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I wrote about
Not following your
Past mistakes,

But, what about
The girls or boys
Getting *****,

Losing innocence
As such young age,
Not even
What they lost?

Gained horrors
For a life range
As toys for
A meaningless

Monster intoxicated
With lust
Roaming these streets,
That’s the real issue
No my clothes
You pin,

What a bad joke
Life is?
Instead being
We being stripped
From our
And after all
You deserve
That close
Where everything
With a whisper
And ends
With a whisper

No excuse
A gift of life
The right one
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Oneness
Note: Know your worth
Ken Pepiton Mar 5
I found my self
asking the following question, after I got a yes
on is the universe friendly,

what good can I do in it?

This now, is after me, catching me, shooing a fly from the kitchen.

Uncle Toby did that sort of thing,
I heard,
I swear, I would if that were something I know I know how to do,
I would swear not at all,
I never understood either the marbled page or the black one,
and I barely recall Uncle Toby sparing the life
of a certain fly,

which reminds me, I chose to recall all I do know about that,
and share it, by tossing it back.
Tristam Shandy is full of powerful words lain idle now, some time.

-fishing for truth in this realm of words, thereś rules and hereś rules,
keyboard internationale now allows ¿ possible quest reject buttons

but at the price of normal apostrophes, we can live with that ś means
usually a karmic possession of the previous phase phrasing through

your attention span... jest ride on through..

the flaky bits of inimical karmas, make some people sneeze, when they

thatś the better choice, when no real rules are known
but pain is a possible outcome of points
stumbled on unawares,
in far flung plains,
where the act of
polishing diamonds, or any hard thing, leaves the teensiest

shards that jest scrape away the **** of the earth,

collected in yo art trees, happy little trees,

jest put one
here, no, combine the two, to be like man-kind,
body and otherwise,

full and empty, both, in here.

Now, this is how we make a bubble be,
inside out.
You would be inside my mind, one line at atime.
for the evening she wore rogue

the color of forever

which he casually kissed off

as if of no consequence

what she now wears

is moment to moment

and belongs to the morning

where her blush must be earned

daddy always told her

she was worth nothing less
Don't rush
Because they do
Don't hate
Because they do
Don't love
Just because they do
Don't follow
Just because they do
Don't trust
Just because they do
Don't get blind
Because they do

Their problem
Is not yours
Just remember
Why you are
The chosen one
An example

Not just
Everyone else
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Better Human Project
Author's Note: When they asked," What do you want to be? "An example", Just reply.  I believe that if each and every individual works on becoming a better person the world will certainly become a better place.
melli7 Dec 2019
Take my pride
(there was never much
anyway) take my sorrow take my
anger frustration can’t-do attitude

and I’ll be good
again, well-meaning and
innocent in a
sort of way
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2019
Less time to self.
We may be in a company where nonsense is entertained, nonsense is validated.
Let there be time when one could say I don't live my life to please others and I know me better that someone close to me, but this doesn't mean to be self obsessed as we are an independent vessels yet we are intertwined with others responsibly.
Invest more time with self so that one could know oneself better. Here we may meet people who know other more than they know themself. Once you identify who you are, you begin to separate yourself from the crowd, not concerned what other's opinion is, and will begin to see your authenticity being thankful that you are not alike. You will be comfortable and will keep moving forward.
Genre: Observational
Theme: Lession I have learnt
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019
I was told
To observe
Not to intervene
To listen
Not to be vocal
To tolerate
Not to offend

I was told
What is holy?
What is unholy?
To seek light in the dark
And to stay rooted

I was told
To be kind next to
My space
My home
My nation
And practice act of forgiveness

I was told
When mind thinks wrong
Beware of self

I was told
All the above
And many more

Something wrong!
Never did they tell
How long?
I have to stay numb
Or hold the belief
That shadow is me

Tell me
Genre: Rational
Theme: Make sense || Dignity Project
Author's Note: Let's try to look, and let's try to see
पृष्ठभूमि :
मैले भन्दिए, तिमीहरु ,उनीहरु सबै राम्रा छौ
.मनमा त थाहा छ तिमीहरु कस्ता छौ
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019
If you want to know
What you meant to me?

Genre: Experimental
Theme: Vibe Calculation
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019

To let

Genre: Inspirational Abstract
Theme: Promise Yourself || Still You will Rise
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