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Complacent people
Complacent Governments
Poor implementation
Results disastrous
Burning pyres
Dead bodies disposal
Corona made life critical
Life supports
Oxygen, ventilators
Where are they
Ask corona patients
Their near and dear ones
Callousness, apathy tell them
They have done their duty
By creating dire scarcities
People slept
Governments slept
No one understood
Their duties, responsibilities
What's corona
Who cares!
Social distancing, masks
Go to hell
We are brave, we can face
Who has seen
Tomorrow's sorrows
Let's enjoy today
Complacency, complacency
Every level, everywhere
Bear the consequences
Who cares
Great Teacher
Keeps teaching you
It's for you to learn your lessons
Never be complacent
In future!
Whatelse can say,
What can I do?
When a barrel of a gun
Is shoved into the neck of my agony.
Do I cry for bread,
Or do I cry for freedom?
From ugly minds whose belly is hell?
Am I any special?
Or am I, at least, human?
To tread like a cow for their pockets,
As they milk my degrees?
They eat the meat of my wage.
Their beef with me, like wolves,
Sits in the plates of their children.
Do I die with grief,
Or do I live with love?
To depart with an everlasting smile,
Loving them still,
Loving the color of my blood.
To wicked leaders or Governments
Khoi Aug 2020
Second gilded age

malefactors of great wealth

the oligarchy

PEOPLE just like you and me
Remember God defeated the third ***** using ordinary people with
Extraordinary will
Keith W Fletcher Oct 2019
I am beginning to realize the depths of corruption ,and absolute hatred necessary  to fracture the very  foundation that is needed for any  civilization to exist within the framework of world history,!  Time alone dictates when tribalism becomes the natural antidote for the ills of entrenched  governments- not borne of true rule  of law or any visionary enmeshed enlightenment,- but one simply conjured up by the latest charlatans of any era. The ability of persuasion is probably more powerful when introduced to the upward mobile societies because the very same momentum that is required to navigate the rise is also the fuel that will widen the gap between the haves and the have-nots.
   No goverment ( as we understand such elements today)  could step into power here and make a balancing  attempt short of totalitarian austarity , simply because those who have become the rich and powerful riders are not concerned by who , what why or how they are allowed to ride so comfortably up the rise . No ,sadly they only care about their seat and making it secure for themselves and theirs, not the multitudes of laboring hungry ,abused and neglected who have found their life is simply 1 of 2 choices . 1 is to just push and survive for themselves and therefore their families or quit pushing and try to get out of the suddenly backsliding monster , hoping to salvage something - anything - from the eventual catastrophic collision as the future propels itself into the reality of an ever looming past ; that is time itself and cannot be stopped. Certainly not  by our insignificance, no matter how vainglorious we believe we are !  In the end ,; as in any beginning,  time has shown that we are nomads to entrenched stone fortresses back to nomad to bigger,  stronger fottresses that never hold forever- time sees to that as it passes by ,carryjng the latest brand of tribal nomads with it and crushing all in its wake. The world ,- I fear - has never seen the likes of the  American  nomads, who are now being.manufactured as we stand here today ,arguing about what MAGA means and what bathroom should be used . In literal terms again indicates a return to something we were , which is something time simply will not allow , as those riding high and unconcerned are determined to see for themselves  as it flashes before their eyes . I am no longer pushing or encouraging others ,who may believe a rest will exist when we reach the crest. No crest exists because time is constant ,its march always steady and its path is a flat endless plane while we create the rise and angle of ascent  in mathmatical precision ...calculated by the number of and energy needed by the ones   pushing  multiplied  by the unknown factor of X (what it takes to stay alive )
.   Hungry hopeless ,frightened sick and neglected people ( no matter the good will and pride ) cannot keep going if more energy output  only steepens the angle. Time runs this show and you know what that saying is ...only time will tell.
Absolutly correct ...only this go round we may still have an internet connection linking us back to who you were and what you did to your family name . That will be your legacy ,but it may well be the heavy chain of shame that your children and  grandchilren will bear the weight of for generations to come- and only you know why they are sentenced to do your time as  the Amercan version of untouchables
Marla Dantes Jun 2019
Love and confusion confounding the illusion of trust in a systematic regime which they deny ever existed but constantly promise to improve upon. The hat's shape and color may change, but our inability to exchange their deranged platforms for a stabler form of expression exposes our disillusion with dispossession and our embracing being complacent in the face of our rulers' all-encompassing corruption.
If the truth hurts, revel in its burn.
RH 78 Oct 2015
A summer of discontent
Uprooted families swap a bombed house for tent.

A summer of disbelief.
Acts of terror but where is the relief?

A summer of turmoil.
Mass migration not safe on home soil.

A summer of confusion.
Gangs, traffickers, corruption collusion.

A summer of down trodden flowers.
The tears we shed from the sins of powers.
I felt the need to pen this subsequent to daily reports of the terrible migrant atrocities which continue to happen as a result of the unsettled nations in North Afria. European nations have no cohesive solution to deal correctly with the influx of people. Their plight ignored daily. Countries such as Greece & Turkey are experiencing first hand the social impact as they struggle to cope. The powers seem at odds to deal with it all. Where is the humanitarian effort to correct the sins created by the powers that be?
Big Virge Jan 2015
The ... " GREAT DEBATE " ...
Would Seem To Surround This Thing Called Race ... ?
It Makes Some FROWN And Open Their Mouths ...  
About The Ways This Debate Is ... Swept AWAY ..............  
By ... " Heads of State " ...  
And Those Who Claim That .......................................  
"Racism displays are minimal today !  
So blacks who have a chip, should stop running their lips !"
Well Like The Young Orators ...  
Shown In ... " The Great Debators " ...  
My View Is Simply This ...  
Would They Rather Blacks Shoot ... Clips ... !?!  
Than Use Their Minds To .... " THINK " ...  ???  
A Question When Expressed ....  
That SHOULDN'T Be Answered ... YES ... !!!!!  
It's CLEAR The Great Debate Will ALWAYS Be This Way ...  
Because A Black Whose Brain ...
Is Used To EDUCATE And ELEVATE Our Strays ...  
Is One Who Will Be Labelled As A Person Telling Fables ...  
Whose Thought Waves Are ... UNSTABLE ... !!!!!
" A TERRORIST !!! "  
" A COMMUNIST !!! "  
... "HIS - Story" ...  
KEEPS Giving PROOF ...  
That Blacks Who Choose To RAISE THE ROOF ...  
When They REFUSE To ... " **** and Shoot " ...  
But Choose To Use Their Brain Tissue ...  
To ... Air Their Views On Race Issues ...  
Are DEMONISED By Those Who Unite Behind Racist Tribes ... !!!  
It's NOT A GAME To Face Race hate ... !!!
And Now Is NOT The Great Debate ... ?!?    
The Great Debate Has CLEARLY CHANGED ... !!!  
Osama ... Obama ...  
All Kinds of Street Drama ...  
With The Credit Crunch At Number One ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Terrorist Crimes At Number Two ...  
And Number Three ... No Energy ... !!!  
No Oil ... No Gas .... !!!  
No Cash .... No Bank .... !!!  
No Bonuses The Onus is ......  
DIVERSIONS Folks And That's NO JOKE ... !!!  
Until I Hear This Very Quote ....  
"The President has sold his home !" ...
I Won't Adhere To Credit Fears ... !!!  
The Olympic Fund Has Seen NO CRUNCH ... !?!  
Even Though ... Cashflow Is Low ?!?!?  
DOESN'T Quite Add Up Like Government Sums ... !!!  
Their Great Debates Don't Seem To Relate ...  
About How They've ... Got EMPTY Plates ... !?!  
When I See THEM Starve Instead of Laugh ...  
About Policies That PROVE They're THIEVES ... !!!  
I'll Agree That WE ... Have Got PROBLEMS ... !!!  
The Type That Mean No Bonuses ...  
For ... BOARD CHAIRMEN ... !!!!!!  
No Whitehouse For The President ... !!!  
No Number 10 For The ... " PM ".... !!!!!  
And NO More Wars Where Cash Is Spent ...  
As If There's More For .... KILLING Men ... !!!!!  
That's A Great Debate ... I'd  Undertake ... !!!!!    
Non Violent Acts Against Government Plans ....  
Like Corporate Expedience ... Against Civil Disobedience ...  
Debates Like These Are RARELY Seen ...  
EXCEPT These Days On Movie Screens ...  
But Even Then Critics Defend ....  
The Lack of Facts These Movies Have ...  
... " So, a movie lied ! " ...  
How Many Times Has Hollywood ....  
Made Things Look .... " Good " ....  
Because The Bad Would DISPEL Facts...  
SOCIETIES ... Stick To Like GLUE ... !!!  
To KEEP The FOOLS ... IGNORANT To TRUTH ... !!!!!  
When Governments ...  
Become ... UNSTUCK ...  
Who'll Debate Then .... !?!  
The ... IGNORANT ... !?!
Who've Been FED LIES Most of Their Lives ... !!!!?!!!!  
Now That Will Be A ... WORRYING Time ... !!!!!    
The Average Joe Who Is GUNG ** ...  
RUNNING The Show When People BLOW ... !!!!!  
It's Happening NOW Some Youth Are WILD ... !!!  
Running Around ...  
Toting The Style of ... " Gangsta Clowns " ... !!!  
Guns And **'s In Videos ... !!!  
How REAL Are THEY Who Get .... " Airplay " .... !???!  
Another Debate That May Bring SHAME ... ?  
To Those With FAME ....
Because Their Fame Has Been Man-Made ... !!!  
Like HIS-Story Now Seems To Be ... ?  
The Racist Theme of This Here Piece ...
Is NOT All That It Seems To Be ... !!!  
Whether It Be RACE Or The Exchange Rate ...    
Or The Time It Takes For Equality To REIGN ... ?????  
It Is CLEAR Those Who ORATE And Try To Educate ...  
Should ALWAYS Have A Say ...  
Within ...  
...... " The Great Debate " ......
The Debate ... RAGES ON ... !!!
Years after I wrote this ........ !!!

Says it all really ... Smh.
paper boats Aug 2014
Feathers dipped in red
To paint clouds,
Voices tied
Like fences with barbed wire
Eyes tainted black
To shun morning light
Camouflage night
Hands on throats, broken wings
Hollow bones under beaten skin
Angry tears, and hushed beats
Trembling hearts lie dead on streets
Cracked, and bruised
Words and beliefs
Another day
Our defeat.
Daylight 4U2C May 2014
People diein' on the streets.
****** puddles at our feets.

But we could be a family.
We could be a whole.
We could be together.
But no one could be cold.

If we could live on an island,
no hate,
no guns,
no war.
We'd look back and wonder,
what was it all for?

People diein' on the streets.
****** puddles at our feets.


We sit at desk,
eating or eaten.
we laughed at or laughing.
beating or bleedin'.

We know the truth, but call it cruel.
The cruel one is we, the blind fool.

People diein' on the streets
****** puddles at our feets.

Who shot the most guns?
Who then killed them all?
Who didn't mind a casualty?
Who could be responsible?

"Not me!" we cry,
"I'm a good soul."
But even if we declined,
can I be told where they go?
No one WANTS to die. For someone to do it, there will be an opponent. A THREAT.    That's what this poem is about.
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