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who me Nov 24
you turned me into wet cement and pressed your hands in deep
you tightened them around my heart and gently started to squeeze
I never noticed your tight grasp, for you only caused a sprain
until one day you squeezed too much, I felt a twang of pain
which led me to push your hand away, remove you from my soul
and now the only pain I feel is the pain of being alone
because even though you broke my heart at least you squeezed it so.
in honor of us talking and me realizing how much I want you in my life again. no matter how many people tell me we are bad for each other, I will always believe in us.
Emma Nov 13
If I told you about my November would you tell me about yours?
You always said these things get easier with time, but I’m still waiting.
I’ll mark today down in all my calendars and I’ll get back to you.
3 years wasn’t long enough to forget.
As much as I want to love you, I can’t stand your pity,
And I can’t stand my own fear.
All of my heroes become my villains,
And I’m desperate for something to believe in
Now that I can’t believe in you.
I learned the hard way that I can’t rely too heavily on anyone,
Because once I do they get scared and they leave.
The things that scar me are the things that will scare you
And you will leave too.
Jack Jenkins Nov 11
We met
We grew
We loved
We stalled
We fell apart
We're alone

At least I am
I hope you're not
I hope you're happy
Because I missed you happy
I hope you're in love
Real love for a change
I hope you're not stuck
Because you deserve the best

Hungover was the only way
To wake up this morning
Because **** I miss you
And I wonder if I cross your mind
I think I do
But are they happy memories
Or just a mistake you don't want to think about?

So for the millionth time
I'm sorry
I know the wind won't carry it across an ocean
But I'm sorry
Pour one out for us
The memory of what we were
Tomorrow I'll be okay
But today you're on my mind
JDL Nov 10
I remember back in the day

when I used to pray

for a woman to say,

I love you for who you are.

I didn’t realize how far

*** would raise the bar

of His love for me.

I never thought I would see

the day that I would be growing my family tree

with the woman of my dreams.

I can’t wait to see our son’s face as it gleams,

***’s love has no bounds it seems.

I can’t believe its already been four years

since the day that brought me to tears.

We no longer need to live in fear.

Our life is so perfect and we built it with love

and nothing can stop us because

we have everything we need from our Father Above!

4th anniversary - 07/21/2017
My first attempt at a “rap” poem

My wife was pregnant with our son at this point :)
SeaChel Nov 5
That day was a penultimate beginning of the end.
She had known it too
somewhere deep inside,
but it threatened to compromise her “happiness.”
So, she chose to disregard it completely,
although seemingly ridiculous notions
already started swirling through her mind.
Anxiety began to bubble up and
lllll  over.
Her locked away thoughts and feelings
ate away even more at her festering heart.
Then, it ended.
Slowly, so slowly,
she healed; returned to normal.
The scars are still there,
but she stands stronger than before.
Milestones hold some invisible power over me, but almost, almost I can breathe again
Oh rose of blue,

I've only seen but one, your hue.

You delicately weep the morning dew,

from whence a seed your uniqueness grew,

as did my fascination for you, this much is true.

Oh rose of blue you stand with few,

your petals bathe in tomorrow's sun new,

at night the moon smiles and bays back at you.

Oh rose of blue,

my poem for you has been long overdue.

Lainey Oct 30
Memories hold dear,
which were born of deep devotion.
The notion of time fading the ache?
A feint, a fake played by fools who dodge emotion.
Hold steadfast to the joyous spark, igniting recollection.
A rush of joy to fill the void, you’re buoyed from ever knowing this man’s faithful, true affection.
Bansi Adroja Oct 12
We're painfully predictable
don't you think?
half a decade
plus some change
of this same insane
almost love story

We make plans we won't keep
the house by the sea
just simple nights on the sofa
or star gazing somewhere
we're just so tired
and it's been so long
we're all talk
we always have been

We fight about nothing
on the quiet days
just to fill the gaps
and as an excuse to make up
but still there's so much
radio silence

A Poem a Day : Six Years
KingOfHearts Sep 28
Ye does not know what's to come.
Forests come falling down like ash.
And must the colors cease to one?
Let death come with snow in its wrath.
With me, a weakened soul remains.
An evil tried to break it down.
But ye of only little faith...
Can't see that my soul sings aloud.
Oh, October has shed its tear.
With nothing, all left to remain.
But dead leaves always settle here.
Where I may stand up in the rain...
For ye of only little faith
A light with wings protects me
Here Winter comes with frozen fangs
Let it not ever prosper

Let no evil prosper.
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