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This place is an oasis
in the midst of loneliness.
How could I be so lonely
while wrapped in your embrace?
For the poets on HePo
Beckie Davies Oct 15
i observe my naked body in the mirror
scanning the war torn battle ground
that i once despised but have grown to love

my fingers trace the bumps and scars
there is familiarity in the exploration
i linger at the grooves in my wrist
it reminds me of a recording
that i have inked into my skin

i observe my naked body in the mirror
the woman in the reflection holds no fear
she has learnt to read the signs of beauty
the signs that are etched all over this Australian body

i observe my naked body in the mirror
this is the body of a warrior
thirty one years of growth
thirty one years of truth
i observe my naked body in the mirror
i appreciate the view
self love is a precious commodity
I know I have a chaotic mind, but if I was a moth would you keep me safe at night? Maybe help me find the light from time to time?

And sometimes I can’t find the right words to say, but would you feed me flowers if I was a butterfly for a day? Maybe keep the birds at bay?

What I mean is; you make me less mean and I really mean it. I hope you don’t get sick of me...yet.
A week after my relationship began I awoke in the dead of my sleep next to my partner at 8am with this poem stuck in my head.
Dibs Sep 10
Can you
Listen quietly
To the heart beat of
A caring,
Gentle melody
Coming from someone
Can you hear that?
I know
Who can
He only have one friend
Not peace and calmness
Only silence
He doesn’t listen to anyone
Only silence
No one understand him
Only silence
Hours, days, years until death
He lives with silence

One day he met someone
A woman
He was loved.
He was forced to hear
Her lovely rhythm
And sweet sound
He listen silently

To feel
Those echoes
Vibrating on his bone
And the compassion and
Genuine intention
She shows to him

A sound of love
Produce sweet loud noises
Music to his ears
He dance to it
More than you do
The sound of a woman’s love
The Giver, The Taker and The Stealer
Irene Aug 29
this writing is for you,
those who have always seen the best in me.

this writing is for you,
those who think i am worth something.

this writing is for you,
those who have unknowingly saved my life.

this writing is for you,
so you know that i will keep on finding my purpose in life.

this writing is for you,
so you know that you mean a lot to me,

this writing is for you,
so you know that i will spend the rest of my life repaying your kindness.

this writing is for you,
from me, who is a nobody, but will be a somebody one day.

because of you.
some of you are my friends for a couple years, and the other is my crush. thank you for saving my life.
Dibs Aug 28
He shows me his
Folly smile
And sparky
Gullible eyes
Without stain of shame.
He’s innocent mind  knows how to imagine
But learns nothing
Without stain of shame.

However he knows how to value
Things seem plain and simple
He makes it incredible
That brings overwhelming joy

Tender and playful heart
An innocent mind that always wonder
But attention that not last a second
What’s wrong with other people?
Sometimes he ask his mother
My child you are different from others
Keep your heads up look above
Know your worth
No matter bad they say to you
It is not true
You cannot be judged by anyone
Except you
People, animals and non-living
Don't judge but understand them by heart
Appreciate what you are seeing
You may find me there when you feel alone
If you smile I will smile back
Then I will hug you and shower you with my love

Words gave by his Mother
He treasure it forever
Then life challenge him
Judge and hurt his feeling
He doesn't fluster

Remembering his Mother’s words

Bring him strength and greatness
It protected his peace and happiness
That cannot steal by someone else

Even others inflict pain to him
Still he shows compassion
To anyone around him
He still give them genuine smile
And good laugh that they will not convey why
He surely knows
Appreciate things even those simple
He’s grateful
More than you do
The Giver, The Taker and The Stealer
maristella Aug 19
Star of the sea,
even in the midst of darkness her shine will not be fazed.
she'll glow brightest,
the one to bring light to the

yours truly,
Kevin Zed Aug 19
You are an optimist
Taught to be a cynic
You are brilliant
Taught to feel stupid
You are enough
Taught to feel inadequate
Break free from the thoughts that shackle you
And return to your natural form
Teach yourself
To love yourself.
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