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Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2020
Your startup
For this life
Is not to
Oblige over
Phantom hopes
Connecting the dots
Redefine the patterns
Drain the energy
And unveil
All the unsolved mysteries
Since ancient time

Your purpose
Is to share the flame
Your own reality
That hold within
Being aware
Not to be right
Every time
Authentic happiness
Harmony and dignity
Living life, simple
Being eternal light
In your own way
Genre: Inspirational
Theme:  Rational Living
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
***** mouth in class
So crass
In the corner young man

Whistle blowing in class
So distracting
Time out, go sit over there

There’s a snake in the class
I had to tell! I had to yell!!
Sent to the Principal’s office

My “Principles” got me
What happened to “see something wrong, say something”. There’s kids in this class.
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
Is Justice
the principles
of how a society should function
to facilitate the joy and happiness
of every citizen?
In contrast,
has modern law
become the powerful and wealthy
imposing their
demands and expectations
on the rest of us?
Is law
the principles of Justice?
Is law
principles which guide the behaviour of every citizen
to facilitate the joy and happiness
of every citizen?
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
I need
to continuously practice
responding to situations
according to my best principles of wisdom
because continuous practice
improves my skill
at striving for joy and happiness
in a wise way.
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
I need
to frequently revise
my principles
for living
a joyful and happy life
so that when challenges come
I’m ready to respond
in a wise way.
Nat Lipstadt Jul 2019
all my poems are unique general principles

~for Helene Mendelsohn~

“A general principle never comes to life in my mind except by exhibiting itself in various special forms and in
crowds of instances for each form":  
R.G. Collingwood

each a construct - an arch-i-texture,
each a crowd of a single instance
special forum, a dialogue differentiation,
a conjugate particle,
forming up, in marching order,
a singular troop, a base case singular,
a soldier especially demanding,
“Of Me, Write, Write”

for within my insight,
a one-off sighting,
one glinting wave reflecting,
its one millisecond exactitude of existence,
reforming unseemly, a new but not!

a seemingly similar shifted shape,
but no wave is a precision repetition,
perhaps a passing familiarity
of its precedents, antecedents,
at best

an instance borrowed and paid back
to the generosity of time
for a fully developed statement of a
general principle,
even a primary secondary textual emendation,
requires a unique naming definition

being born and dead dying while you are blinking,
does not understate absolute value,
a principle exists to give absolution,
so the moments resets,
but its own resolution is n’err forgotten

do you see the crowd of inferences
herein contained?

the principal unique,
poem plucked from passing sun ray,
a tickling hair of a brazen breeze,
one wave, one wave reconstituting a
millennium of preceding lives,
deriving its abbreviated genealogy
of droplets of prior principles
forever reinterpreted

so I gave you back
words you knew
but in a new combination
establishing this poem,
its constituents,
as a unique general principle

there is a prior poem, new, unique
in everything
7/21/19 10:00 am S.I.
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