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He wanted to hold me
He wanted to mould me
He wanted to pour me into the perfect shape that he'd created

The mould cracked
The shape shattered
You cannot hold a heart of gold that wants to hold herself
you cannot hold a heart of hold that wants to hold herself
Katie Mar 16
I'm not quite sure how to feel
About college
In a year of years like this.

The freedom was a welcome change
In every sense of the word -
Religious, romantic, individual.

The loneliness that came
When my roommate moved out
Perhaps a bit less so.

I can truly be myself here,
And it's scary, in a way -
For someone with so much to hide.

I'm allowed to speak my mind
For the first time in my life,
And people are willing to listen.

I can talk about my spirituality
And my sexuality freely
Without getting judged into silence.

I'm making new friends again,
Slowly but surely,
Although it's still a sharp learning curve.

I can indulge my special interests
Like Greek mythology and poetry
And get actual class credit for doing so.

Sure, my diet could be better
And my sleep schedule's in the toilet,
But at least I'm staying in decent shape.

So maybe a year like this,
Albeit quarantined and socially distanced,
Was the best possible outcome.
Hannah Feb 24
Why do you have to make me feel like I’m tied down?
Tied down to your rules, your wants, and your needs.
I have choices too.
Opinions unheard, ignored, mocked.
I’m one of three daughters, yet you choose me.
The only time I’m chosen is so you can make your attempts at manipulating me,
taking any sense of freedom I should have over my future, my life, my needs.
Denying the chance to let me prove you wrong.
You may be right, I have called Wolf too many times but in this case, it’s different.
Give me the chance to prove you wrong,
to prove that I can do it.
That I can be free from this rope that holds me back from what I want.
Let me just be independent for once without the need for your so-called supervision and advice.
The advice that’s more like scolding and yelling.
Darkening my mood, deepening the depression.
Your words linger in my head for days upon days.
Have you ever taken a chance to stop and think that you may be the reason?
The reason I am so desperate to escape,
the reason I am dreaming of the day I can be independent.
Daivik Jan 27
They had nothing to give
To their motherland
Except their mortal lives
So they gave it cheerfully
Without a second thought
To see her wrinkled smile

These road on which we stand today
Were built upon layers of stone
And skulls of warriors great
This freedom wasn’t free
Of cost. Their debt we must pay.
Each and every day.

Two brothers fought
None won
Both lost
Freedom exacted a dear cost

As the clock struck twelve
On that August day
From heaven the martyrs cried
Their dream
Their struggle
For which they died
Was finally realized

The dawn was breaking
It was history in making
The charkha of time had turned
After so many years
A nation was waking
Betty Jan 10
I'm not your stepping stone

a safe and easy ride

to pastures fresh and green

on the other side

why should you stay dry

while I sink with the tide

you want to go that's fine

build a bridge

and then we'll see

but don't you ever tread on me
I want the love for who I am
And ought
To be
Free of yours for me
Philip Lawrence Dec 2020
I find the river when I am kept awake by thoughts of you, and

at the railing, despite the numbing grip of wrought iron, I can see her

surface ripple in the winter wind, and I watch as the undercurrent

appears to churn and switch back in the twilight, unpredictable,

unknowable, a breadth and impulse powerful, resistant, and when

her path is curbed, finding her own way in a tumult of discovery
Betty Dec 2020
I don't want to follow your footsteps

with my two left feet in my two wrong shoes

If I take a path it's the one I will choose

my steps are my own

and I'll walk for a bit

maybe I'll find some shoes that will fit!
Awkward oddball kid in the brood-overbearing parents trying to make you fit...
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