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Man Mar 8
Why does no one trust that I am wise?
When my words are rarely argued,
And I rarely use them to argue.
Only to show truth where there is lie.
And, by my own device, I have
The strength to allow the decision
Not to be brought, but arrived.
I only want you to look at what I see, if
You view and disagree,
Then we both learn something.
That I was wrong, and
You were right.
Carlo C Gomez Jan 27
Then I was a coronagraph

Assuredly shielding the moon

Remembering the solar prominence

Putting those days to bed

Before airing grievances asterisk the universe

Rayleigh scattering overpowers me

Beaches sleep here

Mists inhabit this place

Today my mind has no light, is not part of the saros

I've called off the search, I know exactly where I am

I thought that I was caught by hope and dreams

Then realized I was only passing between them

Neuvalence Aug 2023
We wither like embers adrift the winds
With dreams set to depart eastward
Packed bags carrying rations, hopes
You sought to venture:
The beds of roses, bustling lands to scour
Enter the crowds' billowing cheers

In the city's grandeur, eyes glaring upon you
There at the centre, you stood:
Empty in mind.
Your flame roused.
A Silence that could sink you into a grave
Turbulence beneath the weight

Locking yourself into the burrows
We become pale peeking boarded windows
Counting passers-by like sheep
Conversing with them—only in mind
Have you become friendly to the Silence?

I share a dream on a warmer night
To know your docile embrace
And willingness to return
There’s only so much space in the dark

A vision or a memory...
You stood at the pavilion with broken thoughts
Still ready to quell your fears and set it ablaze
And rest yourself into the fissures

Will you miss the Silence when you leave?
I hope to see the flames in my slumber.
I'm back again
Evie G Sep 2022
I cannot wait any longer, a prisoner of dreams.
In a state of nothing, hidden from view
With only a glimpse of sun beams

Held back by the thing that pushes me forward,
Stuck in a stasis,
The hurt inflicted, only a dream could.

Stuck between a want and a need.
Hating whomever planted the seed
The need to be something more.

I can’t sit and wait like a stupid star struck school girl,  
Simmering in a boiling *** of childhood ideologies.

This time, the lobster escapes the *** before it burns its shell.
This time,
A taste of heaven will not drag me to hell.
Eve Nov 2021
We’re at the age where the entire world is trying to mold us
and trying to show us what route we must take and stay until our deaths.
But that decision is not up to them, we are solely responsible for our own
future and our own happiness.
We are held accountable for every decision we make now up to our
last breaths. And I do not know about you, but I’d like to be known
and remembered as a fighter; she who fought all the given odds to become
only what she wanted to became.

Yet another scribble, 2018 was so powerful ****.
Erik T Blaze Jan 2021
I am
Casting down imaginations
To the pulling down of., strong-holds
Gearing up for the., long term
But from the outside looking in?
May seem bold
or  quite
( Well )
Just referring to the thoughts
that I have
that are really not that far- off
while dreaming of.,  REVELATION
No fabrication on my part
As I try to separate the Light
from the Dark
with high hopes and
Which is.. a sen-sational sensation of flying high
as I'm being
High on
Or something like a planned
Evo-lu-tion that is so
Staying true to my elevation in 2020
leading into 2020 one
Now seeing  Dou-ble
( Although )
Some might try to fix it?
But I would beg to differ
Cause it would take.. Twice.. the listen
Care to listen?
Just to see things
And at the same time?
Shuning the carnal mind's version
of seeing  Dou-ble
May call it.. Twinning
Which is the true definition
of being  Dou-ble
So to combat this?
I would just never
Mind it ( meaning )
There's no rules or
bars of
For no 20 or Eye is missing
from my
Raised suspicions?
Well., Just hoping that you will
tread.. carefully
And stay
As you enter my center of words
and.. penning
As I write the vision
I'll make it plain and simple
No Subliminals
Or either I'll keep it at minimal
While maintaining the
As usual
As I keep on gaining in
Do not follow your heart follow God
Descovia Dec 2020
Warning: This content may contain graphic descriptions, which may not be suitable for underage viewers if reading aloud.

Our bodies touch
as I embrace you tightly
I feel an overwhealming
warm sensation consuming
my entire body as I
run my fingers through
your long and beautiful hair.

I begin to kiss you lovingly
and passionately on the lips
to ultimately display
my affection for you
and feelings that
can''t be explained
even in the most
beloved words.

Sweet and soft kisses
on your neck are
to let you know that
I''m ready this time
to show you that
you are meant to
be mine and only mine
for now and forever.

I place my hand on
your leg slowly sliding
it up to your thigh
gently massaging your
inner thigh while
I bite into your neck
listening to your soft moans
and becoming more aroused
as more delightful thoughts
come into mind, on how
I can pleasure and satisfy you
mentally and sexually.

Excitement and the craving
for lust becomes addicting
and drives us both mad
with wild intentions to
make love to one another
I remove all of your clothing
along with mine as well,
I place you on the bed
I take it slowly once again
by kissing your body all over

my hands wonder all over you
massaging your legs,
massaging your thighs
then massaging your *******
I align your body with mine
carefully allowing myself
to go inside of you
because I value every
moment of our intiment pleasure
my hip movement corresponds to yours.
I whisper loving thoughts in your ear
on how my endless desire to
please you like you truely deserve
may not ever be fufilled.

I caress you
while you are in my lap
we exchange loving
and passionate wet kisses
I increase my speed
and exert more force
making myself go "harder" and
"faster" allowing you to feel
the warming sensations that
I once felt before flow
into you as well
I feel you tighten up around me
I notice that your legs and arms
are placed around my waist
clinging to me tightly
feeling safe and secure
in my arms
you wanting and encouraging me
to do whatever I please
as long as I don''t stop
I become driven by
my very own intentions
I feel the both of us
on the verge of climaxing.
AE Aug 2020
Kites fly
when the wind carrying your words
Touches them,
And with them they take the dreams
that align
the stars in your eyes.

Whenever you speak of the things,
you wish to do
Joshua Phelps Jun 2020
We all have goals,
We all strive to obtain them

We try our best to stick to the path,
And avoid obstacles at all costs.

But we realize that life isn't always a straight line.

Sometimes it hands us a curveball,
And our direction veers off course.

Once again, we're back at where we started.
And that's okay.

It may not be what we wanted,
And it may not be what we asked for
But we make the best of what we've got.
And try, try again

In these uncertain times,
Self-reflection isn't unheard of;
It's almost like a great pause.

With the world around us slowing to a crawl,
The stress and anxiety are getting to us all.
We find that brief moment of clarity,
A revelation that, maybe, we're not lost after all.
In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, I realize that I'm not the only one going through a major shift in life right now. We're all going through this. We will get through this.
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