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My Dear Poet Sep 19
Not everyone will listen
Not everyone will care
like those who say “I’m always here”
Like most…won’t be there
but as for you, look for the good
that is found in but a few
so no matter what you hate in others
they won’t see themselves in you
David Hilburn Aug 31
Stars to dwell in the night
Paces in the account, of a new peace
Rages, and the toll of evidential might
The cares of worlds that collect but a keeping least

Use, and the unction of void causes
Reciprocate and notice a share in the form
Flowers of justice, tree's of a unique treasure
When we spy a day reproofed, the kiss of all and norm

Wishes to run...
And bless the cold shoulders of avarice
With a requited passage of what is ours, what is fun
When a place above clouds, has a charity to give, this

Speaking of that...
The tow of mutual praise, the tongue we ask in
Is but a soul of callous salt, to understand a matter
That came, and with a loving precognition, we are the spirit to win

A hat of conscience
The truth in a lingering hope, the total of unity in a breeze
We meant, we sent to an angel, for hands of presence
And the miracle of a kindness that liberated even life's dreams
The taste of hope, what wouldn't you do, to share another, and another...?
Jammit Janet Jun 18
To live a life of integrity
Is to create peace of mind
The power of tranquility
A state of time.
Om Ggai Apr 4
Lead with money or lead with integrity
Like a endless void in the midst of Serengeti
Caught in between politics and people
Am I forgetting the interpreting ? …
If you master
The wiring of
The female brain
You will doctrine
Almost everything
Since primal time

From the origin of entity
The meaning of life
The subatomic units
The evolution of species
The chemistry of emotions
Dimensions of concealed truth
The bionomics integrity
The classified solutions
The cryptic lexicon
Ultrasonic echoes
A clear consciousness
To the vast wisdom

I wonder
How simply they carry it
For the holy cause

All the way
Genre: Observational
Theme: Inside Story
My Dear Poet Nov 2021
Be yourself
there isn’t anyone else
who’d be a better YOU

Don’t be me
and be blind to see
all that YOU could be

Don’t be them
and fail when
they ask for all YOU are

For even then
one can’t pretend
being YOU is best by far
SpiritHeart67 Nov 2021
When a thing is done
as a means to an end
Any meaning that thing
might have had,
Is ended.

Doing the right thing,
for the wrong reasons,
brings much worse calamity & destruction
Then doing a cataclismically wrong thing,
For all the right reasons.

When we do right,
with cruelty & ill intent
Lifetimes are spent
covering it up.
When we do wrong,
with pureness of heart
Lifetimes are given
to making it right.

The 1st is paid for with Blood,
The 2nd with Spirit
And both eventually come due.

The World we are living in today
Is that time...
Brumous Oct 2021
I am a coward
with little to no integrity,
who only chooses
what satisfies me.
𝐅𝐮𝐝𝐠𝐞𝐥= Pretending to work without actually accomplishing anything.
The smoky scent of the fire shivers
the faint-hearted
when they smell the embers
of the burning bone coal.

The unwavering commitment
to stick to the vows
made in Extreme emotion or
in the fervor of devotion
will begin breaking down the flesh and bone
of earth and water
into the fire of TRUE disintegration;
Commitment well integrated in
thought, action, and emotion
drives the fire set in intense action.

If one walks the path without any distraction
it will lead to the liberating
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