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the lord confronted—
strikes with aimed ferocity
the shogun repels
a haiku
Riley Cartwright Dec 2018
Για νεκρούς στρατιώτες
Ρίξαμε τα όπλα μας
Σταματάμε να παλεύουμε
Αυτή τη στιγμή της μνήμης
Είναι μαζί μας
Αγωνίζονται μαζί μας
Έχω δει τις μητέρες μας
Πλήρη δάκρυα
Είναι τόσο γρήγορο
Πού πήγαν εκείνα τα χρόνια;
Οι μνήμες δεν θα τους αφήσουν να κλάψουν
Μόνο αν δεν επιστρέψω απόψε
For Fallen Soldiers
Verdant Quo Nov 2018
I carry a white noodle bowl,
carefully up to my chin.
I smile as my nose catches,
the steam so grey and thin.

I set the bowl down gently,
Because it was too hot.
and take this time to ponder,
The noodles I have got.

A small carrot captain,
rides his vessel south.
But the spoony seas are violent,
and bring him to my mouth.

Legions of green sprouts,
are armed and at the ready.
But their base was built on broth,
and therefore is unsteady.

A scallion sergeant paces,
He’s timid and afraid.
And hopelessly fell in love with,
A mushroom mermaid.

The brothy land changes,
As beef enters the scene.
And to the broccoli scouts,
this meat is only mean.

Finally the egg,
who knows he’s the best.
Will wander around the edges,
till he decides to rest.

The dinner’s duty done
I tilt the ocean east
And drain the sea of veggies
into the belly of the beast

I take the styrofoam bowl.
And poke a hole in its side.
The bowl is now found empty
All my friends have died.
Andrew Choo Aug 2018
katana at my side
yumi is my bride
pride is my ride
burly bushi
medieval military
state server
social warrior
soul fighter
Japanese royalty
honour and loyalty power and glory
i'll make you pay
i'll make you bleed
this is my creed
Meera Jun 2018
You spend your nights tossing and turning on your creaky bed
You hug your demons like a teddy bear
You try to hush your cries for sometime
But still a tear or two escape from your eyes
You attempt to think about the old happy times
But you can't evade the darkness that surrounds you
Sleep has abandoned you like your lost love
And all you do is stare at the ceiling above
You are broken tormented and terrified
In a vicious circle of emptiness and sufferings
You crave for the warmth of your lover's arms
But all you get is the coldness of your bed
For tonight, my friend let the moon be our messenger
Through it lets talk about our broken hearts, lost love and shattered dreams
Let's talk about the pain that clouds our eyes
Let's share the warm hugs of kindness
Amidst this pain, let's not forget that we are warriors
Souls who refuse to give in
We'll fight against our demons like the warriors we are
We'll rise above this world once and for all
Never give up
Selena WH Apr 2018
Her scars
Are not ****.
They are beautiful,
They speak of her pain,
The battles
She valiantly fought
With herself,
Her insecurites,
Her fears,
Each of them
Tell a different story,
And they stand
Testament to the fact
That she survived
All the ordeals
She has ever
Wear every scar or insecurity or fear as if it's your armor. You guys got this, don't let anything keep you from surviving or living.
Noah A Mar 2018
Nobody understands you
I want to know
Why you ****
The pain you cause
You make warriors fall to their knees
Everybody worships you
You haunt nightmares
You are an evil sorcerer
Your prison locks away the forgotten
In a place where
Creativity, imagination, and color
They do not exist
They are not welcome

I hate you Death
You have taken from me
You thief!
You are evil
You torture my mind
My body screams for the pain to stop
You **** me from the inside out
You possess my thoughts
There is nothing worse
You filthy liar!  You cheater!
I hope you suffer beyond belief!
I hate you, Death

And yet,
Without you
There would still be pain
You end all that
With one movement
What is worse than death?
Many, many are worse than Death
You may be a devil, Death
I will never understand you
You have helped me through life
And when it is my time to end
I will do it willingly
Thank you, Death
Vivian Zems Feb 2018
“stay low, go fast,

**** first, die last,

one shot, one ****,

no luck, all skill”

(Unofficial Navy Seal Slogan)

I stand at the graveside watching
as each person steps forward
to throw dirt on the coffin

I study each face closely
and marvel at all humanity
What is it about funerals
that causes all to attend?

And yet in a life well spent
not a visit, not even a scent
I laid down my life, as you see
laid it so they could be free

It must be a sense of duty
now they come to visit me
Oh- the hypocrisy of humanity!
And now another journey awaits me

I soar to meet passing clouds
caught in the upstream of wind
a final glance, and just by chance
I catch your eyes following me

©Vivian Zems
the ones of courage
stood up to bravely defend
they saw that injustice
was in need of amend

others looked away
not seeing an infraction
yet the valiant warriors
forwarded into action

they dared to do
what was right
and didn't shun
the just fight

showing conviction
was JAX and Kim
who stood up to advocate
for the apt Jim
A poem inspired by the courage of Kim Johanna Baker and JAX SPADES. Their advocacy for others is without peer.
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