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Marla Sep 6
To be or not to be directed by will of others
through fate is a personal decision—
Acting in accordance with the most high,
impossible feats become more possible.

Though then believed to be sorcery,
Moses’s parting of the Red Sea
was truly an act of love.

The beloved prophet willed his peoples’s
freedom & fixed a devout attention
upon their liberation,
thus transmuting a deep sorrow
& spreading wide the great channel of their emancipation.
  Apr 13 Marla
moon man
Her eyes are so beautiful, causing a shine in my own
Her lips look so kissable from here, i wonder if she’s using a new chapstick
Her hands look so soft, I want to feel them in my own
I want to wrap my arms around her, but alas, she is not my fire to warm myself
So I will continue down the path, but oh such a tempting flame she is
I hung out with a friend who I’ve always had a major crush on, but it’s too late for me because she found her perfect man already. But, I won’t let that change my love for her as a friend
  Mar 1 Marla
My failures are the loudest silence,
I have ever sat with
Marla Mar 1
heart to heart connections,
warm embraces in cold moments,
reconciling our perspectives
& realigning each other’s focus.
tactful conversations,
with intentional devotion,
healing the deepest of wounds
& building bridges over oceans.
Peace & silence find harmony once wounds feel at home in hearts that listen.
Marla Jan 23
When the impossible
becomes inevitable
& all else seems to fail,
obstacles that once burdened
paths fall to the wayside,
making way for silent miracles.
Don’t ever give up hope, no matter how hopeless things get.
  Nov 2022 Marla
half a page of hurt
and the other half of memories
all these words that i blurt
have you as my nemesis
what was i thinking when i let you in
or was i thinking at all
because since then all i have been
is a mess of flaws and falls
regret i deeply the moment i saw you
hate it when you smiled at me
because i had no clue
that i will be bound even as you let me free
why do i have this pathetic taste in men
since the beginning to the very end
some sing songs for me the others write
some make me feel good the others fight
some are direct as ****
the others simply try their luck
some want to be my forever
the others are happy with whatever
but all along i have  paid a hell lot of price
to be adored and attracted to is a vice
but you know what's even worse

-it's the inability to like someone who loves me and my ability to love someone who doesn't even like me

but one day no man will matter
none will i want to flatter
for i will be too busy making my dreams come true
so there'll be no place for the likes of you
and i will be the woman  who is-
super **** yet classy as hell
risen after everytime she fell
strong and stable
and extremely capable
-a  .s.u.p.e.r.w.o.m.a.n.
who'd never need a superman
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