Zippity Zappity Zap
  Jolt yourself awake
    Zippity Zappity Zap
      A spark of inspiration
        Zippity Zappity Zap
          Bolt over to the goal
            Zippity Zappity Zap
              Shocking that you failed
                Zippity Zappity Zap
                  Linger in my thunder
                    Zippity Zappity Zap
I despise this feeling
That doesn't have a sealing
It wants to constantly be singing
And in my head it never stops ringing
I deserve to die
I deserve to die
I deserve to die
I deserve to die
I don't want this cheer
Stop ringing in my ear
You are a blight
That I will never accept as right
I deserve to die
I deserve to die
I deserve to die
I deserve to die
I want it to just end
To have the ringing mend
I want this life
No matter the strife
I want to live
I want to live
I want to live
I want to live
This is my name
But after all this shame
I deserve to die
And this isn't an ugly lie
It's a beautiful truth
For this one and only youth
Alex McQuate May 2017
It's dark,
Shaun Morgan is bellowing into my ears that he's reliving the same experiences over and over,
That nothing's forever.

The flick of a bic,
The taste of tobacco and ash,
Filling my lungs and giving my brain a buzz,
And in this sleepless night I'm inclined to agree with him,
Nothing lasts forever,
So what are you waiting for?
the puppet man
the puppet man

pulls on the prompting
he makes good use of the
them dolls answering to his
how well he handles the

the puppet man
the puppet man

oh yeah he's got a tight
influencing what the dolls do on his
all of them dancing along in
ever he'll call with the strong

the puppet man
the puppet man

manipulating the dolls every which
he has them co-opted by his
coercive the show's tugging
so he'll obtain his own

the puppet man
the puppet man

He said he couldn’t believe he was flying
He said that it was the best feeling ever
He said my breath on his face was exhilarating
He said my golden hair had never been so within his grasp
He said my radiance would leave his cheeks redder than before
He said he wanted to hold me in his hands
He said look father I can almost touch her
He said he would never again be able to stand on solid ground
He said or forget seeing my face this close
He said Don’t worry father, I’ll be fine
He said Just a little higher

I remember his father’s face
I remember seeing his feathers fall off one by one
I remember him slipping through my fingertips
I remember the splash
I remember a beautiful girl,
crying on the beach
I remember her calling out his name
I remember her hair behind her:
As she jumped after him, off a cliff
I have been waiting a millennium, to forget
I would have liked to catch him
It would have only scorched him worse
I wrote this years ago for an English class, we were supposed to take a poem or our choice and respond to it in some way. I chose "Waiting for Icarus" by Muriel Rueyser because I loved the format and sadness in it. I highly suggest you read it as well and know the story of Icarus. It's one of my personal favorites!
daytime rhythms
of coming and


out the door
in the car
to the place


twiddled thumbs
swivelled chairs
barked-up trees
and morning teas
and banter

on knees
and eyes to

and this meeting
and that duty
tick tock

a-flow through
time and space
and light
as the
sun turns over
in its sky
and rests its
head down on
the other side

out the door
in the car
to the place

for something quick
to have for dinner



© 2017 Adelaide Heathfield
The march of nine-to-five sets the rhythm of the day, both soothing and begrudging. It causes flare-ups of activity at certain times and lulls at others.

Collective shufflings here and there make people cranky but keep them on track. And the sequence of sounds—predictable, as if orchestrated—makes music of the mundane.
Danial John Feb 28
Said it before
Say it again

Don’t let me led you astray

Sad never more
Pain leaving

Won’t see you if that’s what you say

If that’s how you feel
If it’s what you truly want
I’ll leave you alone with zeal
I will stay long gone
A Wegner Feb 15
Paradise of the mind
A precarious place to be,
The jungle of sleep.
Wake. Sleep.
A cyclical smile arises
Easing societal surprises,
You’ve got them at your feet
All you’re doing is counting,
And everyone can sleep.
Run sand run.
Sleep sloth sleep.
Sporadically blitz,
Contrasting brain blip
Turn your head
And sleep.
‘We will be there soon’
And you show them your
Can you smile?
Just for fun
I hear a conversation running


Same as last week.
Staring at those peas
Counting the –
Components and compartments,
To fit your
Flesh and bone things.
Caught up in the monotony of it all, will I stumble? Will I fall?
I had to google monotony
funny how in the flow of things
you forget everything.
tell you youre doing all this to get to something
but you settle for the acquisition of things.
what did you want before you dived into this?
was there a moment,
before this time, that you had, to think about
what you wanted?
mostly no.
it's all yes or no,
that's the thing.
yes college no job
yes happy no friends
I know what I wanted because I did have a moment as a kid
before they told me about money.
yknow? it's kinda funny
you knew this was coming
we all knew what was coming.
they told us as kids
that it gets worse
we didnt believe
so we never did act
and we cant now
because weve been beaten down by repetition and expectations
and that's a fact.
and some of you can figure out how to get back
to the time before money,
if only for some moments,
and I envy that.
Emily Feb 8
Dead end days
Spent by dead-end kids
Living on a dead-end street
Listening to a dead-end radio
Sing about dead-end dreams
That taste bittersweet on the dead-end tongues
Of these dead-end kids
It’s just another dead-end day
Doing dead-end deeds
In a dead-end world of grey

Dead-End Boy
Met Dead-End Girl
Born was a dead-end friendship
But the Dead-End Boy
Had dead-end feelings
For the Dead-End Girl
But the from the Dead-End Boy
The Dead-End Girl felt no joy
In a dead-end instant
Their dead-end friendship did die

Now the Dead-End Boy
Lives life unknown on a dead-end road
And the Dead-End Girl
Works a dead-end job
But in her dead-end head,
She’s singing dead-end lies
On a dead-end radio
Using her dead-end tongue so sweet
To talk about her dead-end dreams
And listening in, are dead-end kids
On a dead-end street
Their dead-end lives
Just some more dead-end deeds done
Just some more dead-end days
Done in a dead-end world forever in greys
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