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You raised me from my birth,
Even from when I was a toddler
You promised "by you till death"
Before I even know you're a mother.

My teen years are all before you,
You nurtured me well to be strong
To stand for the right cause, any who
Needs your courage and fight along.

But, the story has changed so great,
You stabbed and pulled triggers on me
So also as the love I have turned to hate,
I deserve better O mother, even me.

Heroes of yesterday are on your street
Clothed with the blood of your brutality
You deserve better and not this hit,
When will you wake to this reality?
Sungmoo Bae Aug 26
Say it to me, baby,

that you want me, still,
after all that I've done to you,
and only.
I hear you breathing out hot
- lying flattened on the cold floor -
even after the hard bruisin'

you've gone through - swell, it was.

And I wrecked such havoc on you
all because I care for you,
nothing more, nothing less.

I beat you up swell
to get you in a better shape
just like a sculptor

beating his stone
into the shape of David - bare naked.
I'm modern Michelangelo, so to say,

and I want you
to whisper to me
that you crave me,

    that you desire still
    such tyranny of mine
    even more. So just say it,

for your perfection
and a sheer thrill that follows
- all these, right at our hands - are so close.

    Wicked as it is,
    my whispering to you demands it.
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(C) Copyright: Saul Bae
There is beauty in working with hands
That I can never describe in words
Yet here I give it a try, before my land goes dry

Everyday I sow seeds & plant plants
Without knowing what they'll look like
In years to come, when there's no music to hum

Some say it's boring farm work
Under hot sun & cold rain
Yet I keep doing it over & over

For I know why I'm growing
As it's the only way to a world
Free of tyranny, depression & eternal suffering

So I'll keep growing till my land goes dry
For I need to feed the last man on earth
Give him hope & few seeds to grow.
From the time when I was working in a permaculture farm
Peace escapes me,
immaculate I am not.
Demons plague the darkness,
no light can reach the deep

Tyranny needs a foothold
and my soul provided.
All that is left is me,
For I am the Devil in the White City
Tommy Randell Dec 2019
Do not forgo this political fight
Look for the Truth in what they do not say
Rage rage against the lying of the Right

Greedy scoundrels brag of their appetites
Trying to twist the pathways in our brains
Do not forgo this political fight

Con Men whose last thought in the dead of night
Is to rule and profit while the poor pay
Rage rage against the lying of the Right

Deceitful Toffs who see with blinkered sight
Will always want their slaves to live in chains
Do not forgo this political fight

Before silence remains your only right
Before your votes cast their Truth in their way
Rage rage against the lying of the Right

So, come All, be anarchy fierce and bright
Do not give in, don't bow down and be slain
Do not forgo ths political fight
Rage rage against the lying of the Right

Tommy Randell ... 21st Dec 2019
SuperNova Nov 2019
At the gates of Petal City
Where the winds seem to whisper,
In tongues all too familiar
Knocking just behind your ears

Since the summer they've been louder,
Voices creeping into walls,
Making our sky darker,
And crying out a fog

Between their walls, in shrouded pain,
Defending with their folding shields
It's those who never kneel
For the bear king

They are the knights order
We dream we never have to be
James LR Nov 2018
Silver sun on basking lakes
where golden ice sits in her throne
Of ice and snow and frosted stone

Rubble red the soil takes
to try and sate Queen Nature's greed
for all above and all beneath

Power can never be slaked
Man and Earth are master's each
Of the mountain and the beach
No wealth outside their reach
Mere mention of his name
makes me want to dump...
donald chump
Flush him down and flush again to keep him in the ground.

Ashamed to claim my citizenship be a
laughingstock like him
the tyranny keeps growing
the future's looking grim
won't even wear my Yankee cap and hide under the brim

the problem is it's
not just him but also
those that grant him power  
they smell like shiza
and don't speak for me
so I decree they all need
a NiceAssZIppy shower
Like Manolo says in Scarface..... it's political mang

Bring your words and your feather let's have a duel my pencil will bring you to your knees you fool
Tommy Randell Aug 2018
For the penniless man
Who begs a coin - No grub today
You're lazy

For the tourettes man
Who swears today - No patience here
You're crazy

For the homeless man
Who asks for a bed - Find another town
You're an eyesore

For the foreign man
Who seeks to work - Move on, move on
To another shore

For the LGBTs
Who look for acceptance - No! No! No!
You're not invited!

All you pariahs and freaks
Get with the message - This is Eden and
You are the blighted

All you so called Messiahs and creeps
How else can we express it?
There is a castle of priviledge here
And we don't want you inside it.
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