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I heard crying as i walk to the door
When i peer in the doorway
i see you laying on the floor

Looking up in the ceiling
you jump when u realize i'm there
though your eyes lack emotions
..."how are you feeling?"

One phrase broke your silence
you struggle to spit out a ....Fine
but you know you cant lie to me
your eyes tear up.. your "strong" facade brokes

Violet walls.... i stare at them surrounding us...suffocating us
U ask "does it get better?" what happens to us?

"Eventually it does... there will be something...someone
Dont underestimate its power, its magic
it will be the reason we lived"

"Your so confident, how are you so sure
do u remember what i'm going through
do u remember who u were?", she asks

"Of course I remember every since day
with flashbacks and panic attack
but with this gift I will always find a way"

"U and i will be okay"

"Just focus on yourself not everyone else
they don't care about u
they used us only caring about their self"

"U will see that's "she" the different
she is the best thing that happen this year
no longer will we care about them, their up to or where they went love is a powerful thing
Love that is unconditional  is even better "

"Everyone deserves someone to truly love them and i'm just so grateful to have been given someone too"

She wipes the tears off of her face, stands up and messages a random ******* Hello Poetry ....and that is where my story really began
Jonathan Moya Sep 28
Our marriage is old enough to vote now
and on this our porcelain anniversary
I vote “Yes, I do,”  over and over again.

A score of fine filigree plates I will gift us,
two broken to match the fragile times,
the eighteen days past the towers fall
when we married amidst grief and joy.

Our Noritake sacraments survives the bombings
of a blasted world, the cracking, fractures,
the buffing of our mistakes to a translucent
perfection, all frozen details rimmed with gold.

Cancer is etched on the lip, but so
is cure, joy, longevity, beauty, respect,
and the watermark underneath, our keepsake
forever, irreplaceable love.
Kristen is my second wife. We got married  eighteen days after 9-11, when the twin towers of the World Trade Center fell in a terrorist attack on September 11,  2001. Thus if you do the math of the second stanza you get one score. (20) minus two = 18. Eighteen days past 9/11 makes the date September 29, 2001.

  It is also our eighteenth anniversary.  The irony of that number in our lives today was too good to leave out of the  Poem.  

The typical gift for an 18th wedding anniversary is porcelain.  Thus China and Noritake reference.  

For those aware of history the Noritake factory was bombed and destroyed by Allied planes in WOrld War Two.  Only the China it produced survived the bombing. © 9 hours ago,
Johnson Ung Sep 19
Summer comes around again
Familiar warmth

They thought that they could
She was just what he needed
Love and acceptance

Her love? Radiant
Perhaps not the way they thought
She wished that she could

Longing memories
Lovers learning to be friends
Maybe that's okay
You promised me cheesecake.
And now, we can't remember our first date

There's a photobooth strip of the zoo,
that first summer,
when it was too hot
and all the animals were napping.
But I held your hand
while we looked for the red panda.

There's something about
mac and cheese,
Ben and Jerrys
on a Friday night.
Or waking up to make breakfast
home fries, eggs, and toast
on Saturday morning.

Sitting with you,
alone together.
Knowing I can blow you a kiss
and you'll catch it.
Every time.

You promised me cheesecake.
But I'd have followed
even if you hadn't
#24 in my Year One collection, from notes on 3/27. For my 3rd anniversary with Rachel
Amaryllis Sep 5
Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury <3

He would’ve been 73 today...

Love ya
Randy Johnson Aug 27
I adopted Agnes six years ago today.
She'll be my dog until she passes away.
I named my Chihuahua after my late mother.
She's my dog and I won't trade her for any other.
Agnes got sick and a veterinarian examined her.
The vet discovered that she has a heart murmur.
Because of a tick, Agnes was temporarily paralyzed.
I didn't know a tick could do that, I was surprised.
She nearly died and it was hard for me to stand it.
Agnes is one of the greatest dogs on the planet.
I adopted Agnes on August 27, 2013.
Another anniversary

Of my coming into this world.

Thoughts of the road I’ve traveled

Where I have yet to roam

Fill my heart with a song unfurled.

Sounding not just the cheers of my survival of life

However, the need to conquer the emptiness of lacking others you need

Successes you seek

And needed support to be given there.

It’s a weight in which we carry but warnings we never heed

To the usage of time

Past and present

I celebrate not just this anniversary of my coming into this world..

I celebrate those who stuck with me

Those we just stood and wished to be part of

The road with me that is life






Hands held strongly onto your comrades

It’s a blessing of a needed mixture

To share

Until growing older

Holding our glasses to cheer our union

When the future brings a wife


Unseen unless youth

Survival of the harshest of burdens

Relief of the pains of judgement

And growing with life….

Such is a never challenged

Or forgotten truth.
Randy Johnson Jul 13
For many years, you were our family's breadwinner.
Your money paid for our breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
Because of my mental impairment, you continued to support me after I turned eighteen.
You could've outworked two twenty year olds, you were the hardest worker I've ever seen.
After twenty months of chemotherapy, you lost your fight.
Your battle with Leukemia ended six years ago tonight.
For the last two days of your life, you couldn't even reply to what people said.
When I received a call from my sister-in-law, she informed me that you were dead.
Your existence on Earth ended at around 10:20 PM.
One day I'll go to Heaven and I will see you again.
Dedicated to Charles F. Johnson (1947-2013) who died on July 13, 2013.
M-E Jul 3
How tiny is
The cubical space
That I used to live in -Ignoramus

I found out that I am an amateur
Who liked to draw
Few images with his pen
To melt the frozen cell
That I imprisoned myself in

Writing my brightside of the sun
My darkside of the sea
And learn from thee, Icarus

Some of your poems
Made me realize that I didn't know ****
From an alphabet, in poetry
Still, thanks to you
In the cocoon that I made
I ve pushed myself out
Fluttering around with my new verses

One simple, nice comment or statement
Can bring happiness to others
Built strong connections
Beyond the distances and the differences

Not only the age that changes
But also the will
And remember, always choose the red pill

Heartless men are scarier than Kandisha
Throwing rocks at my wall of glass
In my heart, I threw flowers back at them
Flowers with their pots
I don't care what they say and all their whatnots

The answer will always be no
If you did not ask
Enjoy the silly things you do
Take off the mask. Be you
Happy poems anniversary, M-E
Hippopotamus is good
Whats even better, Rhinoceros.
A year have passed since the first time that I ve started posting on this website. Can you imagine?!
Thank you all my friends for your support and love.
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