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Now, believe your gut,
your heart will negotiate,
your mind will delude.
the first feel tends to be the right feel; when it comes to the subject of trust.
I choose detachment;
Excitement brings more distress,
It never brings peace.
Excitement is agitation and agitation leads to desperation which leads to bad outcomes.
Excitement is born from expectations and expectations assure disappointment.
We were watched, making love last night
By her walls, painted plain and white.
I want to tell her,
If you love me, love me better,
You're doing it all wrong.
You just strung a dozen words together,
I wouldn't call it a song.
She says she's afraid to be alone
Fine, I guess I'll lead her along.
I'm not that cruel and
You're not very strong.
Four white, watching walls, night after night...
I don't think we can go on.
Abdallah Osman Jun 2020
Roses are red
Violets are blue
And you are you
The less the better
The more the clutter
But then again the more the better

Where do we create that gentle balance?
Who wins the ballot?
A smaller perimeter with pockets of silence?
Every soul needs it.

Or a much larger one with lots of nuisance?
You'll find your heart bleeding.

Happiness is when your needs are way less than your wants.

Don't paint up your wants into needs,
and you'll feel lighter.

A greater form of happiness is when you fix someone their necessities.

We're mostly counting up to 65 or so, let's not spend most of the journey in tears.

But in hardwork, minimalism, kindness, hope and happiness.
SYL May 2020

Ikaw --
Ang tula sa'king gabi,
Ang tulang 'di isantatabi.
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