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Michael Feb 12
Life gave me lemons
A fitting gift
To squeeze into the wounds you left on me.
This is one interesting day
when my father gifts makeup kits and concealers
to my mother

To hide the slap marks gifted to her a day ago.
Amber Feb 6
I don’t need gifts to make me happy, my happiness is there in your arms...I just need you to love me with honesty and truthfulness.

Three little words from you
Makes my day and when you hold my hand, my soul starts to fly,
One look from you makes me blush and my heart skip a beat...
You are my love,
In this life...
And forever.
Carl Miller Jan 11
We met up at our old spot
To exchange gifts long overdue
And I’ve never been so scared
Yet so relieved, to see you
It's been a minute.
Tyrell Burnett Dec 2020
Gaze not at your Christmas tree, nor the many wrapped gifts laid there beneath. For what ever they may be, the greatest gift of Christmas, was long ago bequeathed.

On that cold night in Bethlehem, was born him without sin, Emmanuel, the Promised One, did the people call him. O do you hear the angels herald and sing: "Glory to the King of Kings."

O, what priceless gifts have ye. Of which, how many may set your spirit free? Silver, Gold, precious gems and jewellery, though all are good within none salvation be.

So on this one night promise me, that you'll forget your hams and turkeys, sweet wines, rums and brandies. For Christmas should be more than a feast, festival, or fair, it should be a time of reflection of yesteryear; accepting one's losses, and appreciating one's gains. And most of all remembering Christ for whom, the day is named.

And I'll promise you, after all this pain, a Christmas that you will believe: Could never be the same!
So, will you give me the chance to fulfil my promise?
Sushri das Dec 2020
The new year is arriving,
It's the time of Christmas,
The day we all were waiting for,
With jingle bells and tree of X-Mas.
To share pleasure in different forms,
The streets will be filled with lights,
All will relish its bouquet,
In these cold winter nights.
Houses are decorated with garlands,
And are hold up by the alluring poinsettias.
Those luscious pies of pumpkin and apples,
And the Christmas pudding,ornamented with leaves of maples.
It's the time of Festivus ,time of feasting,
With kindness in our hearts,it's time for gift-giving.
Let's sing loud so the world could hear the deepness,
With the season's greetings and a lot of togetherness.
Time for Christmas
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