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We are not heroes.
We are just people,
trying to survive.
You and I,
are not equals.
You work from home
while I...
I work to ensure
that I get to keep mine.
They call us essential,
because we provide
all the food and the things
that help keep you alive.
But I am resentful
that I don't get to decide,
What is more worthy,
my labor or life?
So don't call me a hero.
I am simply doing
what has to be done.
Don't call me a hero,
unless you plan to treat
and pay me like one.
The blocks were closed around my neck,
The splintered hole burned my neck sore.
The blade would come tumbling to my neck,
And I would see daylight no more.

The King has summoned me to death,
He said that I had been disloyal.
Soon I would swallow my last breath,
To end a life of stress and toil.

And now the black-masked man he comes,
To release the blade of destiny...
T'was not the blade that gave me death,
The crime of injustice gave death to me.

© Victor Fuhrman
When I was a child in the early 1960's, I was obsessed with the writing of Edgar Allan Poe. I actually thought at one point that I may have been Poe in a previous incarnation! When I was twelve, the following poem came through me after a dream which reinforced the Poe connection.
Rozana Feb 5
however, I am becoming more and more aware
of dislike, of hatred of prejudice
askew colors abundant in your prism
never to find my face in the rainbow
forced to uncover fashion and change in my religion
my ethnicity falls short in social patterns
pride lingers in shadows, tongues afraid of isolation
untrained observer shouts noises, sounds, silences
unsure of what faces to make, unable to recognize
conscious intentions have made me a monster
a beast unique of human characteristics
label me to give reason for your annihilation
in your mayhem I have found my own path of destruction
Fredy Sanchez Apr 19
The light in your eyes grows dim every day...

*** you got to stop and listen to what they have to say

As if,

their opinion mattered....

As if,

your hopes were shattered

As if,

Your dreams have scattered...

To a godforsaken place

And its the only way to save face...

And your life is burning up at an alarming rate.

You sit and blame it all to fate..


Can you see the fire before the ashes?


You can't even see past your perfect eyelashes....

As if,

with make up on.... your dreams won't drown

As if,

The next line....will make it fine

As if,

One more puff...will be enough

To light you way

At least for one more day...


Made with total disrespect

those marks upon your neck,

Paint a gloomy image of your past.

And with the lies you were told

they helped to mold,

The women whose tears fall fast

As if,

You need forgive your sins.

As if,

Your life is lost

'*** of the higher cost

Of living...

so you keep on the deceiving

The people who look out for you...

The people who strive to...

Make sure the light in your eyes

Stays bright not dim...

And all *** of him?

A sorry excuse of a ****?

**** that and him!

And now your lips touch bottle

After this shot it's on, Full throttle!

As if,

Its really fine... he's twenty-nine

As if,

Its ok that at sixteen... you're just a fiend

as if, you're far from home... and you're all grown....

But it

Shouldn't be that way....

You shouldn't have to dread another day...

And after all you've been through

Still these words won't reach you...

*** with your make up on

And the bottle gone

those marks upon your neck

make you feel you have respect....

And that's enough for you it seems

While I sit wondering why your light grows dim
Isaac Apr 12
splash the walls red
tell me to clean them
then blame me for the stained floors

i am already in your grasp
already suffocating within the metallic throes
the walls are red with my blood and yours
spill more, and drown

ask me why i am bleeding out
tell me to clean it

the cut on your face
was from your glass face
so fragile a word can break
so sharp a heart can break

don´t cry your diamond tears
sell them away
then blame them for buying themselves out

i am dead within your hands
don´t ask me to clean it up
if this person is reading this, know that this is JUST FOR YOU.
Lipstick whisper
Fake lash twinkle
Silicon Valley
In your body

You call me ugly girl without the chemicals
On my face, on my nails and in my hair
Growing it out

Pluck it out, don’t scream loud
And  take the pain as beauty’s price
Spend your money and time
And dye and dye
Until you die

He doesn’t notice
How high the heels
He doesn’t care
How it feels

Norms, norms
Abnormal norms
Inhumane morphs
In animal forms
Fredy Sanchez Mar 22
I'm an immigrant from foreign lands
Who made the trip crawling on my knees and hands
Who thought a change of scenery was all that was needed
Who for a better life turned to the skies and pleaded
And while searching for sanctuary with destain I was greeted
See, I think they believe I was fine where I was
Sure, outside of having to give my last quarter to get a pass
Outside of having to decide between food or the homie that's asking
*** the homie that's asking is the homie that's blasting
If you dare say no
On your way home, after a hard day's work, still have to pay the neighborhood rent tho
*** if you's broke you were the next one to go
As simple as tic-tac-toe
Except it's click-clack-pow
I seen the culprit, twas the kid from next door
Who now sleeps on the edge of death row
Guilty of a dozen of those
Danger travels in troves
In the place where they let go of their humanity
So I left
With the faded blue Jansport on my back
And a brand new fake passport in my back pocket
Leaving the world I called home behind
Facing Mexico hoping to cross it
I was 15 in a group of fifteen with a single shared dream
The Salvadorean dream team
Thinking we could escape this unfair hand
Wide-eyed we ventured in...
And then I saw, violence everywhere we went
The horrified masses didn't have to pretend
The fear inflicted by individuals with no chance to repent
But it's best of I digress and of my travels I shed light
We only moved at night
Daring to commit the horrendous crime of crossing an imaginary line
That changes with time
And for that we were persecuted
We were stopped, chased, and straight up looted
The Police or the Cartels it didn't matter who did it
To the females of the group when **** was commited
And between check points and abductions only 4 remained since the groups introduction
The faded Jansport had been stolen by a 16 year old with a machete
Who had promised to cut me up like confetti if I didn't hand it to him
So I did
Just like my innocence as a kid as well
And so I left
Traveling further north still
Looking at American soil from the hotel window sill
Hoping the nightmare would soon end
Hoping my psyche I can still mend
The four of us shared a hopeful glance
Stopped and shook each others hands and wished each other well
Said if we got lost we'd meet at the well
The one we had stopped at to rest for a spell
The plan couldn't be tested, however
Immigration came and shut down the whole endeavor
The only one who got out was me...
Forced to forever flee
Entrusted to see...what they couldn't see
And to be all they couldn't be
the sun is sad
the moon was there
he looked in bad

as the injustice
the land was overlapped
it was occupied
and the dark landed

the stars were in pale
as in old pole
they do not attract
as the justice disappeared

who will return the right
to the weaken and broken mind

after it went wide
GOD only GOD
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