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A day you look back
to see how much you’ve grown and bloomed.

A day you reminisce all the lovely
and memorable memories made over the year.

A day you are thankful for all
your blissful ups that integrated themselves
as memories in your mind.

A day you're thankful to the people
you have met over the year that made
an impact for the better.

A day you're thankful for the life lessons
learnt that made your become a better,
wiser, stronger or simply given you a an
edge that you never had before.

The day when you let your ego
be glorified by the wishes and compliments.

The day you feel extra dose of love
and attention from the people around you.

The day you are grateful for the life you have
and look forward to growing, progressing,
creating more memories.

Because birthday to me is all that
and spending the day with gratitude for
your existence and being around the people
who make you feel like your existence is meaningful
and you are beautiful.
jenny May 10
It's 2:30 A.M.
And my coming of "age" memories begin to
Float within oblivion.
Although I'm sure there's light somewhere...
one. like everyone else, i'm warmly welcomed, i think?
two. being ill didn't stop me from gaining enjoyment,
but i surely can't remember.
three. blank.
four. blank.
five. blank.
six. pinning the tail was worth the laugh.
seven. blank.
eight. blank.
nine. blank.
ten. blank.
eleven. blank but i'm sure that i was happy to leave the zeros on the scale.
twelve. blank.
thirteen. blank.
fourteen. exactly what a celebration for growth should feel like.
fifteen. seasick and unamused.
sixteen. blank.
seventeen. blank. maybe i ate or something.
eighteen. an unforgettable adventure.
nineteen. absolutely nothing.
twenty. hopped late onto a magical train.
thank you, my friend.
twenty-one. i wish it never happened
And it hasn't been long since then.
Darryl M May 8
What speaks more of a mother’s love than your kind of love?
What they say about our triple threat family matters not.
We are like a triangle, our bonds are stronger.

Call me a mama’s boy,
but a mother raised me well.
Whatsoever the world might like from me is because of you.
You never made a wrong investment in raising me up.

I’m grateful for your love.
I’m grateful for your care.
I’m grateful for the good looks you shared.
I’m grateful for the great clothing style you taught.

I don’t like birthdays.
But yours is special.
Coz yours lasts till the ends of time.
In my eyes, you’re always precious.
Not just for today.

No other lady compares.
You’re the one I’ll always look after.
You’re the one I’ll always care for the most.
But there might be one I like the most.
I say this with a smile on my face
as I aim for one on yours too.

I don’t want to do this on anybody’s death bed.
In case we don’t show it enough.
We love you.

From your dearest sons.
Happy Birthday Mom.
Completed: 29th December 2017 [02:12 AM]
Arke May 8
you said that aging is collecting ghosts
of everyone who enters your life and leaves
my collection, ambitious, I think of them daily
haunted by those I've loved and lost
uselace May 7
birthdays are weird,
because just a year ago
i thought there was no way
i would make it here alive

birthdays are weird
because they remind me i am still here,
which is somehow
both good and bad

birthdays are weird
for indiscernible reasons
but what i used to enjoy
i now drift silently through

like most of my life,
are weird.
today's my birthday. i don't know if i'm happy or sad or tired or depressed at this point,
Toxic yeti Apr 15
The striped
Coloured planet
With that crazy red dot
So round
So perfect
That one is called Jupiter
My pearl.  
Happy birthday.
Marla Apr 15
Tinkling rhythms engulfed us
As we sat in a cuban bistro,
Surrounded by the populace
And having nary a place to go.

We spoke of many things
That curried the other's favor,
Then I noticed her silver rings
And decided I'd wait no later.

This stranger that sat before me,
Blue curls atop her pretty head,
Observed my hand steadily
As it dropped off the table's end.

I reached into my bag and withdrew a rock,
It's complexion of gold and plaque shining silver.
Her reaction was that of pleasant shock
As I wished her congrats on turning a year older.

Now, a year and some days later,
We've both reached a special place.
Day to day I get to face her
And feel my lover's warm embrace.
Donovan Apr 3
At age 10 the birthday boy sits alone,
Solemnly chewing cold, $5 pizza
And drinking his fourth Coke.
His cake looms nearby,

At age 30 the birthday boy sits alone,
Staring with glazed eyes at
stale chips in a hazy bar
And devouring his fourth *** & Coke.
His wife withers at home,

At age 75 the birthday boy sits alone,
His collar stained crimson by coughs.
Death taps her foot at the door.
His pills remain locked
in a bedside drawer,
Let me know if you have any suggestions.
Don Bouchard Mar 25
I remember 35
Like it was 25 years ago.

I had hair then.
Was in my eighth year of teaching.
Had four children at home,
A dog.
A cat.

Unbounded energy,

Stress fed my bones,
Canceled my fears,
"Work harder
Before the night falls!"

Night is falling.
Sixty is nearly here.
I am nearly gone,
And yet you linger,
A soul standing in periphery.

What is the point of living
If the past cannot be left,
And the present stand still
To let us dress each other's wounds,
Forgive our others' sins,
Let us, limping as we are,
Move toward the center,
Again to begin?
Seven years upon us....
James Lo Mar 2
seventy candles flicker in a room full

the sweet union of voices

sixty-nine times before that day

the man walked the moon when I was ten

I had heard stories and so I dropped

the mentos

as my son speared it into the sky

giggles erupted and hearts soared

As our chins tilted toward the sun
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