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SoAverage Nov 2021
It's a party where all the guests are young and wild
                       The night is still young

                   Drink until your problems drown the pressure of the alcohol level

The night is still young
Make it a  night to remember dance until you  you feet spark flame from your deepest desires that are boiling up inside your chest

Let's have a hell of a night even if the fire might be too much there can never be too much alcohol

                         Thoughts that have the tendency to make you question yourself should go for a swim

                         Take another pill cause it's all the healing you need for tonight
                                        Stay awake cause a wishing star is passing by to promise you that can always get better

It's your life , you don't owe it to no one
Take a pull to pull yourself out of the worries

                       Get high
We can lend you wings to reach for the heavens
Take a sit for you are gods and goddesses

You don't need when you go
Why leave when you still got moves for the crowd
              You can be a freak

                      It's a party so get wasted till you drop

Curfews are for the chosen few
The bottle and drugs will solve your problems

                        That extra puah to get you started
They'll never understand you
You don't need to know why your here just know your not lost

               There's nothing we don't have here

            Your favourite posion is at the table

Razer's are available open up we won't judge
Make mistakes until you gain experience not scars cause you fell to many times
Take the weight 9ff and rest
Your tired , drained  and put your feet up

              The sun is always shining cause it's a cold world outside

        The outburst of kIds are evident from the popped balloons

              So just put on your mask so no one can know the real you

The meaning behind the poem is that the youth are go around wearing masks drinking to drown the pain, doing drugs to numb
Doing anything to numb and forget the pain and all this things are offered by the world and as the youth use substance to deal with the pressure
Carlo C Gomez Jun 2020
She's in parties
& knees-up
She's half-seas over
& in the king's cup

She's in missionary
She's in backwards
She's on backseats
& dashboards

She's in fast lanes
& intersections
She's in full throttle
& Hail Marys

She's in obituaries
& cemeteries
Bard May 2020
More than a bargain, it cost me more
But now my brains scattered on tour
Of every moment and place I hit the floor
No catharsis every stops been a chore

But I'm still looking to travel some more
Tonight my face hits the floor once again
I'm traveling through life on a tour
Feels like my body is the bus for my brain

I'm looking out the window as life happens to me
Sight-see mountains high and valleys low
Where the crows fly is where I'll be
The journey is slow and even though its all I know

A empty spot resides of another way to go
So another way is where I'll go
Till I crash and my body's all over the floor
And I 'll get up and look for more
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Millay Has Her Way with a Vassar Professor
by Michael R. Burch

After a night of hard drinking and spreading her legs,
Millay hits the dorm, where the Vassar don begs:
“Please act more chastely, more discretely, more seemly!”
(His name, let’s assume, was, er ... Percival Queemly.)

“Expel me! Expel me!”—She flashes her eyes.
“Oh! Please! No! I couldn’t! That wouldn’t be wise,
for a great banished Shelley would tarnish my name ...
Eek! My game will be lame if I can’t milque your fame!”

“Continue to live here—carouse as you please!”
the beleaguered don sighs as he sags to his knees.
Millay grinds her crotch half an inch from his nose:
“I can live in your hellhole, strange man, I suppose ...
but the price is your firstborn, whom I’ll sacrifice to Moloch.”
(Which explains what became of pale Percy’s son, Enoch.)

Originally published by Lucid Rhythms. This poem is based on an account of Edna St. Vincent Millay being confronted by a male Vassar authority about her rogue behavior. However, there is a some poetic license involved, for the sake of humor. It was actually Vassar President Henry Noble MacCracken who mentioned Shelley. Here is his account in a response to a question about Millay cutting classes: "She cut everything. I once called her in and told her, 'I want you to know that you couldn't break any rule that would make me vote for your expulsion. I don't want to have any dead Shelleys on my doorstep, and I don't care what you do.' She went to the window and looked out and she said, 'Well on those terms I think I can continue to live in this hellhole.'" The stuff about Enoch and Moloch is, of course, pure fabrication on my part.
Keywords/Tags: Millay, dead, Shelley, Vassar, dorm, hellhole, drinking, partying, ***, cutting classes
Carlo C Gomez Feb 2020
The Women's Temperance League
tried to abolish themselves
but like always they failed

so they learned instead
to crash neighborhood parties
with the grace of gazelles on Ritalin

now they have colorful plastic
bowls and cups
with fancy closing tops

matching barcode tattoos
on their wrists
that say "priceless"

and some assurance
that their vulvas
are "normal"

after gazing at them
with compact mirror in one hand
shot of ***** in the other
elysian Dec 2019
neon lights and drunken nights,
skimpy tights and unholy delights.

anything to make the pain disappear,
go ahead and down another beer.

hennessy to forget but somehow always remember,
that fateful night in september.

blaring music and tight spaces,
i'd doubt i'm still in your mom's good graces.

euphoria fills my head,
helping me forget a love now dead,

finding your next replacement,
thinking how to tell them about my lack of commitment.

finally, stumbling home,
letting strangers roam.

alas, the night has come to an end,
wake, rinse and repeat again.
elysian Dec 2019
sitting there, looking pretty
i can't help but wonder
starting to feel a little witty
hope i don't make a blunder

eyes lock, and you beckon me closer
and of course
hope you don't think i'm a loser
in your delirium, giving me the source

fingers touch, electricity courses through my veins
my eyes go wider
as i look down and confusion pertains
who the **** gets drunk on apple cider?
guess im on a roll today
chichee Jul 2019
They keep asking us where we were
last night and we
Could tell the truth
but where's the fun in that?
The world wants answers and we've only
got big dreams and
empty stomachs.
So what do you want to be when you grow up?
Your smile is all teeth.
Getting high,
Getting loved,
Getting glamorous on
thrift shop discounts.
Getting plastered.
You'll write your confessions
in the fog on windows,
and worship
deaf gods.

With quicksilver tongues and
eyes like mercury,
We can't wind
the years back
we sure as hell can try.
For Fix.
Marla May 2019
Flores amarillas
Con un flan de coco,
Una botella de ron boricua
Y la taza de cafe cubano.
Las palmas tropicales
Por arriba sobre todo.
Te lo digo ahora,
Va ser una noche muy buena.

No te vayas temprano.
Si te vas,
Olvídate del chocolate.
Tenemos mucho para darte,
Pero eres tu que le hace falta

Siéntate en la playa
Y con nosotros pasaras el rato.
Cálmate por esta noche,
Que las que vienen van hacer
Del carajo.
For the love of god, don't google translate this.
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