The ultimate day when families and friends come from far and wide
To stand by your side and rejoice when they hear you say the words “I DO”

Two simple words but what do they mean?

I DO – love you with all my heart until the day that we depart.
I DO – want you to love me too, forever and ever you say “I DO”.
I DO – want to take you in my arms and walk with you by my side, come along with me sweetheart we’ll travel far and wide and together, we’ll enjoy the ride.
I DO – want to grow our family, increase our Kin, brothers and sisters sticking together through thick and thin.
I DO - want to support you in all that you do, travel the world and see things new
I DO - want to be by your side to wipe your tears when you are down, to catch you should you fall
I DO - want to adore your body and you can ravish mine, always  keeping our bodies deliciously entwined                                                    

But most of all Sweetheart I Just want you and if you want me too, then i will be the happiest person on this earth to utter those two small words "I DO"
Our Anniversary is coming up 27th this month and our Son is getting married 31st March, it just got me thinking.
Peter Balkus Mar 12
I'm sure that you too,
at some point in your life,
had to give up on something
against your will,
and become the part of something
you never wanted to be.
I bet you too
were too beautiful, too fragile
to win and not to bend your knees
under the weight of coersion.

I'm pretty certain,
that wherever and whoever you are,
you too happened to be
a victim of smaller or bigger Anschluss,
when your life suddenly ended,
you woke up in the country,
which wasn't longer yours,
in the stranger's skin,
and when everything what was beautiful and frail in you
was killed.

But don't be sad,
for when the moment of the truth comes,
it won't be you
hurriedly swallowing
a cyanide pill.
The poem written for the anniversary of Anschluss. Eighty years ago, on the 12th of March 1938 Germany annected Austria. Anschluss - germ. annection.
B Chapman Mar 12
A million memories
Folded into the time
From youth and rage
To parents with wrinkled eyes.

Mistakes and celebrations
Joy and separations
Loss and superstition
Grief and new beginnings.

From Jack and coke
To green and candy
Diamonds and rings
New life in a tiny being

The white rabbit man
The strays and their pets
With questionable morals
Our karma resets.

So many regrets
A few were you
Too many obstacles
But together we jumped through.
Ray T Mar 11
I try so hard to scrub him off me.
It has been over four years and I still scream in the night.
The feeling is so suffocating that when I open my lungs, dust puffs out.
All I have left from him is layers over layers over layers of insecurity and fear.
When you ask me if I liked that, I smile and nod and yes yes of course,
But I can’t even feel it anymore.
Sometimes I am so numb by what has happened to me and my protective mechanisms resurface
Blocking every sense of touch and emotion that I have,
Giving you the show that I was taught to give.
The only feeling that remains after we have sex is the feeling of another man’s teeth sinking into my neck,
Clamping down on the blood flow to my brain,
Knocking me out in a much more pleasant way than when he would with his fists.
No matter how raw I scrub myself, his fingerprints and bruises linger.

I love you.
I am trying to forget him.
I am shaking in your arms and it is for all the wrong reasons and it has been a year,
A year into this beautiful life with you and I still don’t think I have told you.
It is not your fault, I know that.
What I don’t know, is if it was mine?
Gowtham Ganni Feb 15
born was this day -
the king of the kings
the monarch of the south
the lord of the war elephants
the nightmare of the enemies
the upholder of the righteousness
the fervent patriot of the nation

established had he -
the mightiest empire of the renaissance
the kingdoms that don’t know dearth
the cities with surplus rubies and diamonds
the villages with flourishing greenery and jubilance
the sites with fascinating monuments
the territories with impenetrable borders

known was he as -
the ambidextrous sword fighter
the indomitable malla wrestler
the maven of the fine arts
the polyglot patron of the five languages
the prudent administrator and strategist
the paragon of an ideal ruler

been had he –
the hope of the people
the savior of the Hindu culture
the beacon among his contemporaries
the generous and the inclusive king
the valiant frontline military general
the esteemed scholar and poet

ended had he –
the atrocities on the peasants
the societal repression on the women
the ludicrous taxes on the residents
the brutal conquests of the invaders
the pernicious rituals in the communities
the chaos and disunity among the kingdoms

left has he -
the fear in the evil
the legacy of his deeds
the stories of his glorious reign
the prolific heritage sites to the people
the spectacular literary upsurge
the inspiration for the united India
Sri Krishna Deva Raya (Emperor of Vijayanagara)
Cyndi Marie Feb 7
I like to think
That you're still watching over me
This year, on the three year anniversary
Of your death
You sent me someone to fall in love with.
I met the man I'm in love with on the three year anniversary of my dad's death.
Susie Jan 28
Every day you get farther and farther away from having ever existed

I can't describe you to my new friends very well, or at all.

It's like trying to explain to someone
a color that doesn't exist.
a feeling that doesn't have a name
a smell in the air that reminds you of your childhood, but you don't know where from, or what memory it was

How am I supposed to explain how cool you are
when words couldnt describe you.
2 years to the day. I miss you. Grieving never ends.
The Trumpoet Jan 14
We've reached the end of year one
and Trump says he's done more
than any other president
from any time before.

So, what are the accomplishments
of Trump and his intrepid crew?
Well, here now is a partial list
of what they did, or tried to do.

They lied about inaugural crowds
and introduced "Alternative Facts",
inspired a worldwide women's march
to protest Trump's disgusting acts.

Hollowed-out the E.P.A.,
deemed climate change a Chinese hoax.
Paris Accord and regulations
gone, in puff of toxic smoke!

Wrecked the State Department and
Muslims, he said, must be banned.
Insulted NATO and U.N.,
brought shame upon his own homeland.

Attacked the mainstream media.
Railed and ranted of "fake news",
unless it came from Fox and Friends
and others spouting all his views.

Gave praise to Russia - Putin too.
Investigations started.
Comey started digging and
was forcibly departed.

Poked and taunted Kim Jong Un.
International drama!
Obsessed with slagging Hillary
and Barack Obama.

Battled healthcare, N.F.L.
and Planned Parenthood.
Tried to ban transgendered troops.
Claimed that coal is good.

Would not condemn the Neo-Nazis
down in Charlottesville.
Filled his swamp with sycophants
up on Capitol Hill.

Puerto Rico half destroyed.
Paper towels he gave.
Huge cuts to the National Parks,
decreasing land to save.

Claimed that Trump saved Christmas and
gave massive tax cut presents
to the corporate oligarchs
with crumbs tossed to the peasants.

Debt ballooning! Conflict looming!
Divisions far and wide!
G.O.P.'s not stopping Trump.
Have they even tried?

Claims to be a stable genius;
A smart and big success!
What legacy will Donald leave?
What awful, dreadful mess?

These were just some accomplishments
of which I have kept score,
but they just scratch the surface.
I could rant for hours more!

But haven't we all had enough
after Trump's first year?
It feels more like twenty!
Let us hope his end is near.

This was my Year One "trumpoem"
that I wrote for you.
Hope I won't have to write another
after year two!
You can also see this and my other Trumpoems performed at:
Written: January 14, 2018
7 years is a long time
like the oceans against the rough rocks at the shoreline
you have come and gone
over and over again
gently stroking my person till I have become perfect
a smooth pebble

7 years is a long time
within this time I have felt my heart beat faster than the 19 odd years before we met
I have cried more
I have laughed more
I have had more sleepless nights
I have sighed more
I have been more miserable and more happy than the 19 or so years before we met

7 years is a long time
starting with that innocent kiss
that afternoon just before my first math test
i was sure it wasn't innocent
then the more passionate kisses followed confirming my earlier assumption
i miss the times when all i did was sit, and all you did was kiss me so awkwardly

7 years is a long time
we've shared more kisses
innocent no more
we've shared parts of us we have have been told were private
we shared our bodies, mind and soul till we did not know when i begun and we ended
the dysfunctional couple became this-functional couple

7 years is a long time
I've seen you naked, raw and exposed
you've seen me worse
I've hurt you bad
you've hurt me worse
the only thing we've done equal is love each other
every night apart hurts and every night together hurts sweetly more

i put my head under your breast and listen to your life beat

i realize 7 years is a long time
but in your arms, eternity is shorter
Drew Vincent Jan 5
Do you ever think of me?

Do you think of me when you have breakfast at a local diner?
Do you think of me when you order Cheerwine?

If you do,
What does the thought of me do to you?
Does it make you happy?
Happy we are no longer in each other's lives?
Does it make you sad?
Sad we are no longer in each other's lives?

What do you think every year on the 23rd of December?
Do you see that as an anniversary of your last suicide attempt?
Do you see that as just any other day?

What do you think every year on the 31st of December?
Do you see that as the day your partner wanted to kill themself?
Do you know that you're the reason they wanted to kill themself?

Do you ever think of me?

I think of you.
I hate new years.
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