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The blood dried in my veins
Your soul was my life breath
In time
I could not feel you
And that
Is what
I missed
Loss of a Mate. Child, unborn child, Parent ....anyone .
Wednesday was your least favorite day and you died on a Wednesday.
After living for sixty-four years, you became sick and you passed away.
The eleventh anniversary of your death is on your least favorite day of the week.
I thought things were fine at first but then I learned that your situation was bleak.
When you went to the hospital, you had to go under the knife.
The surgeon tried his very best but he could not save your life.
He operated on your stomach and your leg had to be amputated.
But you still died and when I found you dead, I was devastated.
When I learned you were terminal, it was hard to understand it.
Rest in Peace, Mom, you were the greatest mother on the planet.
Randy Johnson Feb 26
It was two decades ago today when an actor took his final breath.
When he starred in Doctor Who, he starred in "The Robots of Death".
His name was Russell Hunter and he was born in February of 1925.
Next year would've been his 100th birthday if he had survived.
Hunter starred in nineteen episodes of "The Gaffer" and one episode of "Born and Bred".
People in England were sad twenty years ago today because they learned he was dead.
In 1976, he starred in one episode of "Play From A".
He also starred in "Daddy's Girl" and "Up Pompeii".
Hunter starred in "The Cockleshell Heroes" and one episode of "The Bill".
When it comes to forgetting him, the good people of England never will.
badwords Feb 14
Green winds from North
Coins. Fertile & stable
Death, rebirth it's course
The Mother of Earth, her gable

Air of wisdom pours from East
Gusts of swords, yellow
Worry, strife, ceased
Breath of life bellows

The Father, wands of fire
From South this fecundity
Burning red with desire
Brings destruction & creativity

Cleansing water flows from West
Cups filled with healing blue
Emotions & passion to behest
Soft & consecrating. Divination true

May the four winds fill your sails
The boon of a wanderer's soul
Traveling minstrel, spin your tales
Be set free with all your love to dole
Karijinbba Dec 2023
November 1974- 2023- Sonnet 75.

The two of us re-married
became one
my first true love and I again;
one of countless times
rddbba style.

Joy and happiness
is all we know
as we lay beneath the starry sky
One promise fulfilled at a time.

Our pain is nothing
but distant
and faint memories.

Our boundaries know
not a single enemy.
Not a single foe remains
Our friends are
a legion elites.
Lorelei Nov 2023
It has been a while now
Since I love you
And we went through some storms
And we learned to dance with the rain
And to jump in the puddles.
It has been a while
And we are not the same we were
But we are still here, still together, still in love.
Some days even more in love than back then
Because now we know
The miracles of days spent together
The stolen drops of time that shine with laughter
The paths we walk as 3
When love just grows and grows on.
Kris Fireheart Aug 2023
Another Anniversary,
Where I find myself

I think upon the memories
We shared when we
Were one...

A once important part of me,
I lost when you
were gone...

Another anniversary,
I dream I'm in
Your arms...

To turn the clock
To feel that touch again...

A love I won't allow
To leave,
I'm yours until the end....

I curl up and I
Try to sleep,
Upon my empty bed...

I cry and grasp upon
The key,
And hear the words you said...

"I know our life isn't the best,
But you're the one for me.
And one day when We've
Gotten free "

"I'll buy you a ring..."
Today is the day I met my departed fiancé, Chucky,  who died of a ****** overdose on October 16, 2013. We both took a shot, but i woke up and he didn't... So tonight is for drinking, tonight is for thinking, and remembering how we lived and loved.  "We're so free, you and me... We even share the stars..." -- Chucky  Mallon, August 12, 2010, Eleanor Tinsley park, on the hillside. I remember and I miss you.
Maria Lumbreras Jul 2023
It was the way he spoke to me
I hadn’t heard his voice
I could imagine it though..
The way he would express himself
That’s something I adored

I had the chance to met him
Without thinking too much, I said yes
For some reason he was the only one I wanted to see and befriend

Each message he would send
Would make me feel like a dandelion
I would never leave them unread
All I knew was that I felt different

Like if I was in a field of flowers , Feeling the breeze of the wind
Picking me up and blowing me away Into the air, making spins
As if my wish came true
Dancing like a ballerina
Taking me places I’ve never been to

I remember the smile he carried
I didn’t expect it when we met
But his eyes captivated me
Ever since then, I never felt obligated

I was fascinated by him
I knew one thing for sure
He created a new feeling in me
I wanted to explore it, but not alone
I’ve had done some self-healing
But he managed to steal my heart

I’m not upset about it..
He managed to take good care of it
His touch is magical
I can’t fully explain it
Touched my heart, soul and mind

The way he looks at me
Sends shivers down my spine
Everytime we lock eyes
I can’t help but analyze them
As the sunsets and the moon rises
I am filled with surprises by his side

I fantasize of all we can be
Ever since the moment,
He wrapped his arm around my neck
The first day we met
I knew I had given him the keys
To my heart without knowing

Every since we held hands
I never wanted anything else
But his whispers into my ears
hit each note filled with love
And I love that , something I didn’t know I wanted, I now needed it

I will never leave his side
In my eyes he’s my whole universe
Without him I’m unable to breath
I wouldn’t speak if it isn’t with him

He has demonstrated he is wise
That he wants to grow with me
One day I promise I’ll be his wife
Together I know we would build a life
A beautiful and pure one

And if I had a chance to met him
I would do it all over again..

~ With love your love ~
Randy Johnson Jul 2023
He was my dad but his life came to an end.
He died and I would never see him again.
He perished after months of receiving chemotherapy.
He had Leukemia and is buried in Sneedville, Tennessee.
He was a hard worker and he worked hard for many years.
Cancer made him become ill and he died just like I feared.
He died ten years ago today on the 13th of July.
It is always sad and tragic when a parent dies.
Dedicated to Charles F. Johnson (1947-2013) who died ten years ago today on July 13, 2013.
Steve Jul 2023
Pristine, sixteen and kean as the wind
She was twinned with a storm
The day she was born
And since I met her
Forty odd years have passed
Mostly for better, never for worse
Some things are built to last
And even after all the years
I can still hear her footsteps
Coming up those concrete stairs.
If I close my eyes, it’s like yesterday
Delivering the milk in the student block
Clink clanking away
I could set my clock.
She was from Camp Road on the Mayfield estate
Her dad’s yellow Datsun
Driving through the Abbey’s gate
To pick her up and take her home
“When do we meet him?”
She said he’d moan
“Like a rabbit in the headlight”
She said he said
As I shuffled away and headed for bed
Pernod and black on my wardrobe shelf
You’d let yourself in and help yourself
So self assured for one so young
I can still taste that Pernod on your tongue.
We just knew that we liked each other
Something inside told us that
From sweet innocence to a natural born mother
And you always looked good in a hat
Do you remember that first day
You came into my room?
It was the end of term
And you were the new broom!
How many times
Did you clean my window that day?
And we talked and we laughed
As we thought of things to say.
I couldn’t wait till September ended
And the college reopened
And our separation was suspended
Then I had to ask Beatie where you were
I still feel that little chill of despair
“She’s away tae Spain son”
“She’ll no be back till next week”
Oh how I breathed that sigh of relief
And counted the days till then
When I’d see you smiling again
And when you arrived, you wore the crown
Sparking eyes, electric skin
Golden brown, oh, where to begin?
I could only dream
Of wedding bells and perfume smells
Like the cat who got the cream.

Time and a word, that was right for me
Yes the moment that we knew
That what would be would always be.

Forty odd years, where did it go?
Imagine if we’d never met?
In a world I wouldn’t want to know
Heaven forbid.
But thank the fates that we did.
People and places all those old faces
Remember Rab and Ray, back in the day
Gorgeous guys, fun and wise
And Elaine and Jack, they had your back
Gorgeous gals, the best of pals
Then there was The Sun Inn
And The Bottom Shop
And the Justinlees
Where we drank a drop
- and shot the breeze.
Those were the days in so many ways
A world away
But doesn’t it seem just like yesterday?

The Cast:

Mr Reid, Gudreon and Anna
Mr Mitchel, Mr Mair
Mrs Hyde, Mrs Rowbottom
Ian MacDougal, Brian Baxter
Ron and Carol Iphofen
Dr Mary Ross, her mum and her dog
Paul Cockcroft and Dave Turner RIP
Alan Ducklin
Big John The Gardener, Both Dereks
Jimmy and Anne Deans
Lilies, Annie Gilmour, Shiela Stuart
Betty, Irene, Cathy and Dawn
Nessie, Agnes, Beaty,
Peggy, May and Lynne
And all my fellow students, where would I begin?
For the occasion of my 40th wedding anniversary
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