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Don’t tell me
Where else
You have been

Have you been to
My dreams?
Genre:Micro Verses
Theme: Travel Log
I keep on searching
What it is I’m looking for.

I dance around in a circle
And make myself dizzy
Just to feel what my mind feels like.

I keep on walking
Towards a destination I do not know.

I lift myself up to the skies
Until I can feel myself choking
Just to feel what you have felt.

I keep on looking for purpose
But all I can do is write it myself.
Jaxey Sep 1
Loving you
Is like a moving train
I could jump off
But it would be painful
And I just
I don't wanna get off
Steve Page Aug 22
The journey,
The torque,
The chase,
The lap-time,
The playlist,
The company,
The view,
The joy,
The purpose,

not the destination,

- with thanks to T S Elliott
Okay.  I know.  The destination helps too.
Though I worry myself to pain,
And the wind unrelenting blows.

There is solace in the sight of an oncoming train.
Sometimes I wonder if the conductor knows.

Every evening at half past five
I board with no real destination.
His gentle voice asking for my ticket keeps me alive.

Though my daily absences keep raising questions.
This band around my finger has grown too tight.

He acting less as a husband, more as a victor. Nailing my shoes to the floor so I can't leave at night.

Still my mind always drifts back to my train conductor.
F A Pacelli Jun 26
we try to plan and calculate
all the twists and turns of life
as if we had a choice
on how our lives transpire
the arrogance
the foolishness
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