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Are Science and Arts twin brothers?
playing games together?
One is hidden
Where another is seeking the other
Arts is Science
and Science is Arts,
they are twin sisters
when they find with each other
Twins of Science and Arts,
will exit in the same path.
By Angel. XJ 18/05/2019
PrernaK Mar 8
We were asked
to make wine.
We made poison as well.

This earth was never given to us for building economics and trade policies, it was definitely not gifted for dividing us in borders or for politics. We have messed up big time, we did everything we were not suppose to and maybe the pandora box that we talk about is all of this.

Such beautiful places, people, minds, art. All of which is now unexplored, unknown. It was never suppose to be like this. We're cursed, cursed with limited time and no knowledge of what our purpose is. We made a commodity and we made it our need. When the need was to fall in love, to be wise, to nurture art and to grow with it. Now we need to be saved from something which is our own created monster.

Silver lining is, in all this we still have magic to save us in the end like hope was in the pandora box.

To hope, to magic and to making this world a better place.
Toxic yeti Feb 22
As the artist
Kicks and punches
And strikes the air
With fierce creativity
Their moves
And body
Create a beautiful
Only seen
But the imagination.
Toxic yeti Feb 21
I am able to
Make images

Am able
To make images
With a pencil

With I kick or punch
I form patterns
And images
With my moves
Yet protecting my self
Alas my back.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
In New York
In the Bronx
There was a street fighting
Punk rocker of a young men
Who was attracted
And eyed
An female martial artist
No older
Nor younger than him
When she was walking home she
Noticed him
Not afraid
She approached him
And took his hand
And the two went into an
Alley where they make out
When they kissed
The street punk
Soon realized
That he was in something he never
Knew existed
In love
Her as well.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
Love is strange
One in the  remote mountains
Lived an a evil Tibetan Lama
Who was exiled from
The monastery
For practicing
Tantric necromancy
So he can bring
His lover
A younger woman
Still a girl
Who died a year ago
The he practiced Buddhism
And his evil ways
Until he started
Vision being back
With his lover
She came back
Body mind and spirit
When the Lama
Saw her at the door way
He heart rejoiced
And he was both
Enlightened and fall
Back in love.
She was as beautiful
As the day he met her
After hearing her sweet voice
They kissed
Their tounges meet and dance
The Lama god between his
Undead lover’s legs
They coupled
Tenderly and passionately
So he wouldn’t hurt her.
For he did not want to hurt her
Or break
His heart again.
Hadiy Syakir Dec 2018
in our












Ari Oct 2018
These are my people
And these mats are our home.
We connected through the passion
Embedded in our bones.

Everyday we’re here
We’re renewed on our mats.
Theres sweat, tears, and blood on our Gis,
On our rash guards and spats.

We strive to train hard
And always remember
This family we’ve created
We’ll never surrender.

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