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These are the events that occurred on October 2nd, 2015
these are the facts, the series of events from start to finish
sadly, it's my fault... she's just another excuse
love is meaningless without a hurt to give it life
without the pain of their absence, the sting of watching them go
she draws analogies to a virus I once had
she reopened the injuries of one before her
one that I blamed for too many of my disabilities
but let's stop there, another confession for another time
let's get back to this one
stay with me... I know it's a lot to take in

Well, it was my birthday, and I knew I'd be miserable
so I planned accordingly, what happened happened
I didn't know what to expect, so I expected the worst
something felt off that evening, we both felt it
sadly no one else did, they let us suffer
hell, they couldn't even remember my ******* birthday
what a moment, what a memory to share
when those whom you believe in most, stop believing in you
so I stumbled out without saying a word of goodbye
out into the night of my birth, wanting to die
then the phone rang, as it always did in my worst moments
but it wasn't them, it was you
seriously? did your ****-His-Life-Again radar just start pinging?
the most twisted thing, is she's not nearly as evil as she leads on
it's 70% *******, and I always knew it, its part of what I liked about her
she was covering up as much as I was, it was a secret that bonded and broke us
we were both ****** up, but for different reasons

Behind the scenes, the young damaged darling crept out
along came a spider, crawled up inside her, now her heart was a festering wound
try as I may I could never stop the bleeding
and the pain only numbs when she's hurting someone else
I was a closet *******, so we fit really well... at first
but I got tired of palming a blade in bed so, you know
I must've been pretty out of it for you to talk me into it
not the first time, not the last time either, just easier to forget
I had escaped you, I was free of your grasp
had moved on, found someone better for me
someone who didn't try to make me into something else
you never knew how to take no for an answer
once you smelled the blood on my tongue...
TRUST, you don't need to remind me of all the mistakes
I'm very aware of everyone you know about, and everyone you don't
but to taste you again, feel you again,
to feel what I once felt before
I was weak, and I wanted, I wanted to... Feel
we picked up right where we always left off, naked and angry
it was through you I learned the difference between *******, and making love
where I learned the difference between love and... whatever we were
I spent more time naked with you than any other person in my life
and not just the **** times
I shared everything with you, things I couldn't afford to give away
so EXCUSE ME if it's a little difficult to get over it
not that I'm not the guilty party here, but accessory much?
so once again you got the best of me
so good ******* riddance, pardon my bitterness
because I haven't found anyone better since
and it's starting to worry me that I never will
I guess that's the price of vengeance - a whole lot of anger, a whole lot of nothing
you were my most heartbreaking fourth quarter
and my heart breaks, because you won't say anything
I was a quick fix, an asset
and you'd just wipe away the blood, and walk away,
pretend it never happened
yet your name's still tattooed on my shoulder
I'll always love her, and I'll always hate her for that
and with that, another chapter closes, yet no end in sight.

you know what's ****** up? My mom reads these...
Sally A Bayan Oct 2020

In the midst of the anxiety and fear
surrounding us....despite a series of
crises that continue to affect/infect
our livelihood, our relationships,
our long time plans....and which
have practically disrupted our
normal lives....not many will agree,
that, gratitude should still be flowing,
out of our weary minds and hearts...

Hollow days, holy days, holidays and
birthdays come and go
...those who were born a few months back,
...or, a few weeks ago.....
...those who were born yesterday, and
...those who were born today...
...those whose birthdays will fall tomorrow
...and/ the coming days,
...there is much, much to be thankful for,
...for, in these days of tribulations
we have learned so many truths about life-
about our family and friends
about our government officials
about far we can go,
or, how much we can we are
during  normal and not so normal times
let us be thankful...true colors have surfaced...
we now know better...

to all of us, regardless of
the dates of our birth...
what matters most is that,
despite all bad...there is good,
and if we still live,
we shall survive...


Copyright Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
October 1, 2020
Laiba Sep 2020
It's HIS birthday today
THE MAN who ruiend me
he was meant to be my DADDY
Not my abuser
Why did GOD
Have to create him....
Jo Jul 2020
I told myself that one day it won’t hurt anymore
And I think that I was right
I’m learning how to work for it
I’m learning that it’s worth it to try

I promised myself that one day I’d let it go
And I don’t think I’m there yet
But I’m getting closer every second, every minute, every hour
I’m getting used to moving on from things that left me hardened

I know myself, and I know all the work that I’ve put in
I wish I could tell fifteen year old me she’s moving onto better things
I’m not as angry as I used to be, not as anxious or as sad
I understand the light inside of me isn’t something bad
very ****** rhymey poem I put together in 10 minutes because I’m turning 20 tomorrow and I can’t believe it
Jana Pelzom Jun 2020
It’s my birthday
Someone would surely remember?
It’s already next day,
Not even a single well wisher.
It was of no fault
But my own,
I had an expectation
And was just fairly let down.
Disappointment ©️ 2020 Jana Pelzom
Jay M Apr 2020
They want to give you things
They want to waste time and effort all on you
And all for what?
Temporary enjoyment,
Lasting anywhere from a few minutes
To a few years
Even so -
It's so unnecessary, even wasteful
Of what they work for
What they could use to support themselves
Yet they waste it upon such things
For another
To see them smile
At least every once in a while.

- Jay M
April 28th, 2020
Someone asked what I wanted for my birthday. I only want to see the people I care about and those that care about me, or maybe to go on a long walk. If not then maybe camp out in the backyard, or board games with my siblings and parents for a couple of hours, or even just do some karaoke in the living room.
Blackenedfigs Apr 2020
I am forever
plagued by noisy yard work
when trying to sleep.

                                        Skipping class again
                                        because of anxiety
                                        I don't need more sleep.

                                                                         It is my birthday
                                                                         I am crying in the car
                                                                         27 looks real rough.
Aŧül Dec 2019
My biological birth anniversary is coming,
Just two weeks are still remaining.

Turning I shall be twenty-nine,
I hope to be at my birthday fine.

Study I shall more for my exams,
These won't get over till later days.

The toughest examination I wrote,
With my blood, I had written it.

May 7th, you know the day,
It is my second birthday.

Second birthday as a disaster,
A disaster that was averted.

The year was Twenty Ten,
Fall I did off the bike then.

Plunged into a deathly coma,
I scared both my Pa and Ma.

However, here I am, rhyming again,
Writing poems to forget the pain.
My HP Poem #1816
©Atul Kaushal
Merry Nov 2019
Happy 21st birthday

I remember the date of yours every time
And I know it’s not today
Makes it kind of funny
Since you never remember mine
And it’s not today either, don’t worry

I dream about you every so often,
My beautiful birthday queen,
The beauty standard who I hold myself to,
Skinny but imperfect

In my dreams, I feel your hands on my neck
Sometimes a wedding veil or silken glove,
Strangulate me too
Choking me, you’re choking me, I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe around you living either
You throttle me with…. with… with…

Anyways, I hope nothing but the best for you,
You, insufferable *****, you,
I have never felt lonelier than when I stood beside you,
My high school bestie whom I love to bits and pieces,

But happy birthday
You deserve nothing but the best
From me and from everyone else
On this day you have to share with your sister
And a bazillion other people, too
You deserve Vanilla cakes
(Because I know you don’t like chocolate)
And silver rings and beautiful diamond things
(Silver because I know it looks better on you)
A kiss from your smoking hot boyfriend
(The one I’ll no doubt have a crush on *** laude)

And, of course, sincere congratulations from me
Your high school best friend
The girl you left behind
So that you could mack on boys
And had someone to pick up your slack
But in your absence, behind your back,
I became someone new
New and still a little – a lot – naïve
But someone wise enough to know better
Than to tell you *******
On a glittery, twenty-first birthday card

P.S. I hope you like the flowers
And that your real card finds you well
And the fifty dollar note I left for you
In the envelope, an embrace, I never want to give you
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