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Ryan Joseph May 16
tranquility was there
not until when raindrops appear,
then tranquility bears.
FC Azaele May 14
Twinkling stars, lovely
shining so bright, starry night
oh tranquil silence
Leone Lamp May 11
I like to sit and think and stare
At that spot, on the wall over there
As I listen to the pitter-patter
And wonder if anything really matters?
Fancy a game of shoots and ladders?
Up and at them, let's get at 'er.
When the going gets slow, the slow turns into prose. Up and at them!

Winter Mar 28
he said
a blank canvas
for the day is breaking...
what will we paint
today my love?
for the incense, we burn
to warn of the wards
gives us a new spirit
so when the ground
softly breaks
under our pleasure bed
relinquishing our dreams
we make way
for our new
The song weaves me apart
To appease the tension
In my heart
Before taking strings
And sewing me back together
I will cry from the tension release
And cry more when the song is over
Leaving tear trails
From my eyes
That soak and run
Between my fingers
Like rivers down
Down my forearms
But I'll be okay
When the song is over
I'll be okay
When the lyrics speak to me
As them I could have written
I have a relationship with music, you see
One that you could never understand.
20 lines, 286 days left.
The wind is in your face.
It's cool and the sun is warm against your skin.
Your hair is just barely blowing in the wind behind you.
The trees are green and the grass stands at attention for you.
The fluffy clouds dance above you as the squirrels scramble.
The flowers are in bloom and colors surround you.
The serenity envelops you and all cares fly away.
Because for at least today you can be one with nature.
Holy masters' mastery
Doesn't need monastery
Looking for opportunity
Leading to tranquility
Go to anonymity
Sink into spirituality
Beyond the veils of normalcy
there's a hint of the extraordinaire
the fruit of magnificence
within the Spinning hole of the vortex
lies the base for restoration.
You Close your eyes to see
the true nature of life's realities
I felt the presence of the ones before me
The divine beings
basking in the glory
emanating from all
My heart drew them near
Their words I hold dear
This Safe space I cherish
till eternity.
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