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chichee Jul 9
They keep asking us where we were
last night and we
Could tell the truth
but where's the fun in that?
The world wants answers and we've only
got big dreams and
empty stomachs.
So what do you want to be when you grow up?
Your smile is all teeth.
Getting high,
Getting loved,
Getting glamorous on
thrift shop discounts.
Getting plastered.
You'll write your confessions
in the fog on windows,
and worship
deaf gods.

With quicksilver tongues and
eyes like mercury,
We can't wind
the years back
we sure as hell can try.
For Fix.
Marla May 22
Flores amarillas
Con un flan de coco,
Una botella de ron boricua
Y la taza de cafe cubano.
Las palmas tropicales
Por arriba sobre todo.
Te lo digo ahora,
Va ser una noche muy buena.

No te vayas temprano.
Si te vas,
Olvídate del chocolate.
Tenemos mucho para darte,
Pero eres tu que le hace falta

Siéntate en la playa
Y con nosotros pasaras el rato.
Cálmate por esta noche,
Que las que vienen van hacer
Del carajo.
For the love of god, don't google translate this.
jack Jan 10
i did lines
not just of poetry
it’s the thing that binds
me to myself
i've had a few things hidden up my sleeve.
jack Jan 10
is too romanticized,
it’s not taking a bite,
or skipping a smoke,
it’s relapse and tears,
runs for weeks or running for weeks,
thoughts constantly stirring,
never fully recovered,
never really alone,
jack Jan 10
I don't keep doing this in hopes i die,
I'm just trying to find a way to survive,
I like the partying and the drugs,
But with you around i might just wear earplugs.
I'm killing my body is what you keep saying,
You say that like i'm just playing,
Everyone knows i'm not living long,
We’ve known i'm not that strong.
So let me do my thing,
Its not like i' m looking for a ring,
I don't need you,
So throw away your tissue.
emmie cosgrove Sep 2018
Take me back to the night
When we became one
With the streets
And the city lights
We flew through the air
Forgetting the sorrows
That this would be over by tomorrow
For we got lost in the moment
But we didn’t want to find our way back
For being lost in that moment
Was the best feeling I’ve ever had
Aa Harvey Jul 2018
Young and famous

Yeah!  We’re young and we are famous!
We’ve got money and we can love and laugh.
Yeah!  We’re young and famous!
Everyone knows us and they all want our autograph.
Yeah! We’re young and we are famous!
We are super stars who hang out in the famous bars.
Yeah! We’re young and we are famous!
We are on the T.V. and we drive fast cars.

They all want us and they all want to be us.
We have so many friends and an endless amount of love.
Happy every day and no day is ever the same;
You wish you could have my life but I would never throw this away.

I guess it beats working for a living.
All my life on screen and we are winning!
Fame and fortune; surrounded by angels and stars.
We used to see celebrities on the magazines, now that is what we are.

We’re touring the States and every other place;
We are globetrotters; we are young and we are famous!  
They all know my name
And they all want my fame.
My face is everywhere; I have a stylist for my hair
And a fashion designer gives me clothes for free to wear.

We will live forever!  Under the spotlight.
We party hard from morning, straight through to the end of the night.
Yeah, we have made it and we’re getting paid to say things;
We love our lives and this dream will never end…
We are able to buy everything.

Who needs a normal job?
I’ve got the best one.
I’m young and I am famous!
I’m a movie star, a T.V. star, a rock ‘n’ roll star
And I am having so much fun!

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Harry Kelly Jun 2018
I think we stayed at every good hotel in the West.
Big suites
Hot tubs
Room service
We were really living the good life.
Nothing like a little drug money to help you indulge in
the finer things.
"Easy come Easy go"
Only people who have never sold drugs can say that.
Easy.......Yeah, Right.
Dealing with whackos
Getting robbed at gunpoint
Driving across the country with enough weight to get you
                                            Life in Prison.
Stressful.  Very stressful.
So we'd stay in Fancy Resorts.
Knowing one day it would all end
May as well enjoy it while you can
Because eventually you get caught
And if you make it out alive, all you have are the memories.
Like that time we were staying at the Royal Palms
Next to the former President's family.
Getting up from the pool, smoking crystal behind the cactus
While the former first lady swam laps.
She still looked pretty good in a bathing suit.
Old gal.
Harry Kelly Jun 2018
I remember.
Walking with you on West End Avenue.
Laughing and Laughing.
We used to go into the drug stores and try different eye creams Attempting to conceal the fatigue that comes from staying up
for days on end.

Man, did we party.

And I remember.
The different creatures we would run into
along the way.
Creatures of the night.
Mostly emotionally disturbed characters.
Running from life or running from themselves.
Some real crazies.

You remained my good friend.
A reliable person.  Something rare in life.
We would talk about the mistakes we made
and the good choices as well.
Careful never to beat ourselves up too badly.
Because sometimes, it’s hard to make the right choices.
And it’s better to laugh when you mess up.
It’s better to laugh if you can.
Maria Monaghan Apr 2018
two lives
two moralities
two vices i can’t give up

two bottles
two pound entry
two am and i’m stumbling home

two bodies
two moans
two people trying to feel alive

too broken
too chaotic
too hard to make this choice
i just feel like im being pulled between two lifestyles and i have to choose which to follow. im called to surrender everything but i just cant give it up. im cloning myself, creating two different personalities which i can switch between, given the situation. and now i dont know which one is the real me.
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