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Melody Mann Jan 2023
& as you shade me with relief from scorching rays I bask in your benevolence,
For you are a creation of infinite cycles,
A manifestation of life itself,
An essence of soul's past,
A recollection of karmic accounts,
My friendly companion.
To the natural glories on the island of O'ahu
Aged, wrinkled and worn
Our Palms of fortune and destiny
Show tracks leading to new places
Playing out the timeline of our lives
Like a show - a Chorus Line
The queues will flock for the matinee
And so this poetical line ends.
A poem on the theme of 'Lines'
© Joshua Reece Wylie
J Dec 2020
Candles are how we keep fires as pets.
we scoop the pyre into our palms
and dump it into pots
and expect it to stay lit on its own.
I keep getting worse at writing
Maria Mitea Oct 2020
You Majestic Swaying Palm!
Bending with discrete respect
in the breezing sea with ageless patience,

With Ageless Patience,
You Exhibit your Slenderness,

for those that seek to taste your fruit,
and Wondering in Solitude,
for those naked men and their wishes,
for those naked men and their hopes
to climb and touch your crown,

You Majestic King!
Evergreen and Ever-Present!
Shooting life against the evening stars,   
Declaring Victory
over the noisy world and dreamy sea.
Paul Idiaghe Aug 2020
a cradle of completion;
my rubik's cube slowly becomes
faded of colors, frayed of stickers,
as a twisting time renders it
subtle and scrambled, but
unendingly unsolvable
—my meaning left
muddled on the palms of life

muddled on the palms of life
—my meaning left
unendingly unsolvable,
subtle and scrambled, but
as a twisting time renders it
faded of colors, frayed of stickers,
my rubik's cube slowly becomes
a cradle of completion;
a ritual
warrants retribution
to hale
to connive
this practice
midst a
dire sequence
reserved for
her to
comprehend misgiving
with era
of hot
democracy through
she is
this strawberry
daiquiri but
amid rattan.
Aaliyah Salia Jul 2019
I want to reach new heights,
fly like there's no tomorrow,
I want to scoop the world in my palms
and protect it from deadly folks and deep hollows.

It's my dream,

a simple desire,

am I asking for too much?

or am I just being naive?

It pains me to see everything crumble away,
pains me to see that we're living at the end of the days,

it pains me to just stare at the stars,

and wish to vanish as far

as my soul can escape.
Sometimes, we must realize the world we're living in and try to think about how we can save it from turning into ashes and dust.
Stanislav Jun 2019
Clear blue skies;
under the coconut trees
I’m taking a selfie.
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