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cope with all the greed  injustice and brutality
we learn about day in  day out

with some luck
these are not part of our own experience
but second hand  from news and media

this does not make it better  though
when trusted public figures fail

how to react
    to priests and teachers
          who abuse the young
    to presidents  dictators  populists
          leading astray their countries
    to our elected politicians
          unable to resist the lure
              and money
          of those special interest groups
    to ruthless powermongers  businesses
          that only work for profit
          not the common good
resistance is not easy
the choice of weapons in this conflict difficult

yet if we not resist
not make the global and the smaller perpetrators
accept responsibility for their misdeeds

our living years will soon grow fewer
and we shall hasten our journey
     to the end of all our needs
Red Brush Oct 4
Outrage, it's a curious thing.
How faux furious voice brings
Spurious poise to previous
noise; Hoist the flag of lies high,
Cos boys will be boys right?

She sits dignified, polite
With right on her side, but
The light shines poor on her
Recurring their eyes concur
How this fight must confer
Nothing on her but a slight.
Based on the Christine Blasey Ford - Kavanaugh hearing
That is generous of you
request my insight on what you write,
please review my response with an un-ending mind.
So thank you but I must decline...
I read so much but mainly I just write.
I fear if I read your work, I would only find myself discouraged once again.
Understand that writing releases some of my inner pain,
It doesn't matter who's pain, why or from where it came,
I just have to let it out all the same.
It doesn't matter if it's for an injustice done against me or against another... I feel it all the same.                                        
For 1 example;
if the pain is about an injustice done to another then I don't question as to why they don't speak up. I figure I've had peace in my life, more than enough, to make up for what other's go without.
So see, I build up a little confidence, from time to time. Falsely convinced that I've talent in my own writing's & fooled to believe they would actually be of some help.
Then the blinders fall off when I start reading another's work,
revealing to me what, TALENT,
really means.
Then I put my pencils and my paper up along with my diluted ideas that I can help.
The emptiness swallows me when upon realizing, my words will never be read or heard.
They're not good enough. I write hoping to make a difference. So, I ask you, "what's the use in trying raise awareness for any purpose?"  
So yeah, then the depression coils within me turning into a knot,
it gets so tight that if I don't bounce to write, I might as well die.
In spite of trying to hold it in, my veins ink the blood out,
forced pulsating feelings and raw emotion's splatter into words.
I do feel that addressing one injustice at a time helps this world to be little more kind, if only for 1 at a time.
So, I'd rather stay on this same mirago round and not get off this time. I know once it stops, the pain resolves. But not really!
Only long enough to settle before it sour's
into depression. Recounting in my mind, I'm worthless, a fool, thinking my words could make a difference. At least not in this world much less for 1 person treated unkindly.
The mirago round stops and the world's the same. Nothing's changed so no, thank you... I'd rather spin deliriously, believing that I did 1 right thing, even if it's changing just 1 person's state of mind.
So instead of getting off to stand,
I'll stay on my delusional ride, unlike you at
least I'm not pretending to take a *ucking stand for what's right!
This is my answer in poetic form.
May *** forgive for the profanity, at least it's not hypocrisy! Right? Oh I forget, the one's that
are in a postion are the ones who forget about serving for a mission,
they lack moral vision of what's right!
I guess then I bid you night.
#VenjencieArnold #SacredInkedBlood
True!! I hate feeling this way. *** forgive me if I'm wrong and help me to stay strong esp if I'm right.

Blessings, Venjencie © 4 months ago, new edit by me on ©09/23/2018 SacredInkedBlood
The feeling is heavy. The thing is that I still get off of this delusional ride/mirago round to take a stand but there's not too many other people that try to understand or care about the injustices done against others. Blessings, gn.
ANH Sep 11
Plummeting shots
cross the Earth
all who stand *****
in its rein
as the sky continues to ricochet
and seep poison into their bones.
They writhe in scarring agony on
the cracked ground
being beaten down
You‒ just stand
and‒ stare
‒ willingly numb yourself and
throw their fervent cries across that suffocating sky.
Shut out all the systematic pain that
isn’t yours and
walk swiftly on.
as if nothing
is wrong.
Incredulously, you mockingly criticize
any imaginable effort of retaliation.
To think, you have what it takes
to vacillate
the lives you’ve never
fought for.
Act as if you’re
standing high above
on some false sanguine cliff
overlooking that
warring, raging,
monster-mouthed sea
and expect it to cease
without a finger lifted.
The blazing storm
will only
continue on
while you strut your
privileged ignorance
on a flashing parade.
Life and death is
On the line
and now,
you’ve voluntarily gone
Only hope
they can
before you decide that
it’s a crime.
Yet you still ask
when you don’t
live in their skins,
walk their miles
or bear their scars
‒you don’t even attempt
to try.
Try to see the reasons they continue to
Fight for what precious life
they can call theirs.
Fight for morality,
Fight for the hope
a shining day will come that
all the years of
torture and shame
Will melt away to
a better reality.
...and you still
choose to ignore their
Kellin Aug 31
daddy’s obsession
with my sister strikes at the
heart of me. but looking at it real
objectively, i think i understand. she’s
soft. pliable. gullible. it’s easy enough to
believe his declaration that should someone
root out his secrets, he’ll swallow a bullet.

you know, he just might, though i see him
as much more likely to pick up that gun
and shout mom, especially if he’s on
a ******. more and more of those
lately, both for him and for
me. my own obsession.
falling in to a state
of numb.
Freddie Ruiz Aug 22
What you don’t understand about me
is that I care and love too deep.
The closer you get the more broken I am,
for everything that's pure pains me.

What you don’t understand about me
is that I try not to, but get hurt easily.
The longer you stay the more shattered I am,
for every smile I see turns to tears quickly.

It’s just fake for all I know, everything must be a lie,
because my heart swears all this cannot be true, it can’t be right.
My fears are the words that need to come to light,
so I can tell the story that must be heard this time.
It’s the ones that deserve the light
who end up fading in the dark of the night.
It’s the innocent who suffer from the moment they breathe life
and the beautiful souls who get buried alive.
Written on April 9, 2014
Composition number: 470
Ishika Aug 17
Have you seen her yet?
haven’t you still met?
the little girl that you bet
would grow up to be
a woman
your favorite object?

So she could marry
a man whose beard
covers his double chin
and whose hair likens
grayish and doddering lint?

so she could be a
piñata doll to the cane?

a helpless dame
to scoundrels who became
guiltless sinners
only to taste her breast
and spit on her shame?

When will you see her?
this damsel you’ll set
soon in distress
but in the mind of whose
you’ll set a dream of
turning her into a mistress?

You must be quite sly
you’ll surely agree
in your little trap
she is much liable to sink
that she can be as strong
as a man or even Hercules
but would she know
that there would be
no one
when she would feel
human and cry
barely a soul around her
to hear her pleas?

That she is to trick
herself into faking
her real sentiment
into a heartfelt grin
because she will be
but a smiling condiment
amid the flavorless crowd
because how else can
she make you proud?

Will you tell her
that she was born
with her skin
not to cover her body
but to cover it again
by animal silk?
or better yet,
cotton, jute or laced pink?

That just a glimpse
of her ravishing thigh
can cause an *******
a sublime indication
of a man’s lusted high?

What about the time
when she would shudder
with desire
of feeling love
in its prime?

Or when she would
want to fly across the seas
and the mountains?
Would you simply
push her within
a four walled room
and shut the doors
while she rips the curtains?

Would you let her
learn to write
with a pencil
or make her sit
by the stove
by the window
in deadly still
while growing men
learn how to pay a bill
how to exercise a will
and gasp at life’s thrill?

She would still be a girl
if she came into this world
you made for yourself
a precious pearl
you’d only carve her into a stone
so she could be unfurled
to the wind and the perils
of man

Because you barely built
a world for her
along with him
little would she know
that we live in a
man’s deadly clan.
Tommy Randell Aug 13
For the penniless man
Who begs a coin - No grub today
You're lazy

For the tourettes man
Who swears today - No patience here
You're crazy

For the homeless man
Who asks for a bed - Find another town
You're an eyesore

For the foreign man
Who seeks to work - Move on, move on
To another shore

For the LGBTs
Who look for acceptance - No! No! No!
You're not invited!

All you pariahs and freaks
Get with the message - This is Eden and
You are the blighted

All you so called Messiahs and creeps
How else can we express it?
There is a castle of priviledge here
And we don't want you inside it.
injustice has become the affirmation.
hesitation, passed down to each generation.
oblivious to how this is a cause of our own transgression; through temptation.
misleading us to our own damnation.
Crime has become a norm in South Africa and it has gone to an extent where we don't even look over our shoulders anymore but hope that when a crime comes about we still have our lives to keep. This poem not only highlights crime in my country, but the international rise in other issues such as school shootings, human trafficking, ****, sickness, hunger, mass killings- there are some issues which I haven't personally experienced in this list but am deeply moved by. This is a time to put our hope in the greater energies we believe in and not let the Enemy succeed.
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