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Zywa Oct 2022
Vibrating around

the bow- and harp-strings: the souls --

of the listeners.
"Occam XIV" for harp (2017, Éliane Radigue), at the premiere in Paris on April 26th, 2017 and in the Organpark on October 22nd, 2022 performed by Hélène Breschand

Collection "org anp ark" #230
Zywa Oct 2022
Total harmony

of the universe: the drone

hole in God's big Ear.
"Exploratory 'Looking for Daniel' " (2019, Phill Niblock), performed in the Organpark on October 22nd, 2022, by Ensemble Modelo62, Ensemble Scordatura, Claudio Baroni (*****) and Reinier van Houdt (piano)

Collection "org anp ark" #232
Lydia May 2022
I’ll love you forever if you let me
If you want me to
If you feel the way I do
because I believe you hung the moon
and we met in the galaxies
somewhere when our souls were just stardust
and energy
our vibrations are higher together
I have met you in every life and I’ll meet you in every single one after this
I remember whispering to you
“I have waited for you for so long, I’m so glad I found you”
Marla Nov 2019
Little dreams with big appeal
strike a chord like a record reel.                                
The feeling's there and we all get chills                                                        
but it's nothing like being there for real.
To Touch the heavens
must burn your solid foundation
Rocket to the stars.
You can take but you must give to keep
Every day we drown ourselves into a facade of spirals going down beneath the ocean waves.
Waiting for that one special person to lift us off our feet.
So many miles....away....
Every day, i said i loved you...
But it was you fault to never believe...
When our hearts synced open,
i felt a magnetic wave..
Till it all floated into dreams of a never ending facade.
I like to make stories along with the music, feeling vibration frequencies as my mind wanders and ponders.
Deepali Oct 2020
Smelting down to the road
Catching up the upside park
Hence had to ignore the harsh human vibrations
Which comes in way anyhow
whether its a old or new
Passing good amount of care.
Reaching up the satifactory level with the one whom we met for the first time
And then intended to vowled such good stuffs that goes so amazing
That you wana go on and on with the toxic or intoxic flow going inside body
Mapping new ideas
Mapping new human being
Mapping new adventure
Mapping this universe another journey which has started up again.
This time focus.
Its a new life... time gave me today to again bounce back and come back again with maturity, responsibity.
Swoo Aug 2020
She wore a t- shirt that said Goodbye Beautiful but beauty  never left her. Actually every time I saw her beautiful was always with her.... Out standing a force of nature. A treat to my natural lances. Ciao Bella but beautiful I hope you never live me. Sw👀
Swoo Jul 2020
Look at me. Look at me and let my reflection get trapped in those👀as I journey to places that no being's ever been and I'll triumph. Since thru those windows is where I find home. And thru those windows is where I'd find you if you ever got lost from me. Look at me. -Sw👀
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