On this day 30 years ago, I was single.
The next day my life changed forever.
I played in a 5-a-side football match for my work's team
against our local rivals, played well and scored many goals
Watching on was a girl, or should I now say "young woman"
who worked for the same company as me
Later that night the young woman and I
commenced a romantic relationship.
exactly 10 years to the day after that, we married.
30 years of ups and downs, break ups and make ups
house moves, serious illness and bereavements
outside interference, family politics and strife
all like any other marriage I guess
but we're still together, our little team of 2
taking on the world and all life's challenges in tandem
most of all we're happy together
if you believe in love
then ours is a success story
A personal piece which I aim to be feelgood
zahra Jun 11
three hundred and sixty six
how do i describe the love i have held in my hands for this long
a love aimed toward he
whose presence is often intangible
but mere existence is invaluable

for the boy i love
here is my attempt

the love i have for him is like a daydream
i am fully aware yet unaware of it
it is a dream i choose to have
a moment i take to escape reality
and in these moments the world shines so brightly
though i may have to return

the love i have for him is like a maze
i willingly get lost in him
though i know the consequences
a labyrinth inside a labyrinth
he is an enigma i cannot figure out
i may not be able to escape from him
but maybe i don't want to

the love i have for him is an insolvable mystery
i know that i could sculpt every detail of his face out in clay
and i could write love letters filled with depths even the ocean would fear
and i could wish upon the wishing stars until the wishing starts burned out
and still i may not reach him
and yet, i love him anyway

the love i have for him is a pipe dream
i know we can never be
and yet i write these words of love dedicated to him
i tell stories about how much i love him, adore him
and i do
i love
and love
and love him

and i will love him forevermore.
i love you
Deemz Jun 5
Happy one year anniversary
to my scars,
to my once wounded heart,
to my healing soul,
to all the little-broken memories
that I still stumble upon till this day.
Dirk Salimus May 29
You're unbelievably gorgeous and perfect the way you are
How charming that each eyes of yours remind me of stars
That is inevitably captivating and I keep on querulous
That after all those years,I was so oblivious

Naive that there is such a wonderful creation like you
I should've searched for you back then, than doing ado's
You are so perfect and yet we are made for each other
Making me the happiest man alive,The most grateful lover

It's funny how things started unexpectedly,
You and me are bonded by God rigorously
Slew of prayers and mourns is what it tooks for me to find you,and for you to find me
And with that being said,You are mine and I am yours and forever that'll be

You are perfect for me.
It's been nine months.
Nine is such a beautiful number.
It's been nine months.
My heart grew even fonder.
It's been nine months.
And it feels like just yesterday.
It's been nine months.
And I'm so happy today.

Being a poet,
I know how to use big words;
How to form big sentences;
How to create metaphors.
But today,
I'll just be a girl,
Writing in her journal,
Pouring out feelings she can never;
Truly understand;
The depths of;
The heights of.

I love you.
Three simple words.
I have no explaining to do.
They explain themselves to you.
After being together nine months;
After all we've been through;
There's a beauty to those words;
When I hear them from you.

It's been nine months.
I've not seen you for three.
It's been nine months.
I won't see you for another twenty-three.
It's been nine months.
I'm still in love with you.
Happy nine months anniversary.
I love you.
It's our nine months anniversary today. I can't get my thoughts together well enough to write a badass poem but this is coming from my heart and he'll probably never see this one lol.
uv May 18
It might have taken us years to meet
And many a painful days apart
But my heart knew you were there
Even when my mind was in doubt
I wondered how would you be
And why it took so much time for you to see
That there was a me, waiting for thee
& praying you would find a way towards me..

And then you came , when i did not expect
You earned my love with my respect
You gave me your trust
You made all the past years wither into dust
In a short time you made me your queen
you made me happy like i have never been & then we became one, in a blink of an eye
And then there was none but you and I.

A year has past, as i write
From two we are three, with delight
In a year and half since we met,
There is not a moment that i regret
I belong to you my love, i hope you know
We are a family, and rightly so.
I want to spend all my life with you
And keep you happy and smiling too.
Kayley Slack May 15
My body somehow knows
The grief tomorrow holds.
I ache and throb
But I cannot sob;
The urge to cry
Stings my eyes.
My feet drag heavily
In the depths of this valley.
Every year without fail
I remind myself I am too frail.
"You're strong without the numbers,"
Yet I was too weak to pull you from your slumber.
Each March 22nd
Feels just like the 1st end,
When your heart stopped beating
And mine started bleeding.
I'd skip this whole day
But I'd miss the chance to say:
I miss you, lovely little hurricane.
It's all I can do to keep sane.
The smell of mint
Hurts just a hint.
The skinny jeans and hair bows
I could never disown.
I wear your effect  
On my forearm erect.
The pain of loss is akin
To etching you into my skin.
My hands shake with cold,
Though not as cold as a headstone.
Oh, how my body knows
The grief tomorrow holds.
In Loving Memory of Kelcy Golling.
07/02/1999 - 03/22/2014
Happy anniversary.
To what you may ask?

12 years ago.

I was rapped on this day. At 7:59pm.

I honestly thought I wouldn’t remember it today. But when I looked at the time. Everything changed. All the feelings emotions and pain cam rushing back.

A baby. 7 years old.
Scared for life.

Happy anniversary.

                             With love,
Clarity May 2
2nd May
Would have been the best of all days.
If you didn’t destroy everything in your way

We used to be so happy
But now, A year later
We don’t even know each other.

You left without a word
And I felt so empty
But eventually i stopped questioning it.

I moved on
But this day,
It brings everything back.

May 2nd
Was the day you were supposed to be with me
It was supposed to be our yearly anniversary.
Clarity May 1
Even my dreams are taunting me
I guess its fitting since its so close to our one year anniversary
But why does it make a difference,
You left 8 months too early.

The first dream was us, your best friend and your mother.
The next was you and i, my parents and my brothers.
The most recent with you and my father.

I don’t know what to think anymore because every morning i wake up with a tightness around my heart
It’s tearing me apart
From the inside out
I just want to shout
Why can’t you leave me alone!
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