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Marlita 6d
Many people feel fear
When you speak of Evil,
Their Bibles clutched dear
As their hot hearts chill.
A great deal think of Satan,
Playing God from Hell,
With his foul demonic band.
Show them a pentagram
And most fear their bodies
Will be possessed at once
By some demonic heathen
Looking for his lunch.

But I, having lived a hard life,
Fear not Satan’s treachery
Or his delivery of strife,
Nor the fabled imagery
The church once did write.
I seldom fear going to Hell
And basking in flames for eternity
Or not getting a farewell  
Into a kingdom of just divinity.

Oh no, my mind is quite filled
With the brimstone inferno
Caused by the wickedly free-willed.
Those very individuals
Who say they renounce Evil
Have beaten me to a pulp
For asking to be their equal.

So don’t be naive and let thy name be trod
By those who yell "Satan"
Only to betray God.
James LR May 13
Brick upon uneven brick,
We built our standards high.
The stones we laid, morality,
Are slowly stripped away
By brick uneven brick.
Morality's demise.
it’s the unwillingness to      (stop)
imitations                           (one-way)
of genuine
conversations                  (relationships)
We talk about change,
    but expect others to do it.
We talk about fake news,
   but keep reading it.
We talk about democracy,
   but don't listen to the people.
We talk about lies,
   but keep believing them.
We talk about tolerance,
   but suppress opinions.
We talk about human rights,
   but torture and ****.
We talk about privacy,
   but eavesdrop on all communication.  
We talk about freedom,
   but fight endless wars.
We talk about hypocrisy,
   but are the biggest hypocrites.
We talk about so many things,
   but not what really matters.

Stop talking,
   start acting!

Next time you are upset about something, look into the mirror.
Ammar Apr 22
Capture the world by pictures and you have perspectives
Capture the world by words and you have a story
Elena Apr 13
The values of our relationships
and the commitment to our virtues
inspire and open our eyes.
logan wade Apr 9
the chalice itself had called upon me,
and i brought the poison
which i had poured for myself,
hoping for relief and understanding -
to my lips. they ached
with unrequited apologies
and a curse of madness,
there since my first dawn,
and dusk.

if only i hadn’t decided
to conjure up my doubtful spirit,
and its counterparts -
riddled with doubt and arrogance,
and silent agony -
perhaps i wouldn’t be me anymore.

at first, the venom pleased my taste buds,
fulfilling my curiosity for those thoughts
i’d hidden.
some sweetness.
some reluctance,
but inevitable interest.

if only i’d switched my mind off-
and felt truly present and unfazed-
when infusing the mixture with
all sorts of tempting parts:
dark berries and such…
perhaps if i hadn’t thought so much,
i’d taste the poison as it is.
damaging and threatening
and darkening
as i accommodated my vision
towards it…
but i’d built a strong idea within myself.
fell in love with an idea of the poison,
swam in it like nothing mattered.
formulated it, dishonest with myself
and everyone else.
dissociated myself from everything i once knew,
just for a taste.

i leapt away from my own values
towards the ocean, whose waves
understood my undulating self-image.

i write now, in critical condition,
having realised: my solutions
are all the more powerful,
when i pour the problem myself
The LORD loved me, a sinner.
I am of a chosen people,
Holy and dearly loved,
Clothed in kindness, humility
Compassion and patience.
He mocks the proud mockers and
Favors the humble and the oppressed.
Humility is to fear the LORD.
I feared the LORD.
The LORD removes my sin.
It taught me to fear sin.
To fear vanity and ambition;
For they are sins,
To fear happiness;
Happiness is sin.
I feared the LORD,
Oppressed and humbly,
For want of his favor.
But if I am made from sin,
How could I believe I deserve
Love or happiness?
@LadyRavehill 2019
Elena Mar 14
Values cave when built upon the riches
of a dead man, whose soul was fed by the hands of greed.
Cameron Alix Mar 11
You, you are a
******* like the
that takes and takes
Strong energy,
mild energy
Inhales the organically-grown
of all flowers, regardless
Good intentions.
that sure is nice
What humility,
too thoughtfully acted by
But I see it.
You have
not landed.
The world needs your
footprint but
it does not need your self-indulged
Be humble.
Your success is not
marked if
You are not humble.
Keep your tentacles
in your depths and
Poised you seem to be and success is your process but
Humility is my truth.
We float on
neighboring clouds of
public service
that have not the same hue.
Take a step back.
I see you mean
No harm
like a dinosaur with no arms
Good intentions.
Take a step back.
You desire to envelop others yet
You do so
I see it.
Let your brain rest from the throne.
the world does not serve you
It serves nothing
and no one as
We are all lucky.
You say that you’re lucky
For all
to hear
just to endear
And that is the problem
My dear, be poised.
Publicize your life for
Take a step back.
We need your
not fake.
Transform this and
Good intentions.
The world is not yours
You walk on its leaf
and repeated, recycled
Take a step back.
The world is not yours.

Cameron Bell, Copyright © 2019
This poem is conflicted, a mix of both misplaced judgment and overpowering values. Please let me know if you have any feedback! It also sounds powerful when read out loud. Trying to fine-tune my voice.
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