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theo bea 10h
cheers to every strong and independent woman
out there in the open,
she who faces excruciating dilemmas
with a classic wink.

cheers to the most lethal lady
who does not need a man to define her self worth,
yet still glues her feet to the ground
for she acknowledges their mighty presence.

cheers to the brave young girl
who stands her ground
for she is made of gold,
a true champion amidst those who defy her.

cheers to the innocent little kid
playing around the park,
for we get the most genuine smile
that makes our day brighter.

cheers to the most hardworking single mother,
she who fights a bear as a lioness.
taking no jabs from anyone
whilst the humility and compassion in her still remain.

cheers to the mother who is in a father figure,
she who does not let society define her capabilities.
for she raises her children right,
***-fearing, respectful, and loving.

cheers to the women of the world,
for every single one has played an important role.
ladies, you do not need to rely on someone else’s protection
for you carry your own shields and deadly swords.
yes, set fire to my books
and give me a lecture instead.
do you really believe that
conditioning creates
great people?

no, they all made themselves,
just as i have forged
my own matter
by pressing my ashes
into the ground.

diamonds are just coal,
after all.
Amanda Nov 11
Wandering this lonely terrain
Trying to escape the nightmare I live
I yearn to fly away from pain
The ghostly love you give

Trust has become a scarcity
In our darkest hour
Someone wise once told me
Solitude will grant you power

I have no one, no belongings, no home
Reduced to a vagrant without your embrace
Feet and emotions fated to roam
Until they find their purpose and place
I feel so directionless by myself
Johnny Noiπ Nov 9
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Raziel Nov 1
"I'm scared."
Then be brave.
Ring the freedom bells and free,
The sheep that dissent in a fit of pique.
Why needlessly slaughter, one at a time,
When they themselves jump off the cliff,
All in a row, at the end of the chime.
Danielle Oct 28
Modesty diminishing.
Difficulty at the beginning.
Independence, confining
Taking apart stagnation.
Peter Balkus Oct 26
He is happy now
in a peaceful rest.
He fought for his country,
he did his best.

It wasn't easy life,
bed of thorns, no roses,
but he is smiling now,
whispering It was worthy.

He could've lived much longer
if didn't go to war,
he could've spent his days
in never-ending awes.

But he chose a different fate,
much different fate he chose.

Staring at the stars,
he is smiling now.

Knowing that his land
ain't a land of the chained,
he is full of joy
and young again.
Inspired by "The Great War Symphony - The Dead Soldier" by Patrick Hawes
I used to love seeing your face everyday.
In fact, I would only leave my house knowing you would be there.
The more we talk face to face, we began to run out of topics to cover.
Disagreements would happen so new conversations could be created.
We began to enjoy the art of silence and the art of presence.

Distance has became the new appreciation.
In fact, I would fill my schedule with work to avoid meeting you.
I did not have to face your attitude or deal with any negativity.
I was able to do me and still enjoyed knowing you are there for me.
You have became the backup to my loneliness.

The more I think about it, the more I liked it.
In fact, I started to enjoy independence and found self-love.
I never have to worry about what to plan for us or what to do next.
The amount of freedom I felt, relieved me from stressing out.
I can decide on the spot, click send and just move on.
Pink-Haired Wildflower
I know you.
I see you.
everyday at least once

Your pedals are short
   and cute
   chopped off at the chin
Your clothes are loose
   and indie
   style, you wear so well

You walk so confidently
      each stride your own.
You glitter shining vibrantly
      like the stud in your nose.
You smile so easily
      and laugh with no care in the world.

Pink-Haired Wildflower
do you know me?
do you see me?
each time I pass you on the way
I look at you
and try not to stare
your flowered beauty beholds me

I wonder what you think of me
This bent over gait
   fool. I am
   struggling to stay upright.

Can you see the weight on my shoulders?
The stress in my complexion?
      my gnawed on nails and torn skin
Tell me, what do you see in my gaze?

I wish I possessed your confidence.
Your grace in billowed petals.
Your fragrance has a trail
   that always circles back to me.
   everyday I see you.
   though I say nothing.

Whatever you are
I want you in a bouquet on my bedside table
as I lie there
trying not to cry
or die.
Let your rank beauty infect me
aromatic surround me.

Be mine.
Lay claim to me.
Show me your ways.

or at least learn my name
as if I knew yours

You're a stranger to me Pink-Haired Wildflower
last night your dyed your hair Blue
For this girl I see literally every day. I've never talked to her, only seen her around campus. Today she came to my work... I have this weird feeling of connection to her
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