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Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
We all need something to help get us by
Whether you realize it or not
Some of us make the choice to get high
On methamphetamine
****** or ***

Even if just a little bit
Everyone has a vice
The unfortunate succumb to it
Wiser try only once or twice

Still others choose a different crutch
To aid them in their distress
*** and such
Are addictions nonetheless

We tangle pain with love and fear
The knot increases in size
Swallow it down and chase with a beer
Or drown it in exercise

Pour a drink made with clear liquor
Mixed with a dash of frustration
Anything to **** feelings quicker
Avoid any sensation

If we don't face the cause of our heartache
Problems will only get worse
Each day in this nightmare our lives are at stake
Each fall closer to the hearse

Once we accept that we need to change
We can forgive ourselves and heal
Freedom and peace are not out of range
If we stop running from what we feel
So true
Toya Nov 2020
It is said that vices attract the weak
The mere thought of a crutch breaks a leg
It is the same with love
The thought of my wings spanning thin
I grin
I want more
Love, what we are most afraid of. The rejection of love is the poison of the trunk.
HerrAichach Sep 2020
I drink too much but it gives me the pleasure of intoxication,
One too many ramifications,
I smoke too much to stun my heart of its beat,
All to avoid the acceptance of defeat.

Problems are associated with you
It's hard to get through
Talking to myself, judging myself and hating myself
So alone without anyone's words of comfort, but oneself

I feel like I want to hurt those who have hurt me.
One too many reasons not to accept their plea
Smoke and mirrors everywhere
One too many reasons not to stay here.
My second piece of poetry written this year, please like, comment or share if you can relate - many thanks.
Dead Sep 2020
Funny the older I get the more I find myself changing
The ways I hurt myself always change, different pains. Same vices

As appealing as seeing my blood make those strange designs as they drip down my arms sounds.
It’s becoming harder to hide the wounds.

Maybe it’s the self doubt? Challenging myself on the most minor choices. Eating away at me.

Becoming obsessive over friends, strangers, anyone really.
Knowing I’m not their problem.

Or maybe it’s the drugs, the same ones that keep my brain at bay are the ones that make the grey matter rot,

it’s all about moderation, and tonight I have none.

I’m on a drive,
I’m smoking a cigarette
I’m hearing very little
I’m feeling even less
Wonder if I’ll see the engine stop, I wonder if these keys will enter my pockets again.

I wonder if the lights fade out or if it’s a cut to black

New weapons.
Same vices.
Good night.
Aliq Aug 2020
Verse I:
Day comes to end - I'm starting a new game.
Turn off the light. You shouldn't see my fame.
I built this place by fragments of your dreams.
Come in, my friends. Enjoy the world's best cream.

Chorus I:
Willkommen to my sweetest Sugar Hall,
Here everyone will find their own doll.
Oubliez tout. But don't forget the cost,
Sera mejor que no lo encontro.

-Hey, bro! Who is this gorgeous babe?
-Wonderful and prudent. Tacit Phebe.
-What?! How she get here?!
-I dunno... Come and ask if you dare.

Hey, little heavenly angel, hello perfect unearthly beauty.
You know, cupid struck my heart, doing his hard and necessary duty.
And as soon as I saw you, try to believe that you really exist,
So you hold of my heart. That is fine, 'cause I don't want resist. Yeah...
Don't look around. This is part of my job, that I have to perform,
'Cause I'm part of that power that dispenses justice. I need to conform.
Take my hand, and I'll lead you to dreamland, where we are just happy,
I promise: you will be my princess, and I'm your romanticly chappy.

Chorus II:
Let's leave this crazy sweetest Sugar Hall,
Because here gets for us a bit of dull.
Oubliez tout, there's only you and me,
I'll show you everything you want to see.
William de klerk Jul 2020
Isn't it ironic that
Silence screams so loud
we drown out the sound
and pray the voices pipe down
" they don't sound like me anymore
  they won't go away and each day
  a demented voice pulls me under
  and now I wonder...
which way is up?"

Isn't it ironic how
playing cards can cut
like a razor blade
and red dice rolling
become an evil eye that winks.
Does that cloth
on a tricky table
feel as soft
as the lining on a nearby coffin?

Isn't it ironic
when love's soft touch
devolves into lust
and broken hearts
disintegrate into rust,
when a silent embrace
becomes an empty bed
but that void only deepens
when we cheapen
our body and soul
to feel whole
for a mere moment.

Isn't it ironic
we want a world
so far from reality
we blur the one we have
as we snort, smoke and swallow
our problems away
only for them to return
on a much darker day.

A hundred vices
**** a thousand men
and in solidarity we stand.
Let one brave soul say
I have been bitten by these...
and more
so many more!
Let me lean on you brother
Let me comfort you sister
Let us stumble forward together!
Vices break so many, but grow in the dark as they take and take and don't ever give back. We stew in our sickness and stand alone instead of reaching out.
Thenature May 2020
Done living double life,
Done executing half-hearted attempt,
Done playing safe game,
Done lying inside safety bubble,
Done scavenging through illusion and mirages.
Finally, I am awakened, I am done drifting.

Now, that I know I am not special,
I am just a common man- a mortal.
Trying to live life in present;
hoping to leave a dent in the process.

I am part of this filthy world
Laden with perfect imperfection.
I want access,
I want to witness,
I want to experience things;
I want to indulge, effacing innocence
With the licentious.

No! No! No! are you getting an idea?
I am not a demon in making.
Least of all- Devil.
You are yet to see the other half of me,
Which I think you will ever see.
Or, perhaps deserve to know.
So don’t come hard at me.
You are nowhere near to judge me.
Don’t call me a savage.
I’m not.
I am just being true to myself,
a bit generous-giving exposure to my alter ego.
Don’t call me sordid- a barbarian.
For being honest, admitting thing or two-
So to say confessing.
I know, for you are no different.
For sure, no exception.
You are nothing but pretending or perhaps unaware of.
I better cherish heinous crime consciously than abstaining
Myself with moral scruple.
For I know now that abstinence will **** us unconsciously anyways.
John Glenn Feb 2020
Perhaps the reason why
there are vices
is because people pay
hospital bills
on the heart, the lungs,
the liver, and the kidney

And people
are willing to pay
the price
to know
in them
is valued
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