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Some days
She finds
Self-destruct switch
A life
Her own
But different

The steps
She takes
So delicate
As not to
Still leave
In living room

But better
Are craters
Of shrapnel
Than to be
Feet embedded
In a place
Where she
Only vacancy
The exquisite carnation blossoms through the thorns surrounding.
"The Flower of God,"
A woman's love.
Garden of beauty she soars,
High up in the branched cluster of pure love.

Hours of full care;
Sun shined bright, happiness it shall bring.
Handling, proper as can be,
For one shall break.
Decay, I become, manhandled and overworked.

Broken Earth she grows,
From the roots so deep.
Take a breath, I breath;
For I grow from a twilight sleep.

Rooted in the dirt beneath,
Buried deep through the Earth
In a beauty of love and disaster.

A flower with hope,
For the love of a man.
Where rain became a necessity
And a heart filled with grace.

His pure hands ran through the flowers in her hair.
Tangled and chaotic,
He wrapped his roots around her lungs,
one breath.
A beautiful put together mess.

A carnation that had not felt beautiful in the hands of another,
Grew to be admirable in the eyes of others.
For she grew through the rain and the dirt,
A beautiful chaotic mess I became.

Waiting for him to pick me up,
I gave up.
Gave up on waiting.
I grew my own garden,
Becoming wild and free.

I was free at last,
Realizing I don't need a man to carry me.
I opened my eyes,
Looked to the girls in need of advice.
Spoke the words,
"Don't wait, independence is key. Look around, a flower you see.
Stop and admire her beauty."

-Thank you, my love
Take the pain away
Wash it from your face
Erase the days of questioning your own self worth

Unbutton your shirt
Lower your skirt
Grace the earth with your body
And bare your soul to the world
Be anything but unforgiving of yourself

You are more than your scars for
They are merely affirmations
Of a path well traveled on
And you wear them well

Don't let anyone tell you different
Just be the difference between then and now

Be unapologetically thankful that you are never alone when you're at home with yourself

Shower yourself with love,
Beyond limit,
Because you deserve it
I wrote this after my ex cheated on me
embarking upon a further
journey down the same path

almost four years,
but now: newer, exciting routes
new junctions to
cross the t’s, dot the i’s

but the letters remain
unfinished, unlooped—though
the knots are still tangled

why’d the past have to catch up
with someone else’s love?

spare the reminder
of a lovesick fool,
not quite so much lovesick
as desperate to prove.

tomorrow never comes;
the future is today
and it’s here and now and
yes, yes, things are gonna

change for the better
the best endeavour of life so far
begins without her in it

isn’t that proof enough?

we made it.
Aidan 4d
Don't cry my dear, everything will be fine
Don't cry my dear, all will be shared soon enough.

That's what they have said for years now,
Where is the support when I'm knee deep in an endless mental battle,
where is the support when I am all alone.

Don't worry my dear, just smile and wave
Put up a mask to hide the truth,
Give the people what they wish to believe is true,
Never let them in.

But then how can they see I need them?
How can I let them know that they are exactly what I need at the moment?

Don't worry my dear, help will come soon.
Find the one person to trust,
Never let them go.

At least they mention something that is practical.
A person to trust is the rarest thing of them all,
Once found, keep forever and never trade it for what seems more valuable.

Don't worry my dear, I have finally come to save you.
Thank you for staying in your mind and not saying anything.
Thank you for being isolated for all these years.

No, thank you.
You've shown me what life should be.
Not relying on the words of someone whose left me some time ago.
Just a little something to retaliate against the reassurance that sometimes I have heard or received that never was the full truth
leena 7d
all she wanted

was to belong

she found a home in you

when all she really needed

was to belong to herself

i thought i needed you.
IncholPoem Jan 11
Having  troubles
in  titanium  factories
workers  are  warned  to
leave   the radiated   area.

     Having troubles  
still  the  unemployed
youth  mass  was
enjoying  the
Sunday  nights.

Having  troubles
in  two  legs
still  soldiers  are
preparing  for
independence  day
Salem Noxolo Jan 4
I've been tamed before
For that, my heart was sore

I rebuild my self with freedom in my mind, love in my heart, optimism in my outlook, and independence.

Next time one wishes to hunt me,
I may be a might feral for my freedom
I think people plan their self discoveries for the upcoming year at New Year's, but I feel it a waste of time to try to decipher who I shall to be. Instead, this year I shall become whoever I turn out to be by the end.
*Like a potato in the oven that turns into a baked potato (a very poetic simile)*
Bye for now friends ;)
Bibby Dec 2018
If I cut you off
Chances are,
You handed me the scissors.
Mallory Dec 2018
It is no coincidence that I was born on the lightest day of the year; Summer solstice. With me, you will be always brightest here. I chew glass. Like cotton candy my love will melt you from the mouth, inside out. I linger like smoke mixed with summer midnight air. I glow like summer morning sunrise. Erasing every forged signature, you’ll feel me breathing down your spine. I’ll surface like a bruise you want pressure on. A sunburn you feel peeling. I sting and heal like salt: seawater on cuts. I am the hottest days, grabbing, clinging, giving meaning to body. Wet. Sweat trickling down back. I am rooted in the grass outside all of the flower beds, like morning glory, I will choke you out if it means I am still growing. I am dandelions, and daisies. I am melted buttercups dripping lazily, under chin. It is no coincidence, that I was born on the brightest day of the year; i am the flame in the darkness. With me you will be always lightest here.
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