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Esther 3h
you blocked me on social media
i blocked you in my heart.
I stand on my two feet and I  Refuse,

I refuse to take this world seriously,

be a follower, and be their believer,

I Refuse,

Persuade me - force me -
 - I  stubbornly refuse to take this world seriously,

I do have the right to refuse -at least -

- Do not judge me!

We don’t need more eyes to see
and more ears  - we don’t need deeper holes in our heads to better hear the lies,

I won’t run away,

I  use my right - I Refuse - to take this mad world  seriously,
Evie G Oct 14
to be the girl in those adverts ,
A tragic line
to every gentle rib
I fetishise her fragile fingers
A monstrous beast reflected in the mirror, the worst possibility.

Tis poetic, there she stares
Says her lines; remaining fair,
Into my face, My acting is heavy handed and awkward
She’s a consumable reality,
She’s easy on the eyes
The fragile female,

We are a tragedy of ages, her Juliet, I Faustus
They silently boo while I slop onto the stage
A lazy slob,The **** of society, just don’t eat you fat ****. men like curvy girls We don’t want to see you, You’re so brave!  You’re the problem, it’s not hard hide your mass from view, unkempt, repulsive, vile. hide yourself it offends my sharp eyes.
I open my drooling mouth to speak, but there are chins smothering my mouth
My eyes clouded by greasy cellulite
I don’t want to exist like this.

So just stop eating.

I’d give an arm and a leg,
my pale teeth,
my parasitic possibility
my child
Hey, bit of a violent change from my last post but I wrote it a while ago. If you have any better title ideas or notes PLEASE COMMENT :)
Heidi Johanna Oct 12
I’m doing just fine
Tells my extra filtered life
How fulfilling it is to hide
Behind “Coconut Creme”
Flawless head to toe
No one can deny
But should I give you a clue,
It might not be all that true
SomaSonata Oct 12
These long days I need to sigh
And take things breath to breath
Some days I escape to forget
My appetite's multidimensional
Even though the love is mutual
What happened to the ages lost?
Was today just waiting in the wings?
Motivation is like a ***** word
My lucky coin can't buy nothing
But nothing else can buy it back
Time to rise and shine
And get the wheels back on track
Watching cable TV
It screams a blue and red dichotomy

Blend to purple
Black and blue
What am I supposed to do?
Black and blue
Those aimless zombies missed the mark
But their shot rings true

In a state of disbelief
In a land of disagreement
I'll hang my hat on tempting fate
Knowing well I'll never get a second chance
I'll melt the polar glaciers
With the laser focus of an errant glance
These lost days I need to find my peace
And speak my piece
Let the dogs up off the leash
The fighting spirit runs wild and free
No mental fitness guru tells me who to be
Or what to say
I have a mantra I repeat
Again and again and again

I test the muddy waters
And dip my toes in
But the verdict is lukewarm
I steal the honey all for the money
District the bees that swarm
Why else, of course
Blend to purple
A royal cordial

Black and blue
No guru gonna tell me what to do
Nice people in social media
Right from vagaries of weather
Concerned **** of minors
Hue and cry
Enhance celebrity status
On payrolls of media barons
Plutocrats to hide their own crimes
Pseudocrats to gain political power
In real life *******
Hypocrites, double faced people
Actions behind the curtains
Opposite professed in public
Not a hyperbole
Call them diabolic
Nice people in social media
High above this

I can see your private

Mechanical wasp controls
the hive

Its sensors are buzzing and about
to go live

Over the shoulder, around
the bend

The naked you is about
to trend
Norman Crane Sep 30
our land of the free
mason dixon
lines of *******
cowboys and aliens
crossing the southern border
lands streaming on twitch
live and coming to you from the L.A.
end times
with your host
the ghost of this debt's
gotta come due sometime,
if that don't **** us
first come, first serve
Spriha Kant Sep 30
Social media's intent was to spread authentic information among people but a few motivated by their selfish motives used it to generate those flocks which easily form conjectures just on the basis of baseless accusations disseminated from unknown sources and keep on barking with profanities on others.
now hear these nonsenses
words spilled on the pale page
words wasted on the wind
and strewn in media
to cry over and again

nonsenses generous
as poverty, as sickness:
plenty to go around
hear how more nonsenses
(as if in fear of being late)

arrive crowding the platform
but always as words
woven barbed and twisted
beyond boundaries of truth
these nonsenses of hope and hate
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