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Kellin Oct 14
I've been dancing on telephone wires hoping you'll call me again just to hear  my name sound like a ballet as it floats off your tongue

Lets dance in the ignorant nostalgia
I laid my heart at your feet
And I think it would have hurt less
If you had kicked it

Without even a second glance
You stepped right over it

So as not to sully your shoes
Carlo C Gomez Jun 29
Harvest be gone
Welcome to starvation
Ruins of Babylon
Maypole rivets for fangs
Parse the tricky argot, Mr. Bugbear
You speak such pretty thangs
Adagio for strings
Cry me a mare
Thundering rockets of pain
Life is a factory of scares
BLT's continued challenge- to write a poem using the Merriam- Webster word(s) of the day, parse and argot. Two for one special!
mblevy Jun 25
The screeching sound of the rustic door
I stopped below to hear its call
Its melody choked like howling growl
How comforting it was to see you crawl,
There you were with an innocent guise
Saving Liberty – you thought it was
“Come closer, darling
Sanctify my flesh
You will feel like a hero, no less.”
But you see, I loved this stage
I could be a Princess
And an evil incarnate
Let’s go deeper now
Please don’t drown
Amuse me, lover
before the river goes down.
Prince Adofo Jun 5
Just because I'm different
They give harsh criticism
They're always rough
But they've not had enough

Closed minded people
Their faces showing disgust
Making me live in fear
Without getting things clear

They know it hurts
But they won't stop
They just don't care
So I shouldn't either

No matter what they give
I shouldn't mind their judgment
I shouldn't hold resentment
Because I have to survive
Moonchild Apr 13
I carry with me
a light of hope
for a better tomorrow
but that tomorrow never comes

I cannot stand
lying to myself
Yet I cannot watch
myself become this weak

There arises a war
within oneself;
At one moment
a wish for something otherworldly
and another
the indifference

Put to a halt whatever
it is that you think you can do;
make ammends
and become at peace
with your inability to feel whole

There is a hole
an insatiable void
inside your mortal body
Minutes ticking by
you no longer are young and filled with hope
Written 25/02/2020
Sean Clarke Apr 6
Under the ruins of a city,
Is a tear not seen yet shed.
Under the bowed head slowed by pity,
Is a screaming heart that was never wed;

To love and locks despair.
Lugubrious laughter, Suffocated in pillows.
Never to be seen or heard again.
A joke you won’t understand,
Is the Splayed fingers of a dead man;

Tired souls
Pay the toll
To the underworld
Where tears are not seen but shed.
Where love and hope are made a jest.
Where’s city ruins are laid to rest.
It’s crazy that through this carona thing everyone is still acting indifferent to others suffering
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