn't have life  lived to the fullest. He rode an horse wisdom back chasing, racing, a dream to caught. Ambition high way focus juncture off determination, goal lane destination.
Walking, talking and sleeping
Unmindful life's evening arrives
A blow or two strike
For you to realise
The real meaning of life
You wish you could relive life
Reverse drive time doesn't provide
Departure time arrives
Aboard unknown destination flight
You fly away
David Paddit Jan 26
Life is measured by the small, slow moments that take up most of our day; it's found in the banality we take for granted in the everyday . . .

The in-between feeling of waking up and falling asleep in the morning
The walks in between two places
The savoring of meals in the middle of the day
The comforting silence shared between people before long dialogue
The car rides en route your destination . . .

Is it not in the process of leaves falling that you are totally entranced?
Is it not in the stillness of the world when you begin the relish life?
Is it not when your feet walk to a song's beat when you most feel alive?
Is it not in the process of cooking your favorite meal that intensifies your hunger?

Between day and night is when life is most lived. So live out your best life and enjoy the in-betweens because once you reach the end, your journey is over.
Ces Dec 2020
Sweaty armpits and rubbery legs
Labored breathing, one more step
My mind aching for a destination
There is none
Nothing but internal babblings
And an afternoon run.

Time is the
to any

destination if handled properly. It's the quickest means to greatness.
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
He has strived to survive
He is keeping himself alive
He knows his responsibilities
He is bringing life stability
They preach him salvation
Many die of starvation
Cyclic is the nature of the Creation
There is no final destination
Gloomy pictures he stops to paint
He refuses to be a saint
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