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Khoi Jun 18
The attic statics
Viceroys of the white noise
The devils finest
CJ May 26
In this day and age
Being Sad
Is posting
A black n white
Text filled story
On a private account
Under only close friends
Social Media is our lives on the line
Daivik Apr 28
So today on news
We have

Inflation something something
Some politician said something political
This celebrities dog is a scorpio
"Will the Ukraine war affect Ukraine ?"
Let's just shout now
Inflation something something

Th­at's all for today
Tune in tomorrow for the same old sh*t
Replace hindu-muslim with left vs right if you are american.
LC Mar 21
a frosting-filled slice
eaten one day is a treat -
fluffy, sweet, luxurious.

eaten every day -
nails encrusted with frosting,
cloying, drained, decayed.
These are my reflections on social media - in two haikus.
s1mpl3po3t Feb 27
Here's a funny story
What a five year old knows,
A lot more than just
Fingers and toes,
She can't read very well
But she knows about Love,
And when you read through this story
You'll say, "Good heavens above!:"

She visited today and
We went to the playground,
Red Magnolia flowers
Were just lying around,
They were so pretty
She brought a few to the car,
To give some to her Grandma
Now, that's raising the bar.

A couple hours later
She was talking about a date,
Flower petals on the stairway
Leading up to bedroom eight,
And I began to get suspicious
Wondering, what is she talking about?
Her home does not have a stairway
And her parents are more roundabout.

Google-search is my friend
“Rose petals on stairway leading to bedroom”,
Instantly 25 photos of Valentine ideas
Adult themes pushing bing-badda-boom,
From a five year old child
Where do these images arise?
YouTube, Roblox and you name it
They consume this stuff all day; no surprise!

A first generation immigrant family
There is hardly a reading book found in the house,
Brother and sister age five and seven
**** on their iPads like a scurrying mouse,
No limits are set, no blocking of content
The parents are clueless while the kids are engaged,
With TikTok videos of gyrating and gesturing
A five year old groomed to be teenaged.

The end of the story: this is how it went
Grandma and Grandpa were guided up the stairs,
To stand at the edge of the bed
She told us to kiss while she hid behind the chairs,
I made a loud lip noise but she wasn’t fooled
She shouted, “No, you really have to kiss”,
Remember what I said at the start of this poem?
Good Heavens above, what her parents do miss!
Evie G Feb 23
Did you notice the crisis going on outside,
It’s terrible really they’re trying to hide
Atrocities behind a wall of big lies
The badness of this is incredibly sized.

So get out and help, you useless ****,
Shout and whisper you absolute schmuck,
March and stamp and tiptoe around red tape,
Call it ****** harassment, but I wouldn’t call it ****,
Donate and berate but most of all-


(Tenderly, like a lover, to not upset the way of things of course.)

Why aren’t you looking for missing kids
Why aren’t you crying at the dead body
Why aren’t you saying what Russia forbids
Why aren’t you crying at the dead body
Why aren’t you aching from every pore
Why aren’t you crying at the dead body
Why aren’t you saving all of the ******
Why aren’t you crying at the dead bodies
Why aren’t you giving your money to us?
Why, aren’t you someone the people can trust?

Did you notice the crisis going on within,
It’s terrible really, a huge massive din
Is crashing and smashing alone in your head
You can’t ever stop, unless you are dead.

Oh wait, you posted a brightly coloured infographic on your instagram story?
You’re good, never mind.
Marla R Nov 2019
Little dreams with big appeal
strike a chord like a record reel.                                
The feeling's there and we all get chills                                                        
but it's nothing like being there for real.
Northern Poet Jan 20
London is dead
And the streets are on fire
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar

He's had one too many chips
And stuck his hands in the fryer
Cheese, wine and BYOB
But a party wasn't his desire
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar

A Tory boy at heart
Doesn't know the cost of bread
...For a start
Lying has become
His favourite art
Funds his chums with millions
They only eat a le carte
While the working class struggle
On a horse and cart
Outside Downing Street
You can hear the choir
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar

Full of lies and deceit
Tory voters should have kept a receipt
In the House of Commons
How the **** does this man have a seat?
A once proud nation
Now knocked off our feet
In Trafalgar Square
You can hear the Town Crier
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar

Higher income tax
No money back
No guarantee
Trying to get rid of the BBC
The Tories even had to apologise
To the ******* Queen
This situation is beyond belief
The screams are getting higher and higher
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar

No respect for the NHS
This country's in a ******* mess
Ran by monkeys
Who can't even dress
Led by a *****
Who we all deteste
It's time for this muppet to retire
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar

Brexit was his plan
And Grenfell was neglected  
The pandemic sent this place
******* hectic
Someone please get this clown ejected
London's burning
And the city's on fire
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar
Northern Poet Jan 14
We've all got the same 24 hours in a day
So you should use them in a better way
And become an influencer
Like Molly Mae

It doesn't matter what your class
Or your privilege
Just get a job
On six-figure digits
So become an influencer
Like Molly Mae

Find yourself a spot on prime time TV
Where brands and sponsors come your way for free
Isn't this what life's meant to be?
So become an influencer
Like Molly Mae

Million dollar contracts
Stacks of television contacts
Instagram your life for maximum impact
Posing in Dubai to keep your career intact
So become an influencer
Like Molly Mae

Pay your factory workers less than minimum wage
Watch them graft away 12 hour days
Claim you worked your **** off to get where you are today
And become an influencer
Like Molly Mae
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