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Jamesb Dec 2023
You have no idea the irk
Created by those terms,
The judgement inherent in
Laying out my perceived weakness
Is offensive,
All the more when weakness
Neither becomes me nor is
Found within me

It makes the obvious response
Rise to my lips,
To cease to reach out
In love or in help,
To prove to you my worth by
Withdrawing the very demonstration
That led to the accusation at hand

But with withdrawal of
Reaching out comes
Withdrawal of part of me,
Part of my expressed love,
And therein lies the rub,
For if I share not how I feel or that
Sharing is unaccepted,
Then where is the actual point?

Of us?
Ron Sparks Aug 2023
for buying a
flower from a roadside
vendor.  America summed up
right there.
rory Apr 2023
nonexistent crimes
were shoved down into my throat
screams, pleas aren't heard
M Vogel Oct 2022

I am left  only to wish..

that there were realms..   universes--
heaven-sent places,  immersed

     within the warmth
     of peaceful habitation..

Where there perpetually  exists
a beautiful series  of at least

     one ..
    ..   or two  
more steps  in the process:

.. therefore forever leaving
    the beautiful beads

  of our deepest of hopes, intact.

       I love coming back
to your beautiful world  here

   and finding again,  gems

               I hide also.
                  :( xox
Beneath and beyond the ends of warmth and scars.
And the horror of shades to tear.
All along within the menace of our years.
How could this be just mere?

Gender equality; disadvantageous to our masculity.
Our laws failed us,-failed to settle the disparity.
Left us in mud of our fate;  such a scroll,
At the detriments of our souls.

At times, I wonder the stance of men in ****.
Convicted and jailed just to knot tight his lace.
He rapes, he’s justifies as an ape.
When *****, he toiled in silence as his fate.

Our society can’t help, but
Protects other women’s rights and voice
Men are seen toxic, but
Still tonic the affairs of our state.
Men are now monsters,
Yet, represent elements of determination, growth and strength.
That man could feed you care, and
Still respects your gender differences.
That man deserves your honor and regard,
Because men are not stone, and
That makes us sweet and admiring.
The position our society placed men has made us to forget some of the life threatening challenges they face at some point in their lives. However, this piece seeks to highlight some of those challenges and to also give voices to the oppressed men.
Your lifeline is going flat ✓\✓_viscious enemies
as I pull the plug of your nasty predatorial existence **** be the day your great grandparents were born.

Henry Robert Welonek you two timing ***** impotent ***** donor fool
your sterile butcher jealous Spectre nurse attacking anesthesized mother; cutting her mother injecting her brain with high long gage needles
kept for years to re-attack out of jealousy- ✓\✓__ugly stetile gorillas who spawned you!
You too Lizzz Welonek
your Arthur- Susan Raitano
trashing scapegoating lala sassy cocos mother drugging her grown kids pregnant with hallucinogens and metamphetamins!
assimilating my girls to butcher their intellect, heroic heart of gold
and unbelievable beauty.
May your heart stop beating now
and go hell go.

Charalambos Mantalozis gaiduri
( dunky) ***** snake
cold in grave glad you don't breath:
baby torturer mfkr murderer .
your Kiriaki Madalozis 4 jealous baby poisoners envious shadow people
greedy Greek demons satan shines before your **** .
The Piraeus kalamatan 12 thugs
Human trafficking predators
GO FLAT lined DIE! **** of Earth
✓\✓\✓\✓_there won't be no trial.
I SEE RED butcher haters.
pepper spray you burning swords, knives in your gut better sleep with one eye open covert fools I am all you are never could be I succeeded where you failed.
Cheating ******* plotting butchering me pregnant I survived you in Mexico in Greece and in USA team of arrogant proud butchers!
Yes I am a surviver a witness to your nasty hate crimes.
Those nasty doctors murderers for hire assassin's from corrupt LA,  CA!
I  see red executioner style.
On fire my flame sword on hand
straight to your heart and brain. Elizabeth Welonek Gumnedin your impostor
Fraudulent birth certificate go to hell,my children aren't dogs to be sold to bail you out if ******* dues!  
Your life line is going flat flat flat
don't blame me here I learned from you
and my new name is JUSTICE.
As for you my first love jpcrdd
you could have asked me questions where I've been who had kidnapped me!
Given me your heart diamond ring in your coat pocket.
You ran to your greedy lover crawling for you.
I wish you nothing bad I still love you.
You had my best interest tried to save me from this hell I still need your protection don't forget
your one piece of golden heart
holds me dear as you promised.
The world will pass
but not your word.
Save my children please or
Build me a home your heart is
my last card you're generous
to a fault the wolves howl
in this homeless jungle
I am no longer Jane
I got a name- JUSTICE
please help me.
Mr and Mrs Andrews
with Karijinbba
Nico Reznick Jun 2022
Clearing ivy,
pulling up handfuls of
choking bindweed,
uncovering delicate
wildflowers in
neglected garden corners,
and there’s this
tiny bird
lying in the dirt.
Feathers sparkle
pretty and golden,
as fairytale light
falls through
parted vines.
Surely dead,
but then
- like Snow White
surfacing from
magic apple-induced
dormancy -
the bird moves,
woken by the kiss
of sunlight and
being witnessed,
and seems to breathe.
A gloved finger’s
exploratory, leathery ****,
a moment to realise,
then disgust,
sharp recoil.
A wing lifts;
gleaming feathers
parting reveal the
crawling mechanics inside,
the writhing, parasitic mess
behind the sick illusion,
the briefly faked miracle
of something
like life.

Away over a fence,
Union bunting
***** erratic and jarring
in a neighbour’s garden.
In a stuffy town hall,
the town band is practising
God Save The Queen, but
still can’t keep time.
Our betters wave to us from
high palace balconies
and golden coaches, and we
cheer them for it.

There’s such hunger, such
pain and desperation out there,
you can feel it, if you
forget to stop yourself.
There’s so much tragedy and injustice,
you have to go numb or go crazy.
There’s no future we can see,
and the past has been rewritten
to reflect the views
of focus groups,
fascists and fantasists.

And there’s a bird
lying in the dirt,
garlanded by fragrant petals,
feathers flashing like jewels,
so dead
it looks like
it’s breathing.
Alexis K Jun 2022
Free since 1776.
If you're a white man.
Land of the free
And home of the brave.
Black men and women property until 1868.
White Women silenced until 1920.
African Americans silenced further until 1970.
White men free since 1776.

Land of the free.
So free kids can bring weapons to school.
So free that black kids are shot for NOT holding a weapon.
So free that women can't make medical decisions without white men's approval.
So free that people couldn't marry who they wanted until 2015.
White straight men free since 1776.

We've only got one thing right:
Home of the brave.
Brave enough to continue to fight for a corrupt country.
Brave enough to fight for basic human rights.
Brave enough to stand up for what is right.
Even when the cost is their life, your life, my life.
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