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Jun 11
Many people feel fear
When you speak of Evil,
Their Bibles clutched dear
As their hot hearts chill.
A great deal think of Satan
With his foul demonic band.
Show them a pentagram
And most fear their bodies
Will be possessed at once
By some demonic heathen
Looking for his lunch.

But I, having lived a hard life,
Fear not Satan’s treachery
Or his delivery of strife,
Nor the fabled imagery
The church once did write.
I seldom fear going to Hell
And basking in flames for eternity
Or not getting a farewellΒ Β 
Into a kingdom of just divinity.

Oh no, my mind is quite filled
With the brimstone inferno
Caused by the wickedly free-willed.
Those very individuals
Who say they renounce Evil
Have beaten me to a pulp
For asking to be their equal.

So don’t be naive and let thy name be trod
By those who yell "Satan"
Only to betray God.
A personal favorite of mine.
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