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It's empty space.
It's empty noises.
It's empty parallel.
It's negative vibrations.
It's full of emptiness inside.
It's outside not look like empty.
sara Jun 8
far out
in a daze
a bond
that vibrates
write it down
so it doesn't
i'd hope
I’m loving these wealth vibrations
Through my body coursing
Filling me with warm sensations
Strong and reinforcing

Like sunshine lightly on my skin
Making that day brighter
Warming my soul from deep within
Making burdens lighter

Power surging, hope inviting
Filling me completely
Dreams are coming, quite exciting
Wealthy vibes warm sweetly
This is Prosperity Poem 29 at  and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background at
I get just good vibrations.
My filter clear all negative particle and waves.
Amoy Feb 2018
Is self  the vessel that holds our souls?
or is  the soul our true self?
should we look to our outer appearance  and the world to define ourselves,
do we search for the love of self through what people see and say about us?
someone once said "self cant help self"  what did he mean?
if self cant help self then who can?.. after all.. our self is the only
true companion we have in this world. here is one thing I've have learn.
when  we love our self for who we truly are inside,we defines our essences  and it is our essence that define us.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
Since a long time before I know you
I was trying to picture how
My happiness looks like
Now, without any doubt
I know it, you to be true

The deeply placed eyes of yours
Speaks a common language I understand
That’s why
I feel comfort with your vibes
The more I think, the more I find you closer
I intent to understand you, even more
With a futuristic goal
You can find a greater space inside my mind
A stimuli, never felt before
There you reside
Embrace a better version of ourselves
A family
A lady with a beautiful soul
Will you allow me to write more?
What you meant to me

You are beautiful
Let me remind you, in case you forget.
Genre: Observational
Theme: Language of love needs to be simple, Let the naive understand
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
Just few

And the last, but
Most trustworthy
The Pain
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Pain is the strength, it teaches how to grow above it.
Lauren Giuliani Aug 2018
Sleep is sweet and soft, however
hard at the same time.
Most of the time, it's harder than it is soft.

There's a descent through heavy, thick layers of fog and
sometimes you get stuck in between, where
vibrations run through you, holding you captive.

It's a delightfully interesting sensation, but it's not sleep.
Sometimes I run there on my own accord,
for my curiosity has been stricken.
Karisa Brown Jul 2018
I feel like a destroyer
A dominant domain
Under siege
On the left side of my brain

I feel words being
Taken from my soul
And lifted into another plane

I feel castrated
While menstrated
Drops of blood
Pour out of me again

I feel nothing

I feel creative scars
Trying to mend
Trying to help
But I won't let them in

I'm scared I won't be able
To block all the negative out
Which is intrusive and invasive
And never seems to stop

I feel soulful

The bread crumbles
In to rye
And I cry

Then I'll heal
Then this pain
Won't penetrate
My atmosphere

My heart
Has been lost
Kept under wraps
If softened
Then what happens next

If looked at
What will I find
Deepened rivers
Opened wide

She knows who she is

The real is here again
I must end
To be continued...
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