He comes by my house nearly every day
To court me, I’m sure, comes sandy-haired Mack
Again, I forget to ask if he’s gay…
At least I know tomorrow he’ll be back.

I am always the one to call him first
And sometimes he doesn’t even pick up
My parents think he and I are the worst
We cost much money and greet them with “’sup”

He’s only around for fleeting minutes
Leaving too quickly to suit my liking
For a few seconds in his car, he sits
I bet debating taking me hiking

I think I might love him, oh me, oh my
Beautiful pizza delivery guy

What is the ultimate evil
Well pineapples on pizza
Where is that stored
In pandora's pizza box

What the ultimate evil for men
Talking about the deep stuff
And no guys not sex
The feels that we repress
That we keep
In our Mandora's box

No these feels are like pineapples
Some people are totally fine with them
And even share them
Though most people don't want them to

But sooner or later
You will come across pineapple pizza
And just like the feels
You can ignore it
But it's still there on the counter
And sure some could throw it away
But then your throwing away pizza

You could pick off the pineapples
But there is still that juice
Just like there is still that fear
When you talk even selectively about feels

Ok so just eat all the pineapples
No chance not for you
Not opening up to you
But you got to open up to somebody
And maybe they make the pineapples
Taste like a meat lover deep dish
Probably not but maybe
Just a little better

Patri Jul 27

My eyes are dry,
But I want to cry
Or maybe scream
Maybe pretend this is a dream
Because I'm hoping this is a lie.

It's taken so long
Because my determination to deny was strong.
But I think I love you
Still hoping this can't be true
Because our lives have moved on.

Who am I
To even try
Hoping that I am
More than "that girl"? Because damn
For me that's unimaginable, I can't deny.

Mark Parker Jul 3

It all starts with
the perfect crust.
Not too thick,
not too thin,
with just the right
amount of crunch.

Classic crust

I in no way endorse this pizza! It's classic crust is more the texture of burnt toast. The back seemed more sarcastic to the idea of the pizza after eating it.
Poetic T Jul 2

Squared not circular
              for everything  

That needing motions of what
              is meant.....

Circle is Neanderthal
           but you can call
                   me old school...

25 words word prompt pizza...

She chose
pizza over salad,
fries over boys,
books over looks,
actions over promises,
mountains over money,
oceans over tears.

Nateive Son Jun 22

Have a good day,
And I'm ready to expire,
As soon as my head,
Hits the pillow.

Have a bad day,
And yer pleadin',
Just one more chance,
I can fix it.

The way it goes.

A simple diddy fer my simpletons:

Nini Harb Jun 8

Lone arm, lone hand
reaching into the void
of Emptiness,
hoping for another hand to be the glove that covers my cold, paper skin

my fingernails will break
my fingers will curl
if you reach for me again
as chaos unfurls

a single limb
I gift to you
it needs to be grasped harder than a child scared of the dark,
it needs a rose gold kiss
from your expensive lips
it needs to be dragged behind you
weightless and secure
To spill hope in doubt's closed window or closed door

I have a headache .-. baibai~  ☆

I've got no interest in bungeejumping.
I've got no interest in seeing Venice.
I've got no interest in niteclubbing.
& I must be in zen coz I don't care
what zen is.

I've got no interest in winning Euromillions.
I've got no interest in what the Donald said next.
I've got no interest in signing another e-petition.
Or why Sleb Y slighted Sleb X.

I've got no interest in New Yoik in the spring.
I've got no interest in Rothschilds' Beelzebunce.
I've got no interest in silly season 2nd Coming
- you wait ages for 1, then 3 messiahs
arrive at once!

I've got no interest in bumblebee extinction.
I've got no interest in major sports events.
I've got no interest in twitterstorm friction.
Or infomercials on how to get hench.

Got no interest in batrachomyomachy,
or in proxy batrachomyomachy
between Frog League's galanty spider army
& mice-trained & funded earwig insurgency.

Who'll win Strictly, who'll win Syria?
What really goes down in the Ministry
of the Interior?
Does myriad of Miriams mean the more the myria?
Will readers ever eyebibe my biblia abiblia?

Apathy? Yeah. No. Me?
Does Ray Mears shit in the woods?
2 fingers 'stead of 2 hoots? Is oldschooltie
of Pope Emeritus Devil Dog Hitler Youth?

Like comeback cul-de-sac of Sigue Sigue
Sputnik or Gay Dad, conclusion's foregone:
from all globallocks infer good Earth stravaiged,
testicularcancer twin planet to us abandoned.

When it comes to thinking 'bout anything but my baby...
now Marvin's murdered by me more than 3rd rock solid
w/ mine, confirming findings of 2010 survey
that UK's most content folk are found in Norwich,

pigging out on pizza in front of the idiotbox
w/ their S.O. Shockingly desensitised now my
stake in humanity's love's primecut: a paradox.
Lovely tunnelvision, schmaltzy oblivion, hormonal

Eros & Thanatos sitting in a tree...
Or in echo chamber built for two, echochambermaid
Unobvs reverb of sweet nothings' honeydripping nihilism
of countless folies a deux virgule quatre: atomisation.

Before domestic bliss cult of mutual monomania
decrees we lovers shrug our heartshaped shoulders
& to closed loop of googooeyes go couple-cloistered,
I'll do the world one more favour, vote Labour.

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