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Homunculus Jun 8
We sow the seeds of Empire,
We water them with blood
We **** the soil
We burn the oil,
We watch the dollars flood, into
the coffers of the
corporate interests
sittin' pretty
at the top, all
with their fingers
on the buttons,
eager for the
bombs to drop

We split the money, 80/20      
smaller number always first,
while the larger toils away
awaiting to be reimbursed...

Oh yes, that too familiar story
simply striving to survive
as we await the day of glory
our Messiah shall arrive...

Well, ain't that a bunch a jive?
a momentary nose dive
where monetary flows drive
ev'ry year that blows by
ears deaf to woe's cries
desensitized to those ties

the ones that finely bind us, and
the veils that find and blind us
always seeking to remind us
we're not plus, but only minus

Gas lighted?
*** ignited!
Make ya jump
right out yr seat!  
but now yr fallin'
and yr crawlin'
cause there's
shackles on yr feet!

Ya feel the heat, and it's
replete, with squalor
struggle and defeat
as we go trudgin'
gettin' bludgeoned
by the rain and
hail and sleet

That's what the
kids are sayin'
ain't it?
A youthful cry to hide
the tainted picture bein'

No doubt!
So go shout:
"We gotta turn up
while we burn up!"
Nobody gives a ****
and so it seems we
'bout to learn us  
all a special lesson,
class in session
bound to go down
in the books
like bitter pills
go down a throat
or the jetsam from a boat
gets cast right overboard, say...

"Oh, good Lord!"

"Is he still talkin'
squawkin', gawkin'
walkin' stalkin'
chicken bawkin'?"

"Think he might be in too deep
don't wanna hear another peep,
so someone bash him in his head
until you put his *** to sleep."
Marlita Apr 13
Life's taught me more than school has.
As a child, they taught me the basics,
Like 2+2 and "To be or not be?",
But never the advanced material
Such as the key to being happy?

Now as an adult,
Having taken a leave from school
And being forced to organize my own thoughts,
I realize that knowing the truth is only as good
As your ability to interpret it.
So all those years spent in government issue rooms
Learning government issue truths
Only taught me to see the world through a government issue lens.
But since the truth is now mine,
So is the spark of freedom from within.
Brian Yule Mar 18
Shadowboxing with a dead man as a massacre stills  

Fingerdancing to smoke & mirror the masses

Whistling frantic in the gathering dark to steady the ranks

Faith trumps facts

A strong man acts

Greasepaint thick

Growing cracks

A flailing will can kick up sparks

Keep squeezing shills

Catch easy marks

Throw enough show & something will stick

That's shitbusiness!
Anna Jackson Feb 21
Wake up and smell the coffee, focus as the pan flips,
Time for the rat race and its monotonal semantics,
Suss out agendas - get ahead of the mind tricks,
Brush over simple truths with pointless lies and politics.

Another year gone - stale memories as the frost licks,
Dignity diminished, allegiance pledged to bosses,
Anticipating failure as you organise your post-its,
Institutionalising life, leaving no room for chances.

Clutching at a purpose yet defeated as the clock ticks,
Finding closeness in distance and solace as the storm hits.
Homunculus Feb 7
As with everything else in American life, the national government is just another commodity packaged for mass consumption. We're all being spoon fed a spectacular narrative which by its very nature is designed to evoke the passions.

Every day, someone gets on TV and says or does something which provokes outrage, drawing the viewer in like the iridescent lure of an angler fish, and keeping them hooked just long enough for the hypnotic messages of the corporate sponsors to burrow their way into the collective consciousness between "newscasts."

It is precisely for this reason that these frivolous displays SELL like hotcakes. There's no government going on here. There hasn't been for who knows how long? All that is left is BUSINESS. Raw and unfettered. The United States of America is now nothing more than a 'reality' show, and boy, I tells ya, the revenue stream is OH, SO LUCRATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To know truth is disown a loss of life, slowly simmering to a boil, to be free, when we’re all pawns to the marriage that freedom has with reality. To know truth, to be in real freedom and that loss could be morals, values, memories we hold dear to our heart, it could be a loss a friends and family. Things we had worked for, like a career. Sober and seldom, no longer to be enslaved to one’s own dreams and desires, breaking away from earthly suffering. To be a muse is the same to be a sinner, may as well be better, wrapping one’s soul around this world and drop poems veiled over dogma. To live in narrative of society, is be worse than laymen, scorned forever in flaws. Hypocrisy, those who dream the most, often live less and never to know truth, freedom and be mastered by reality. Be weary of false prophets in culture. There is nothing sacred about an individual moral codes. Otherwise, society would have no need for revolutions.
Graff1980 Jul 2018
and women
attempt to
protest apartheid,
fighting against
those borders and walls,
walking towards boundaries
where snipers sit
settled in
to shoot the innocent,
and continue
freedom's infringement.

Soldiers fire to take
the lives of those
they dehumanize.
Two thousand
are wounded
and fifty plus

My government is complicit
in these illicit
acts of violence.
We support and supply
the horrible ordinance
used to brutalize
and end those unfortunate lives.
Our politicians
spin blood red threads
into golden ***** lies
and celebrate the bad guys
who have no intention
of compromising,
the ones who
go on occupying
and terrorizing the Palestinian people.

state supported
media guys,
are televised
to tell us lies,
go on air
to share a side
that shames
and blames
the victims of
new atrocities,
by their favorite
reports of agitation
incited by
but no one on
the Israeli side
was wounded
or died.
Ron Gavalik Jul 2018
As a writer and poet who absorbs the world and then bleeds out truth, I'm finding it harder and harder to break through the political propaganda that television, radio, and web media has conjured to dominate and control so many minds. I can work around the programming by introducing abstract moral truths, but the moment I reference modern cultural, my work goes ignored.

I feel myself losing touch with a society that I’ve taken for granted my entire writing life. In a gluttonous feast of sensational media
that has proven nearly impossible to extricate ourselves,
we allow the power of profiteers and con-artists
to stream content into our minds that programs us
to accept unprecedented levels of violence.
We celebrate military-style police powers
to remove our freedoms of expression,
the rights to own property at reasonable expense,
and our most basic rights to life under a banner of liberty.
In an **** of hatred and greed, a large swath of society
has proven comfortable with exterminating
or imprisoning human beings for the color of their skin
or the origin of their birth in private-for-profit prisons.
Yes, I definitely feel we are lost in a spiral of human descent,
where there is no end, only torment and death.

-Ron Gavalik
A statement I needed to make. Make sure you support me on Patreon. Hit it here:
Ron Gavalik May 2018
In a world of wage servants
we are drugged, propagandized.
That's how the keep us
docile, in line.
Sometimes a servant refuses
to take his meds.
His spoken truth burns down
the facade, for a brief moment,
until he is silenced.
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