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Grey Feb 4
I know that what goes up
must come down.

I just didn't think that our love
would decline so rapidly..
Dec 2019
Oscar Sep 2019
like stairs,
it's up or down.
i teeter on the middle,
hand on the rail,
one foot in the air.
the stone steps
steep and they go high;
my legs ache and i can't
see the top.
letting go,
do i climb or do i
go down?
mental decline is something of which is barely ever registered from an outside perspective, we watch people crumble to dust and we breathe in the ashes of their remains. we wonder : ' who knew they felt that way ? ' but we never ask or think to find out. in truth, the biggest flaw in the human species is the ability to see and to notice nothing at all
Faizel Farzee Aug 2019
Madness consumes the idle mind
Question everything
These words I speak is divine
Yet we follow the masses
Like we completely blind
Hoping to find
Worth in this world
Yet everything’s a lie
This is our time to shine
Break free from the stigma
It’s about time we draw the line
Our morals decline
Yet we think it’s fine
Believe me I know
These words are not benign
Take this as a sign
I managed to break free from the chains
Of this cosmic design
Questioning my motives
Will only bring us down
I don’t mean to whine
The world has declined
Look at this world truthfully
I bet you will see it…..
as I see mine
Open your mind, look at the world through your poets eyes. It's a dark cold world....let our words be the light
Pauper of Prose Jan 2019
What of the young Donna
Reclining with book in hand
A sigh circling her lips
A glaze greeting her gaze
Her thoughts bored of days
Endless days
Depthless days
Where every voice and all actions
Are slowly stewed
In rich stock of routine
And people arrive, bowls in hand
Forming long, bending lines
Like the Depressions of old
Where defeat, distrust, damage
Linger and lay
Within the sleepless eyes of many
Inspired by the painting A Decadent Girl by
Ramon Casas
It's not natural
For beauty
To be factual
Who's duty
Is it to define
So I must decline
Your perpetual
Argument to define
The indefinable
This is based of a conversation I had with my coworker about beauty.
Kendall Jun 2018
I could feel my decline.
I could hear the call.
I could feel my grip loosen and hers tighten.
So I did something I should have done a while ago.
I left...
Jolan Lade May 2018
A little prototype
So fortunate there was no one alike
A truly remarkable prototype, but after all just that
And as it goes with those, it got replaced with another,
slightly better
Terrified and afraid, it was now sent to the shredder

But before it got there, it was revisited
The prototype thought that was wonderful
Its future was a little brighter, and colourful
It was happy to get another chance, to enhance
It did its best to look good, as it should
It now had an outstanding design
But unfortunately, once again declined

Now crushed and defeated it wandered the testing site and factory grounds, wondering why the world could be so cruel
Just a single approval could be so crucial
And every disapproval so brutal and roughshod
Simply the prototype, must be no good

Suddenly a pair of kind, caring hands picked it up
A pair of hands that understands the prototype
It was carefully looked at and a few screws was tightened
New technology was inserted, and a few bulbs was lightened
New hope rose as the insecurity was broke
Once again examined carefully
Now the prototype was truly a beauty
It jumped up and down, as it was finally accepted
and put into production, happy and relieved as it had now served a real function
Just a day, someone somewhere will find you and think, "Awe how neat".
he grapples with that memory
fighting to hold every detail, every shade
as the pain from his arthritic bones diverts his thoughts even more

oh...the curse of age
he took for granted every sweet morsel
every sweet moment of time given
and this is life's retribution

if given another chance
would he let her walk away
for he knows, looking back
that she was the one
that almost imperceptible,
yet obvious look when one's heart is broken
this he remembers clearly
her eyes as he turned away
relinquishing his chance at love
if he only knew then
that the excuses he trusted
were merely the voices of uncertainty

and now
in his room of fading memories
and fictional dreams
he begs for another chance
in another life
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