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This life's a battleground,
We're all warriors here. 
Fake smile is our shield in this, 
And we're battling through our invisible tear' (tears).

Fighting to conquer the kingdom named 'success,'
And the failure is our only fear.
Even after identifying the target of attack,
Our goal seems to be hazy and unclear.

Resisting against unknown adversaries,
Struggling every single day to survive.
"One day, that kingdom will be ours,"
Only this hope keeps us alive.

With a tired body and countless scars,
We prepare again to endure all the strife (strives). 
We back ourselves up again to fight the next...
Perhaps this is what we call life..!
Accept or not, but we're all battling here each day... 🙂
This life is like a car without brake'...
We never know what turn this life will take..!
At this moment, our heart's full of love; and at the very next moment, it might even break...
So just smile in every situation, even if that smile is fake..!
Life is a War field... And we're the warriors of it... Our weapon to fight is our smile... So, just smile and continue to fight in this War field called life...

Brake' — Brakes
NefariusHD May 2021

Those who try to hurt others only end up hurting themselves, my love, passion and kindness is too strong.

I am a warrior, I am the sword, I am the shield & most importantly the voice of reason,
If you can relate then you too are a warrior, it is a revolutionary time and if you cannot relate then perhaps it’s a time for change and or a reconsideration.  

Money, fortune and fame is not what we seek, it makes the heart weak, there is not enough space in my own or a fellow warrior’s heart for greed, pride or anything alike,
Those who hurt others only end up hurting themselves.

We look to leaders, prophets & gurus for answers yet lose ourselves in the process, we forget that they are just people, and at times become unaware that they aren’t all that different from us, the answers lay within each and every one of us and we must remember that everyone is a teacher.

The fight never stops, we must push ourselves every day, so, keep fighting, keep that fire going and try not to lose yourself in the process but if you do, don’t be scared because there’s always help, you just need to reach out.  

Don’t forget that we are not survivors, we are not animals nor are we predators or prey, we are human, we are warriors.

Hope you feel a little less alone,  
Thank you.
Aastha Bobby Feb 2021
The last 2 months have made me a changed human being,
I have learnt new things and have improved my skills.
The time told me to stay motivated all the time,
If or if not the situation is under control of mine.
Tons of people are diagnosed,
No more warm hugs from the one's we love the most .
Still a Ray of hope Rises along with the brightness of the Sun,
After a dark night of gloom a chutzpah may come .

The last 2 months have made me a changed human being ,
A human who now have a different picture of Superheroes in its mind .
Not Marvel Avengers or Spider-Man,
But doctors and policemen .
A person who used to have many tantrums earlier,
Have become a person who learn to pay gratitude to everything smaller than smaller.

I have a lot of people to talk , thank god !!
Now I know how lucky I am ,
That I have a shelter a loving family and food to eat,
Yes , the last two months have made me a changed human being
Jay M Jan 2021
Their song
Tells of ages great and long
Warriors found and forged
Along the beaten path
Souls deeply bound
Great foes emerged
Faced with mighty wrath

Drinks all shared
Stories of deeds dared
Battles to the very brinks
Of what sanity each knows
Upon steeds of white they rode
Bringing but death and remaining humanity
No matter how ill the journey may indeed bode

Not every battle
Was fought riding in the saddle
With sharpest sword or strongest ax
Nor concealed dagger or fearsome fist
But in walls of roaring metal
With sharpest words and strongest facts
Concealed stagger and fearsome twist
Leaving wounds to bleed
Perhaps more than a visible ****
Fuel to deed great or foul
Perhaps to lash and scowl
To yearn and to feel
To learn and to heal

- Jay M
January 21st, 2021
Like battles of fantasy, but not quite.
Veronica Moore Dec 2020
Two thousand warriors drew their swords for a war they would not win.

Two thousand warriors fought bravely for a cause they didn't believe in.

Two thousand warriors were cut down quickly by the hands of enemies despite.

Two thousand warriors' souls were reaped on the blood soaked battlefield that night.
Feel free to critique!
Thekingspen Oct 2020
Have you ever been at war?
Yes! and not a combat war
In this insane world, I fight to stay sane
I fight a mental war and an emotional wreck
In this cruel world, I fight to stay kind
I fight my way through evil and inhumane
In this world of social and societal comparison
I fight pretence and to remain an original person
I have been at war with depression and mental unbalance
Smiling in your faces and fading away in pieces
I have been at war to uphold my values and principles
In a careless time that sees you as boring and weird
I have won and lost some battles
And, I didn't like the taste of failures and defeat
So, I am going down fighting each day and each war
I have been at war,
one that almost claimed my beautiful soul
Ryan Clark Feb 2015
I am the sacrificial lamb
To your Jihad
You are the target
To my warpath;
If we should never
cross paths in battle
Let there be no animosity
between us
Let us meet
In Valhalla
No anger, just business.
Nandini yadav Apr 2020
विदेश से एक अजीब सा मेहमान आया है
नाम उसने अपना कोरोना बताया है
देश में परेशानियों का पहाड़ बनकर
हज़ारों मुसीबत अपने साथ लाया है
हाथ मिलाकर वो लोगों को फ़साता है
दूरी बनाने से वो दूर भाग जाता है
मास्क ना पहनो तो वो खुश हो जाता है
और बार-बार हाथ धोने से वो हार जाता है
बीमारी का भय दिखाकर सबको डराता है
पीछे पड़ जाए एक बार तो बहुत सताता है
लापरवाही करे इंसान अगर तो
मौत के द्वार तक भी ले जाता है
डरना नहीं है इससे बस अब ये करना है
अपने हाथ और शरीर को साफ और स्वछ रखना है
उचित दूरी बनाएं सबसे घर से बाहर न निकलना है
लड़ रहे जो हमारे लिए उनका साथ निभाना है
नहीं करना अनदेखा इसको इसको सबक सिखाना है
बिन बुलाई इस आफ़त को
देश से बाहर भागना है,,

Corona leave us now

A strange guest has come from abroad
The name he called his corona
By becoming a mountain of problems in the country
Have brought thousands of trouble with you
By shaking hands he lures people
Distance makes him run away
He does not wear a mask
And he loses by repeated hand washing
Fear of disease scares everyone
Once again it hurts a lot
If humans careless then
Even leads to death
Don't be afraid just do it now
Keep your hands and body clean and clean
Make the right distance most don't get out of the house
Fighting for what we have to do with them
Do not ignore it, teach it a lesson
Un convened this crisis
Have to run out of the country
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