Lyn-Purcell Jun 11
Applauding someone's beauty never
diminishes your own, so be kind
to adjust their crowns, and
not rip it off their heads.
We are all equally beautiful, man and woman. Appreciating someone else's beauty in no way undermines yours so help each other. Shine their crowns,
instead of knocking it off.
Too bad the world doesn't feel this way...
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
I used to
Trivialize photography.
I didn't believe
That a picture was worth
A thousand words.
I didn't understand
Why my wife
Was photographing
Rabbits, squirrels and mice?
I have no more wife,
But I've learned to appreciate photography.
Stills are enough.
It's really not necessary
To keep watching the news.
How many horrific photos  from Syria
Do we have to see
To realize that profiting from war
Is wrong?
In photographs,
You can see the suffering....
The poverty...
The anger.....
As well as human dignity and beauty.
When I was youth
And looked at the photographs
In Playboy Magazine,
I thought that they were a very poor substitute
For a real lover,
I see that even these erotic photos
Can open the door
To sensuality
As well as  Cultural appreciation.
One moment,
You're  contemplating
A beautiful Latina Women.
You find yourself absorbed in the music
Of Los Lobos from East L.A.,
The Buena Vista Social Club from Cuba
Or Luisa Maita from Brazil.
Funny how the mind works
As idolatrous
As that may seem.
When Carlota reached her climax,
She shouted out,
"Oh, my God!"
"I'm really dying!"
I became alarmed and asked her,
"Baby, does this mean"
"That our time together"
"Is coming to an end?"
I had really fallen in love
With this Mexican Gal.
"No, Silly!" was Carlota's response.
"My abuela back in Oaxaca"
"Told me to always be"
"Mindful  of Death,"
"Especially at times that I feel inspired,"
"Such as when I experience"
"An orgasm."
"This is how I showing my gratitude  to you,"
"And my thankfulness"
"To the  Spirit World beyond."
I am must praise your beauty
Just as my Zayda
Felt obliged
To recite his berakhahs
On Shabbos.
Other men
Are blind to your charms.
Their colonial hangover
Distorts their perceptions
More than
A hundred glasses of tequila
Could ever distort
They can't appreciate
The beauty of a woman
They can't control.
I can see
That your virtue is always evident.
Only reveals that virtue
Even more.
For you,
There are no separations
Between matters of the spirit
And matters of the flesh.
I have no desire
To become your love.
Because you live in Oaxaca,
I doubt that I'll ever become
Your friend.
I just wish that more women
Here in Denver
Were more like you.
As long as  they continue to chase
The American Dream,
Their beauty is concealed
By  a Veil of Ignorance,
As the Sufi Sheikhs
Would say.
It is much better
To wear nothing
That would obscure  the Spirit
Or defile
The flesh.
This poem was influenced by a photo of Elsita by Misael Castro on 500px in Oaxaca, Mexico as well as the music of Flaco Jimenez and Los Texmaniacs on Smithsonian Folkways recordings
The Baptist May 30
I know you only mean the best.
And I know you are feeling low.
But one thing I need to get off my chest.
And one thing I need you to know.
Why do you keep on repeating this?
You know that you’re clever.
But nowadays you’re taking the piss.
And nowadays you always say never.
Just know that you have to believe.
Just know that you have to have faith.
Trust in yourself and you will achieve.
And you will see the last of that wraith.
I know you think that it’s haunting you.
But you need to understand that it’s not there.
But all I know that is true.
Is that you are truly beyond compare.
Uta May 26
Not many pay attention to the beauty of Sunlight.

Many do not look, many do not care and many are scared to become blind.

But just by giving a slight glance to show appreciation towards the Sunlight.

You may feel the warmth back in return.

You may feel a slight tingle down your spine.

You may feel the happiness that the Sunlight is giving.

But most importantly it will brighten up your world.
Comment down below and tell me your thoughts.
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this is in binary because i'm a nerd
The girl is prettiest when she is unaware that someone is looking
Prettiest when her lips bend a curve to reveal a smile
or a slight glimpse of her ivories that could indicate a near laugh

The girl is prettiest when she wears her pink cardigan while she goes off going to work, the way she walks, the way she moves as she looks back and smiles at me as I call her name.

The girl is prettiest when her lashes rest so softly atop her cheeks

As she quietly and assuringly reads a message amidst a warm afternoon

In a garden of people where her solitary spot is all that exists

The girl is prettiest when she tries to apply make-up during a car ride.
Prettiest when I crack a joke and she giggles with that sweet smile which inspires me to be a better man.

When she frowns she's still the prettiest woman I have ever met, but it saddens me to know that she isn't smiling yet.

The thing that I fear the most is when the pretty girl finds another man that makes her smile to be the prettiest of all.

Though it may be a bittersweet ending, I am still glad I got to witness the prettiest girl I have ever seen happy, even if she's with another man.
the people
the tide of people
the swarm hurrying across gargantuan
sun-streamed rooms as
they rush in a glide along golden handrails
before descending through smooth marble stairwells,
the people,
some tense, and cross, and expended,
brows furrowed, forlorn with unrest
while others,
the people
who walk brightly with anticipation,
their comings and goings
each a new adventure,
life not waiting to be lived
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