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Miesha Feb 21
My head hits the pillow as my eyes adjust to the stars on the ceiling.
I hold my breath as my legs are slide apart feeling the fresh air hit my ***.
I moan lowly as the intruder uses their teeth to rip my soaked ******* off me.
“Mine,” they say.
I play with the switch‬
‪turns the light on and off‬,
‪The shine; my soul‬
caroline Dec 2018
Noses are hard to pick
With mouths I can be chewsy
Better eyes are hard to spot
Because my favorite face is you-sie
A weeds confidence.
A heart; strong as a boulder
mind clear like a stream
Derrek Faraday Nov 2018
"Democracy is the lesser of all evils."
Says the Liberal.
The Libertarian.
The Corinthian.
The Macedonian.
The Farrier.
The Squire.
The Stoic.
The Astronomer.
The Ornithologist.
The Eschatologist.
The Augur.
The Retiarius.
The Hoplite.
The Centurion.
The Governor.
The General.
The Senator.
The Orator.
The Assassin.
The Emperor.
The Ferryman.
Aaron J Patrick Oct 2018
Words stir the mind;
Songs touch the soul;
Truth pierces the heart.
Another mini-work.
Jundell Corpuz Sep 2018
for long as the wind blows
‘til end I’ll trace his course
for long as the river flows
on and on, this love endures.
Jundell Corpuz Sep 2018
he is a fire
burning all my doubts and fears
his body exudes a blazing heat
and I was ready for it.
Jundell Corpuz Sep 2018
his coffee is not sweet,
not so bitter, and not so creamy
he wants just the right blend.

he hates polo, just t-shirts.
doesn’t want collars, and over-details.
he likes it simple, often plain.

he’s too picky with unfamiliar foods,
doesn’t eat too much when not at home.
he needs just a single dish.

he doesn’t want it colourful,
black and white satisfy his soul.
a single hue could mean it all.
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