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Nik Bland 15h
Words I have are few
With only some the exception
For words just seem
To flee from me
When you look my direction
And I know you are divine
But I know you aren’t perfection
And maybe those wings you have
Are just of my own perception

Your lips are tender pink
Your eyes like amber honey
With untold stories
Of all your glory
Told in a smile that outweigh gold or money
I am well aware you are open box
Slightly used with dents in view
But your worth still shows beyond worldly stains
Each time I look at you

Given the chance, I’d touch your hand
Given time, I find the words
The bonds I’d break
And risks I’d take
To make known, to be heard
In divine imperfections, love
In such complexities, you
Let action dictate everything
And let these words be few
Randy Johnson Sep 23
Fall is my second favorite season of the year.
I love the Autumn as much as people love beer.
The leaves will change color and fall from the trees.
When it comes to the Autumn, it is sure to please.
Fall is a season that I really appreciate.
I love the Autumn because it's great.
may Sep 13
what a journey we’ve been on
it seems a little crazy we're even at this point

it's ironic to think that i have known you my entire life
yet you’ve only known me since you were 20

we argue a lot more than we used to
but that’s just me growing up

you’ve showed me the good and bad things
this world is capable of doing to another

even though you can’t take back those years
for when you were absent

everyday you are making it up to us and
showing just how much you care

you're a fighter and a survivor
and absolutely the most indestructible person i know

i love you,

happy birthday mom
Thank you

A genuine
Well being
Genre: Inspirational
just emma Sep 6
You gave me a shoulder when I needed it.
You showed me love when I wasn’t feeling it.
You helped me fight when I was giving in.
And you made me laugh when I was losing it.
You are the reason why I’m still hanging on.
You are the reason why my head is still above water.
And if I could, I’d get you the moon, and give it to you.
And if death was coming for you,
I’d give my life for you.
Not my words, but words I find beautiful and thought you would all too appreciate it.
Hannah Aug 30
The thing I want most
Is not for you to love me
Although I do
But for you to learn
To love yourself
Zywa Aug 10
The older I get,

the more beautiful is life –

in the younger years.
"Epistulae morales ad Lucilium" ("Letters about ethics to Lucilius", AD 65, Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

Collection "Inwardings"
Bree Aug 6
I haven’t been here
I have been searching
Ways to keep my heart from hurting
I drink
I’m sober
I binge
I purge
I give away every inch of my love
Until I no longer have the urge
I have been wondering
Will I ever truly be content
Or will my feelings forever be on the fence
I haven’t been active whatsoever and am planning to become active again. I love and need this community and look forward to expressing myself and to watch everyone else express themselves as well.
A B Faniki Aug 5
Last night I cried myself to sleep and I
A man with many winter seasons under my belt;
When I thought of losses and gains of my life
Am thankful-for the peace in me my soul felt

I have have worn beautiful cloth, in style and color
but none fit my muscles/swine perfectly than my skin;
and I have wear some pretty amazing and cool
shoes yet the soles of my feet feel more comforting

I have not a luxury of a cushion at all times
but my buttock always provide the comfort I need;
and in this life I know what it means to
suckle a breast either for pleasure or feed

So am grateful for everything that I have
and for every year that I am alive.
© A B Faniki 5/8/2019 all right reserved snother work that will be feature in my book Banal tells. I wrote this poem last week I hope u enjoy it is a sonnet. With
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