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Beaver Meadow Dec 2023
My favorite gifts were all from Christ the Lord:
The midnight Scrabble game where U and I
Were side by side and face to face and high
On Christmas Spirit, cherishing the Word;
That great game of Oahu that I won;
That great game of Oahu that I lost;
The time I spent pretending to be Frost
Seeking a rime and landing on a pun;
The yummy apple pie perfectly baked,
Second to  ̶M̶a̶r̶t̶h̶a̶ ̶S̶t̶e̶w̶a̶r̶t̶'̶s̶  none, and made with TLC;
The morning coffee brought to me at 3
P.M. by her who kissed me as I waked.
My favorite gifts have everything to do
With, Bethany Elvira Vitters, you!
Anais Vionet Dec 2023
Lisa and I wrap and rap for Christmas.
Can you imagine the two of us doing that?

We’ve got Christmas playlists going
Christmas scented candles glowing,
a tinctured but milky hot-chocolate flowing.

“Stir the marshmallows with the candy canes,”
Lisa says, like that’s something she had to explain.

We’re humming, singing and laughing,
and dancing because we’re happy.

We’re dashing to finish our wrapping,
we can’t have our suitemates catching
us executing the plans we’re hatching
to surprise them with gifts, enchanting.

The paper’s exotic, delicate and glittery
bought at Boyars Gifts, in New York City.
Why do the scissors keep getting lost?
Getting low on scotch-tape - we’ve used a lot.

We’ll be putting them, sneakily, under the tree
where they’ll add glamor and tease to our festivities.

I love the lights of the season - I love giving gifts.
For me, playing Santa is as good as it gets.
(BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: tinctured: mixed with alcohol)
Like Christmas tunes?
Stream my (free) unique Christmas playlists.
Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!
Tears you shed
For the lack of gifts
Wishing for one and some-more
Stuck in the greed of forever more

Life it is
You have been tricked
It bestows upon you
The choicest of all
And watches from afar

The gifts you owned
And the greed for more
Bringing in a abundance
Of evermore

Sky high
The inventory you see
What do you do
How do you stack
The cloud is full

Stuck in the forevermore
Be free and learn to shape shift
There is wisdom in those gifts
May you gain and secure

No wings
Attached to strings
In the sky
Blue or colourless
The colourful kite
Learns to fly
Jade Wright Jan 2023
Playground duty, for my sins.

I catch you clawing at soil, your small
fingers tasting the earth.

You hand me a stone
you found in the muck
and tell me to keep it
because it’s special

it will keep me safe.

I can’t remember the last time I received such a thoughtful gift.
Ashwin Kumar Sep 2022
What is the greatest gift of all?
You can think of a lot of things
A house, a car, a mobile phone
Money, power, fame
Food, drinks, sweets
And I can go on and on
However, as you all know
All these are indicative
Of a materialistic state of mind
In my opinion, the greatest gift
That a human being can receive
Is none other than empathy
There is nothing quite as impactful
As putting yourself in the shoes of others
To show love, you need to show empathy
Imagine the struggles your loved ones go through
Every single day
In order to be successful
When a friend tells you her problems
Listen, not simply to provide solutions
But to understand her perspective
And it doesn't apply only to family and friends
It can apply to anyone
For instance, if you are a counsellor
You need to put yourself in your patient's shoes
And understand why he reacts the way he does
So that you can advise him suitably
If you are a doctor
You need to think the way your patient does
So that you can reassure her
Therefore, it is very important to be empathetic
Because you will then be doing your bit
To make the world a better place to live
Of course, it will not happen overnight
But slowly and steadily
The impact can be felt
However, not everyone is blessed with empathy
There are so many of us
Who think of only themselves
It may help them in the short term
However, they will not be able to find happiness
In the long run
What's the use of wealth or power
If you are not surrounded by people
Who will stick around
Even when the going gets tough?
Hence, as I've said before
The greatest gift
That a human being can receive
Is empathy
Full stop
Celestial Jul 2022
Ah, the rush is over and the battle is fought.
I come to my home and know it’s not got,
A hold on me or my family, though it thought.
Surely imagining us chained and caught.

But we hold steady, and always ready for fighting.
There may be striking lightning,
Or a dismal sighting.
However, we, are keeping the home loved, clean, and inviting.

I keep them all with me on my steps, because I am free.
The journey I choose each day keeps my glee,
Never would I choose to flee.
Until the day they’ve brought me to my knees.

Such a crushing day won’t come.
My people will not succumb,
Even with their silly, dumb,
Playful escapes. It’s what makes everything fun!

You’ll catch us in the sun, playing in the water.
Knowing our gates can’t falter,
Fortified with love and a magic filter,
And when we leave it piggybacks with us, as a watcher.

I am bound.
To see, the ones yet to be found,
As friend or foe on my ground.
A welcome is said, a miracle sounds.

We're all wound in light.
But mine is so bright,
So I share my might.
No matter the plight.

It's the good I can do,
In the day-to-day that will ensue.
To help guide us to,
The divinity within me and you.

Through the hard times, my kindness
Came from mindfulness.
All of the blindness,
Couldn't shield my colorfulness.

Not those woken from slumber,
They see my wonder.
What could outnumber,
What goodness encumbers?

The burdens of evil I suppose.
It hinders those,
Who cannot see the rose.
Presented for people with a nose.

A nose for finding a truffle,
On the path for solving your puzzle.
The key to all the hustle.
To receiving abundance without trouble.

I found it,
I help people out of the pit.
They find the bottom after a fit,
And sometimes I get bit.

But it comes with the territory,
Caring for their story.
Cutting the predatory,
Then doing something celebratory.

Enjoying the ordinary day,
I bring a way to play.
With the sunshine and its rays,
Some don't know how much it pays!

I'm rich in heart.
Because I play my part,
And study the art.
Given at each new start.

It's immeasurable, the wealth.
When you have your health,
And you grow in stealth.
What comes at the twelfth?

The last of our hours?
I'm unsure, but I want flowers.
To show what power,
I was so blessed and showered.

A soft thank you will travel the breeze.
Hopefully bringing an ease,
For those who weren't pleased.
At my passing and disease.

In anycase,
I know I found my place,
It's been staring me in the face!
What will come from this base?

A mystery for sure,
But nothing is as pure.
Then the futurous blur,
That is my life whir.

Since I've given a tour.
What do you implore?
Was there something more,
I could've given at the door?

It doesn't matter now,
I've given my vow.
There is much to how,
But instead, I take my bow.

As I gesture,
May you find pleasure.
On your journey of measure.
For it's a treasure.
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