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rob kistner Sep 6

a tiny universe
of newborn stars
explodes above us
bold and bright

they swoosh and sizzle
spin and tumble
in mesmerizing
fiery flight

a flash dance
of dazzling sparks
shower the heavens
in wondrous light

this cacophony
of celebration
this pyrotechnical

passes in
then out of existence
in but a moment
this magical night


rob kistner © 1977
This piece was inspired by the Labor Day fireworks display that was presented by Cincinnati Ohio radio station WEBN, which was originally owned by a friend of mine, Frank "Bo" Woods. It began in 1977 to celebrate WEBN's 10th anniversary. It was staged from multiple barges and bridges, on and over the Ohio River along the Cincinnati waterfront.  It continues still today, having just celebrated its 40th anniversary. It spawned an ongoing, week-long celebration called Riverfest. It was originally, and still is one of the largest fireworks show in the country.
E over c2 Sep 2
twenty one questions led to a hundred
and six months on i'm eager for more.
because baby half a year ago you touched my heart
like no one has before
and like no one will.
young and bold we leapt into love like nothing mattered
because at the time it felt like we had nothing to lose
but now
now we have the world to lose.
because we have each other.
my beautiful winter girl
you make me smile every single day.
you make me see the future as a goal to fight for.
i will fight for you.
fight to keep you safe and fight to keep you happy
til the day you hold me back.
i will protect you against every storm.
and make sure everyone knows of how proud i am.
to call you mine.
to say "she's here today."
you're here today. and you will be tomorrow.
with me.

with all that said
I love you more than time.
So when i go discovering the secrets of the universe
i'll be ready and willing to have you to hold my hand.
so here's to six, and many more.
Short, sweet.
The month of my Birth and first shine
of my soul upon the spirits around me.
Like a star
I shine and flicker in this "galaxy of Living Energy"
Human beings and our friends, the animals...
I draw in their signals of energy
and fuse with those I know of, in soulful energies the best.
Binding in Symbian waves
energies that protect and that nurture our hunger for another soulful energy to help nourish, grow brighter with, and to share peaceful moments upon this Earth
I was never an "Accidental Life Form"
When my parents looked down at my helpless physical body at my birth.
I was created for reasons I have yet to know about or to yet understand.
To better our world, country, and society..yes.
In unique and Empowering ways...I have just figured out those purposeful definitions of my existence on this planet.
As every time I look down on my mistakes, Human Ways, and even "Stormy Moments"
I reboot my passions and remembrances stored in my memory
of the stronger and much more powerful reality
I was born on this month, even on the very day..in this "birthing anniversary"
For plenty more miraculous reasons than just being "the human" in me.
I see my Energies of hope, helpful abilities, and our creator's eye for added gifts that are of more than what scientists could ever explain...
I am a Humanity... The tool within it... To help it from every allowing itself to die or war in vain.
cassie sky Jul 30
The earth was spinning marvelously, rapidly, with such unimaginable force
But the lovers felt not what the earth had to offer - instead, they felt the source
The source of all that they had come here for, all that anyone comes here for
It did not come from a mysterious man that lives in the sky or in earth’s core
It was not made of hours or seconds or appointments or jobs or dollar bills
It is not something that’s ever too far away, it comes back when you need a fill

It came from every one of us and is magnified when we peacefully unite
It is made of the shapes that hands and bodies form when cast in light
It is real, it is invisible to most, it is everything in one small, small shell
Love is and always has been the source, never stop drilling that well
Laura Jul 23
I never said goodbye
I hope that's alright
I mean,
I know it's not,
I guess I'm asking for forgiveness
Because I never said goodbye
I was too preoccupied
To get up
For one last embrace
One last kiss
I couldn't really be bothered
Until it was too late
Until you were ten feet under
Ten years later

I never said goodbye
Only to the grass
And the metal plate on top of you
In the Garden of Serenity
Next to the fountain
And the trees
That humid June day
My dress a shade of orange
I know you would have liked
A shade of orange
I wore the day you were buried
A shade of orange
Similar to the flowers I put on top of you
A shade of orange
That never left my blurry eyes as the tears fell down over you
Mazen Edlibi Jun 30
When you are blessed enough to someone

Being with you is a bless given by God!

Listening to your soul is a remedy for a tired soul!

Reading every single word from you like reciting a mantra of pure love among Angels!

A radical bond created beyond people terms and norms!

Silly...Funny...lightness...spontaneous...are the core of our moments!

Downs are met with faith...
Ups are felt with appreciation...

With all of that, a happy 1 paper anniversary, is not but a long life journey filled with amazing moments!

With that I face any moment even if it is painful, with joy and hope!

Thank you for the light you bring to us!
Chris Neilson Jun 19
On this day 30 years ago, I was single.
The next day my life changed forever.
I played in a 5-a-side football match for my work's team
against our local rivals, played well and scored many goals
Watching on was a girl, or should I now say "young woman"
who worked for the same company as me
Later that night the young woman and I
commenced a romantic relationship.
exactly 10 years to the day after that, we married.
30 years of ups and downs, break ups and make ups
house moves, serious illness and bereavements
outside interference, family politics and strife
all like any other marriage I guess
but we're still together, our little team of 2
taking on the world and all life's challenges in tandem
most of all we're happy together
if you believe in love
then ours is a success story
A personal piece which I aim to be feelgood
zahra Jun 11
three hundred and sixty six
how do i describe the love i have held in my hands for this long
a love aimed toward he
whose presence is often intangible
but mere existence is invaluable

for the boy i love
here is my attempt

the love i have for him is like a daydream
i am fully aware yet unaware of it
it is a dream i choose to have
a moment i take to escape reality
and in these moments the world shines so brightly
though i may have to return

the love i have for him is like a maze
i willingly get lost in him
though i know the consequences
a labyrinth inside a labyrinth
he is an enigma i cannot figure out
i may not be able to escape from him
but maybe i don't want to

the love i have for him is an insolvable mystery
i know that i could sculpt every detail of his face out in clay
and i could write love letters filled with depths even the ocean would fear
and i could wish upon the wishing stars until the wishing starts burned out
and still i may not reach him
and yet, i love him anyway

the love i have for him is a pipe dream
i know we can never be
and yet i write these words of love dedicated to him
i tell stories about how much i love him, adore him
and i do
i love
and love
and love him

and i will love him forevermore.
i love you
Deemz Jun 5
Happy one year anniversary
to my scars,
to my once wounded heart,
to my healing soul,
to all the little-broken memories
that I still stumble upon till this day.
Dirk Salimus May 29
You're unbelievably gorgeous and perfect the way you are
How charming that each eyes of yours remind me of stars
That is inevitably captivating and I keep on querulous
That after all those years,I was so oblivious

Naive that there is such a wonderful creation like you
I should've searched for you back then, than doing ado's
You are so perfect and yet we are made for each other
Making me the happiest man alive,The most grateful lover

It's funny how things started unexpectedly,
You and me are bonded by God rigorously
Slew of prayers and mourns is what it tooks for me to find you,and for you to find me
And with that being said,You are mine and I am yours and forever that'll be

You are perfect for me.
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