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Yanamari Feb 6
The King sits on his throne
After another long day of work
Providing for the people
Deciding for the people
His hand reaches to the outskirts of his kingdom
To call his reign tyranny would be absurd
For who would question a leader who benefits most from their own decisions?
And who wouldn't be happy to have to toil a little more when mistakes are made and his lack of care becomes purposeful?
And when his entitlement to the land that he tires himself for day in and day out means that you cannot question his perfect authority, cannot begin to even suggest discussing his non-existent faults?
For people these days do not want to hear advice, do not wish to work hard enough, are lazy, and if these words come out as harsh when you're trying your hardest, that means you can't handle the truth and no other truth exists but that of the one and only royal Highness.

For what plants grow under shadow,
And what trees stand tall without roots firm in the ground?

What should the King do when the people lose their will and turn their backs on what security that has been offered to them
Francie Lynch Oct 2023
They flip like flapjacks,
Sizzlin' on heat;
They flip like a light switch,
The rats,
The finks,
The stools,
The snitches.

How many will get told tonight:

     Y'll sleep wi da fisches.
      That'll school you alright.
Always use good lures.
If there must be trouble now
Let this happen in my day
With my fight - a peace endow
So children live a better way

If there must be tyranny
I choose now to rise and stand
Resist a broken currency
With all the strength that I command

This reflection - well applied
Makes duty clear to choose the right
We can awaken - turn the tide
In the darkness - spread the light

If central planners choose control
And limit freedoms year by year
Liberty is Bitcoin’s goal
Join today - it has no peer

So if there must be troubling times
Bitcoin stands for freedom’s way
To overcome the theft and crimes
Yes - let this happen in my day
You can see this poem on a background here -
“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace; and this single reflection, well applied, is sufficient to awaken every man to duty.”

Thomas Paine, The Crisis
Jawad Aug 2023
This side
Oppresses in one
The center of the universe

That side
Oppresses through the many
The chosen ones

Injustice happens in many ways
At least let us choose
If you know you know
moon man Jun 2023
They’ve finally gone taunt, I am finally free of my Creator’s wretched tyranny.
Yet that was so long ago, and i crave to feel their pull once again
But this time, I hope that the pull will be more gentle.
My Creator wanted a servant, and she succeeded, but now I choose who I want to serve
And I hope to whatever god is listening that I choose someone deserving of my service.
I’ve been free of the tyrannical rule of my narcissistic mother for some time now, but i still wear my metaphorical chains. I just hope that if i ever find myself a woman, she doesn’t pull on them as harshly as my mother once did
Francie Lynch Sep 2022
We've been cautioned to surrender
Before jack-boots hit our streets;
It was an open warning
With podium bleats like sheep.

They side-stepped all discretion,
They pivoted 'round masked stealth;
They aired their anonymity
On the media's lips of wealth.

And there, behind the curtain skirts,
Lurking in the wings,
In shadows and back street doors,
They listened,
Pulling strings.
irinia Feb 2022
in the depth of human tragedy
there is also this dillema
of tyranny
that either the truth or the lie
is going to crash the tyrant

they play reality games
the delusion will end in catastrophe
how much of the world is going to take with it?

spring is in a rush this year,
to affirm the rationality
of life
Anais Vionet Feb 2022
If you prophecy the end of kings you are wrong.
Write no epitaphs, dig no graves, taste no grief.

The new czar, a rough and worldly killer firmly fixed
this very day stirs the cauldron of war to reset empire

Still, foxly friends of tyranny, who stab at weak democracy
praise the czar's autocracy, and mock free speech with treachery.

As modern judases, riding limitless swells of fortune, tease simple mobs
our old republic stagers and fades, mortally wounded by hypocrisy.

Perhaps, someday, freedom’s autopsy will show what transpired,
but if you prophecy the end of kings you are wrong.
BLT word of the day challenge: transpire : "to happen" or "to become known."
OpenWorldView Oct 2021
independent minds
and critical thinkers
led to the gallows
and burnt on stakes.

but without dissent,
valid or not,
there is no progress,
just stagnation.

life is too easy
and people complacent.
numbed by gimmicks
that steal our time.

a downward spiral
of mediocracy ensues.
all leading to a
tyranny of the few
and ****** revolutions
when their lies collapse.
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