Yozhik May 10

You equate me to a murderer
Because I smoke some cigarettes
I guess we'll all be down in hell
While you play harp in winged quartets.

Sure, I reach for stars just 'cause they burn
my soul's a maze so I can hide
I've scrambled "god" with "fuck" and "damn"
Each day my head and heart collide

But art's knowing when to break the rules
And life is art, so do the math
You think I'm just a 'talking corpse'
'Cause I reject your 'purer' path?

I'm a mess but that's just fine
You live your way I'll live mine
But tell me how you can define
The One True Way to live?
When you look at minor heresies
and can't even forgive?

Not anti-religion, just anti-religions who dehumanize nonbelievers.

If  you  yelled at her in a fight, you don't feel like your throat is burnt as you drunk six shots in one glance
"You don't love her"

If by making her crying you don't feel dying
"You don't love her"

If her smile don't makes your heart quack , lungs shrink  & let you lost in another world all at a moment
"You don't love her"

Even by hurting her if you want to prove your point
"You don't love her"

When she says she is busy If it does not let you wait for her all day long
"You don't love her"

If her naked body is all you want to love
"You don't love her"

If her problems let you sleep
"You don't love her"

If by giving her wings you feel like a prisoner
"You don't love her"

If her smile is all you want than
Yes man  
                              - komal <3

I love when people,
think they can do no wrong.
Think they're in charge,
of everyone else's fate.
Hurt just feel
a sense of superiority.
you see,
when you play with fire,
you will get burned.
And if you play with a rose,
you will get the thorns.

When you realize you're more powerful than you think, the world becomes less scary. Stay strong. They only win if you let them.

Joe and Marie
Had their eyes on one another
Throughout Bible Study.
After the session was over
And the Group socialized  
Over coffee and cake,
Joe approached Marie and said,
"I think I'm confused about certain Passages in the Book of John."
"Maybe, you could help me clarify the Meaning?"
"Why, sure, Joe," Marie responded.
"Why don't you come over to my Place after the Social is over?"
The Elders in the Group smiled at Joe and Marie.
They were certainly becoming Good Christians!
As soon as Marie let Joe into her Apartment,
They started tearing off each other's clothes.
Joe reached down under Marie's panties
And her vagina was already wet.
I guess that was the Clarification of the Biblical Verse
He was looking for?

Brent Kincaid Apr 13

We marched because
They told us we couldn’t march.
We loved because
They told us we couldn’t love.
We married because
They told us we couldn’t marry.
We ran for office because
They told us we couldn’t run.

Freedom is for everyone
Not just for the few.
If any group is left out
The word is not true.

We applied for jobs
When they said we could not
We applied for loans
But they tore up the applications.
We manned picket lines
When they said they’d kill us.
We put in for promotions
When they told us we wouldn't win.

Freedom being for everyone
Should not be a dream.
We should not have to explain
Why things aren’t as they seem.

We heard the words
That said Land of the free,
We heard the carols
Peace on earth to all men.
We read the Constitution
That we all of us were equal.
We remembered our schoolwork
That, segregated, taught these words.

Freedom is for everyone
Not just for the few.
If any group is left out
The word is not true.

Reflect! Reflect! Look at thyself;
Thou speak'st of hate, but dost thou hate thee?
Whence hast thou learn'd of pestilence?
For deceit plagues thy community.

Think! Think! With those prized brains of ye;
Dost ye see not the reality?
Blind with conceit, dost ye see none?
For with thy superbia, 'tis done.

plastic party cups
at the charity event
for Syrian kids

You are what you were
Your thoughts are absurd
You place, your faith, in others words
Have no worth

You walk through life
Fairy tales  are your lies
You place, your faith in others words
Has no worth

That light in your eyes
The fears grow in size
Faith is the surprise
The irony is wise

Drink those tears you cry
Go walk with the blind
Go walk with your kind
This won't  be new--you do it all the time

So stay quiet

Brent Kincaid Mar 22

I’m going to Republican heaven,
Going to meet Republican Jesus
After I pay off my school loans
Whenever my banker pleases
To let me out of the contract
With its usurious interest fees
And I am sure I will get there
When I am down on my knees.

I’ll have my Republican Bible
With its verses edited wisely
To exempt all the white folk
From behaving quite nicely
And making sure welfare
Is only for rich white neighbors
The rest are not allowed in
Our society except as laborers.

I am sure that Republican Jesus
Will welcome me quite warmly
For supporting the death toll
Of our Christian Soldier army.
He will be so delighted that
We vilified ungodly abortions
And how we treated those awful
Poor mothers and their orphans.

He will have to be delighted
That we held back the riches
We gained from our warfare
Ignoring our soldiers in ditches
Or maimed in those battles
We know you wanted us to wage
In the name of Republican Jesus
Out of our holy sense of rage.

Republican Jesus surely will
See how cleverly we diverted
The money to the richest people
Not the soldiers we deserted.
And, how only the people who
Did not need help financially
Got all the extra wealth we had
And we made sure of it annually.

I’m going to Republican heaven,
Going to meet Republican Jesus
And I’m sure greed and bigotry
Will just tickle him to pieces
Because it says in the Bible
The only people who will get in
Are the people that look like me
And vote for all the same men.

At 10 years old, I argued for my time back. I don't to play piano anymore, I want my 10 000 hours back.

This is the brokenness I am

At 13 I had a double, nothing in common but the title of their being. And yet that is all it took to become nothing.

This is the brokenness I am

At 14 I spent time with a locker, the only friend I had in the jail of a building.  A homeless student living amongst the rich.

This is the brokenness I am

At 15 I was trying to put life together, but it didn't work. Making myself angry about it. Maybe you don't have to accept that life doesn't like you, that people don't like you. That you don't like you.

This is the brokenness I am

Wrote this a year ago. It's still very relatable. I think I was better at allusion when I wrote poetry back then.
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