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I'm often reminiscent of times,
When my grandpa used to
Take me out on his bicycle,
We were just roaming around
His tunes always left me spellbound.
But it was so pure
He was one of those people for whom
Money held no allure
He was a man of passion and music,
He was a poet
But I didn't know it
He gave, not just with his words
But also his soul,
Even when he didn't have much control.
I would always ask him for a candy
I remember once he even gave me a sip of brandy
He never said no to me asking for a toy
He often considered me his blue-eyed boy
He would stop all his work and writing
Just to play with me outside,
Whether clear skies or lightning
Now that he's no more
I miss him and the lessons he tried to instil within me
But more than that
I often miss that genuine connection
With someone who understood so much,
But still cared enough to smile and laugh along
The man with a golden touch
With him, I was happy as the day is long.
The world will be a much better place
If we all could learn to live our life
With his grace.
A simple tribute to one of the greatest humans I've ever known. I'm not such a big fan of writing for someone specific, but he was a special person not just for me but for a lot of people. He always lived life king size before it was cool!
Simon Oct 4
A girl's values are now FINALLY free! Because nothing wasn't meant to be ever forgotten from her literal inside outness. Nor was it meant to fixate a very awful opportunity for her to mend NOTHING at all of the sort.
Except now that all values are truly free.... How does she put up with the newly evolved form of freedom, (that too is... Nothing more then the impression of something that isn't entirely evolved, when it's more of the freedom of something that never "up to this very point in time" has had the very taste for freedom...ever since this very "corruption" had first started back in a (supposed past) that can't EVER AGAIN become measured properly...? When all isn't meant to be remembered, ever again. When it's also never made to be forgotten (for the most part), either.
So, reasoning out the many variables that compute too much seeming nonsense, as if it's meant to correct it's very wrong doings without thinking about whether or not, it's made to simply be this way...from now on...?
A question repeated by another question, doesn't give enough value to an even more "correct" answer... When nothing is made to bear for the correct assumption, when wanting too correctly "imply" something of an entirely different meaning, altogether.
So, in order to mask this (good enough impression) where nothing would ever again, become "faulted" right off the bat! So you couldn't ever become the more obvious to such a situation that isn't ever to be up too date, ever again.
This poem is too a girl who isn't just (on the dime) to correct their most importance across something that's most deserving of a young and cherishable young girl's lifetime values. (Because let's face it...) A sense in someone's very self isn't truly found out or correctly assorted into context for their very heartbeat to pulse even more correctly too life, if it's not been made to be assorted (very well) within it's very pattern recognition to debate those very pulses into even more correct verses. That would then normally lead into a proud melody to simply interpret as mere language to itself bouncing off of different representation of things that ONLY matter from deep within itself (first and foremost).
Because one's very values are then sometimes mistakenly disguised by the heart that you have yet too interpret (towards the very inputs that have yet to correct it's own values for the heart to value, altogether)!
And that is a brain that's too full of itself... That it can't even see the more correct reason, as too simply "why that is"...?
PS... The brain is the ultimate finisher of failures across an even more disturbing platform that can't even redeem itself (properly) when it's CONSTANTLY yanking it's own chain essentially too bear...alone with!
A girl's lifestyle is never demeaning to cost a lot of tension, when it grips pleasure with the aftertaste of a mere consequence.
Maria Mitea Sep 23
I want to live in a world,
where I can smile,
I want to live in a world,
where I can cry,

I want to live in a world where,
when I cry, there are people,
there out are people that see me crying,
and this people that see me crying,
they come and hug me,
and I hug them back when I am crying,
they come and hug me,
with all their heart.

This is the world
I want to live in.

I want to live in a world where,
when I smile, there are people,
there out are people that see me smiling,
and this people that see me smiling,
they give me their own smile,
and we smile together,
and we together laugh,
from all our heart,
we together cheer up.

This is the world
I want to live in.
Maria Mitea Sep 13
A city man met with a villager man.

The village man talked about his work in the fields, when the city man stopped  him by saying:

“ Do you know that the city people have invented large airplanes that can fly trough the air?”

The villager was deeply impressed.

The city man went on “We have got great boats that can cross the oceans”

The villager was even more impressed.

The city man continued “ We’ve got cars on the road that drive at tremendous speed”.

After all,
The villager asked the city man:

“ The man in the city, you are talking about,
Who flies trough the air, and moves trough the ocean can he still walk on his two legs?”
I've been staying up at night,
Burning the midnight oil.
Thinking about our fights and something didn't feel right...
I don't deserve you...
I do not deserve you in the ways that you treat me.

I know that I was wrong,
and you always played along.
Even when I had hurt you, you still loved me,
we looked like fools.
I don't deserve you...
I do not deserve you in the ways that you treat me.
A rough blurb of inspiration. Haven't written in a while. I hope it is something you all can enjoy
Shrutika Aug 15
I have a Dream,
I see myself in a rose garden,
Dancing to my beloved music,
I see the jazzy birds and butterflies
dancing with me too,
Their colours lure me,
I have a Dream,
I finally have the lust for life,
I see myself celebrate living,
As a festival,
Lighting the sparkling firecrackers,
bright, 'cause they're looking
for hope in the dark night,
And I was on cloud nine,
Like it's the only thing I want forever,
I want the time to stop forever,
'Cause I felt like a Queen,
I have a Dream,
I paint the world in my favourite shades,
Violet, blue and black,
I paint it red too,
And I see the reddening,
As the only way I could
Be a part,
Of the art,
I have a Dream,
I was the most beautiful,
beauty queen,
Shining bright as the brightest
and the prettiest star,
The night was my bestest friend,
But the dark was gone,
I illuminated,
I felt more alive,
I have a Dream,
I see the world changing,
I see myself being a part
Of that change,
I saw the awakening,
From dawn till the dusk,
It lasted,
It was just a dream,
I have a dream,
My poetry had got a soul
And a life,
The words got wings,
And it started living,
Through everyone,
It contributed a small change,
However so short,
made a being think,
I have a Dream,
I see myself with each and every thing,
That I've always wanted and wished for,
I saw that I felt so serene,
With the things I never had,
And maybe won't ever have,
Then I looked at the ocean,
Oh, how I move so fast,
Out of the black,
Into it's blue,
Diving deep down,
Till I just drown,
So deep I can't make my way up to the top,
But the top,
It was just an illusion,
I have a Dream,
But, now I see my dreams,
Turn to a Nightmare,
My rose garden was set to fire,
My life lost all its lustre,
I tried to paint the world,
But the world is so colossal,
My colours fall short,
And I was never
a part of the art,
The world changed,
Leaving me behind,
I always kept drowning in the ocean
Of unethical ecstasy and fantasy,
I have a Dream,
I want the nightmares to stop.
When I reflect on all the suffering
in the name of values that were not mine
Carlo C Gomez Aug 24
The space between.

A time to sell yourself.

A time for passing.

Sometimes I touch the right.

Too much, the wrong.

Resplendent deterioration
we live by.

With casuistic slogans
and closing doors.

D'you know disembarkment
leads to land sickness?

It does.

And who can then make
heads or tails out of
the qualms of tolerance
and his cousin, ignorance?
Simple interests
Complex values
Desired profits
Loss of interests
Principal principles lost
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