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_whenever it feels so tiring, when it seems the world is smashing down after a cloudburst, of course even through all the *******._

Let courage uphold. The ability to sustain negative effects is bravery. honesty and integrity, loyalty delivers from slavery.

When we can't get moving, we get growing.
Tony Tweedy Jan 15
Over countless months by design,
a great firework he did make,
Constructed from lies and deceits,
and by turning all truths to fake.

Honest men of morals that believe,
that truth by righteousness will always win out,
By established rules and ethic as tools,
seek to quell the falsehoods shout.

They believe the pyrotechnician,
a fool of doubtful mind.
For they cannot see the plan he holds,
hidden by deceit of such evils kind.

Divided is the great citadel,
where once truth had walked without fear or care,
To become the protected sanctuary,
to the lies that now thrive in there.

He buys the time for his plan,
that has not altered not one bit.
While good men go on as before,
thinking they have hold of it.

All of this by his design,
since from too many days ago.
He has cast you all as characters,
in this his fatal show.

When martial law is imposed,
by the power you afford him still.
Remember that you had the chance to choose,
for truth's flag to fly steady upon the hill.
I hope for the worlds sake that I am wrong.
Written on the 14th of January after claims he doesn't support violence.... another lie.
Beckie Davies Nov 2020
If you don't value the truth
How can you decipher what is lies?
If you sell off your integrity
You'll be hollow inside
Value what is true and you will live a fulfilled life
oh, how I value the truth
Nolan Willett Oct 2020
You and I, we always ran
To lounge on pearlescent grains of sand,
To stare at all the passerby,
Who in turn scorn you and I.

On our corner, we held up our signs
To warn of coming end times,
Soon to come for all of us
Perceived as superfluous.

We made up our own gods,
To even up the odds,
That we were stacked against
Being so incensed;

If you’re a light, then I’m a fuse
Depend on you for my abuse.
Push each other to our best-
Or our worst, **** all the rest.

Are you sick of it all yet?
Sick of all the cigarettes,
Sick of chasing little stars,
Of drowning in our little bars?

Are we losing it, our integrity?
Have we replaced sincerity?
Do we lie and stare at the skies
To think only of loss and lies?

I still recall that line you said
“To live we must forget the dead.”
I’m glad to see you haven’t lost your hope,
You and your little rope.

You’ll never be on the inside,
You were born to abide-
Some inherit repose,
We’re not them, and so it goes.

We have each other, though we fight and shout-
Love and hate, forget and blackout.
Inflict wounds that’ll never mend,
Wake up and do it all again.
Lee Carter Sep 2020
The most important quality for a politician is integrity.

The successful ones have none.
SpiritHeart67 Jul 2020
Words and Actions are of equal importance

They are inextricably interconnected; neither
has meaning
or value
without the other.

It is Integrity
that gives value
to our Word

Thru Actions
our word is honored;
it is what reveals
the truth
Or lie
of what we speak
Amber Jun 2020
you claim to be honorable
you seem all American

But what if America *****
That flag just billowing with pride and honor
Is just waiving for attention

And you're not really that golden retriever
You're just a dog
One without proper training
Disloyal and fraught

No one can blame a dog
They focus on the present
They stick to what they know

They don't fly

You want attention from every girl but me
You are so desperately seeking love
From everyone
Other than yourself

You claim to focus on awareness and equanimity
But what if you really just need to focus
On to hurting others

You **** at that.
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