What a dream of writers,
Upon its grand galore?
Lifting hands upon Poe,
To ask forever more?
An Ernest near his sea,
Of Dante’s own heaven.
Fun to see Angelou,
With The loved Whitman be.  
My dear Plath of saving,
Nestled on her pillows.
So pleased to see the Frost,
Odd this time of willows.
Pleased my own time of miles,
A spirit dream of Niles.
My last poem as Niles.
The artist knows how to play a poor hand well. In utter style, causing envy.
On rainbow edge. Knowing truth beyond illusion. The surface mingles along
painting colours, wishing it would drop and fall over this earth's surface. Moan
and sigh. Existing art, modern magic.
(knowledge Variable)
Amanda Apr 17
Writers are perpetually emotional
At least we have big hearts
Unaffected disconnected people
Are not meant for the deeper arts
What more is there to say?
SoZaka Mar 27
We make our own reality
without a word
of vocabulary
tell me a story
write it in the stars

sing my blessings
shout my praises
tell me that you love me
by spelling out my name
in your mind
and in mine.

tell me our voice comes from above
its all better for the wiser,
who knows who to love
who to love

and that's you
and that's me
and that's you
and that's
another realm of love
vik Mar 23
My religion teacher doesn't care about the arts.
But what if I don't care about religion?
My parents forced me to go to a catholic school. But I am going to study arts in college. Why can't you accept that the arts is some peoples vocation in life. You explain in class how things we're good at or find an attracting too at a young age is our vocation. I fell in love with the arts at a young age.
Stop being a hypocrite Mr.Majewski and respect the arts.
I'm not religious.
Pastelblitz Mar 20
Would people look at me differently?
If the arts hurt me and left scars instead of a silver that I turned red

If playing my clarinet gave me splitting migraines and blood shot eyes

If typing poems in my notes gave me splinters in my thumbs and tore off my fingernails

If sketching on paper ripped open my hands and gave me blisters

What if the arts were my pain

Instead of a blade that’s now long gone

Would I be better at them?

Would people still pity me and look down on me knowing that the arts harmed me

Or would people treat me differently because I’ve been through something horrific to make something so beautiful
“And it’s the last piano in the world, and its keys cut his fingers with every note he plays..” -Dave Malloy
To be free, to fly

To jump and prove the lies,

To twist and cry the accomplished,

To finish what couldn't be finished,

To work harder and harder than before,

To fall and burn with pain,

To give up and scream in disdain,

The thrill of tricking pulls you back,

The 540 kick can pound a pack,

Float like a b-twist sting like a hook kick,

Twist, flip, kick combo it's your pick,

But the thrill to trick is unlimited.
quick figurative brush stroke drawn out character sketch
(serendipitous verisimilitude)

i stand in awe
(with mouth agape) at elegiac, fantastic,
   and graphic idyllic Kinkade magic
   leaving breathlessness from craw

at such artistic talent oozing
   spellbindingly, whatever
   aforementioned noteworthy craftsman
   didst paint or draw,

and chanced to comment
   about sad affairs leaving flaw
in regard to questionable business ethics -
   where press hee haw

contradicting, maligning, undermining, and jaw
boning sans said late talented mortal
   engaging in sketchy traits of south paw

city when contrasted with a dog given gift -
   ooh...such rah...rah...rah
when he first appeared on the scene,
   where most viewers saw

utmost dynamic, fantastic,
   and harmonic convergence
displaying such prosaic, rhapsodic,
   titanic art show events

hum...and perhaps not surprising
   his illicit in dull gents presents stark contrast,
   staring hypnotized as imagination invents
experiencing peaceful, restful
   and tumblerful joie de vivre espying

   honorable mentioned nonpareil oeuvre
   that placidly rents
craving to disappear into bucolic landscape whence,
splashed upon canvass,

attempting to bat
presumed "FAKE" rumors aside as nonsense - fat
chance prevailed constituting:
   deceitful, immoral, unfaithful sly kat
nocturnal antics, despite scathing attacks

   (cut him down to size), niggardly praises spat
out for me, I maintain cult of personality (his)
   setting Mac Book Pro wallpaper
   with exemplary landscape,
   either authentic or copy cat.
Chin-Hooi Ng Dec 2017
The perspective

of all styles of shapes

stepping on the lines of music

spinning in a painting

in the depths of impression

a postural language

opening into the garden of flowing lines

of a model

surfacing a solitary world

outside of languages.
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