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Van Xuan Mar 15
I hate seeing a woman cry because of me
A principle I throw away
Since the day she left me alone

I made countless women cry
To satisfy my unquenchable anger
A sin that I can never overcome.

But when I saw my mother cried,
My heart was squeezed ruthlessly
An invisible force ripping my soul.

Can I still be called human?
When I've done so many cruel things
Even forgetting the only principle I have

A principle that I made for my mother when I made her cry once.
Poetic T Feb 17
The morality of our present
                           will have implications
       on the repercussions

of what it means to be moral.

For the principles we bestow
       on others
                                of future words,
                                          of actions.
Will acknowledge
                    the motivations of future references.

Our ethics aren't beckoned by
       beliefs or
                         regional confides.
       They are moulded
on the evolution of our
                                     evolving humanity.

Showing that no matter our distance,
                                               the substance
                         of each.
Is morally imbued
                         within the fibre of each moment
we collect and share upon each other..
A M Ryder Aug 2018
Someone is suffering, what're you going to do?
If I have the capability to relieve them of their suffering then that is what I'm going to do
Regardless of who they are or what they're worth
It just doesn't get anymore complicated than that
When we started this, it seemed so simple
We were going to help people.
But what if those ideals can die?
What if those hopes can fade into the failure of the system?
You have to ask yourself "How do I protect the ideals I came here for?"
Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2018
Learn to always love yourself
For it's the realest and greatest love of all
Learn to prop and balance thyself
I guarantee you'll never ever fall .

Learn to always say the truth
They say it will always set you free
Don't trust words from a man's mouth
Some truths will hang you from the tree .

Learn never ever to believe a living man
For man to man is so very unfair
Learn to never trust a beautiful woman
Many things fits beneath her long hair .

Learn to always hustle and look for your own
Nobody has time for those without
For the poor will always be the least respected in town
Nobody really cares what they're ever about .

Learn to always give those in need
But make sure you do it when you can
For charity is a blessing and a seed
And learn never to say yes when you can't .

twitter @ivanclappers
One life to live ..follow these rules and you will longer
Brent Kincaid Jul 2017
I let myself hate some people,
Just this once, without remorse.
It isn’t that they couldn’t be better
But they certainly couldn’t be worse.
When I see someone hurting others
Just because they know they can
I begin to doubt if they really are
Still what we could call a man.

Or a woman, it’s that way too.
I have seen both happening
And their womanhood doesn’t really
Spare them the awful labeling
As monsters no less than seen
In the worst of horror flicks.
You don’t have to watch them long
To recognize that they are sick.

Why would anyone with everything;
House, toys and outrageous food
Find themselves so evil and resentful
To get into a robbing, killing mood?
Yet they do, and spend great energy
Finding ways to steal and maim more
And more of people they don’t know
And then call themselves sweet names.
What does it take to make people be
All hyped up on these kinds of games?

And why do others applaud them
And act like they are something great?
Go ahead, come up with some excuses.
I’ll be patient and sit and just wait.
What could make a person believe
That genocide, embezzlement and theft
Are they only ways they can have fun?
That there is nothing more fulfilling left?
It has honestly been a while since I've ventured this deeply into the inner recesses of my jumbled mind.
Reason being that I have become ****** into the popular misconception that only grand ideas and realizations deserve note worthiness.

However, what always seems to escape our recollection is the grace that often lies within simplicity.
Take happiness for example; I've always wondered what happiness would look like if we were to bestow upon it a physical form.

The Shape of happiness might resemble glass...Simplicity in plain sight
Though you don't usually notice it, it's still definitely there...
You merely have to change your Point of view slightly and that glass will sparkle when it reflects the light.
I doubt that anything could argue its own existence more eloquently...
This piece begins by an admission of neglecting my mind for a period of time. I began asking myself why. Why nothing "wow"ed me anymore. Why nature was no longer beautiful. Why a gorgeous full moon was no longer a sight to behold and stars were blending in with the lit skyscrapers above.
The world had somehow ****** me into thinking that in only big and grand things could inspiration and happiness be found. But what about nature? An ever constant presence. Even while undergoing four cycles of change, its fundamental charisma remains the same. Always there to uplift and bring us together. What about the moon? The lamp of all lamps. A consistent reminder of community between those who share its shine. And must we mention the stars? Galaxies far away and yet obvious in our skies. Each the piece of a bigger constellation which tells a whole new story passed down for generations. When we start to think about the world around us for what it is, so much can be revealed. We start to make connections that were staring us in the face all along. We just spoke of nature, the moon and the stars...while probably failing to realize that all three elements serve as a reminder for consistency through family and community.
Many of us are still so lost...asking where all these values have gone while failing to realize they exist all around us. We "...merely have to change our point of view slightly..." and unprecedented grace can be found in your backyard as opposed to a completely different continent.
Dyrr Keusseyan Oct 2016
Set Goals,
others make themselves, and others, fold,
in silence be gold, in speech be bold,
Set Goals,
Then smash the **** outta them!

Be silent, priceless,
Be peaceful, yet trained in violence,
Heart young, Mind old,
Set Goals,
Then smash the **** outta them!

Do this do that,
Your wrong which ever way you hold the bat,
All envious, no one can sense your wrath,
Set Goals,
Then smash the **** outta them!

Some enemies become friends,
Some friends, were you sworn enemies 'till the end,
All envious, One Desire,
They burn when you play with your fire,
Then Smash the **** outta them!

Again and again,
The world turns with no beginning or end,
Truly you are your own best friend!
Wait for the day, were regretful they lay,
And Smash the **** outta them!
When love peeps beauty oozes from each curve
Wonderful innocent beauty is just ready to serve
Love is overcharged by beauty and in state of verve
Let my sweetheart give you all what you deserve

Sentiments have taken me to the road of fulfillment
Burnt in fire of love i have nothing but beauty in front
To confront brilliant beauty let love give its judgement
My sweetheart let my love being blunt to bear the brunt

We are aliens in this community of ****** and rascals
Let us be in some other real world of fairies and angels
Let us in sheer jubilation burn all our remaining candles
Let us be really staunch followers of all love principles

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
People with their ***** tricks so cheap
Should be ready for the harvests to reap
Simple words with meanings so deep
Hatred and venom like snake to creep

From their ***** path they never retreat
Blunt ,sharp knife hidden with smile sweet
With ***** designs carry just white sheet
Covered with religion want to just greet

Satan has a large family to play surpass
Who can see their faces in a mirror glass
What could be the fate of humanity alas
Trespassers will never be able to harass

When truth prevails falsehood is to vanish
Virtue remains wish and vice is just blemish
Laziness remains sluggish is bound to perish
Only man of principles comes up as stylish

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
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