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Justyn Huang Jun 24
Finding your voice
means screaming into
All the wrong places
until One day--

You hear your echo
calling your name.
Andrew Jun 4
Some may say
that you are “strange”,
but why would that matter?

With over 7 billion strangers,
and each different in their own,
what, then, is peculiar?

Contrary to popular belief,
amidst meaningless meanderings,
I say:

“there is no such thing.”

A. I. Myles   o3 June, 2019
They say “Variety is the ‘spice’ of life.”
CL Fjell May 23
Shifting sands blow in heavy breeze
Grain by grain they sway effortlessly
As if gravity bored their coarse cells
In unique directions they flowed
Unique, being an individual
Not one grain is the same
Together sand is one
But with a touch of wind
It is free
If only for a moment
Under their lies,, I was trapped.
A mere bird in a cage,
A ballerina in a music box,
A doll in a play-set.
All my life I have obeyed,
Wants. Orders. Stage directions.
Ordered to be happy
Told I was free.

Under their lies, I wilted.
I became the perfect little slave for them
A mindless being, happy only when told to be.

Under their lies, I lost myself.
Daughter to Wife to Mother - I have never been more myself than now,
Surrounded by no one.
Completely. Alone.

Under my control, I will flourish.
marla May 15
People are like dense shafts of light
That shine from the heavens 
Down to our mortal plane.
Each individual a different collage
Made up of varied strands and colors,
All based upon their character and spirit.
Those who do good shine brightest
While the powerful boast flames
And the dying flicker.
Don't think your light can be changed?
All it takes is the will to shift the power 
With a deep well of might into the light
You want to be.

Then, let the rest be history.
Shelby Marler May 12
Our little buds do seem to wilt,
If only in the face of guilt.
But for all the time well spent,
Our buds still keep their scent.
Arianna May 6
"... amber eyes flashing, the Sphinx posed a riddle of Love.

The boy thought, pondering what the tree spirit had told him, and said:

"Love... is the peace of still waters flooding the heart,
drowning uncertainty with joy
in the freedom of Acceptance for what is
and Acceptance of what is not,
honoring insight, appreciation, and growth
as the gifts we share through divergence...
James LR Apr 10
We think that we are all unique,
yet none as good as Him.
We alone face trials deep
And dark and dank and grim.
Thinking ourselves so wise or strong
Thinking that we alone did fall.
Esteeming that we are alone,
Walking through life alone.

Yet truly we are all the same,
hypocritic fools: all men
and if in His image are made,
what does that say of Him?
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