I'd brake for squirrel, don't want death upon my tires
I'd brake for a raccoon, the wily bandit, not retired

I'd brake for cats, and dogs, a pet that made it home
I'd brake for buzzards too, not denting, bumper's chrome

I brake and avoid, all kinds of beasts, no blood upon my car
I broke and got rear ended friend, avoiding a grizzly bear

I guess there is some justice, the bear, took up my revenge
tearing apart the delivery truck, on a pizza eating, binge

No bears or pizza truck drivers were harmed in the making of this rhyme. I'm just really happy, he was insured, this time :D
Dolores L Day Mar 14

I brought you two large pizzas.
You only asked for one small.
You never thanked me.

It made me want to drive home without wearing a seat belt.

You know chicken is a premium topping, right?

I want more validation, even if I don't deserve it.
iamtheavatar Nov 2016

There are two things
In this world
I can't live without–

Pizza and you

For you are
Like pizza,
The most wonderful
Creation of all!

No matter how
It looks like,
I love the way it is
Just like you!

No matter how
It tastes like,
I love the way it is
Just like you!


There are two things
In this world
I can't live without–

But if I were to choose:

I will definitely
Choose pizza
Over you!

iamthe_avatar ©2016

Ben Aug 2016

a raisin told me through his flopping jowls and loose skin
that hung limp and odd on upturned lips,
“You ain’t never had nothin’ like this before”
i have.
but i’ll try some anyways.

Lark Train May 2016

Whose pizza here, I do not know.
He's partying in the dorm below;
I do not think that he would mind
Me taking seven slices home.

Enjoy College, Class of 2016!
jhayden582 Apr 2016

there’s something unsettling about convenience stores. the fluorescent lights resemble some planet far away from here. neon signs with a letter broken, now flashing “be r,” beckoning the broken, the damaged, the lost boys. the home of those who don’t fit in. they buy the greasy pizza, rubbery hot dogs, and chemically nacho cheese which imitate something edible but scream danger on the tongue. haunted by the souls of the the pimply teenagers working the register, lips stained blue from blue raspberry slushy, slaving through the evening for the nocturnal souls buying milk and bread in the wee hours of the night. hushed arguments on the phone about forgetting to buy toilet paper and why don’t you ever pay attention to me. the pungent smell of hair dye boxes, the stink of attempting to be someone you’re not. skeleton children with messy hair, dirty fingernails as well as thoughts, up to no good back for more cherry cough syrup and furniture polish. soon after 3 candy bars will be found missing from inventory. detergent bottle caps, once neon, now faded with gathering dust, residing next to a dented can of campbell’s chicken soup. an organized chaos. the land of misfit toys.

mk Feb 2016

you may think you are as insignificant as
the first slice of bread
but to me, you are as desirable as
the first slice of pizza

im starving at 5:47am
Deyer Jan 2016

Pizza boxes sit at curb sides every thursday.
Bottles and cans fill most weekends, some
week days because why not?
We celebrate in dirty rooms, letting liquids leave all sorts of stains.
Semesters pass and we pass (sometimes),
with nothing left in our pockets but long-term debt, friendly conversations lost in the haze of moderate alcoholism, and memories that we feel will last forever.
Youth is wasted on the young, they say,
but what better way to spend a Tuesday than day-drinking in eternal ecstasy?

Martin Narrod Nov 2015


The poison's me the choice is up to you. Good lord, if they take away all the fashion houses, the rain men won't have anything to wear.

Naked armies, fighting the stories that just someone's grandfather wrote. Is it even real if it goes to sleep at night? Does it wake up to address the evening sky? I don't know....three heroic words the human race can barely say. Isn't the want for pizza an international religion, can we agree on that?

What mind of man gets it in his head that it's his hand that receives death to choose? In what nowhereness did these lonely princes lose everything they knew? Did they hear that killing isn't cool like it was in the 11th Empire- to make light of a situation or just a few lumens too, is pretty rad for any human to do. I may be a vampire but I need a bit of daytime if I want to continue to worship the dark.

It's been 4000 years, and I'm still looking for her, the way she talked to us after the sea we crossed through. The poison is me but the choice to take it is up to you. The rain men may come, but the water dance's for a seldom few. We could starve just for the thrill of wrapping ourselves in pieces of the moon.

Ne me quitte pas. Ne pas passer la lumière. Je vous attends ici, tout comme je le fais toujours. Il est dommage, je suis passé par là avec vous attends.

All violence is terrorism. It doesn't carry a flag.
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