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You were

You hold
The same

You are
You were

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Selfcare ||Dignity
So I shall no longer defend
New kinds of love that you invent
Ever-changing list of demands
Keeps contradicting its own commands
After the sin quick to repent
With brief engagements in descent
Straighten all that you have bent
Amend what you're yet to amend
Letting those you left all depend
On your attention already spent
At each new encounter decadent
Your passion wasted on random men
Though fell, kept grace, that's evident
For what it's worth your growth is imminent
Freestyle written in 5 minutes.
You may have seen me
When I was folding my arms
Never did you noticed
How high I could fly

You may have seen me
When I was bedridden
Never did you recognized
How strong I am

You may have seen me
When I was stumbled
Never did you noticed
How gracefully I rise

You may have seen
My vulnerability
Never did you realized
How carefully I craft
Admiring it as
The Masterpiece

Probably you just have capacity
To see the partial truth
Never did you embraced
The absolute
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Dignity
Thank you

A genuine
Well being
Genre: Inspirational
To forget is freedom in a mind like mine
You ever ask the tall man if he is happy?

A genius can't deny like the focused one
Cursed connections left abandoned

Although the view is beautiful
Blood painted battlegrounds lie in the background

He shuts his eyes and the mind's stays open
Rest he may, awakens in the dark

Colorful patterns dancing without reason
Pausing to remember a moment seconds past

Why does it move the way it does
Isn't it mathematical as the stars

Why does he think the way he does
In these hypothetical regards

And if time is illusory then what is space
Tears fall from my mind's eye in this lucid dream

Billions in one
One among billions

I looked back from Voyager 1
So ******* obvious that we're all one

Come on now let's go we'll be late
Okay I'll pretend there's not enough on my plate

Paint on Smiles only last for a while
Good luck acting as if you're asleep
Chris Neilson Aug 21
Youth should be carefree
in our dotage we should get
dignified free care
If you are reading
It's for you
Even if you are not reading
It's for you

I was not me
When you find me silent
I am not me
When I feel festive
I am not me
When I am in rage
I am not me
When I am starved
I am not me
When I am indulge

I'm me
While I fall asleep
I'm me
While I dream

When did you meet me?
What was I doing?

Most probably
I was not me
That time

I felt that
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Prospectives
Blake Aug 7
You can't say I've lost myself when
I purposefully threw me out.

That person is somewhere in a trash can,
wearing clothes with footprints that will never be washed away
KM Hanslik Aug 2
One for the road
isn't enough to dull the thirst anymore;
you feel it in your chest,
I feel it in the pains in my lower back
when I try to reach for my dignity
they always place it on the highest shelf
my self-esteem too low to reach
so I guess I'll resort to using my teeth.
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