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Kassan Jahmal Jun 29
Kissing lips; the best taste to have,
Next to chocolate and coffee,
Close few friends; for Saturday hangouts,
Binge watching series when I'm all alone,
Reading a good book, anxious for the next chapter,
A long awaited Friday to kick back from work,
Bonus points if we're knocking off early that day,
Instagram memes, and poetry related posts,
A few brave selfies to show off a fresh cut,
Avoiding "I like your cut g" reactions. Perfect.

The smell of brand new clothes with the tag on,
Socks and sandals in the comfort at home,
The sun coming out of a blanket of clouds. Shinning.

A good or ***** joke to have you ear from ear smiling,
Loud music in my ears with bass, and good lyrics
Picking through playlists to a sombre mood and worship,
Pretty flowers amongst the random walks to nowhere,
A brand new journal, and ballpoint pen to match,
Especially the ones with good grip, and black ink,
Holiday trips to new places, people, and food,
Afternoon naps, sleeping in days, and up late gaming,
Anime lovers sharing folders of content watched. Great.

Bible devotions leaving questions and encouragement,
Sunday meals, filling me up with good food,
Seeing cute kids; making you yearn to have your own,
Somebody complimenting or saying thank you for your effort,
And having poetry, stories, art and expression to channel every
emotion and thought out into physical. Creativity is beauty!

Twenty seven of my top reasons to appreciate being alive.
Kassan Jahmal Jun 27

He: not in the looks; inner or outwards,
neither words said or held out,
Seldom the blemishes or dimples,
make-up coverings; shades of red, purple, often blue,
The actions you take in response to adversary,
the seconds lost in the eyes of time—no.

You're beautiful for being you...
and the above are just accruing.
In the troposphere of your life are the ready clouds to precipitate
The clouds which are for days condensed of your acts
The acts of your kindness, selflessness, dedication and the lot given into other lives
And on the day of memory - a day worth celebrating
Let our wishes be the steams that melts those beautiful clouds
Let the rain soak your soul wet with joy
A joy that really make the day special
Special enough to preserve you even as you are to us forever.
In honour of kind brother in Christ  - Emmanuel Konlan ( on his birthday ).
We never think much about,
Memories until something is over,
Every move we make, the words we say,
We are creating memories,
For ourselves, and others, for the rest,
Of this life’s stay. Why memories in my mind,
Today is the day to honor all Mothers,
It’s been four years since my mom’s soul,
Left this life, on it’s journey to perfection someday,
When I started writing, I never had, a thought, idea,
Or plan, I started, this coming August it will be 20 years.
Thousands of pieces of paper, one of the best feelings,
And always will be, each year, for about 15 years, I wrote,
My mom, a mother’s day poem, thanking her for everything,
How much I love her, and for bringing me into this life to see.
I had a good mom,  she always took care of me
If you are lucky enough, to still have your mom in your life,
Call her, go visit her, Write her a poem. None of us ever know,
When we will be a memory, to others, I just feel good,
I had the chance to write her poems telling her,
How much I appreciated her, Happy Mother’s Day.
The Original: Tom Maxwell ©  5/8/2022AD
People are one of the most important ingredients,
In each other’s life, to survive every day,
Many we never meet, although their work and services,
Keep us alive, and comfortable in this life, many ways.

We never know in the morning, how often plans will change,
We find ourselves in another place, at the end of the day,
Knowing anything can change, or happen, at any time,
Who we may need advice or help from, during this life’s stay.

We each should appreciate others, more than material things,
That we often save and collect, not knowing why with our time,
Hoarding objects, knowing we will never use again, in this life,
Then look for reasons, we do not want certain people around.
A thought to think about in our mind.

The Original; Tom Maxwell ©
2/22/2022 AD
4:20 pm
Everyone likes to be noticed,
Appreciated for things they do,
It gives them courage, and confidence,
When they help another from turning blue.
Stay friends with thoughtful people,
And always try to pay back, what is due.
The pace of human life, get’s faster day by day,
A little recognition can go a long way.
When you make someone smile,
It is a reflection, back at you.

The Original; Tom Maxwell ©  02/21/2022AD
Ursula Wolf Jan 23
I’m renewing my religion,
Opening the church-door of my heart; and
Oh, my eyes are Rosemary.
I fell onto a prayer
Through flying self-love;
I pick up a rosary and
In the blurry reflection
Appeared the rising God of Me.
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2021
Fear is a language all on its own.
Although broken, we understand soon
as we hear it.
No matter how well spoken
No matter how intuitive or savvy
We sabotage ourselves well after the
moment has passed.
I stepped outside of myself when I met
Bilingual & open,
No matter how far you move or I.
I'll always remember you
I've memorized you in my heart
Where fear does not exist
Cara Anne Dec 2021
You are not a maybe
Or an unsure decision

You are not a chore
Or a burden to others

You are not a option
Or a choice

You are an extraordinary individual
And an easy hell ******* yes
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