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David Hilburn Jan 22
Ask me when the tune is in order
Simple, mutual and narcissistically pronounced
Pouts we saved, become a rule of thumb
Voices to remember you, a host of inclination, found?

Intuition found your shoe...
Bared and staring at the name of infinite share
We collect a need to us, like the song we woo
The blessing of another muse, is only where...?

Places and faces of direction, an estimate
Of since, we are the clarity of espousal
Sight unseen, the question of vice, has come irate?
Is anger to term the naked, the future of valediction?

A band with hands on the other side
Of commencement, to wish in unseemly did
The character we approve, is but a decisive flight
Of fancy, that has the stone of heed, for a friend

Honor among thieves, or adage of a copping plea?
The tooth we sought, for a dalliance that has the tears
A bird of paradise, that calmly advances on the sake, seen
And heard, with a repose that ventures far, as you near...
Was and was not, the times to a furious skip of deliberation, a funky hat?
SpiritHeart67 Jul 2023
If we are to take
full responsibility
for all of our
and actions
then that means
that the things
that we do
stand alone,
in and of

It doesn't matter who did what
what was happening
around us,
in the moment.
When we are
truly responsible
and accountable,
we do not look
to others actions
or choices
as an excuse
to justify our own.

To accept
is to take
for our own Choices,
first and foremost.

Don't expect
your neighbor
to pick his
dogs **** up
off your lawn
when you
are knee deep
in the horse
you just dumped
in his front yard.
David Hilburn May 2023
Wasp addendum
More than out of and
Quote the finality, well to avoid...
A sting that churched a brassy man

Wasp substantial
Adding the heed, of couth and comparison
Does a reach for time, understand arousal?
Quiet time searching for youth, that knows the question...

Wasp divine
Kiss and kindred, the tools of solemn tone?
Enchastened with a host, too cursory to be orders vision
We hear the spoil of the wind, become a new loan

Wasp merciful
Craving a thought, to tell a tale kept
By the unity we foresaw, a heard bliss still...
Was a chance meeting with a yearning fate, bereft?

Wasp earthen
Where souls intertwine, the taste of home
Is a careful wish, foreseen in the earning?
Or should might, take the time to intend guidance as done?

Wasp witnesses
The tow of commonness, in the voice of salutations
Memory served, the break of justice in a winds shade
Here to fore, timidity is a challenge, for a truer intuition...
Banal was a little more off the top, than a cloud could handle.
Zywa Feb 2023
I like to be soft,

but hard enough to resist --

the worldly hardness.
Collection "Freend"
SpiritHeart67 Feb 2023
I would rather know
An honest *******
than A kind liar...
Take Care : If one day on your way you see the sun deeming , look  and see one of them on your path .

God Says HE'S happy and proud of them.
Because in the day-Night of our streets where :
justice is driven back, and righteousness stands at a distance;
Where truth has stumbled in the streets, and  honesty cannot enter,
They become the preys to a  System who defends incenities and disown the truth and Intregrity
They sustained Righteousness for Him and Behold he was pleased .

This is an encouragement, Of the Lord, To HIS  sons .
He says Bravo 👏 ! !
Bravo 👏 👏
My Dear Poet Sep 2022
Not everyone will listen
Not everyone will care
like those who say “I’m always here”
Like most…won’t be there
but as for you, look for the good
that is found in but a few
so no matter what you hate in others
they won’t see themselves in you
David Hilburn Aug 2022
Stars to dwell in the night
Paces in the account, of a new peace
Rages, and the toll of evidential might
The cares of worlds that collect but a keeping least

Use, and the unction of void causes
Reciprocate and notice a share in the form
Flowers of justice, tree's of a unique treasure
When we spy a day reproofed, the kiss of all and norm

Wishes to run...
And bless the cold shoulders of avarice
With a requited passage of what is ours, what is fun
When a place above clouds, has a charity to give, this

Speaking of that...
The tow of mutual praise, the tongue we ask in
Is but a soul of callous salt, to understand a matter
That came, and with a loving precognition, we are the spirit to win

A hat of conscience
The truth in a lingering hope, the total of unity in a breeze
We meant, we sent to an angel, for hands of presence
And the miracle of a kindness that liberated even life's dreams
The taste of hope, what wouldn't you do, to share another, and another...?
Jammit Janet Jun 2022
To live a life of integrity
Is to create peace of mind
The power of tranquility
A state of time.
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