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Maelynn Jun 7
Instincts rising from the ashes
A long forgotten rage
Boasted proudly long ago
Now seems to fade with age

Through blood and war torn battlegrounds,
A fierce loyalty was wrought-
Because even back then the people knew
Happiness can’t be bought

Time may heal all wounds,
And things may change with age
But for those who carry that ancient anger
The future is their cage

We praised them and we trained them
With murderous intent
Then peace dulled our edge
And into the corner they went

And though peace isn’t shameful,
It just doesn’t seem fair-
That for something once so prized
Now they must despair.
Man May 15
beauty is in the heart
freedom is within the mind
and peace is found
when we unbind

from our earthly attachments

reconciling, that sparse is our time
there will come a day
where youth will pass away
convictions, less in the sense of values but crime
you'll have wished you spent your earlier years
with a nose fixed to the grind
wouldn't that have been grand
in the latter part of your life
to have no worries on the mind
no cares, but for
time time time
Man Jan 31
she walks a line
straight and defined
though her values are crooked
her beauty is divine

and in her smile
the sun
brighter than a thousand bulbs
of the electric kind,
she is the moon,
lending to the bleak night
light, typically removed
kevin wright Jan 15
Human in thinking, doing and being

absorb, resist and learn

explore, try and teach

tolerate, effect and apt

dream, play and appreciate

choose, empathise and endure

protect diversity, past and future

destroy, interfere and absolve

observe, savour and respect

relaxing, changing and evolving

feel, laugh and cry

theorise, invent and engineer

aspire, educate and archive

navigate, articulate and embody

socialise, protest and survive

be mortal, resilient and dependable

shape, fill and transform

lead, serve and follow

make life worth living

Love to be a human
I have split out this poem from my original poem on being human north of the 60th parallel
Only the cheap
Give you the costliest lessons
Learn from them
Recover the costs
Not by ruining them
But by teaching lessons
Of values addition
Appreciation in value
Turning precious
Kristin Dec 2020
"Our people don't build fences"
and so
I didn't learn boundaries

"Our women don't talk like that"
and so
I didn't speak up

"Our children are always nice"
and so
I didn't learn where it was healthy to store my rage

"Our family doesn't do things like that"
and so
I didn't have the courage to try at times

"Our roots are here"
and so
I didn't leave with confidence


I built boundaries
and so
I healed

I spoke up
and so
I healed

I raged
and so
I healed

I tried
and so
I healed

I left
and so
I healed
Marilyn O Dec 2020
While wiping the dust off the chairs,
the radio garnished the room with a lovely song.
We chatted and laughed over and over,
sprinkling the flowers to beset the room.
Everyone was merry and positive.
We shared our worries, cried, sobbed, encouraged and supported each other.
We didn't care for nothing because we had ourselves to rely on
so we spoke up without fear nor shame.
Our confidence as family was one to be envied
because we listened and shared our cares.

The day after was more than disastrous.
Wherever we went we paused in shock.
Words cruised from mouth to mouth
and echoed from street to street.
Even the birds sung our song.
Our depths and cares were known all over the place.
We were bewildered beyond our strengths
because we didn't know you were the parrot in the house,
spreading our stories wherever you went.
Avoid gossip, it kills trust and diminishes values.
GQ James Nov 2020
Family ain't always family. Ever felt like you were on the outside? Ever felt like you were outcasted? Ever felt like you didn't get in the family? It be like that sometimes. We are all born into a family but that doesn't mean you're family. Family is more than those who you're connected to by blood. Family loves you, cares for you and there for unconditionally.
The ones who aren't your blood treat you better than the ones who are your blood. A brother ain't always a brother. A sister ain't always a sister. A father ain't always a father. A mother ain't always a mother. Just let it sink in and marinate in your mind. Families aren't as close as they should be.

The ones we should keep close, we distance ourselves from. Let's put the hate down and let's share the love. Life is too short to have so much hate in our hearts. It's easier to love than it is to hate. Why spend your whole life mad and angry about something so simple? Is it worth it? What if they die, would you be okay with that? All that anger you're carrying around ain't doing nothing but hurting you.
I'm often reminiscent of times,
When my grandpa used to
Take me out on his bicycle,
We were just roaming around
His tunes always left me spellbound.
But it was so pure
He was one of those people for whom
Money held no allure
He was a man of passion and music,
He was a poet
But I didn't know it
He gave, not just with his words
But also his soul,
Even when he didn't have much control.
I would always ask him for a candy
I remember once he even gave me a sip of brandy
He never said no to me asking for a toy
He often considered me his blue-eyed boy
He would stop all his work and writing
Just to play with me outside,
Whether clear skies or lightning
Now that he's no more
I miss him and the lessons he tried to instil within me
But more than that
I often miss that genuine connection
With someone who understood so much,
But still cared enough to smile and laugh along
The man with a golden touch
With him, I was happy as the day is long.
The world will be a much better place
If we all could learn to live our life
With his grace.
A simple tribute to one of the greatest humans I've ever known. I'm not such a big fan of writing for someone specific, but he was a special person not just for me but for a lot of people. He always lived life king size before it was cool!
Simon Oct 2020
A girl's values are now FINALLY free! Because nothing wasn't meant to be ever forgotten from her literal inside outness. Nor was it meant to fixate a very awful opportunity for her to mend NOTHING at all of the sort.
Except now that all values are truly free.... How does she put up with the newly evolved form of freedom, (that too is... Nothing more then the impression of something that isn't entirely evolved, when it's more of the freedom of something that never "up to this very point in time" has had the very taste for freedom...ever since this very "corruption" had first started back in a (supposed past) that can't EVER AGAIN become measured properly...? When all isn't meant to be remembered, ever again. When it's also never made to be forgotten (for the most part), either.
So, reasoning out the many variables that compute too much seeming nonsense, as if it's meant to correct it's very wrong doings without thinking about whether or not, it's made to simply be this way...from now on...?
A question repeated by another question, doesn't give enough value to an even more "correct" answer... When nothing is made to bear for the correct assumption, when wanting too correctly "imply" something of an entirely different meaning, altogether.
So, in order to mask this (good enough impression) where nothing would ever again, become "faulted" right off the bat! So you couldn't ever become the more obvious to such a situation that isn't ever to be up too date, ever again.
This poem is too a girl who isn't just (on the dime) to correct their most importance across something that's most deserving of a young and cherishable young girl's lifetime values. (Because let's face it...) A sense in someone's very self isn't truly found out or correctly assorted into context for their very heartbeat to pulse even more correctly too life, if it's not been made to be assorted (very well) within it's very pattern recognition to debate those very pulses into even more correct verses. That would then normally lead into a proud melody to simply interpret as mere language to itself bouncing off of different representation of things that ONLY matter from deep within itself (first and foremost).
Because one's very values are then sometimes mistakenly disguised by the heart that you have yet too interpret (towards the very inputs that have yet to correct it's own values for the heart to value, altogether)!
And that is a brain that's too full of itself... That it can't even see the more correct reason, as too simply "why that is"...?
PS... The brain is the ultimate finisher of failures across an even more disturbing platform that can't even redeem itself (properly) when it's CONSTANTLY yanking it's own chain essentially too bear...alone with!
A girl's lifestyle is never demeaning to cost a lot of tension, when it grips pleasure with the aftertaste of a mere consequence.
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