Thank you Mom, and thank you Dad,

On your belaf, every moment ive had-

To store colours and sounds, within my head;

To revel in passions unsaid.
I owe my art to my parents, who let me practice entirely own my own terms.
~ ♡ ~
It's pleasure
~ ♡ ~
It's  pain
~ ♡ ~
It's  joy
~ ♡ ~
It's disquiet
~ ♡ ~
It's an antidote
~ ♡ ~
It's poison
~ ♡ ~
It's soundness
~ ♡ ~
It's madness
~ ♡ ~
It's a blessing
~ ♡ ~
It's a curse
~ ♡ ~
It's a haven
~ ♡ ~
It's a battle
~ ♡ ~
But above all,
Real love, true love
is sacrifice
~ ♡ ~
Love has so many pros and cons, it does good and it harms.
Nowadays love, real love, is not valued when people make sacrifices for others...
Makes me kinda sad. I know no man is perfect, at some point we all take advantage. We all have our ungrateful moments. But now, I see the important of love and how it's not only about giving, it's also about giving something up; size is irrelevant.
Appreciate what your loved ones do for you.
Appreciate what they give up for you.
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Accept me as I am
Or not at all.
Don't try to straighten me out.
Don't try to fix me.
Don't try to solve my problems.
If you love me for who I am,
I'll learn to appreciate you,
If you try to fix me,
I just want you
To go away.
I feel intimidated
By your beauty.
What is a disorganized schlep like me doing
Trying to connect
With a knockout like you?
When I handed you a copy of the CD,
"Made in Medina"
By Rachid Taha,
You hadn't heard of it.
Rachid is from Algeria,
And his guest vocalist,
Femi Kuti,
Is from Nigeria.
I've been listening to this recording
Over and over again
For nearly 20 years.
When we overcategorize things,
We miss out on Appreciation.
We waste our time and Mental Energy
On Junk,
We waste our lives.
That CD cost me
$1.50 on,
But I know it's actually priceless....
Like handing  you
A diamond ring.
You don’t need gift wrap
Tape or any fancy bows
It’s sometimes intangible
That’s just how it goes.
You can’t put in under the tree
Or hide it up in the closet
But the person you give it to
Will surely know they got it.

A gift can be hello and love
And sometimes goodbye
It can mean we’ll meet again
It speaks of the reasons why.
A gift is a token of one soul
To another, closing gaps.
A gift is a message of care
And maybe of hope, perhaps.

Some gifts can be lined up
On shelves for all to see
And others are invisible
But taken just as seriously
As a jewel you can hold on to
And feel it there in your hand.
Sometimes it’s a treasure
Only you can understand.
I found a million reasons to leave
But only one reason to stay
And that one reason to stay is


For that reason I am willing to give us a chance

my belly full of butterflies


I am


I am

But for some reason love
Makes me feel invisible
To all this pain
Leighanna Aug 2
Don’t worry about me
My end is coming sooner than you think
I see it in my dreams
It calls to beacon me

I am not afraid
If I was it would come faster
My fate is made
And I am my own life’s master

I cannot run
So I don’t dare hide
Do not cry for me hun
I’ve enjoyed my free ride
I don’t usually rhyme in my poetry but today I decided, why not?
She's so incredibly beautiful,
When I talk with her,
I talk about my deceased father
Or about some aspect
Of the world's cultural heritage.
She never pushes me away.
She's not uncomfortable with me.
She must have
An Old Soul.
SS Jul 20
Life got me in a vice grip
Just a lil slip is alot of stress
But during hard times you just gotta press on.
Don't dawdle, dont step back
Accumulated struggles are just hurdles to pass over.
Some people live too fast
But to truly appreciate your life slow down.
Sometimes you got to step into a river and let it flow.
Dont control the current, try to be transparent.
Day 21
Kat Jul 18
Pretty sure
I'm transparent
Barely anything resembling
something living
Walking in this life
Not really knowing how to strive
My answer's mostly a deep long sigh
Sometimes I'm merely getting by
Dreaming the same silly dreams
as mostly anybody it seems
Writing funny poetry
not really funny, maybe poetry, just writing, you see

But who knows
maybe sharing at least shows
that words might fall short
and some thoughts you won't ever be able to sort
but they can also travel far
and while not everyone's appreciative, some surely are
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