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He has strived to survive
He is keeping himself alive
He knows his responsibilities
He is bringing life stability
They preach him salvation
Many die of starvation
Cyclic is the nature of the Creation
There is no final destination
Gloomy pictures he stops to paint
He refuses to be a saint
Watching the world
Pass me by,
Through the window of
A moving vehicle
I'm a passenger
But this imagery feels like the movies,
Where some serendipitous event happens
At this very moment,
When you are pondering over life
Through your little window
You wake up to realize that this is the real-life
A journey with random stops,
Varied stories,
Vivid dreams,
But unlike life, there's a fixed destination
To that journey
While life is more of an endless cesspool
Of unrelated chaos
The destination is not etched into your hands,
The destination is what you make of it
Well, maybe there is no point
In trying to get all the answers to my questions
It took me a while to figure out how
It ain't all that bad,
How I'm happy and glad
For the good times that I've had
Not all-in for always living in the moment,
Just trying to live more in the good ones
Destiny and life go hand-in-hand
Maybe I should not let my life go bland
I should take decisions and actions,
Rather than waiting for the signs that I can understand.
Tizzop Aug 3
red promises floating above you
voicelees goons in this plane, scary
boobas take the trans am, no doubt
3:05 am and you'll be takin it there

extincting crews strenghten courage
black and white days forge memories
across the destination, our enemies
prepare for death, my friend, die

catchers roam the streets like rats
manhattan everywhere, murderous cats
24/7 keeps people awake for sinning
90 billions a day spent on parties

foggy perception like raves and pills
vibes are killing the innocent and guilty
judgment day for all the heavens exploding
final destination, open faces, heavy hangovers
Today it's all poppin.
Nathalie Aug 1
“Every detour is experimental, it’s not an end point or destination. It’s an opportunity for you to grow, learn from experience and move on with a full heart”

Where is this life headed?
I feel like I'm in the middle of the sea
Trying to find a shore,
Realizing there has to be something more
To this rather daft existence
Trying to find the meaning of your origin,
Feels nothing more than a burden
I'd rather live a little,
For dreams that often seem brittle
All these empty pages in my book
Waiting to be scribbled down
With stories galore
Maybe what I need to work on
Is an index for the book,
So I can head towards
where I want to look.
Fate can decide, I can ignore.
The never-ending urge to control where you are going rather than letting destiny make that decision for you.
Mayank Jha Jul 25
We are nothing but aimless ships.
We know no destination
In this world of imagination.
We are wanderers
Roaming this beautiful plane.
Exploring things while feeling the rain.
Trying to find peace
Our actions, causing a crease
In the time and space
We need to think big
And break out of this small vase.
Dare to do things no one would
Believe in yourself because you should.
Have faith in your existence
And fight with all you have
Against your own resistance.
Come with me
Let's jump across
Come with me
Let's make a pattern that's beautiful
Own very own emboss.
Be brave and fulfill your role.
You live only once.
But I know it will take a toll
On your mind and body.
But trust me that's not a very big price
To pay for a life that's full of love
So lets rejoice and run ahead.
And you won't regret
The price you paid.
Nolan Willett Jul 15
If we could see our destinations,
We would not trouble ourselves with the journey.
You will grow...
Enough to reach your destination and be at peace someday.

Only if you haven't disturbed others peace on way.
You will receive what you give in this universe.
Trying to learn, while I learn to fail
Not to be fixated now that I have set the sail
Towards a wiser me, maybe a brighter me
Decided to travel through the travesties,
Only to enlighten me.  

All I was hoping for was an illusion,
Was it an illusion of my creation?
Maybe nothing but just a delusion,
Maybe I'll get through it, hoping for an end
Never realized how I was missing the point,
When I let my laughter suspend.

They say it is all about the journey and not the destination,
I always figured they didn't understand my situation
What's the worse that can happen, they ask
Well, I may come short of the handed task.

Is it all in the process, I wonder
Is pondering about the end game always a blunder
Weren't we all meant to get somewhere, achieve our goals?
Or are we always trying to fill a hole,
A hole without which we can't be whole,
A part of us, this hole so wide,
It can make you do the unthinkable,
A hole of the unknown in our very own little fable.

I'm always at war to figure out the answer,
Maybe the quest in itself is a paradox,
Maybe I'd be better off figuring out the way
To love the journey and finally think outside the box.

The answer had always been in front of my eyes,
I couldn't unwrap myself from all the lies
The untold truth of what we were supposed to be,
Not finding the hidden treasure but being the voyagers of the sea,
For the treasure is what you see,
When you become better than what you were meant to be.

Just a little older, just a little wiser
Now understanding that I was always a miser
Holding onto my darkness and never letting go,
Now I'm making memories that I can never blow.

The destination had always been on my mind,
Always right in front of my eyes,
I was clouded, I was stranded
The rewards always seemed nice
But walking when I was supposed to run
Made me comprehend that the journey is what is fun!
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