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Brad post Sep 25
Today I’ll ponder,
on these scars.
Tonight I’ll wish,
upon a star.

Tomorrow may bring,
another wound,
but wounds can heal,
if treated soon.

I thought of death,
and felt the wind,
sigh with his breath.

Not today,
he whispered clear,
perhaps tomorrow,
but do not fear.

In the end,
he comes to all.
The weak, the strong,
the big and small.

He’s timeless and constant,
Death’s always “been”,
and he has no pity,
foe or friend.

He’ll lead me on,
to the unknown,
giving me the thing,
he can never own.

So I will not fear him,
and I shall not fret.
For tomorrow,
has not happened yet.
Death comes to us all.
Shin Sep 17
I can taste the purity of the blue.
Soaking through my spirit.
Offering tranquility to my mind.
These old bones are weary no longer.
Osiria Melody Sep 16
There may be strong currents in life's waters of victory
There may be earthquakes along your faults of prosperity
There may be cacophony in the music of joviality
There may be imbalances in your scales of rationality

In times of a dire need to shed out of your past self,

Remember that you're always loved,
Even when your heart beats apathy
Remember that you're always resilient,
Even when your mind screams worthlessness
Remember that you always matter,
Even when your hands betray you in harm

Please hold on to your unwavering faith, whatever it may be
You always deserve to heal and be happy

I woke up in a great mood today.
Susana Sep 3
It's gazing at the reflection of strawberry skies in an untouched lake
making you feel like the child you once used to be
thinking about what your mom is making for dinner
It's a warm summery breeze
hugging you like that blanket your grandma gave you for Christmas
while you slowly fell asleep
It's chasing a butterfly in your garden
feeling the wind in your hair , not worrying about anything but that **** insect
yet now
as we grow older
why must we be frightened of being tranquil?
Jac Sep 3
a certain tranquility had
washed over the place

once crowded and populous
now as if any event of the past
had never been present

you could call it the end of times
at the start of a new day
Onomatopiyya Jul 30
I'm glad
To know you
You got that warm smile
Understanding mind
Everything seems mild

Thank God
For that day
The day 1 I met you
It was awkward
But I didn't lose my words

I hope
This will be everlasting
The tranquility you gave
The comfort you hold
I wish it will last forever
Happy birthday gf. 143.
Eloisa Jun 17
Luminous fireworks
Into the sea of silence
Stranger on the street
Shin May 30
Do not worry Doctor.
I have seen the machine.
I know what lies in wait.

Oh Lord may I be saved.
Our grace shall come in vain.
Alas, she must be slain.
Perhaps, she'll live again.
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