Ryan V Jan 9
I address this grievance to the flag of the divided state of America, and to the nation for which it stands, one electorate under law, rhetorically divided, with liberty and justice for sale. Where supply and demand is the law of the land, America. Land of low fat low carb gluten free gluttony. Home of the diet double espresso. Nation of a decrepit prescription of the common condition based on callous repetition of rhetoric. We can't Compromise the promise of compatibility for a culture of coercion through coined commerce currently creating currency through craving. A public sporadically radical, showing signs of torrential existential turmoil and torment. Imprisoned by cuffs and shackles, chains and whips, butts and ******* and legs and hips. Now there’s bookbags full of mags and clips. Classes taking cover, news flash another weeping mother followed by the voice of the mass’ biased thoughts and prayers, and to think that this once was rare. My country tis a fee, land where it costs to be free. Home of break back opportunity and men maintaining slavery but nicknaming it economy. Establishment of laborious lobotomy. Land where justice is blind except to class and color line, federally funded ***** ******* genocide, slyly twisting the rhetoric, the difference between prescription and criminal addiction is aesthetics. Yet they try to blame the ****** epidemic for mass incarceration invading the lives of those too poor to be patients. Enforcement is cuffing ***** ****** while cops get nose bleeds with escorts behind closed doors. Outlaws working corners and streets while all rights are reserved between corporate sheets. Private prisons profiting on human rights violations using correctional castration to remove voices by stripping votes and choices. Rehabilitating via dehumanization. Now chain-gang gathered cop shot corpses litter the monstropolis its a matter of time and we ain't as fast as the clock is. Tick Tick bang there goes the next kid, would've rather he'd been arrested but for those below so it goes, unnoticed, no mass hysteria. So it goes when you're made in America.
eleanor prince Dec 2018
blooms sweet
rains savage
decayed mush

earth's alarm
cycles hard
hands damage

bind thugs
stifle stench
embrace Maker
experimenting with succinct verses... constructive critiques welcome!
anotherken Dec 2018
*** bless us all,

*** save us from fall!

May you be ever graceful,

May this world be ever peaceful.

Glory to us men and women,

Until then,

Until that time will come again,

Let us all be friends!
Jacob Parnell Dec 2018
Its never my intention to settle down.
Always a crook more than a clown.
I look into your eyes and find they are forever friendly.
Going down the road. Wherever you send me.

The real injustice is when justice wins and locks you up instead of settling sins.
Where to begin?
Even those who claim to be holy said we're born into sin.

Those who really know me would say
"Personality is a thing to weigh and then be pinned up"
when sin is not enough.
Forever grateful.
Then walk on along your way… smashing the grape bowl.
Into wine, I find we have a more pleasant conversation.

Imagine this while we kiss, a moment of blissful sensation.
You're on the planet of misfit toys.

Meanwhile this guy is happy with his new Rolls Royce.
So happy he might as well rejoice.
Well guess what?
Its not a choice. Not an option.
You must go about your day.
Til death pops in.
You see we're all just locked into fate and settling down is just a wait...

Instead you do something about it.
Rock your head… invest your wit.
Set fire to an entire island.
Have a fit.
Don't address the silence and the silence wins.
Basically a conversation with my girlfriend.
Pyrrha Dec 2018
You saw them suffering everyday as you passed by
So somedays you threw money in their little tin can
But their pain lies far beneath the surface
Homelessness is an illness that costs more than pocket change to cure
Starvation and injustice can't be paid with a full tin can
Their lifestyles cant be changed with ten thousand cans of change
Enzo Dec 2018
Pump me full of iron and lead
Shoot me in the head
Wait! I'm already dead
Police brutality it is
Irony is my fatality

Died from a figure of speech
From exercising my freedom of speech
Well life's certainly a *****
When your body rots in a ditch

Maggot ridden I am
While blue collar ****-for-brains
Parades for justice and truth
Order and peace? Well ******* sis
I am still alive though
Tyler Matthew Dec 2018
Gunshot, blood pool,
black body, yellow tape,
white chalk, white cop.
"White America."

Tattoos, white hood,
tight rope, black hearse,
red flag, white stars.
"White America."

Blue sky, black sun,
bluebird, blue song,
black stripe, white light.
"White America."

Blue lips, white teeth.
"White America."
Red brick, green grass
"White America."
White coat, black button.
"White America."
I am CRITICIZING racist culture, not glorifying it.
Dominique Oct 2018
There once was a boy
Who smelled his future in the pine leaves.

He kicked up ice like it was glass, weaved cleverly
Through the loopholes in the rules with easy laugh,
Staining windows ecstatic with his smile,
Working up a masterpiece of a life
That made the soil soften as he pelted across it
Hiding from rain.

That boy had his difficulties, like the October sky
Has its fogs and sunken clouds
But the sunshine loved him then, loved his olive eyes
So he was always forgiven in the end.

I imagine that life felt, all at once,
That this angel had taken too much from it.
After all, you can't be beautiful and happy at the same time.
Perhaps Fate saw him as a thief masked in evergreen,
Picking life's treasures up like cheap marbles
And running away with them as fast as he could.

It did not matter in the slightest that he created good
Out of triumphs and charms that could have gone to waste;
Easy life was over, and the maliciously fanged beast
That forced itself into his old friend's place
Did not enjoy golden smiles or childlike contentment.

So they took his father,
Like the eastern wind takes the sand from the desert
And spits it into the traveller's eye.

That was, I am told, the beginning of the darkness.

I met him, idly wandering on my own path, a few years later.
The pines had turned to ash and smoked instead,
But light still sweated off him in waves
And not even the thickest coat could conceal it.

He turned liquor into the Immortal Elixir
And sadness into an emotion I could have lived in forever.
He turned bored, grey words inside my mind
Into a rainbow of colours I could use to paint his portrait
On a notebook page.

I lost him a little while ago, and to this day I'm not sure what will become of him-
But I will forever hold a grudge against the Universe
For taking him away from me too early because of passion
And for concealing the bright happy boy
With the death of a loving father.

Life isn't fair.
Had the Little Prince lived on Earth, maybe life would have done the same to him.
Levi Windolf Nov 2018
Enough is enough,
We need to be tough.
We need to make changes,
Society's endangered.
Seven billion people,
Still not socially equal.
Our delusions of Grandeur,
Couldn't get any grander.

We keep building higher,
We keep digging deeper.
But constantly struggle,
To be our neighbors keeper.
We question existence,
And give '***' our assistance.
Never mind our brothers,
And sisters that missed us.

Our money is ours,
We put in the hours.
We don't feel responsible,
To help those uncomfortable.
So we keep it and save it,
And buy all this *******.
To hear people whisper,
"Their life looks so simple"

But it's not really simple,
It's all just a ruse.
The worlds just a system,
Of covered up abuse.
So keep making money,
Keep ******* running.
Its not really funny,
When the worlds in a noose.
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