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Where do I start?

As far as I know
With the fleeting thoughts
I find the place, I truly belong
Once upon a time
Genre: Observational
Theme: Been there, don't have photograph to show
Love Is like a river that flows forever through one's veins never really dies but
throughout life It's goal
to make It's a way to the
sea It's the final destination
I see love as like a river flowing throughout time
It's goal to make to It's final resting place that of the sea
Gods1son Jan 29
Several routes lie ahead
Find your path
Disregarding the crowd
10 words piece
Lieke Jan 26
my life is a puzzle
and the missing piece is

i want to run
as far as my legs will take me
away from people
away from places
I'll keep spinning circles
into infinity
i'll spread my wings and fly
as i draw cloud with the wind
to a world far away
to a place so peaceful
to a paradise so cherry
that it becomes unreal

a state of mine
a perfect philosophy
to which i'll never arrive.
6 September, 2018
A billion water droplets
Falling from the sky
It’s a sad day
But I must say goodbye
I rest my eyes
For the long haul
Sleep never seen so better
For the world I love is gone
And my soul rests in peace
Knowing you were here with me
I’m sorry I neglected you
It’s my biggest regret of all

I wish our destination could be the same
But destiny doesn’t work that way
We get what we deserve
We weren’t give and all the take
I have no one else to blame
TH Jan 16
Grab your coat
And take some food
Pick a boat
It’d do you good

Don’t you plan
Your destination
I know you can
But let creation

Take a trip
Inside your mind
And let the ship
Be yours to find
brinn Jan 15
people think of happiness
too much in terms of
a destination
and not enough
in terms of
a feeling
Rafał Jan 13
I'm too wasted to have a  conversation
And you all seem way too happy!
I should wait for our altercation
Before you get too snappy

Driving up in my sunset high
When the sky is clear and open
When I steer, my thoughts can fly
Like wings that have been broken

Well, I've wrecked my hopes,
Washed away by time
That's the destination "nowhere"
Gonna drive until it rains
Doesn't life seem over?

As I burn the bridges,
I hit the gas and speed up
Like a heart on *******
When they burned the witches
No one begged to differ
Well, I do now and that's okay!

I may be different, I may be worse
But I'm better in my own skin
Get off your throne or I'll wreck your horse
And the empire of all kings
Ivana Rodriguez Dec 2018
Wind stings and nips at
My cheek, but it’s nothing like
Your seasoned kisses.
Kisses that I am lacking
From your sly lips: bitter-sweet.
Bitter-sweet is bitter because of the cunning and manipulative lips, and is sweet because, indeed, my ‘lover’s’ kisses were magical—entrancing!
Ankita Gupta Dec 2018
Fragments, the stone remembers
The walls echo the tale
Moments, life in reflections
Memory tickles the brain

Jail, like death forever
Prisoner becomes the *****
Life, journey to surrender
End is the game
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