Polly 3d

I never thought it fair
The way we have life given to us
When maybe
The truth is
We were never meant to have it.

If the choice had been mine to make
I would have chosen a thousand skies
Trip across oceans and
Lay my feet to Earth.

Chained to an existence
When maybe I was never supposed
To be...
And now like a fallen bird who's wings are clipped
I can neither stay
Nor can I leave.

Johnny Noir Jan 10

When I go in search of meaning
I go blind instantly
so the search never begins
until I can grope my way out  
into daylight where
I can see the sun shining &
staring like a fool
I'm blinded once again---
& if at night, I see the full moon
over dark streets  
hidden by a sheet of black
& I'm blinded once again &
w/o looking for anything
I grope my way back to
where I can't find the switch
& so sit & ask myself
what does it mean to stand or to sit

Graff1980 Dec 2017

There is a
feverish swell
of warm pain
suffused with
lots of mucus.

I grab a book
of poems
and read this
verbal twist,
longing for those
to break the thick mist.

But the poetry
does not relieve me.
I am so sleepy.
My nose is dripping.
My throat is scratching,
and I am not catching
any sleep.

I fumble for
any thoughts that
came before
this nasally
flemmy storm.

The words will not come.
My mind fog
becomes a hot
brick wall
that blocks
all deep thoughts.

I can only cough
then shift
and hope
this shit
finally passes
after a full day’s slumber.

Em MacKenzie Nov 2017

I'm on the brink of destruction,
lacking spine and posture.
My soul is facing corruption,
I lost to the dark when I fought her.

Sitting back wanting to sedate,
bound to crack if I have to wait.
Sitting back wanting to sedate,
numbs the pain my heart does create.

I'm one to stay up until the end of time,
only then can I sleep eternally.
Methylphenidate with a spritz of lime,
Alprazolam, my mind is curdling.

Sitting back waiting to sedate,
forget I lack future and lack fate.
Sitting back waiting to sedate,
missing all hours, but mainly eight.

I'm not one for the Earl Grey,
nor Chamomile, or warm milk.
Rambling self conscious; nothing to say,
and nothing to feel except soft silk.

Sitting back needing to sedate,
so I can alter my mind and state.
Sitting back needing to sedate,
I'm death's prey and this is the bait.

I'm on the brink of imploding,
no more room for any emotion.
My brain has started corroding,
when I left my soul to this ocean.

Sitting back wanting to sedate,
but the release is always late.
Sitting back needing to sedate,
there's no choice and no debate.

Marina Neal Nov 2017

sew my lips into a smile
and take away these lids
now that i’m an adult
i need to stay awake
whatever i don’t need or want
just give it to the kids

there seems to be a problem here
i’m still not feeling right
this smile hurts
my eyes are dry
and i don’t much like to cry
by trying to survive, now i cannot get a wink at night.


My Name Is Pexi Sep 2017

They say, "Skies the limit."

But I can't even lift my feet.

I have no motivation anymore.

Drowsy and dreary;

I'm no match to the hustle

and rush of the day.

The usual cup of Joe

couldn't cure this ailment.

Merope Angel Aug 2017

You talk all day to strangers
And act like I'm estranged cuz
I am just your ignorant whore
Who does not know she is worth more

You glance over my online conversations
Narrow eyes and it's insane cuz
Though I'll let you read

You never let me see what's on your screen

So talk on baby,
Tell 'em what you're really all about!

Got random girls hitting you up, saying their horny let's hang out
And that "just a friend" sent pictures of herself lying in bed
I'm sure it's all alluring
the unknown reassuring

Someone told me if you loved me
You'd be loyal through it all
And it matters not how I feel
If you do not reciprocate at all
Well surely, I am going to take the fall

I am going to take this fall.

Chris Neilson Aug 2017

Reading a book on fatigue
made me feel very tired
a long distance from wired
and out of my league

energy ebbing low
having trouble thinking
sugar levels sinking
going against the flow

Set the book down
picked up a pen
counting to ten
wearing a frown

Wrote these few words
sorry it's not more
poetry shouldn't be a chore
I'll just listen to birds

No energy for any meaningful notes
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