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Nick 1d
My first sorrow
Grabbing me with your cold grip
Letting by blood drip

Hello to the light
Shining and soaking me in might
Following me from this day
Throwing me out into the fray

Hello to the world
Learning a new word
As if with ease
I study these

Hello to happiness
That moves me trough bitterness
And sows my fields
To show me what the world yields

Hi to the new gray sky
I've now learnt that to fly
You have to throw it away and stay dry

Hi to emtoions
That keep the world in motion
And without that notion
It would seem as if an endless ocean

Hi to responsibilities
Those that fill us with fleas
Here come the fears
That flow out as diamond tears

Hi to the second act
Thats a fact
I've now realised it ends with the other
I've caught another bother

Goodbye happiness
Only darkness and sadness
Only they may stay
I won't have an another say

Goodbye birds
Even the words
All of those that i used to chase
All od them have to raise

Goodbye to the beginning
And hi to the abrupt ending
Hello to everybody pending
My existence weighs heavy today,
Heavier than any moment to precede it.
I must decide now what will be my way,
If I shall rise to victory or remain defeated.
But in all truth, I feel not afraid.
Other challenges, I have vanquished
Lacking that languished hand of aid.
Yes, life is my special stage.
I shall revel in it's light,
As well as that of my new age.
Vy S Jan 30
God, this hurts.
It's terrible and heart-wrenching.
To believe the moments we had weren't worth anything.
Or were they?
I have trouble discerning.
I wanted love that didn't make me feel patronized, used, discarded, and broken.
Would it make me happy?
Would it make me feel more alive to be away from you?
Would I find someone that deserves me?
How can I say this respectfully?
Without putting down our moments together?
I hate you.
I hate you so much to the point that I want you out of my life.
To the point I can say "You can die!" ad I wouldn't care.
You made me bare,
all my emotions and time,
while you sat in silence.
This is when I CAN'T remember.
These were the moments I CAN'T surrender.
Therefore, I smile when I look at you but feel like throwing up in a corner.
Feggyr Citack Dec 2018
-on the spirit of passion

My life had ended, so I felt,
when your eyes found mine.
You dragged me up to heaven
- the heat caused my will to melt.

My reborn self drowned in your beaming eyes.
Your ardent face steamed away my flesh;
my spirit, pure and longing, stood *****
- only at your service now, only yours my ties.

Let me take the final step, I cried.
Unshackle my heart, unwrap my love,
undo the border between you and me
- our nova will disrupt all selfhood that we hide.

My love flamed high towards your feet above.
It burned itself and turned to ashes,
its sole remainder its humiliated, aching root
- and still a new twig grows from the stump of love.

How could I ignore your whispering song?
The voice of your leaves filled my head,
you took my hands, you bowed my knees -
a gardener's prayer makes a tender love grow strong.

A storm shook my spine and my sacrosanct place!
The more I pressed my face against your trunk,
the clearer I saw two radiating planets rise
- attracting me with liberating gaze.

It's you, and you, and you, my beloved friends,
it's the asking glance we see in each and all.
My life has ended with my questions now -
now that your responding eyes found mine.
Just another christmas carol
Sketcher Dec 2018
Right when your head hits the pillow and your eyes close,
You are in the first stage of sleep so just suppose,
That someone drops their phone or decides to throw,
Something at a wall, you can easily be woke,
If you make it through this stage without waking up,
Your heartbeat will slow, and your eye movement will stop,
Preparing for deep sleep as your temperature drops,
Possible hallucinations made of mental props,
The very next stage is stage three,
Now you have drifted off into deep sleep,
Delta waves and smaller fast waves,
Intermingled going every which way,
And then stage four is basically the same,
Waking from this state, you’ll end up dismayed,
And disoriented for a few minutes,
You’ll wish that all five stages got to a finish,
The fifth and final stage is rapid eye movement,
Eyes move from side to side and we’re assuming,
That it’s because of the intense dream being perceived,
Then you’re soon to wake and consciousness is retrieved.
Making a song for psychology class...
Remember man; when you were young; a helpless baby
And its uncertain; if you will survive or die young maybe
You want a good posture but you couldn’t sit yourself
You wet and excrete on your nappies and you couldn’t clean yourself
Your bones and muscles are weak; with low resistance
There’s nothing you can do on your own without assistance
When you’re hungry; you can’t tell or feed yourself
You can’t concede a solid food; there is no teeth in your mouth
Then you start growing up and you start to crawl
And every time you stand up; you can’t move; you’re scare to fall
He’s scare to take a step; he needs a help to walk
Now this kid is developing and growing tall
Now this kid is grown up and he is mature
He walks around, dine along through sea and shore
He boast around and regard himself independent
He goes up and down thinking he’s something special
He act like he made himself and forget his origin
His earlier age of stand and fall; he’s forgotten everything
But soon you’ll get to a stage of trash and no road
If by chance you live long and has the chance to grow old
And once again you will be dependant and weak
You won’t be able to stand or move unless you’re supported by stick
And once again you can’t stand you’re scare to fall
You can’t take a step forward; you need a help to walk
Upon your bed lying helpless; unable to perform your role
Death stood by your head; waiting to take out your soul
And that’s his end; now again your soul is relaxed
Just like a kid; now again they give him a bath
His body is under the ditch; six feet and his soul on the other side
Now he understand the reality of living under the sand
Your wife, children and friends and wealth are all gone
That’s when you will understand the concept of life is not fun
You’re alone on your own under the last mansion
And the company that remain is your good and bad actions.
Journal entry #14

To the girl I use to be....

I forgive you.

We all in some point in our lives, fall in love with an *******, who wouldn't know a good thing if it slapped them clean across the face.

It wasen't your fault.

You did what you were suppose to.

You loved him with your whole heart.

And it wasn't your fault he was never deserving.

Go ahead..
Go live your beautiful life.

You got this.
when you reach that point. Forgive yourself first, then them. Not for them but for you.
Em MacKenzie Mar 2018
First level was simple denial,
I argued with myself for awhile,
counted each and every bathroom tile
while I waited until sedated so that I could smile.

I felt the anger twinge inside myself,
I cursed all the time spent seeking wealth,
and bathed in loathing for my careless lack of health,
and my inability to ever ask for much needed help.

They say no one is ever ready to die
and there's always regrets when you go,
but when my number's up I won't try
I won't fight; I'll have no punches to throw.
Five stages and seven hells,
turn the pages and hope it sells.

Next was bargaining but I had nothing to give,
no reason to be here, no reason left to live,
but I took my chance on a lie a and fib,
and offered up my heart along with a shred of rib.

Every layer always gets warmer,
until it surely burns your skin,
you'll find the next is worse than the former,
is this the punishment for sin?

They say no one is ever ready to die
and there's always regrets when you go,
but to say life is short would be a lie,
'cause some of us just feel it's too slow.
Five stages and seven hells,
open the cages and ring the bells.

Depression walked in like an old friend,
it was no big change, there was no letter to send.
I realized I was defective with no chance to mend,
my spine officially broken even though I didn't bend.

Then acceptance finally washed over me,
with a conclusion some things are just not meant to be,
I didn't bow my head or fall on one knee,
words can't describe that feeling of being free.

They say no one is ever ready to die
and there's always regrets when you go,
I hope to find a comfortable home in the sky,
or atleast in soil for something else to grow.
Five stages and seven hells,
I'll live through the ages, constantly shedding my shells.
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