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Katie 6h
it takes
eight minutes
to end
a human life
when strangled
in a chokehold
by police
hands cuffed
with the media watching

what the media does not say
is how many more lives
have been lost
to the violence
of these protests
in the aftermath

they only show the anger
buildings set ablaze
graffiti begging for vengeance
broken glass in storefront windows
protesters getting tear gassed
undercover cops fanning the flames
to justify their ******

this never would
have happened
if mr. floyd
was white
Sienna 1d
America, the land of the free
But not for you
And not for me.
America, where you can dream
In a cell all alone
Because they took the key.
America, the best country
Established with pain
From brown bodies.
America, where you can be
Anything you want
Except a minority.
America, accepting of all
Except the feathered chiefs
Who once stood tall.
America, where you get a call
To hear your black brother
Was seen as nothing at all.
America, where there’s free speech
To protest the Asians
Who are blamed for the heat.
America, where there’s guns and bombs
To get revenge on the “terrorists”
Who were sobbing to Allah.
America, a true mixing ***
And what a place
For children to be shot.
I promise to give myself the things I deserve
I promise that it's not because of you I hurt me

Deteriorate, I die behind the scenes
You'll come to find that descending madness ain't serene
As I make it seem

It's said a promise is comfort to a fool
So shame on me for believing in you
Very comforting your lies were
Now I'm here questioning my own worth

"It's irrelevant"
I'm usually the skeptic here
But the tables have turned
The roles are reversed

It's your reckoning
I am undone with no care
It's time to let you know

I write in dedication
I am forever grateful
Thanks to your behaviours
Now I am truly able
To hide myself from the world
'Cause all you do is hurt me
I had trust in your word
No surprise you desert me
You're watching from the sidelines
My body bleeds in a trench
As if I'm a sci-fi
Does dealing with reality make your gut wrench?
(Do I make your gut wrench?)
You know who you are
Every movement
Every twitching
Every bruise and
Every blister
The dark fine line
My blood glistens
In the moonlight
Ain’t it twisted?

Every vision
Black and blue, I’m
Used, abused, Crime
To suicide
Every sharp sur-
Face of the knives
Every blunt hammerhead
That I’ve tried

‘Fore they knew I’m
Painting pictures
Inhumane crimes
Still unwitnessed
Going through, I’m
Thorough, twisted
Me beyond recognition
Ain’t it vicious?

I deserve hurt
I deserve pain
I deserve work
I deserve strain

Tainted believes
I become feign
I put my pen to paper
Fighting against the system
But that's alright
I make my moves when the strings aren't tight
I'm limited
I am still tied
But I know they'll need me later

Need me.
You'll need me later.
Yeah, you need me,
You'll need me later.

I'm not alright
And you'll need me later
And that's not right!
"Always put the people first."
They're still wondering why I get worst,
I thirst.
Believe what's heard and not what's seen:
Being the ultimate human being,
I mean,

I am tired,
I can't make it!
Shocked, rewired,
I must fake it.

Reused, defective,
I mean, I feel
Human perspective,
I mean I be
Human perspective
I mean I see
Human perspective.

Human perspective?
You're well respected!
Phil Bailey Apr 19
The morons of Michigan gathered to fight
and to protest the COVID lockdown;
To claim they're entitled, by God-given right
to do as they please in their town.

"You won't take my freedom", they rail and they shout.
"Don't care if I'm wrong or correct.
To Hell with the freedom of everyone else
that I claim every right to infect".

The strangest assortment of people turned out,
with Confederate flags and their guns;
Every anti-press, anti-vax, anti-brain lout;
Every fool and their daughters and sons.

Did their great orange leader entreat them to stop,
lest the crisis become far more dire?
Of course not! He praised them and riled them up
and heaped further fuel on the fire.

So take-up your pitchfork and pick-up a torch
and dress in your white robe and hood
and lay waste to truth and good sense as you scorch
all that used to be selfless and good.
This poem was posted in response to anti COVID-19 quarantine  protests in the state of Michigan on April 15, 2020, which spread in the following days to additional states.
Claire Pham Mar 16
Nothing Is Okay
God bless america
Praise the Lord
Nothing’s okay.

for red hats with white text
And my neighbors and friends who spit
Racial slurs like they are snot
“Pop. Pop. Pop.”
Scream the fireworks in red white and blue
Or god help us
Are they gunshots…
Who the hell
Broke us this hard
Who can we yell at
Who do we spit on?
How do we fly away?
God bless america
Flee flee flee
Revolution dirt
Nothing is okay.
Praise the lord.

The soiled bones of the ones we keep in cages
Tear mother from daughter
Like oil and water
Paint the line on the ground.

Cause when we were kids
Did we take sticks and draw borders in the dirt
Instead of drawing flowers
The gay rainbow inbetween.

Praise the lord. It's a marvel.
How is it still that color?
It sits there, soaked in heavenly, white, angel cake paint.
The blood and sweat from the breaking fingers that hold that building up...
Should have made a stain on it’s immaculate pearly walls.
The angel cake white house.
That awful castle that stands “above” this hell
But possess the ****** hands that created it.

Bible. Border. Broken. ******. bones.

God bless america
Praise the Lord
Nothing’s okay
Because of you beating away
Underneath my ribs
I am alive,
I am more sad than happy,
More empty than full,
More wrong than right,
Blinder that I lie
As I run past my deeds.
Why do you punish me so, O Heart?
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