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Lance May 31
A mother's love
A father's warmth
A sister's support

3 things I wish to acquire
But never require
Yet wanting to transpire

A hug
A simple "congratulations"
A simple "I'm proud of you"

3 things a child only wishes to be received
Yet so far to be achieved.

An "I love you my child"
Is all I ask...

But they were never up to task...
The thing about the pandemic is that it exposes the harsh reality we aren't meant to figure out. A falling out of a family we thought was held together. Only to be broken from the inside. I wanted to have a good family. A family that was proud of what I had become only to receive such disdain and disappointment each time.
Celine Ngo Apr 5
autumn leaves
the wind is starting to blow
a chill settling in my bones
never liked autumn, the season of death and endings
decaying leaves being stepped on beyond mending

yeah, i’ve always been a spring or summer type of girl
dreaming bout the warmth and the sun, shimmering pearls
but for the first time, through the crisp colours in the trees
i realized there’s more warmth to autumn than i originally believed

but this time, the chill is thrilling
a long forgotten feelin'
if you take a close look and see,
autumn has become a season of intricate beauty to me
the hues of the leaves reflecting the blush on my cheeks
but the falling autumn leaves, autumn leaves

i know you don’t feel the same, that much is obvious
the whispering winds tell me you’re oblivious
am i a fool for preserving the falling leaves?
even though seasons fade, thank you for our memories

but this time, the chill is thrilling
a long forgotten feelin'
if you take a close look and see,
autumn has become a season of intricate beauty to me
the hues of the leaves reflecting the blush on my cheeks
but the falling autumn leaves, autumn leaves

as i stare into the river, sitting on a fallen tree
the water suddenly hits me, like an epiphany
you're not just autumn, you're all of the seasons
so i'll keep appreciating you as you are, do i need a reason?
as long as we both see each other for who we are,
nothing can hold us back, not even our battle scars

but this time, the chill is thrilling
a long forgotten feelin'
if you take a close look and see,
autumn has become a season of intricate beauty to me
the hues of the leaves reflecting the blush on my cheeks
but the falling autumn leaves, autumn leaves

(autumn leaves
yeah, autumn leaves
in my scrapbook of memories)
this poem/song took me almost a month to complete, but i think i'm satisfied with it now ;v;

please do not share any of my works without my permission!
Showing appreciation.
Saying thank you to someone who handed to you a little favor, saying thank you to someone who delivered you from your painful labor , saying thank you to someone who helped you by being your savior, saying thank you to someone who kept you and made you strong when you went wrong , saying thank you to someone who has been there for you, Saying thank you to someone who walked in whiles others walked out of your life, saying thank you to someone who offended others just to defend you, saying thank you to someone who made you whiles others destroyed you....
Just say thank you:)
Ten Mercado Apr 10
I’ve always admired

the existence of flowers

each one

uniquely beautiful

like every person on earth

and somehow

the more I climb,

the more flowers

I get to see
Psychostasis Mar 27
I have poor vision.
Whether that's an ironic twist of life, a coincidence, or a sick joke being played through the universe's morbid sense of humor,
It's a fact.
And in more senses than one.
I've been short sighted since the age of 12
(On my left anyway)

You know how they say other senses sharpen when one takes damage?
It happened.
Not to my hearing, or my good eye
But in more subtle ways.

My sense of deduction blew through the roof.
My instincts when it came to social interaction became so sharp I could tell you what would happen to someone before it happened with 80% accuracy
I could tell people from smart apes almost instantly
I figured out how to use will to forge and shape my future

Then I met someone
Someone that was so amazing
So awe inspiring and raw and real
That I decided I wanted
Needed them in my future
And the game started

We started slow
Friends, smoke buddies, bar buddies
We shared secrets, problems, and great memories
And over time I started to fall for you

One day
While hanging out and smoking
And sharing stories and opinions
There was something in the air
I couldn't take my eyes off of you
Every word you spoke sounded like a songbirds call,
Beckoning my soul gently
Grabbing my attention with every word

That's when I realized I was falling for you.

Every time I saw you after that
Pushed me further down the land slide of surpessed romance
I hid my feelings under the heart on my sleeve

Then came the day we had our first kiss
I needed to know if there was anything there.
A spark
A bad feeling
So I asked if I could kiss you
A simple request to you
But a test of chemistry to me
And what I found was something so welcoming
So warm, and electric and natural
I needed it in my life for as long as I could have it
Then you told me you liked me
And I thought,
"Wow, I lucked out"

Now we're building a future together
Using an unbreakable bond and determination
And watching each other's backs

And now
We've reached a new peak
And as the sun rises and kisses your cheeks every morning,
And the sky reflects your brilliance and beauty with cloudscapes and sunsets
I'll take each day to appreciate how much you've improved my life
I'll take each snuggle session
Each passionate kiss
Each embrace and secret
Each warm night
And I'll cherish these memories until the day we can reminisce
And look back at the road we've traveled
And smile
And cry
And accept every blessing and tragedy
Every mistake and accomplishment
Every dodged bullet and heated discussion

Today I started working on my vows to you.
I'm sure they'll change a lot over the time it takes to present them
But so will we.
And I've never been more excited about change
Than I am when I think about the changes that will come to us,
With you by my side.

Together, we'll look back at our sweet past
Through rose tinted, candy speckled glasses.
To Brianna
I know
I am not perfect
I know
Sometimes I forget to pray
I know
I have questioned my faith
I know
Sometimes I loose my temper
But thank you
For loving me unconditionally
And giving me
Another day to start over again
Purple Haze Mar 19
I'm sorry for all the pain that I've caused you.
All those nights that I let you sleep miserably,
All those nights that I let you walk alone and sad,
All those times that I gave up on you.

I promise to be more gentle this time.
We might never go back to how things used to be,
But I'll make it better this time
I love you, self.
letters from the past years
SiouxF Mar 16
Sudden shocking realisation
Of what may be lost for evermore
Wakens you
From this deep slumber
Of melancholy and petulance
To appreciation of every **** thing
From the absurd to the whimsical to the sublime
You pop in my mind
every now and then
Between us
"If" can become "when"

We are not tied
but we are bound
to a world.
More beautiful with you around
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
Fianzy Mar 8
You have come this far.
Been to the depths of hell and came back with scars but left your mark on its back, neck and in between its thighs.

You have been to heaven and brought heaven to some people. You have handed and thanked them in gold or if truly worthy pieces of yourself.

A piece for every fight.
A scar for every battle won.
A memory for every year that you’ve made it through.

As you embark on this new path I pray peace finds you.
May joy knock on your door like a long lost friend.
And hope meet you at your darkest hour.
If not, what’s one more fight to a warrior like you?
I hope this year is better for you. I hope you find yourself again.
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