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Tichozpytec Mar 24
Life and Death, two star-crossed lovers
Sending gifts to one another
So far, yet so near they are
By universe they're kept apart
Ylzm Dec 2021
May your year be measured
by revelations and not resolutions

May you see your uncountable gifts
than boastfully count meagre goals

May you on uncharted waters walk
than by uncertain stars fearfully chart

And may you in power compelled to fly
than all powers beseeched to comply
Anais Vionet Dec 2021
I want to say I’m sorry - your present looks like that.
It wasn’t kicked by UPS or pummeled with a bat

The master wrappers I prefer, simply aren’t around
A slow economy got them or the covid cut them down.

My boys at Neiman Marcus, I miss those guys so much
and the girls Bergdorf Goodman had such a subtle touch

the lacy Le Bon Marché ribbons, are what set their work apart
no matter where you placed those gifts, they always looked like art

I miss those tasteful craftsmen, but instead of being depressed
I watched some Youtube lessons - and I tried my very best
but the present came out so miserably, I thought I should confess
Tichozpytec Dec 2021
Wrapped under a tree
Bringing children joy and glee
Packages of love
ScaryGary Sep 2021
Subconscious - Super fast connection, but limited by slow processor, small IDE hard drive, and low memory that is filled up the first 7 years. Fast connection bad for slow mind, with no room to store new data.

Unconscious - Dreams and drugs. Fast and slow connection that shifts from dial-up to 5G and shifts dimensions too. Not a lot is known for sure besides it can be scary and/or fun.

Meditation - Reset and update system in many ways, or personalize your thoughts and themes. Solid State Drive as well as Hard Disk Drive. All the RAM you need. Meditation comes in many different types, and can truly heal mind and body.

Conscious - All you can be! i9 fast processor, Custom ROM, the Cloud, Unlimited space and memory. 10,000 signals per second of learning without trying, and loving what you learn. No filters
True dat
Betty Jul 2021
a gift that is seldom free
freedom to say I just want to be me
freedom of thought
freedom of expression
freedom from any kind of oppression
freedom to say you can all go to hell
because blood puts the polish on the liberty bell!
Before we meet
I'd like to send parting gifts.
To my mother,  
To my grey dog,
To the sparkling sea,
To the brown eyed woman,
To my guardian angels,
I'd like to journey
Into the heart of their being
And get drunk in celebration
Then letting it all fade to black
stillhuman Jun 2021
My most persistent insicurities
the ugliest ones
always begging for attention
they become cherished parts
of me
through your eyes I saw their beauty
and I can't thank you enough
Of all that you gifted me with your presence, this is still the one that gets me the most
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