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ibkreator Oct 15
Be the feeling
of an answer

the urgency
of a question
ibkreator Aug 7
Hold anything up and it will weigh you down
drop anything and it will lighten you up

resistance bes not coming at you
its being held to your body by you
Maria Mitea Aug 25
O,mega love on the spot,
I loved it in school,
and I loved it later        
down on the scholastic path.

When everyone in the class adored alpha
I devoted my time to the latest, called by some the ultimate limit and by others
the resistance sign.

The first on the moon
Watch - ing NASA
And keeping the time of
Royal Forces Flying,
When worn by code
007 in “no time to die”

O, mega
Resistence sign,
Was that a mistake
In the Greek alphabet,

Are you always talking to me in your own language, or the universe always whirred back to me using you?
Joliver Jul 21
Resist now, my friends
While you still can, blissful fools
They will burn it all
Agusto Ninoy May 18
From worldly usage,
it separates things
Divides inside from the outside,
completely, without links
Walls are made to keep something out
These are also made, to shield internal doubts
As space becomes tighter
The banging volumed louder
Let outside in, and inside out
I'll tear down walls and get you out
But the walls become stronger, sturdy and firm
Then outside realized,
nothing bout the walls but who's breaking them
Sahir Bhat Apr 16
The town was in chaos, with people running away to places
To escape the dark, haunted beauty of death
The disease spread like a fire, with no one to quench its rage
Killing people on its long run, stealing their breath.
A million of them, but only one for me.
I will never touch one, and they will never touch me.
Who knew an epidemic could shatter million dreams in an instant?
For all that was now remaining were fading memories.
. I can’t find a fix. I can’t find a cure. I’m stuck with this sickness. Stuck for sure. Where’s the antidote to my disease? Help me find it. Help me please? My life is swirling down the drain. Help with my life. With my pain.
There’s something in my chest
Growing, swelling
A disease manifesting in my heart
It latches to my nerves and infects my brain
Living my life barely passing by
Just trying to make ends meet.
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