Vera Jan 7
To wake up
against the rallying chains
of the unwilling,
who keep us captive and weak.
Lies become so cheap
you can buy a seat at parliament’s feet

But the price sleeps
In that house of white.

We as the people,
have a right-
to wake up
yet it is not enough,
awakening only works with
ten thousand fists in the air
in protest

Not to stand proud
but for firmness
denying weakness

We as the people,
are not a guest to democracy.

Democracy is a home for all

Those taller,
should use their fingertips
to reach toward the sun
rather than standing in the way  

Let that light no longer be difficult to obtain—
let it reign
over abuse of power
temperature rising on the corrupt

our brightness
   must be a force
to drive out darkness

Humanity standing tall for everyone
no worries of divinity
when the land we live on
wouldn’t be blessed by any ***
soil planted by frauds
and the hate spread
grows nothing
from this earth

To rise-
Everyone can survive
Only with the courage
And ending of lost lives

Power depends on the downfall,
for someone to die

but revolution only requires
to rise,
to rise,
to rise.
EJ Lee Jan 5
I was forced to repeat Preschool
Because I was behind
I was forced to speak
Because I didn’t know how
I was forced to go to school
Because society said so
I was forced see a psychiatrist
For reasons I didn’t know
I was forced to Change school
Because the former wanted me to fail
I was forced to Learn
But I couldn’t understand
I was forced to change school again
But they couldn’t teach me
I was forced to repeat the fourth grade
Because I had to change schools
I was forced to go to Virginia
Because they could help
I was forced to stay an extra year
Because I wasn’t ready
I was forced to go to Connecticut
Because I had to graduate
I was forced to go to college
Because I got in
I was forced
For 18 years to read and write
I’m used to be forced but now I have a choice
To think and speak the way I chose
7/18. This poem was part of a performance protest. During class I held a sign with this poem written on it  sat in front of the doorway of the classroom formally protesting the school structure and bringing awareness to the hardship that I faced because of my dyslexia.
carole Dec 2018
None of us are free
Until we all are.
And so,
We will march,
We will protest,
We will not back down,
We will not give in.
So hit us,
And cuff us.
Gas us,
and shoot us,
But you cannot stop us,
because this is bigger than me and you,
And as long as we believe,
There is still hope.
Santa has a new list
It's songs you cannot sing
You cannot say it's cold outside
Or sing of bells that ring

You cannot sing of Rudolph
He got bullied after all
The list is quite extensive
End to end it's six feet tall

You can't even say Christmas
And that is quite absurd
Apparently there's someone who
Is offended by the word

Some are pretty sketchy
Santa Baby, ain't no way
Even if you smile
You can do it just one way

Frosty, that's a maybe
Silent Night, I think is fine
But, sing 12 days of Christmas
And the PC folks will whine

Three wise men, that one is out
There's complaints about that one
They want a woman in the song
And so that song is done

Anything you want to sing
You have to look at twice
Songs we used to love to hear
Now, just aren't so nice

It isn't gonna change me though
I love what's on his list
I even love the banned old song
Where mom and Santa kissed

Don't let your spirit disappear
Play every song you know
Cause Baby, it is Christmas time
And It's cold out in the snow.
Sidney Chelle Nov 2018
speak softly to me.
when i ask you to reminisce on the earthy goodness of the soul,
press your holy roller lips against mine,
and sooth the wanting grind of that political burn i call mine.
let me rage out the tremors, let me speak shout the murmurs, and let me be endless if i can.
i know not of broken wings, but i know of hardships, things that poetry just cannot hold without making love or loss or simple sounds the music that surrounds every achen breath.
truly put, i can't stay put. i can't suffer without sharing, i can't commend without caring, and i can't be your everyman without being yours wholly.
love, you are my sanctity, and the kneeling to my unholy.
your brow is burnt with fiery courage. your strong needs me, but not when it comes to holding your own in a clean, clear world broken only by flushed color in the cheeks of angry men.
in a place where hate has started to spring more freely than ever before, in a boxed up life that won't let either of us stop hearing our own echoes and those of liberally fantastic minds, say that you'll be with me when the fire breaks in.
say that i have committed no sin by being and burning faster than i can run towards the ocean, say that i have nothing to fear when the danger is here and at our door and ready to knock;
for me, once more.
there is no end to our thoughts.
there is no end to the readiness i feel towards starting a life with eyes screaming vain freedom and ears holding gentle whispers of "now, we aren't broken quite yet"
i am ready to love you and i am ready to be engulfed in whatever the waves are going to bring.
i am ready, and i am ready to fight for us and you and this country and my country and my county and myself and everyone who's ever held a baby and said,
"you're going to breathe flames one day,
and i can't wait to see it"
let's begin it.
let's do ****.
let's be,
Marisol Quiroz Oct 2018
you cannot silence my voice,
erase who i am and stand to be.
i will not be pushed to nonexistence,
for my story is not written in pencil,
it is written in ink.

― and i will leave my mark on history
don't forget to register to vote and then actually go vote this novemeber
cope with all the greed  injustice and brutality
we learn about day in  day out

with some luck
these are not part of our own experience
but second hand  from news and media

this does not make it better  though
when trusted public figures fail

how to react
    to priests and teachers
          who abuse the young
    to presidents  dictators  populists
          leading astray their countries
    to our elected politicians
          unable to resist the lure
              and money
          of those special interest groups
    to ruthless powermongers  businesses
          that only work for profit
          not the common good
resistance is not easy
the choice of weapons in this conflict difficult

yet if we not resist
not make the global and the smaller perpetrators
accept responsibility for their misdeeds

our living years will soon grow fewer
and we shall hasten our journey
     to the end of all our needs
Aa Harvey Oct 2018
Unwavering hope, in the face a dead hole

All your thoughts are bullet points,
Shooting through our broken hearts;
And all our hearts are bullet proof,
When we are joined in a state of love, you can stay where you are.
You are stationless; we are unmoving and motionless,
In our ardent belief that you are becoming less and less.

Why can you not understand the evil that you are?
We are the innocent passer’s by, running in fear of your gun.
If all we are is soon to be gone and you our last red star,
Then I hope you have a peace of mind, a better life
And a way to cope before you are done and we are only found afar.

We are the innocence of youth, broken in two by people like you
And all you have is already ashes, broken pieces of war on classes.
War on man and woman kind;
War is all that is on your mind.

All we ask is please don't shoot;
Please don't let us end up like you,
With your braindead minds and lack of kind;
You have to hide, from your own cruel conscience.
Never let it be said that you are only subconscious,
Because here you stand in front of me now,
And all I ask is why and how?

Why take a life so easily?
And how are you so different from me?
For all I am is humane and helpless;
All you are is death and worthless.
Who decided to let you go?
What was the price of your worthless soul?
What is it that makes you think you are right?
You have no right to take a life.
So find a place of peace and leave it be.
Just leave; just leave and let us live in peace.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jon Thenes Oct 2018

Attaching honours
and dispatching lives;
So grins the new day
and greets the Great Flaw


The Fusing :
and apply
weapon to wound
(as the weatherman dictates)


Taughtless and young
Fight your way from family
and take oath
with no protest:
A moral clumsiness


We'll sort out that 'population problem'
and lunge out our burrowed lives
in saturation
of our unmended sorrows
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