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I will make my bed with you tonight
sleep soft and deep beneath your counterpane
no soothing water song, will ease my cares,
for I have none to ease
sing me no sweet tune,
no lullaby beneath the trees
for I am not a child,
a man full grown am I
traveller of the road,
by choice to make home
beneath a starlit sky
SpiritHeart67 Sep 2023
No matter
what might be
going on in your life
if you are still here
you are stronger
than it...
Ashwin Kumar Sep 2023
There was a time
When I used to be proud
Of being an Indian
However, that feels like light years ago
Since then, so many things have changed
That I wonder sometimes
If this is indeed the same country
Where I was conceived
Imagine surviving a plane crash
Only to have your face charred in such a way
That it resembles a piece of barbequed meat
And thus even your own mother fails to recognise you
That is the India of today
A democracy only in name
Where the gap between the rich and the poor
Is even wider than the river Nile
The way in which the so-called upper castes
Treat the so-called lower castes
Is even worse
Than the way in which the Nazis used to treat the Jews
Nearly a century ago
Not to mention, to insult a cow
Is considered nothing short of ******
However, harassing a woman
Especially a woman from one of the underprivileged sections of society
Is treated, in the manner in which a simple traffic violation is dealt with
That is, all you have to do; is pay a fine
And you are free to go about doing whatever you were doing
Including harassing more women
Then we come to the small matter of mental health
If you are undergoing therapy or counselling
Or if you are meeting a psychiatrist
As you pass people on the way
You might hear a lot of whispers and murmurs
Making it sound as though you were dying
Or worse, on the verge of insanity
Therefore, whenever you air your views publicly
The chances of people taking you seriously
Are even less than that of Netherlands winning this year's Men's Cricket World Cup!!
It may have been seventy-six years
Since we gained independence
However, the reality is
We are as much independent
As Salman Khan knows how to drive a car
Without killing people in the process
As I mentioned earlier, I used to be a patriot
However, when I think of India now
I feel a remarkably similar kind of shame
That I used to experience during my Engineering days
Whenever I failed in a subject
After all, when your country's international image
Takes precedence over the living conditions of your people
Then it is only a matter of time
Before you are headed down the path of the Nazis
Yes, I am an Indian
And difficult as it sounds to believe, I used to love my country
However, my love for its people
Exceeds that by thousands of miles
A rant about how I used to be proud of being an Indian earlier and what has changed since.
Unpolished Ink Sep 2023
I stand and watch my brood depart
brave captives of an Autumn sky
they need no shelter from my wings
now they are swans and want to fly
Anais Vionet Jul 2023
It’s a firework holiday,
so let’s light up the night,
wave the stars and stripes,
eat barbecue and drink bud light.

We’ll celebrate the liberties
that SCOTUS says we’ve got
it appears they’ve all been bought
and before their terms are over
they’ll resurrect Dred Scott.

Watermelon, hot wings
we’ve even added new things,
like smash & grab lootings
and frequent, random shootings.

Some Republicans want to break away
to form a less perfect union
can you form a successful nation
based on the politics of illusion?

There used to be parades
I’m told, that featured local
things, like firefighting brigades
I guess we’re just to fractured now,
to sashay in such displays.

I bet those were the days.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Sashay = proudly walk in confident display
mysa Nov 2022
i don't miss my parents like good daughter should
simply because i have always been too independent

but recently i have been imagining crawling into bed with mom
she would still hold me if i asked her to
as tightly as she would've years ago

i wonder if i should ask her
i wonder how i could hold back the tears that i feel welling up inside of me even now, miles and weeks away
how do i apologize for not asking sooner?
how could i ever make up for that?

does she know that i love her
SpiritHeart67 Sep 2022
"Everything can be taken from a man
but one thing.
The last of human freedoms
- To choose one's attitude
In any given set of circumstances,
To choose one's own way."

Victor Frankel
Cutezeni Jul 2022
Lost my face
Smoking purple cigs
But found my new face instead.
No lies this is the reality
Smoking is better than
Bursting roofs in fantasy

Found my calling
Now I’m running
Done chasing
I’m fading into the purple

Hated myself, didn’t know better
The future was meek and below
Started a new race to fill the void
Now it’s all destroyed.

Come find me where you know I’d be
In a new and fairly running Ferrari
Not running into arms of anybody
Come stay a while
I’ll show you my magic thread
Or cases of flaws lost instead.
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