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Purcy Flaherty Jul 2018
Dad is so very proud of his culture, underneath this nationalist, racist, sexist, homophobic, religiously intolerant, ageist and xenophobic snobbery; is a man that stands by his right to hate who he likes.

Oh the irony!
Bigots and nationalism
joriz m Jul 20
at paglabas sa apat na dingding ng silid-aralan,
ang debate ukol sa karapatan
ay iba nang usapan

na kung saan hindi lamang talino at boses
ang sandata
kundi pati rin ang pagpadyak
ng dalawang kinakalyong paa
Nigeria my beloved home is under siege:
A death trap I see in her third mainland bridge.
The crying blood of the slain in the North-east
overwhelms vicious politicians with guilt.
Humans with hearts of beasts ravage her North-west,
outgunning her corrupt weakened armed forces.
Catacombs of mass graves quantify losses
incurred from incessant farmers-herders clash.
Darkness looms as stupendous amounts of cash
are cast in an energy sector like trash.
Her healing centres are no more than health morgues,
and her institutions breed intellectual dogs.
Her oligarchs of the six zones unify
to plunder, **** and line their pockets with filth.
With peanuts they entice poverty stricken
youths, just to have their sit-tight bids guaranteed them.
Indulgences from the gullible gratify
custodians of faith endowed with seducing lips.
My beloved Nigeria has failed to hearken
to the values of the elders before them.
With priorities misplaced, we go seeking
for stereotyped reputations in our trips
to foreign climes for filthy lucre to acquire.
Good Lord! When will values my mother-land require?
A poem depicting the author's concern for the deteriorating state of his mother-land
My friend
My brother
Just got nicked by ICE

I'm going to stab
The next ****** I see in a MAGA hat
ConnectHook Dec 2018
Data-driven snow
Globalist control and gifts
Shut up and Buy, sheep.

Shepherds keeping watch
Disco Sky-Aliens appear
Christ's freaking light-show
One World yo mama
Sher Shah Suri Oct 2018
We are bequeathed on the nation,
And the nation bequeathed to us.
Have pride they said,
For it is the only one in the universe.

Culture! Culture! Cried the painter,
Oldest of the old.
A single stroke, a blazing hue,
He drew as he was told.

The nation in all its feminine divinity,
A trident and a halo.
He drew as he had drawn before,
With a saffron brush.

The mural stood in all its glory,
Under the warrior’s watch.
Till a bullet pierced his spine,
And he died while yet on his watch.

Again the painter with his saffron brush was called,
To paint over the blood stained wall.
As the warrior looked on,
Remembering his fallen comrade,
Humming the age old serenade.

We are bequeathed on the nation,
And the nation bequeathed to us.
Have pride they said,
For it is the only one in the universe.
ATILA Oct 2018
My country is aesthetic
Shown by elegant hibiscus
Glittering by its own
Growing with majestic delight of cliffs
Due to country's ups - downs
Yet still resting faith on this land
To be the best place for future hibiscus
So that Malaysia will forever unique
This is solely what I cherish.
Pk Oct 2018
Thats Right its gandhi's country
Proving intolerance to the person who called us so.
Shirtless actors and leather jacketed alcoholics are fine
But a girl in a short skirt,"thats a ***!!"

We got the best soil and a heavy talent.
Also the most ingenious minds and the best gene pool.
still hunger and poverty grab us like bugs
and we're wannabe amercians coz we thinks its cool.

walks a man alone, walks a man tall.
but the whole ******* country, hell bent on proving him wrong.
im no more scared of the darkness outside,**** it!
coz  those my brothers who put me on a ship to the inchcape rock.

corruption, treachery,scams and money laundering
but demonetisatin,coz notes are the real problem isnt it?
oh please would you cut the *******?

there can be peaceful processions and hunger strikes
but who cares when we can burn buses and **** children
nepotism is the real trend today
also true talent- that aint nothing worth a million!

Where the head is held high,and the mind is without fear,
applies to the evil, rich or the cruel.
we can have the largest domes and the biggest missiles,
where cast based reservation still prevails withe suicides as a fuel.

Mob lynching is a everyday problem now,also rapes.
it goes on to anti nationalism, corruption and prostitution.
And here is gandhi's country,much like this sonnet
with only problems and no real solution.
These are my thoughts on what is happening in the worlds largest democracry. here is a glimpse of what india is internally.
this is my country and im proud of it, but at the same time true and purest from of patriotism would be to critisize your country to perfection
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