Luby 5d

We are just what we want
I am a winter coat and you are a vintage car
Together we are a winter coat and a vintage car
And together we can go anywhere
We are torn and we are rusty
But together we can go anywhere

Jessica Dec 8

I look at myself in the mirror,
Unsure why
I don’t like what I see,
But how can I change?
I was made this way for a reason
And I will stay this way forever.

I don’t want to be like this forever.
I look at my reflection in the mirror
And I do it for a reason,
Even though I don’t know why.
But I guess I want to change
Although it’s not that easy, you see...

I hate what I see,
And I don’t want to be this way forever.
But I don’t know how to change.
Because what I see in the mirror
I think is ugly. You ask why?
Well even I don’t know the reason.

And there is a reason,
That I am still unable to see
And I know why.
Because no matter what, I will think this way forever
And continue to look in the mirror
Wanting my body to change.

I want myself to be different, to change
And it’s like that for a reason.
I can only see myself in the mirror
And I hate what I see.
It will be like this forever
No matter how many times I ask ‘why’.

I cry and scream and yell out ‘why’,
Because I want my body to change.
I will cry forever
For the very good reason
That I hate what I see
When I look in the mirror.

I now know why and it will stay like that forever,
I look in the mirror and am disgusted with what I see,
But I see that I can’t change myself and that is the reason.

Samantha Dec 5

Kids just don't fall in love
It would fly right away, just like a dove.
Every single day, on the Net,
I see love poems, but I haven't yet
Fallen in love, for that is a task
That kids do not do, as it never lasts.

I am far too young to simply quit
For I am just a kid, that's it.

When I was just little, in sixth grade,
Something happened to me that made me seem played.
I was just waiting, outside of math class
When by me, this weird boy walked past.
"Sam," he said to me straight-faced,
"I like you." he exclaimed with no disgrace.
How could it be, I wondered from shock.
I can't be liked, to myself I would mock.
I looked him straight, right in the eye,
"Okay." I just said, without any lie.

I never loved him one little bit
For I am just a kid, that's it.

One day, I may hope to grow up
Like an adult dog, not like a pup
So I can finally find love
The big change will be like a shove.
But it will sure be worth it at the end
I'll make a new pal who's more than a friend.

It'll be like falling into a big pit
For I am just a kid, that's it.

I decided to write my first poem about love, and my first poem where I tried a repeated line! How awesome is that?
Charlotte Dec 4

In English,
we’re learning about
Winston and Julia
in 1984, but
it’s 2017
all I want to study is

I want to study less
about the
control and freedom
Big Brother has
and more about
the calculation of your

I want to study the way
your knuckles could be an
infant’s home, small
hands reaching out
longing for you
or the way the veins in
your arm makes abstract art,
beautiful enough to be showcased
in any gallery.

I understand now why they say
“as pretty as a painting.” Because
you’re as timeless and
breathtaking as
Mona Lisa.

And your blue iris's,
swirl with dark and light
tones with a slight
a golden glint,
I could stare into them for longer
than any
Starry Night.

I’m just better suited to an art class.
I want to learn the primaries
so I can swirl them all together and
get your dark brown hair.
I want to add the most expensive
white, so I can paint the
faint freckles on your nose and

I want to mix blue and red adding water
until the colour is a perfect match
for the faintest birthmark
on your shoulder.

Instead of the History of Russia,
I want to learn the History
of you.
I want to learn what makes you smile
and what makes you cry.

I want to study you,  
I use each brush stroke to
perfect your skin,
each pen writes down
notes until
I have a whole book
full of each heartbreak,
so I can learn a lesson
in you.

Charlotte Dec 2

one. small spaces
two. immortality
three. becoming an alcoholic
four. admitting the truth
five. commitment
six. people
six. life repeating itself
six. people who promise that they won’t hurt you
six. having children, not because I'm scared of children, but because I know I'd be a failure of a mother
six. loving someone new
six. loving someone healthy for me
seven. waking up in the morning to the same thing, to the same routine, to same people who hurt me the first time.

Luiz Syphre Nov 30

Hello Sweet Darling, I’ve been waiting a lifetime for you!

I never thought I’d survive the karma to deserve you...

but I see the dawn upon me in your eyes...

the darkness retracts slowly to the pits of hell...

it quivers in your glowing presence! With a respectful bow, it unfolds the heavens with a majestic red and orange haze...a carpeted welcome to your glorious arrival!

experienced begged that I was never to love another, yet your mere presence drives my will to territories it had been cast out of!  

you’ve tore down the walls I’ve cemented for protection and once again, deeper than before, I find myself in the murderous bliss called love

I had long forgotten such a feeling...lost in the emptiness I was left to perish in, yet you’ve retracted me from her dark corner and validated my pain!

even with the knowledge of what I stand to pay at your potential departure, I hand myself completely over to you

your presence demands it, and I am but a slave to your mute wishes…

if that day should ever come, I beg you, dispatch me to the after instead

I refuse the alternative

- Luiz D. Syphre

copyright 2017

Oculi Nov 30

A quiet lonely abode
I hum to myself again
I still don't know
Who the hell I am
But I have thoughts
And there's people
They don't recall
Neither do I

But that's all good
Because this world
It's so fair, so, so
It just wants money
Oh no, not me
I'm nothing to it
I just put work in
Not anymore
The lines lengthen
But I'm just a dot
The worlds are lines

Please cease it
Stop talking so much
I can't hear me
Or him or us or you
What even is this
You don't even exist
I'm paying next
Don't worry, baby
Never worry again
I'll never be here
Not for you, no, no

So long, so long
Since I had a skull
It was shattered
Now I'm nobody
My skull was me
But not anymore
They and I took it
So I just work
I'm the money
I'm the work
I'm the people
I'm the no
I'm not the yes
They're the yes
But they don't...
They don't exist
So I just work
Leave me be
Quiet down
Leave me
Let me work
Let me

Mark Wanless Nov 26

"Some Joke"

I walk ten million miles in circles
Touching again and again fire then ice
For the ouch!    ahhhh      ouch!    ahhhh
       some joke

Lunatica Nov 19

Repetition of a word,
turns it meaningless.
did i say 'Love' too much?

Duzy Nov 19

He shoots... He misses
He shoots... He misses
He shoots... He tagged me.

I've been expecting you
I've also been avoiding you
But what could I do when I knew that your aim was true?

That's just Cupid

I must confess, more or less, that I'm back in this mess with this little black cloud in a dress.

Walking all over me, running rings around me. Stamping everywhere that you breathe
Bob says "it's good to talk", the old man says "don't be a grass".
I don't know which one to believe.

That's just stupid.

So we decide to talk but it doesn't last long
Soon enough we're shouting. At least the passion isn't gone.

As I fantasize and fight to rationalize
You exercise your right to exorcise.
Honeymoon is over, we got work in the morning.

But honey is still honey, and a bee is still a bee.
So whys she acting like a wasp?! There's stings all over me.

So I mentioned before that I'm back in this mess, but it's my mess and I'll tidy it up alone.
Well of course you will it's your bloody fault. That's it, I'm turning off my phone.

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