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I caught you feeling... you stupid...
How dare you feel and where's your brain?

I caught you working... you stupid...
Working all day hard with a level of thinking aligned

I caught you learning,  caring, helping around,
Trying to make life sweeter...
Helping a wound fade away
And the memory of that awful day become bearable.
Are you that... stupid, stupid! Why don't you keep it all to yourself?

I caught you having some ideals...!
High and of the brave Angels adored!
You stupid, stupid Child!
How dare you even dream?
How dare you believe and hope and scream and shout out your pain!
How dare you stay!
How dare you fight!
How dare you be what you are
You are not... Stupid... Stupid...
The heart that ruined all that!

How dare you be strong?
You did it all at some level but wanted much more!
How dare you be only a human?
How dare you be much more?
You got all tired of this... Stupid... Stupid...
And walked away.
How dare you be that strong?
How dare I admire you?
Stupid... Stupid...
Heart and Soul taken to a ride by the Mind!
How dare you walk away?
Stupid thing... no! Lie!
Image on a surface
To remind us all
When stupid,
When arrogant
And why.

I caught you enjoying life. Well that's stupid!
Again, you will get hurt, you stupid stupid thing.

I caught you thinking... are you that stupid...?
When will you learn to act? React.
Do something!

You stupid...
Why don't you angel for us and fly?
Show those wings that can carry the world to a better...

'You stupid? Why don' t you Angel inside?
Without feelings, without thinking, without?... Only a cold machine, smart!

Ah, I can finally breathe in and out!
This is a strange perhaps but still a stand against violence we sometimes apply... out of discouragement, out of resources, out of some filth imposed we keep looking for ways out. Why do we do this? Why do we keep taking and taking and giving... ? Our hearts need to be out there, telling their stories, their joy and suffering, their truth and their faults, their lies and their one day found news...

*There's also a SoundCloud available for this poem:
You Keep me blinder and blinder with your love,
With your light,
Making me feel that I worth something in this world,
For the world we work'nd fight until we realise the world doesn't give a **** about what we do,

Blinder and blinder about what you really do,
For me, for our future,
For your Kind...
Yes, my heart used to be true...
We fought together and alone for the world
The world doesn't give a **** about what we did or wanted to do.

The world doesn't give a **** about what you need, about what we did or didn't do...
To think that we all fought
(together and alone)
And for what?
Duty... Honour... Respect. All garbage în the end. May I Thank you?
neth jones Apr 22
arts great salivation
       teats nightly
acts the thistle
       at this little establishment

   collude here :

* fierce nourishment
* jester
* rumpus of competition
* ...much goad
  in a fester of seemly company
Eat, sleep, dream,
Never bother for 'your sin,
Never go too deep into' your problems.

Eat, Sleep, dream.
Enjoy the life that's possible.

Take a chance,
Work your body, work your soul...
Work-out and brain-chorus_
Heavy lifting and chores _
Trained body, mind and soul.

Eat, Sleep, dream...
It was all in my head,
Heaven or hell
Maybe only about a state of mind,
The way of a god or another to tell us what to do
How to behave...

This is how we evolved,
Science based on ideals,
Progress based on wars,
Endless fights for what we want,
For those we will always be there for...
Our beloved... Missions on Earth.
Blood spill for the outrage,
Carnages and horror...
It all happened,
Perhaps we don't want to accept
But there's more than one miracle that can Save the world.
This is how we evolved,
As part of one...
We're one until We're needed

If only this had more to do with my crimes,
My horrible crimes!
For those I'll cry.
It was my decision not yours,
To **** and die for what I believe it was right...
The right thing to do
For me and my people.
Missions accoplished with honour open the skies for us and so we see the Angels and demons.
Kind abuses memories
Washing down the pain of your regrets,
Empowering all my abused Angels!

Crystal clean waters
Transformed into wines
Of holiness, holy perfection of God.

Fantasies you will always mock
In your greatness...
What did you suffer to allow yourselves this?

My kind abuses memories
Washing down the pain of your victim's regrets
Empowering all my abused Angels!
Bret White Mar 13
My mind...

It must be empty.

It must be sharp.

Hard like diamond

Flexible like water

And cut...

Like a sword I wield in my hands
I thought of this poem while practicing Iaido. It is fitting due to the decisive action of the stroke of the sword. You can't second guess, and your mind has to be focused on the task, but open to possibilities of attack and defense. I am still working on the zen of the martial art.
Ahmad Attr Feb 8
Little boy wake up from your dreams
Your woollen world is not what it seems
Your paper dolls are going to come after you
the monsters are taking forms
from the crayon paintings you drew

Little boy wake up from your dreams
Your crochet clothes are going to rip at the seams
Your plastic toys are to going be forgotten
The ribboned curtains will unveil
A colourless world oh so rotten

And when you go to sleep make sure
To shut your windows and you flowery door
Cover your ears with your hands firmly
Don’t listen to the sound in evil tone
‘’little boy stop playing with your xylophone’’

take off your navy sweater
Put on the armor and make your way
To the world of terror
Infiltrate the ****** castle
Save your distressed damsel

Little boy wake up from your dreams
Your times of boyhood have reached their extremes
You won’t sleep under starry ceilings no more
Be prepared for the world that is calling you
Filled with people whose glass hearts can’t be mend with glue

Be a man, right to the bones
Little boy, stop playing with your xylophone
The colorful splendor of childhood slowly dissolving into mundane adult life
Kristin Dec 2020
There is nothing so trepidating
as the emptiness

The blank canvas
the ghost-white page
the empty stage

There is nothing so trepidating
as the silence

Just looking
eye to eye, heart to heart,
for connection

There is nothing so liberating
as the void

the vast white desert of the canvas
the glaring blank of a page
the unadorned blackbox theater

There is nothing so liberating
as the silence

Just the rhythm
of  beating hearts

There is

There is nothing
so trepidating

There is nothing
so liberating
lillie Nov 2020
it was on
this very day,
that one
among eight
shining stars
was allowed
to grace
upon the

a soul
whose passion
lies heavily
on music
and the arts.

they truly are
a beautiful,
loving, and
kind sun drop.

ups and
they've been
it all.
for kim hongjoong. ♡ // thanks again, apollo! uvu
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