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My eyes meet the day
at half past noon,
My morning tea is replaced
by a spiked blue lagoon.
By evening I’m drowning
In a glass of Chardonnay,
While reasoning with my heart
to meet my brain halfway.
As the clock strikes quarter past seven,
The mixologist in me whips up a brandy Manhattan.
I welcome the dawn
With a tequila sunrise,
And sleep off the hangover in multiple cries.
But that’s before I met myself,
And witnessed the most potent form of love.
So I let the bottles burn to ash,
And indulged in a whole lot of self love.
Part one

We were weightless.
From dawn till dusk
Racing on our bikes
We had only just learned to ride.
Pretending time was infinite
and tomorrow was a promise;
We lived on wheels.

Part two

I later learned independence.
I cooked my own dinners
walked to school
And I made my bed in the morning
because despite what it was like at the time,
It made everything feel a little less messy.
Maybe I’m not so weightless anymore
and maybe you’re not either.
Sometimes I panic to accept that you're no longer around,
Until I see you smiling safe and sound.

So I let myself have it:
the time, the freedom.
And it hurts like hell,
But **** it's been fun.
I've risen with the moon,
And set with the sun.
I've outrun time,
And chanced my luck.
Don't work for the green
Work to please
Your innovative self
So that you can help
Others who're lost
Be their own boss.
PS Apr 16
We march for freedom
We march for independence
From a lot of things
At the end of the day
All we want is
For someone to call us theirs.
The voyage is long and tedious,
Teetering on torturous.
Potential promise to a heavenly completion.
Detailed maps closely direct you to your destination.

Smooth sailing is part skill, part chance.

But what happens when the engine blows?
Mid journey?
A cracked fuel pipe can be a fatal flaw.

The  pace of the ship slows, water slams the sides with life-altering power.

The waters too rocky to stick to the route,
The ship won’t make it
And the maps do not offer alternatives.

Your crew frantically brews around the cabin. Cries of panic and fear fill the space next to tension in the air.

What is stopping you from steering the wheel
Into oblivion?
Are you preventing a remedy?
Or are you merciful in your manner?

Is the weight of suffering too much to bare?

What if your destiny
Is to sink like the Titanic?
Tragedy is always memorable,
Especially when the ship is young and beautiful.

Your palms skim the ship’s wheel one more time.
Is there any hope left?
Do not
Look at me
Like I am a balloon
Stuck in a tree
Labelled “Get Well Soon,”
Just for you to see.
Do not
Look to me for a sign.
I am not here
To make you feel fine.
Not at the cost of my effort and time.
If I do not
Like a gaudy yellow balloon,
Stuck between the branches of a tree
On the side of highway 59,
Don’t look to me
For a sign.
Let me be.
Conceding I'm like the scared -
- Scared child
In the dark
Calling out for its mother
Accepting she isn't there
The soul I was given
Was made to bear
I offer up a prayer
For mercy mild
For a spark
And then another
And knowing
I can bear the world
Katie Mar 25
If failing to be responsible
Means that I can wake up on my own
Attend my classes on time
Eat when I'm hungry
Get my homework done
And go to bed when I feel like it
Then I'm fine with being irresponsible

If failing to respect religion
Means that I can believe in modern science
Love who I want to love
Hang out with the people I like
Dabble in whatever practices I want
And worship what I believe in
Then I'm fine with being a heretic

If failing to be practical
Means that I can stay single if I need to
Get married if I want to
Have to a job I'll never grow tired of
Make enough money to pay the bills
And buy a house of my own
Then I'm fine with being a dreamer

If failing to live up to your high expectations
Means that I can make a life for myself
Learn how I want to learn
Believe what I want to believe
Live how I want to live
And be who I want to be
Then I'm fine with being your Failure of a daughter
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