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Claudia 17h
It's like that feeling
When you're a little kid and you've lost track of your parent at the mall
Running around aimlessly
Tugging at the sleeve of anyone who might be them
Who might be the one you're looking for
Might be safety in the lawless crowd
Might take you home

The escalating panic with every new face, every wrong face,
Every judging gaze
And seeing that the worst case scenario, you might die stuck right here and hopelessly alone

All I can think of now
As we walk across the bridge
Discussing feminism and things they never ever understood,
As you opened your mouth to catch a snowflake on that holy tongue

Is that I found you
You caught me on the tip of your tongue and I found you

I always hated how people say they "clicked"
But now I get it,
Not a click but that soft sound
Of the the last jigsaw sliding into place
That's what happened when I met you

I made sense

dear best friend,
Twin soul,
When they mistook us for lovers,
Or siblings I only ever felt flattered
To have you in my puzzle

You are the prettiest part of my picture

You are the best "click" I ever heard

You are a sincere "*******" to anyone who ever crossed me

You are everything I owe you
This is another thank you note,
To a Stranger.
Thanked him many times over.
This is just one more.

It was one of those rare sunny mornings, 6am but the sun was up,
I walked the short distance to the beach
Sat down looking out as far as my teary eyes could reach,
I was soul sad. Unhappy. The tears poured.

I cried, trying to be quiet about it.
Many morning joggers ran past me,
Not one paused. Until him.
I looked up when I felt someone close,
He walked over, sat down beside me
Then asked if he could put his hand over my shoulders. I practically fell on him and he just sat awkwardly tapping my shoulders intermittently, offering comfort.

Afterwards, I apologized and thanked him for caring enough to stop.
He asked why I was so sad but I refused to talk. He wasn't offended, he simply started to chit chat.
The referendum was easy topic and after a while, my mood lightened.

Feeling guilty, I asked that we took a walk,
I had walking shoes on.
We walked the length of the beach twice.
We talked like old friends and the day flew.
He paid for breakfast, I paid for lunch,
We walked, sat, ran, picked rocks and some shells.
It was a good day. Happy. Clean.

He was of Chinese descent,
It turns out he was just visiting his mum.
He talked about his family, told a funny barbecue story that had me reeling with laughter.
He talked about his friends
And by sundown, I had forgotten how gloomy I was.
Even then, I knew it was a special experience.

I gave him a thank you kiss. He kissed back. I waved, he did same and jogged off. I walked slowly back home.
Somehow we both did not share contact and I wasn't sad. You know special and rare when you experience it.

This thank you note is for every time I have been sad, unhappy or lonely since then.
I remember my kind 'stranger'
And I never fail to smile, never mind the dept of my pain.

I am not your regular religious person
But I Know, that we are showed Grace when we most need it. When we are one push from the edge.
He is my safe place. A memory that stays unblemished.
Cyrus Gold Jan 15
Held in place by an insatiable jolt, he heeds.
A feminine landscape, gracious in its bearing
and fiducial in character and grace,
commands the screen by way of a privileged audience.

Words of a genuine spirit are uttered,
producing a flavor of static serenity
potent enough to lead the meek away from sorrow
and into her pacifying warmth.

Majestic, both in name and persona,
normalized greys are cast aside
in favor of Kore’s illuminating, celestial sky.
Wrath disintegrates at her muted embrace and euphony.

William himself would reanimate
had life given him the gift of time
in servitude of the Priestess and her
tender and captivating adjudication:

“Et’rnity beest ****’d f’r having did produce an embodiment of majestic grace.”
Inspired by an online personality.
jerelii Jan 13
I saw how bright the sun is
as I opened the window
Time moves in different pace
I checked and we had to go
I drove along the road and thought
“how can the days go by so fast?”
And behind that was the reminiscent chances we missed
For one day we might not open our eyes again
So take every opportunity in sight
I promise to cherish every second of my breath
No one will pause to reset things
We live in the moment called present
Nothing can take you back
to the place you’ve been in.
Oh dear just eat, drink, and sleep
you can do more even if they forbid
Did I manage to be more kind to my foe?
For what I do today will change tomorrow.
The longest hours passed;
And oh, the night came at last.
A collaborated Poem
by a talented friend Sachiko
this is actually my first time doing a collaboration poem.
And thanks to my sister
who helped me edit this poetry.

The type of poetry that we made is a
Tapestry poetry
developed by Avril Meallem in Israel and Shernaz Wadia in India.

January 13,2019
Jerelii x Sachiko
i used to leave notes for strangers.
strangers who sought asylum from the lies they spat at themselves.
i'd leave these notes on mirrors in strange places
filled with words of encouragement.
to these strangers,
who knew
that tiny pieces of paper
could be
the forces of the universe
reminding them
of their worth

- katrina ******
true story. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
i used to leave motivational sticky notes in random spots throughout my high school and university before i transferred. on top of lockers, classroom doors, girls bathrooms, cafeteria tables, desks, anywhere and everywhere. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
if there was a place to remind a stranger that they mattered, there was a little reminder of their worth. ⠀

follow me on instagram for more poetry: @wordsbykatrina
Wynn H Jan 8
I honestly
do not know
what i am
doing anymore...

[feeling lost
  within myself]

Is it worth it?
Will the effort
         be appreciated?

[why am i here?]

Everything seems,
seems to be slipping,
slipping thru my fingers
like the desert sands
which just becomes
dust in the wind,
burning my eyes
& skewing my view

[it really *****
being on the wrong side
of this wall...]
Sitting at work and it just dawned on me...what am i doing and why am i doing it, even at all...i got a wiff of happiness and just as that wiff faded away like most things in life that were never meant to last...too good to be true...not that i want to actually buy into that...why do good thinsg NEVER last?
Arianna Jan 6
The nectar of fruit and flowers
Melts from the canvas,
Overflowing through the frame,
Spattering rich, honeyed rain
In bouquets

          Of burgundy and sky blue,
          Deep green blushed
          With rose pink and gold,
          Cherry red tempered
          With ivory and indigo

Oozing the savor
Of deep-timbred tones
Dripping with resonant flavors
Of color and chiaroscuro,
Painting a picture across my palette
As I feast with my eyes.
Got a thing for still life paintings :-)
Your beautiful.
Everywhere I look is paradise.
I thought of moving there.
Closer to you.
For sure, sometime next year.
Today, tomorrow.
Sometimes I miss it.
This glorious overhead view.
A bucket list dream come true.
A place that takes my breath in slow pace.
I wanna go so bad.
This place of senrenity.
This place of peace.
Everywhere I look is paradise.
I've been told Tuesdays aren't bad times to fly.
Head in the clouds.
The sunset of your eyes.
Discovering a love like yours.
Paradise in the blink of an eye.
For sure sometime next year.
Today, tomorrow
Dear Sunshine,
Thank you for waking me up today,
But the rainclouds won't go away.
It seems a little brighter today.
When you're here,
They seem to fade away.
Sometimes I feel afraid,
Sometimes I feel done,
But when I hold you tight,
You push the rainy day away.
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