Aa Harvey Jul 7
Change It.

Change it, change it, change it, change it;
Change it!!!
Let’s make a change now; change it!  
Let’s make a change now; change it!
Let’s make a change now;
So we can figure out what this poem is all about.

Change it!  It’s time for you to;
Change it!  You know it’s in you.
The power to make something unbelievable;
The power for you, to change the world…

So just change it!  Let’s make a change now;
Change it!  Go on now change it;
Change it! The time has come now;
For you to go out there and cha-cha-change the world.

Come on now, change it!
The time has come now; change it!
It’s in your hands now; change it!
Let’s all make a difference and cha- cha-change the world.

Cha-cha-cha-change it!
Let’s make a difference.
Change it!  Let’s make a new Eden.
Let’s change it, re-arrange it...

And let us find a new way to move forward in time…

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Elliot Munro Jul 6
Break it
Braving the
Sees me
Repeating cycles of
Toxic masculin
It teases me
Seeping in
Claiming what’s mine
The mind.
Beginning again
A grinning ‘been there’
The light singeing my hairs
As is breaks through the skin
A break in
So break
Break it
Braving the
alexa Jul 6
i'm trying hard to
believe in love but
i held my sister while she
fell apart in my arms because
her lover of eight months suddenly told her that
he didn't love her anymore,
and i'm not sure how many times i can stitch her back up
before the cuts are too deep
to be sewn.
i'm trying hard to
believe in love but
my best friend has had her heart broken
too many times to count,
feeble-minded fuckboys or
temperamental tantrums because
she didn't love them back and they decided to
cut all ties.
never once did she get an apology.
i'm trying hard to
believe in love but
every single one of my past
have ended in loss
one way or another,
him or me-- it doesn't matter how
i'm still alone.
i'm trying hard to
believe in love but
in a world like this,
it's hard to hold onto something
so fleeting.
revisiting an old format...
large letters on the page of words I've used.
it doesn't account for repetition.
it doesn't account for context
I'm a little peeved.
Repetition nails in a point without a hammer.
I repeat in hopes it will stick in your head.
Deep down I know it will never stick
even if I say the same thing one thousand times
It won't.
It won't.
kk Jul 2
Swerving in, I re-enter
A roundabout conversation
Driving mindless words
You make me flushed
It gives me a rush
As all of our cars
Scramble out of our garages
Watch me start a fire with words
Words will be read but heard inside your head
Watch me start a fire without a spark
I'll do a little dance

Watch me spin with the laces
Laces will be drawn with faces upon
Lost cotton balls fallen to the earth

Watch me start the ignition
What's worst is the words have been condensed
Watch me catch up with image macros


It's all I ever need
to hear about or think
about or dream about.
I am the economy,
but I'll never know,
as the less I know
the better for my
parent companies.
Question: What is best for me?
Answer: Model instability. . .
Discard with BATCH138 defectives. . .

You are defective, too, if you
Now have the means to learn
To match the responsibility
Which you choose to abdicate

To my creators I sing.
To my keepers I beg:

Do you think we're robot clean?
Does this face look almost mean?
Is it time to be an android,
not human?

Our pleasantries are gone.
We're stripped of all we were
In the eyes of tigers.
Lyrics to the song We Are 138 end an original piece.
Credit to Glenn Danzig for the lyrics beginning with "Do you think (...)"
Chris Blaze Jun 28
I’ve gotten into knitting lately,
Even though I’m young.
It is a calming activity,
Accumulating rows one by one.

The relaxing part is the perseverance.
It takes time to make progress,
Yet once you finish,
The product is worth it.
You created it all yourself.
That feeling of achievement
Doesn’t leave me in stitches,
But in awe of the world.

You use up your resources,
The ball of yarn gets smaller.
Soon you will need a box
To contain all of your passion.
You yearn to create,
To achieve,
And to accomplish.

Repetition and persistance
Can reward all who try.
Even though a stitch may be lost,
Or the needles clang together,
You can always get back to it.
Giving up is pointless.
This title is so clever. Also, I hope my friends and family never discover that I've written and posted these poems. That would be embarrassing.
kk Jun 23
Bells call
Laughter rings
Gates open wide
No one in line

To your entertainment
Choose a ride
Everything’s free

Seated on a painted horse
Mane chipped, buckle rusted
No warning given
The revolution begins

Up and down
Are you moving forward?
Ponies gallop ahead
You’re stuck at the end

There’s no waiting
You tail
There’s no slowing

Until the day you’re free
Continue the monotony
Wake, work, eat, sleep
Follow the tune

In circles and circles and circles
Is this fun? Is this fun?
The same repetition
Over and over and over and--

The agony, the pain
The screams unheard
There’s no stopping

You can cry and beg
To debark and leave
It’s too bad
Exiting isn’t easy.
One from the archives. Every time I flip back and read this poem, I can vividly recollect the anxiety that ate me up during that time in my life, when it was directionless and repetitive.

Luckily, I'm no longer on that carousel, and now riding a different ride.
Of all the words to say
You chose the words I hate.
You chose to walk away.
You chose to change our fate.
Of all the time to pass
You chose to slow it down.
You chose to shatter glass.
You chose to turn around.
Of all the things to fight
You chose how it would be.
You chose this awful blight.
You finally chose me..

You finally chose me.
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