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In your palms, a lingering remnant of moonlight
traces your fingerprints,
And it illuminates shards of evening rain that have landed on your skin as droplets of hope.
Together a nebula is painted on your hands,

And you find tranquility in evening wakefulness.
Norman Crane Sep 27
water drops
     drip on rocks
          from the tops
               of tomahawks
The stars shine bright in the night sky

A cold wind blows gently through the air

Not a sound to be heard from the sleeping houses

A quiet walk of tranquility in the empty night

Is what is needed to keep me sane
Norman Crane Sep 10
how tranquil it would be
to sleep as deeply
as an anchor
at the bottom of the sea
Amanda Hawk Aug 28
Serenity is translucent

In the stillness I find myself

Icing over my skin

Tracing tranquility in small patterns

Over my stomach

Letting my strength be silent

As my mouth rests

Control doesn’t have to be loud to be heard

Standing here, I watch the world move

I feel myself come into me

Reflecting my soul within tiny flecks of light

I let my dreams bend and shimmer

While I wait motionless

Composure freezes upon my face

Stern eyes and soft smile

I will greet the world with open arms

In my silence, I find myself
Norman Crane Aug 17
we rest riverside
enwhispered in the twilit waters flow
seduced by the poplar grove
gently bending stalks
making way for the windswalk
forever let us lie this way
mud sand sun
minds eye unsay
ere new world takes our fantasies away
s a m Aug 8
|A poem written by: KIAH P.|

In the tranquil of the palm trees 
In the taming of the ocean tide 
In the welcoming warmth outside 
The springtime said goodbye 
And I find myself being pulled to open air 
Where the sun is high and dry. 
Golden hour, set me free 
Before you set with grace 
Crystal shower, do not flee 
I submit to your embrace 
For a moment, I am gone 
and forever I remain. 
Time lost and time found 
In the summer rain.
KIAH P. is one of my friend. I'm really happy and so much thankful that he joined me in the making of this new collection of poems. I hope you enjoy the piece. It has part two.

POEMS OF THE RAIN, Copyright © 2020
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Ces Aug 3
The sensation of one's vitality
is the doorway to a deeper understanding
of exquisite inner joys
and the tranquility of being.
JEG325 Jun 15
there is solace in the path untraveled
when it leads to the sea's tranquility

I hear the sound of the water's roar
see waves crashing out on the beach

feel the wind brush across my face
as I taste the ocean's salty kiss

then a perfect sunset paints a scene
of purples and reds and tangerine

watch the stars slowly dot the sky
sprinkling lights across a velvet night

listen as the night birds call to me
fly away with us, set your heart free

and when fireflies are flitting around
like starlets plucked from high above

I return to where this started from
refreshed enough to visit my dreams....
A walk down a lonely path to the ocean....
Shin Jun 15
Bathe away your aches in the morning dew.
Breathe the fresh sunrise air and start anew.
Mark down the idly passed moments and stir.
Blink your eyes, reduce the pain to a blur.

Those moments foreign, damp within your mind.
The grace of the wicked night may remind.
But always, always the rose sprouts anew.
Always, always, your heart knows what to do.
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