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Dave Robertson May 2021
On the whole kindness equals weakness thing,
I question any ****-nettle licking bulldog
who with merry abandon will slobber, chase and
bark bark bark at tired rabbits
to hide the bare patch where real ***** should be

Glorious, true strength comes from settling into
another’s shoes and sadness
and making both a little lighter
while still achieving arbitrary, stunted targets
set by dim witted stumps getting paid way too much
Marla May 2019
The Land of Opportunity
Should not be
The Land of Indignity.
Work for you,
Not for anybody else.
They'll point their fingers
And call you the "Bad Guy"
For being the only "guy"
With a spine.
A job is a job is a job,
But your life,
Your self-respect,
Your happiness-
They're worth more
Than the world.

So make it yours.
TKtotalyrad Mar 2019
See when I first thought about love I would jump to random **** like only reason ppl would love me is if they could cheat then I found out that people like me for me and then i found out that I'm worth more to other people then I thought I was and to the one I love most I just wanna say I ❤️ u and wanna be together forever and I'll love u as long as possible
Ik I haven't done this but I wanna set a like/love goal of 10 so if u could please like or love my post that would be amazing
Kyle Kulseth Mar 2016
Who has the keys to this Wednesday night?
I wanna ******* drive, I'll take the exit
               off I-90
  and these bloodshot eyes
  they won't slow me down
  or catch up until bar time.

Greyscale cityscape--it's blurred out size
               can dissemble time
and make a smudge out of our plights.

Not asking questions.
I won't need to lie
if I just keep quiet.

               Not gonna slow
                                     me down.
                  Not this time.

Door to the weekend has started creaking
and leaking light.
But my threshold's high
and we're not on foreign ground.

Dim reflection in your shouting eyes
calls for some more time
so it's one more round
and keep running for a place that's high.

Not gonna stop until these blurring lights
               and my X'd out eyes
can make a streak out of my sight.

No further questions.
I don't mean to pry.
So I'll just keep quiet.

               Deal is, you've gotta
                           me tonight.

Let's pitch the keys to this Wednesday night
and ditch this beat-up ride. Let's make our exit.
               Torch these bridges,
             flee through rainy night.
              They can't stop us now
             or catch up until bar time.
Dark metal grinding, stabbing static.
Aspiring chirps, and growing panic.
A glitch in the symphony,
a sudden epiphany.
The choir grows quiet, the church bells silent.
Absence of light, darkness takes flight.
Listened to a song by the M Machine and wrote down what I saw.

— The End —