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Graff1980 Mar 11
Is a flower
folding in
on itself,
the last mist
of morning

It is a lost doe
walking through
the back yard
on tree bark
and disappearing
before I can find
the camera of my mind.

It is the one song
played on
so, you can feel
the beat
and barely hear
the heart
the music declares
as the lyrics
my soft hearted
to a state of peace.
Stephen James Feb 28
cold soft blades of grass
hummingbird sips morning dew
in tranquility
a haiku
Levi Windolf Feb 25
The tranquility one finds
On the road to sustainability.
Is the food the soul requires
To journey through eternity

A soul that is tormented and anguished
By the expectations of a reality
That barely does enough to maintain
The sanity of its humanity.

Is a soul that is stuck in the routine
Of a life lived dreaming a dream.
And never quite seeing any signs of relief
From the constant need to eat, work, sleep

But if one allows oneself
The opportunity to embrace our unity
Then the mundane society controlled by psychiatry
Falls away in a beautiful cascade of pain washed away.

As you finally face your place in this race
To get to a top that never seems to stop
And you finally see that the top they mean
Is the spot that let's you control the 'free'

But if you decide to be free and be like me
Then make a decision and start the dream
Don't talk of tomorrow because it's time that you borrow from the Today that is, and always has been,
The perfect day for your life to change.
I was sailing in

my own storm

but now, I am

at ease.

Sailing in

my lake of


for You have given

me, peace.
Stephe Watson Jan 27
I spiral happ’ly in,
I feel my flesh
dissolve to wet, to
gaseous mess
and flow flow flow
into the asterism
that is her extra latte French roast

She asks, “What do you see?”
I see Himalayan diamond dust,
the wind as particle, sharing the
Sun in glints.
I see spiral arms and accretion discs.
I see stardust, moondust, lovedust
in great grand colorful interwebbings of
****, of truth, of song, of delight, of Us.
I see RGB Grand Walls of stars;
organized in mind but cosmologically
I see the possibilities of galaxies -
Life giving life.
Lifegiving, Life.
I see an unspoken Universe
of Dust -
Awake to Dance,
to dance to Life.
I see Love.
I see Beauty.
I see worlds not yet.
I see suns unshone.
I see comets unknown.
I see tidepools.
I see fields of fuzzies.
I see Seas.
I see mountains and valleys.
I see Forest.
I see Love.
I see her, and in her,
I see a world, a cosmos, a way;
a way I’d rather be.
A way I’d rather live.
I see Love.
I see her.

Through tears,
I see
the limitless warmth of an unlimited
Un         iv         er         se
in her tawny toffee coffee
LWZ Jan 21
The grip is tight without remorse
Suppressing memories of my execution
Betrayal sharp as a knife
The unease of a battle I never was aware of
Secrets so sick they stench of rotting flesh

Forgiveness is an elixir
A medicine for the pain
Abandon thyself absolutely
To achieve a place of tranquility

Self is all I have
Self will last indefinitely
Self betrayal is thick
Like mud on the bayou
Like oil on water
An eye for an eye
Betrayal ends with betrayal
Marla Toledez Jan 20
A wall runs low against a dirt hill,
Made of cracked stone
And shattered granite.
Leafy greens climb up the wall
From the low side,
Creeping into its crevice.

A visit to the hill
Was not in my thoughts
As I was reminded by
My nightly sigh.
Perhaps it'd be better
To roll up the grass
And murmur musings
About my beloved.

So I turned away,
My shirt collar to the dirt.
Wind parting my hair as a
Whisper wisps by my ear,
"The green cracks await, my dear."

At a click,
My heart stopped.
Ecstasy poured through me
As my world rocked.
It was her:
My Queen.

And so we laughed
While we hung beneath a tree,
Two with nature
But one with me.
Erick Ramos Jan 19
Close your eyes,
Calm your mind,
Let my words
Be the guide.

As I kiss you
In the night
I can see through
All that's kind.

Yet I've failed,
Once again,
I should of done it
But I couldn't then.

I know I've fallen,
And I'm afraid,
Don't want to get hurt,
Or be betrayed.

Oh, please tell me,
If it's only a game.
It doesn't matter,
But it'd be a shame.
a quiet room,
a calming light
is all I really need
to write

a couple tokes
to ease the mind
it helps the words
flow out, I find

and my poems reek
of desperation
when I can't find
the inspiration
can't just turn it
on and off
or sometimes I'd just
make it stop

oh, and uhh,

a couple tokes,
to ease the mind
to force my work
is ****, I find

but most importantly

a calming room,
a calming light
is all I really need
to write
Contrary to popular belief, chaos and tranquility were friends.

It was our ignorance that made it seem as though their camaraderie was competition.
Everyone seems to take polar opposites and make it seem as though they're enemies. I just don't understand it. Just because two things are different doesn't one is better than the other.
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