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Aggrieved By The Ecological Loss
Worried About The Nature They Say,
"Vultures Are Now Extinct,"

Amused I Said,
"No Friend, No.
They Are Still There,
The Difference Is Only This,
They Have Grown Arms
Instead Of Wings."
Today People Are Worse Than Vultures. Vultures Waited For The Dead, But The People Prey Upon Alive.
Dinara Tengri Feb 23
My hair is not a raven's wing,
A wave of black, a river whose
treacherous shores
you long to explore.

My ******* are no doves: soft and fluttering;
No Promised Land of milk and honey:
there is no one to welcome you home.

My stomach is not a valley of wonders
leading to a treasure so many men
have died for.

My eyes are not slanted windows to some
ancient Eastern wisdom; no obsidian pools
that many great warriors have drowned in.

My features are not exotic
My skin is not silken
My soul is not unknowable
My mind is not inscrutable
And my body is not your muse.
Casanova shines like a nova
A woman shuns his love and disappears
Compensates pain broken heart
Marries so many times
Five wives
Many women outside
Casanova shines like a nova
Surrounded by mistresses
Seduces so often
An apple of eyes of so many women
Calls intelligent beautiful woman
Calls beautiful intelligent woman
Casanova shines like a nova
He doesn't exploit them
They like exploitation
In him see their destination
A man and multiple women
Casanova shines like a nova
Fifty are 1 fifty are 0
One to one correspondence
Femmes fatales female Casanovas
As much as male Casanovas
None exploits the other
Get exploited at their will
Motivated by 'Casanova' a video song by a Bollywood star.
preston Jan 11
Beautiful gouls, they seem
to be,  as they shuffle  
along the walkway,
late at night.  Hooded
and unassuming..
sometimes,  barely seen
avoiding possibly,  even
the pain  that the very light
of day, can so very often  bring.

There is a horrible  undoing
of what once  was
in order to leave  for them
what now is.

And when
there was a gold
to be found
in these hills  of black..
the non-ancestral  hearts  
that so clearly, lack

the humanity that tried to stop
the very same thing  that had
happened  in the east:

    the crave  for gain
    caused these tears of pain--
    and a glympse into the true
    nature  of the beast.

No more songs of the hunters
on the buffalo plain,
no more smoke from sacred fires
touch these hills.
And the numbers of the people
grow fewer every mile
and our children will not learn
Great Spirit's ways.

On the streets of Rapid City,
on the road to Wounded Knee,
there is whiskey for forgetting
every thing.
But the old ones say
there may be time
of learning from each other
the way that it had once
been meant to be.

But there is still a trail of tears,
there is still a trail of pain.
Jackson has got the Mississippi
and the twenty-dollar bill
but for us  
the trail of tears is all
that will remain.
NAL Jan 7
I begin to miss their attention
even though it was wrong

I never felt more important
then when they told me

"you're mature for your age"
her ignorance was bliss. his knowledge of this was a dark abyss, so he became progressive and patient for his own gain; which would become her future pain.
Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
All diamonds
Blood Diamonds
Rich ladies
Not so rich ladies
It looks nice
You flaunt
Diamond jewellery
You're good humans
No denying
It's ignorance
I surmise
Diamonds saturated
With human blood
Poor men extracting
Or insurgency
Blood diamonds they're
Shun buying
Improve workers condition
**** out
Shady traders
Funding insurgency
Buy only
Highly reliable
Certified diamonds
You're good human
Jack Radbourne Aug 2020
Hey you crocodiles
Fighting for words to claim as yours.

Hey you mosquitoes
Drinking more than your fair share.

Hey you vultures
Circling around the weakest of us.

Hey you spiders
Waiting for an easy meal.

Hey you apes
Battling for possession of a bruised rose:

Look up and see the stars.
Glenn Currier Aug 2020
You in your dark charm
play in the background
in the shadows
like a minor chord in a thriller
to create tension and doubt
your poison seeps through every tiny crack
in my sanity
all the more at day’s end
through the fog of my fatigue
but you are always poised there
waiting just beneath the surface
counting the moments till
you see an opening.
Betty May 2020
You cannot possess a soul

Force it into chains

Crush a spirit and take what

Make a slave

Own it from the cradle to the grave

You can use cruel ties

But you cannot bind

Freedom of the mind

Original thought

Cannot be bought
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