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Seanathon Aug 22
Quiet voices call
Another restful mind's eye
To see as others
Be as being cannot call
And remind if quiet lives
Tuesday 12 - A tanka always has a place in my heart
this four-cornered cave, i’ve been calling my home
the sun has dried up
and left bleached like a bone

this bone i’ve been living in, like an old woman’s shoe
but i have no children
and i have nothing to do

this deed that i’ve done, it has been done for me
but I was condemned
and condemned to be free

this freedom is nothing, not like freedom at all
i sit staring at shadows
shadows play on the walls
Written by Justin Aptaker, 2006
Glenn Currier Jun 14
When I was a young idealistic thinker
I took the bait hook line and sinker
now I’m an old more skeptical believer
but I hope I’m still an open receiver.
Limitations of a human are still neglected,
Claiming that everything is possible.
Someone said,
Impossible is I'm possible.
If so, why not jump off a thousand metre cliff.

The saying is a virus,
Inciting young minds to dream the unachievable.
After all as goes by the saying,
Hard work is rewarding,
But then failures strike,
Dismay creeps in.
It is easy to blame not accepting that they are to be blamed.

Keep trying is another lie,
Since there is no time.
Life is short, dreams are more.
Life won't always give the best.

But there are men who have achieved much,
Not driven by ideal pursuits.
Respecting self is rare trait.
We all aspire to become someone great in life but we need to accept that not everyone can be great. But can't we try to be great on individual level. We cannot do everything, because of our physical or mental limitations, and it is not bad to accept that one doesnot have a trait that one wants. After all it will save one from the consequences of hopelessness and depression after failure.

I don't mean to say that don't be ambitious or don't try for things that you currently don't think are possible for you, but at least before giving a try why not know what it is, will I be able to keep up my sincerity to achieve it.

We should know what our true self is then only we can get success in life.

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Maelynn Mar 11
If tomorrow our sky is no longer blue
I should hope to sit and talk to you
To waste away hours laced with darkness
With a gentle smile and a sweet caress
For sunshine is a relative term
And shades of Gray hold beauty;
I find it in the depths of your eyes
When you're feeling sad and gloomy;
And when our skies of blue return
I will hold you tighter still
And through centuries of sun and storm
I'll never get my fill
Matilda Oct 2018
I can do it too

Author essays outpouring love
written in abstract as if not
PAINFULLY pointed-
A spear to stab straight through.

The kind, like a fish hook
which snag prey on the
backwards draw
dragging them in
to dinner.

Except: My written word could
never match that which
i showed in every breath
or act.

Inverse of yours, these fragments
of passion that
I NEVER ******* SAW.
What ******* SWOON?
**** your ******* retrospective

… Because I caught it too.
A precious illness I never want to lose…
I’ll join to idealize you.

Yank on the line harder.
If you stitched it of any substance…
It might not snap.

PS: Now I can see you ripping through
my rainbow scales, to dine on
my cooked white flesh.
Do I even remember how to bleed?
eleanor prince Oct 2018
Where are you
my one perfect muse
the shape of contours
conjured in dreams
held since bud was formed

Where do you rest
like me for that
of moments


Are you even
embraced in capsule
located in One

Or are you diverse
scattered like seed on
winds unknown
beyond my reach
as I wonder


Is it pointless to conceive
of your fullness
knowing deep down
you exist only in
poetry of disenchanted idealists

Newly formed realists
whose life work
lies smashed
pointless journey
reaching reality

Or will I glimpse you
in passing crowd
ephemeral but
sharply cut out
from all the rest?
(If not 'muse' then boss, friend, partner... )
amber Aug 2018
I am trying
to keep my head above water...
and avoid looking at you
if i mistakenly do
I will sink so deeply
air will no longer be
a familiarity
not even a privilege
simply nonexistent
i will solely breathe you in
A Simillacrum Aug 2018
Idealism boards its boat
and sails out to the ocean
and its middle reach.
Out as far as it will dare
it takes its detached opportunity
to yell its prayers
back at the beach.

"Wouldn't it be better,
if things were just [x] way?"

"The problem is that we're [here]
when we should be [there]."

Both bare and shoed feet
fist up the sand
and shout
shout, shout back --
They shout back,

"In the mid, your world is gold.
Here on the land, everyone's stomping toes.
On purpose. On accident. It happens.
**** happens. As far as living goes,
reality just is. So, sink with your conviction.
We challenge form, train adaptability.
Super humans laughing up from the tar.
We've come so far. We've come so very far.

It's still nothing."
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