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Vibrations near unison
Result in resonance
Bridges come crumbling down
Creating hiatus on the ravines
Waves beyond the range of sound
Are called ultrasound
To make diagnosis profound
Cure may still not be around
Human relations work around
Similar fashion
As vibrations and ultrasound
Swoo Aug 2
She wore a t- shirt that said Goodbye Beautiful but beauty  never left her. Actually every time I saw her beautiful was always with her.... Out standing a force of nature. A treat to my natural lances. Ciao Bella but beautiful I hope you never live me. Sw👀
Swoo Jul 5
Look at me. Look at me and let my reflection get trapped in those👀as I journey to places that no being's ever been and I'll triumph. Since thru those windows is where I find home. And thru those windows is where I'd find you if you ever got lost from me. Look at me. -Sw👀
Swoo May 13
You're my hyper spirit in this pendemic. When tomorrow is uncertain I'm hopeful. Since your bigger dreams make my dreams bigger than I've known them to be. So in this cold  night I'm here thinking about you, as far as you are from me I'm close to you my better tomorrow. ,- My Better Tomorrow.  Sw👀
Swoo May 9
Without the glimses of you I'm numb! We often C😕nfuse functioning with feeling.
Without the contact of you I function. Though as you and I rendezvou in one frequency. I get to feel I come alive more than I already am. You're the feeling I love the most. - Sw👀
Swoo Apr 21
You're my universe cause I took time to planet, Lived, Learned and grew things. In that sense we grew each other. And in time ourselves plant new seeds for the next coming generations filled with versions of ourselves. Become a real beautiful family tree full of stories of time.- My Universe. - Sw👀
Clear the mind
with forms of breath control
Vibrations emanate
Serpent flows in swirls
It curls around the centre line
Seven points along the spine
From base to crown
Varied hues are queued
where energy is key
Use the force
to elevate your qi
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Glenn Currier Mar 21
Like fingers running across a harp
from shoulder toward feet
I fall deeper into you.
My fingertips pause
here and there in their journey
to feel the sweet vibrations
of your body
and in these small silences
I enter your divinity.
Bhill Jan 19
Feel Life - Haiku

seek the vibrations
let them penetrate your mind
feel the drunkenness

Brian Hill - 2020 # 19
Can you feel it?
FloydBrandon Jan 3
Abduction? Objection. Punch yourself reflection.
Time is just a people way of keeping track of days lived.
Aliens are made of dust and travel through vibrations- creative.
Left my dusty rocket on a battlefield in Canis
now the CIA is mutilating cattle just to blame us.
Human kind is wicked.
Mistakes they made in 1947 got us fame-ish.
Aliens are made of ultraviolet rays of cosmic radiation.
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