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Psychobabble tryna be
All da answers that we need
For da pain we got inside
tryna understand
thinkin bout our thinking
yes its powerful tool
but it's not enough

It's a cage
It's a stage
Full of rage
Its da boss
Not da wage

What's da problem
Mama was depressed
Daddy left
Anger and resentment
Always got her pressed

Medical professionals
Trained to say/ half da truth
We got truama
From our exploitation/ poverty

Tellin us:
Yo mama ****** you up
Its a pity now you growin' up
On medication
Wit so many limitations

Numb a worker/ when she's hurtin
From the bosses' system
Being okay with workers killing each other
RIpping her son's life away

Why they hold us back
From the real mental healing preparations
Cause does conversations
Mean talkin bout revolutionary confrontation
Leone Lamp Apr 15
Boredom bored some,
but for the rest of us it became a lifestyle.

The rest of us,
who spend so much money and time,
on objects and gizmos...
Just to while away our lives.

And, on comfort!
If we're going to do nothing,
we've at least got to be comfortable
while we do it.

We've gotta work though,
gotta hustle.
The trick is finding that tipping point...
The Grand American Treasure:
To find the least amount of labor,
for the greatest amount of leisure!

So let's climb that ladder
Make money! Get paid!
So we can quickly and painlessly,
whittle away our days.
Tapping into my inner gonzo and trying to stab a pin into the heart of the "American dream".
Juliana Apr 7
I am not a monster.
My veins are the same
purplish hue as yours.
Pricked by the same needle,
an arrow can penetrate
my body, soul escaping
my still-beating heart.

I cling to your words.
I want to know your soul,
your deepest insecurities,
the smallest bits of joy.
I want to be in love.

The universe is a gallery,
each star a mosaic of art,
colliding and combining
to create beauty;
a masterpiece;
I could look at you for eons.


I am not to be perceived
by capitalistic powerhouses.
Life is not a final boss,
requiring each day
to serve as a minigame,
collecting coins and
jumping blocks until
I reach the Bowzer.

I live for myself,
the sole goal of
collecting knowledge
and seeing stars
until my final breath,
at which I can say my life
felt complete once I knew
that every single person
I met had smiled.

I will not live by
checking boxes off a form,
stats gathered frequently
on if I’m living it right.
Because there is no right.

There are only idealistic fantasies
that maybe if I run fast enough,
I could one day hope to reach.
There is the rustic murkiness
of yesteryear attempting to
****** its claws on my soul.
It will not win.

This game of mine
may not be multiplayer,
nor do I have the cheat codes,
but I am having fun,
I am exploring the world,
and I will not listen—
never listen—to you saying
that I am playing it wrong.
The Dybbuk Mar 16
"If I held myself to my resolutions, I would be twice ahead of the pack. Yet I find myself, perhaps unsurprisingly, bending the rules."
and now I think to myself that I too am in the same predicament.
and so I say, "What lofty goals of this world or the next do you aspire to? Those we share, we can accomplish together." And in the spoken language of prophets you replied: "let the shepherds of goodness upon the earth guide the hand of the ignoble, so that, in their ignorance, they may be of service to the light." But I hesitated; there was the smell of money on his breath... "Why not share our light across the channel we hold now to all brothers and sisters in need of light to shine from their eyes?"
The most valuable resource in the world is illumination.
carvermon Feb 26
A billion dollars I have gathered
That’s the billionaire’s way
The bit that I’ve earned
a tiny fraction of that
(only so many hours in a day)
Instead of hard work
I work around rules
that once described the way
that one who worked hard
spending effort and hours
could secure that hard day’s worth of pay

Many have struggled
to build the wealth I’ve now juggled
into shelters and holdings and banks
I could carelessly burn it
‘cause I didn’t earn it
But those who did,
I guess,
deserve thanks
Chris Feb 23
A body on the streets
Step around, it reeks.

Life's been wasted
Thrown out for cash
Abrasion o' justice
The rich hide the rash
A human life, $7.25 an hour.

This poem was inspired by the song "Calm Like A Bomb" by Rage Against The Machine. Specifically the line "A ditch full of bodies, and a check for the rent" really hit homes. In the middle of a pandemic,  many people dying, many people laid off, and many people got evicted to live on the streets. To spread the disease. To spread captisalism. Socialism is the vaccine.
Chris Feb 22
Working and pregnant?
No time off

Graduated from college?
4 years; no job

Born into a poor family?
Invest in real estate

Paid minimum wage?
Work harder.

Sick in need of meds?
Only costs $750

Born a minority?
Stop being lazy

For these reasons and more
We hope you enjoy your stay
In the USA.
Capitalism is broken.

If you don't agree with that after reading this poem, feel free to DM me and I'll see if I can show you more reasons as to why Capitalism is flawed.

Have a wonderful day, stay safe, and fight the machine.
diane young Feb 20
On voting day, my finances spread
Diasporic in my account and withdrawn
Ten Mandelas tell me to bend and spread
You've recognised it too but you've got greener lawn

Your pale cheeks coloured by blue faces
As you drive away with cash filling the boot
All our hard work takes you to new places
Horchatas on yachts - my votes don't tell the truth

I hope your feet gets burned on the beach sand
Or zamas zamas ruin your nice view
Complaining shacks make it look like an East land
Horchatas for the homeless and maybe they'll like you

We could spend time chasing investors
Bend over backwards to get you some tissues
But let's make sure the bank's well protected
Your knife cuts deeper than abandonment issues

You'd understand but your mind's on a jet plane
Flying far away and never coming back
All your solutions are just to shift the blame
Distribute horchatas to drink inside our shacks
A simpler life
No more anger and strife

In the yard, in the sun
Spinning in gardening fun

A big floppy hat
Sunglasses acrobat

Crisp, refreshing mint juleps
When I finish planting these tulips

Owning a house is dream
A capitalist scheme

Millennial bravado
When you choose avocado
My soon to be husband and I are looking into buying a cheep house in Utah. Wish us luck. There have been and continues to be many hoops to jump through. He mentions how it feels like an out, if we some how manage to become home owners. "Rent" will become cut in half and spread a little further. F*ck Capitalism! It keeps the poor-poor and the rich even richer.
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