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Pyrrha Aug 25
6 months
he gave me a ring
6 months later
he asked for it back

6 months
I gave him a heart shaped stone
6 months later
When is he going to give me back my heart?
Eid Al Adha;
Eid of Sacrifices
and the celebratory end of Hajj.

Purity abides around their heart
as souls are blessed with the
sown seeds of joy.

Allah hu Akbar;
takbir echoes
as devotees congregate in
every mosque nearby.

They wear embellished clothes,
extending their hearts to one another
and capturing the ecstasy
in every single encounter.

Sentiments are reciprocated,
and gratitude is manifested
on such an occasion
as we recall the origins of the
reason we sacrifice;
and that is to follow the order of Allah,
as Prophet Ibrahim did.
Amaris Jul 24
You gave me silken scarves and solitude
To weave my own bindings
You gave me surpluses of satin
Bandages for skin you broke
You gave me Swarovski accessories
As if it excused your absences
You gave me smooth apologies
A salve to my twisted fingers
samara lael Jul 10
use your brush
whether it be cracked or stained.
use it to paint a picture
that shows people why
they are made.

use it to write the words
that went unspoken.
use it to keep your mind
from swirling murky clouds
making you broken.  

paint me a picture
to explore what you do;
not for me to judge
but to admire what  
the Lord has poured into you.

~ share your gifts.
Carl Halling Jul 10
I do not understand
Why he sabotaged me so consummately,
And made me look like  
Such a pathetic old patsy,

Could he not discern the misery
He was shoring up by degrees,
Over the course of the years
For the self he would ultimately be?

It was perforce a former version of me,
Who led me to this place
Of near-incessant mourning,
A narcissistic anomaly,

Who never wanted the precious gifts
Of peace and domesticity,
The little ones that might have been,
He spirited them all away from me.
'This Place of Near-Incessant Mourning' is a recent work, fashioned from within ‘a place of near-incessant mourning’ as I described it, and yet as of 11 July 2019, the day a final draft was prepared, I feel no sense of mourning, so the term ‘near-incessant’ is not only no longer applicable, but - in the greater scheme of things - inaccurate.
Poetress2 Apr 15
Tinsel, bows, lights, and gifts,
this is a part, of what Christmas is;
Carolers, shopping, and bright Candy Canes,
T'was never the reason, our Lord Jesus came.
A tree, wrapping paper, and green Mistletoe,
Christmas cartoons, that they always show;
A feast, baking cookies, and stockings to fill,
does not acknowledge, that Jesus is real.
Santa Clause, Elves, and plenty of cheer,
counting the days, 'til Christmas draws near;
Bells ringing, mittens, and flying Reindeer,
does not signify, that Jesus was here.
What is the reason, for this Holiday,
when families gather, to all celebrate;
They'll open their presents, on this Christmas Morn,
not giving a thought, to why Jesus was born.
Yet on this glorious time of the year,
please don't forget why Jesus was here;
He came to live, and be Sacrificed,
He did this all, for all of Mankind!
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