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Jan 2020 · 324
Angelique Jan 2020
product of butchered philosophy
men must suffer at the hands of those distracted
by their thirst for their self interest  
punishment is dealt at the request of politics
radical voices
which are silenced by the liberty bred into the rebel
who too fought against crimes
seeking refuge in a new land
but would not allow refuge to those
who suffered at the hands of their destruction
Jul 2018 · 921
Angelique Jul 2018
hello, hello - who's here to welcome me home?
where's the committee with the chariot
the very one Hades rode on

i traveled alone
with people
in search of a salvation
they said existed
but only
with death

oh joy!
bring it to me in the form of love
in the form of a six three
forty year old man
Oct 2017 · 243
Cool October Morning
Angelique Oct 2017
It's a cool October morning
on campus
across the way children play
you see college students make their way from one class to another
living out these lives that vary from
one existence into another

meanwhile, children play
and all the way these adults
to some and not others
make their way
some pretending
some barely surviving
some ridicule the experience
some express gratitude
because it's all some of us really have
this chance
that one day a future worth living may arise

and then all the while, children play
we all wish we could turn back this clock that
lays both in our existence and our imagination
this clock
that holds these memories
that tells us we're far
and then so near
in the blink of an eye
tells us there may be something to fear
because by chance
one in a few
may not make it

all the while children play
we reminisce about our time
we tell ourselves we wish to turn back to the simple moments
but the truth is
this clock lays partially into existence
so that we may think back
and grasp what we didn't at the time
so that we may act
in accordance
when it comes time

its a cool October morning
on campus
across the way children play
as I make my way
Jul 2017 · 405
Praying For Grace
Angelique Jul 2017
laughter is loud
while the sick are whispering
gentleness appeals to the universe  
fear causes distances
that bring us closer to faith
because we pray for the existence of grace
Jul 2017 · 386
Simple Path
Angelique Jul 2017
Oceans sweep over burnt land
-clears away so
men can walk the simple path
forgetting where their desires had previously led them
to a promise of tomorrow
when yesterday was filled with worry
Jul 2017 · 331
foreign efforts
Angelique Jul 2017
expect evenings laced with longing
youth buried underneath experience
desperate greed
foregin efforts to conserve the lives we lead
Jul 2017 · 338
dRUNunk poeTRY
Angelique Jul 2017
reality grows afraid
of the lives men lead
nights go quiet
and memories are met with greed
children ask for endless summers
losing the chance to sleep
while voices whisper drunk poetry
Jul 2017 · 480
It's All Wrong
Angelique Jul 2017
it's wrong to linger in hope of a beautiful reality
where mother's live forever
and there's joy in coming home and feeling like a child

in a home where walls are painted the color of happiness
meanwhile memories run short
three years feel like thirty
we lose every step of the way
Angelique Dec 2016
instant retraction
retaliation of the mind
rejection is hard to understand
the underlying revelation blinding
A work in progress.
Dec 2016 · 612
Voices and Faces
Angelique Dec 2016
people left me with a need for a new place
where touching skin no longer felt like a fear

i wanted to stay and get past my broken feelings but there's fear even in happy moments

voices of disapproval followed me
slowly and quickly
day in and day out
on land
and not even the sea could cast away those demons

warmth quickly became a burden
my scars i tried to return but faces came forward to form more
Nov 2016 · 854
The Risk Love Has To Offer
Angelique Nov 2016
love pulls visions of colour
strikes yearning with fire
screams appreciation
with hints of adventure
it leans heavily on a fist of risk
Nov 2016 · 567
A New Age
Angelique Nov 2016
a distinct pattern
fragments of battles make their way
the next decade
Nov 2016 · 359
Spirtual Realm
Angelique Nov 2016
vivid exhaustion
waiting anxiously for a miracle
to embark on a journey through a spiritual realm
where everything is caressed by a hand that cares
Nov 2016 · 695
Infinite Salvation
Angelique Nov 2016
In a new place despite being in an old home
There's pain in a good man's soul, but there is also hope in better dreams
You endure disappointment and subsquent apologies
-in hopes of infinite salvation
Permanently remaining in a state of anticipation destined to an exhausting routine.
Oct 2016 · 2.2k
Damned Compassion
Angelique Oct 2016
poetic truth tastes like risk
like a sting of dread
it's the apprecation of a frown
prayers in diguise
footsteps that dance in pain

a glorious shelter of ****** compassion
Angelique Oct 2016
questions pose themselves wherever you wander
seldom will you find the answers
you'll seach aimlessly in people, places, and things
the only thing you will discover is that you never knew what you were looking for
Oct 2016 · 560
Angelique Oct 2016
humans are faithfully committed to deception
they vanish emotionally because they want you to be overwhelmed by their brillance rather than their mudane lives and their annoying lies
Oct 2016 · 1.1k
Moral Fist
Angelique Oct 2016
awarness that is nearly tangible
--clenched in a moral fist where it will thrive amongst the genius, the vile and the emotionally crumbled
Oct 2016 · 667
Writers Teach
Angelique Oct 2016
writers blindly teach hundreds
awakening them from a trance

reborn people seek the limits and abandon responsibility for a ticket to uncertainty
--a wonderous divison of life
Oct 2016 · 3.5k
Fierce Footprints
Angelique Oct 2016
the impact of mankind is profound
it's ridiculously simple
--childishly intent on giving commands and ordering respect
meanwhile leaving behind fierce footprints of disrespect
Oct 2016 · 1.1k
Angelique Oct 2016
A miserable excitement
Intertwined existence that patiently sways towards reflection
Constant deprivation of relationships and that damage they return
Beliefs are viewed as limitations that stumble through experiances -- laced with nonsense

I wave a scarlet flag that has been aged and tattered by the silhouettes of society.
Jun 2016 · 799
Missing What Once Was
Angelique Jun 2016
It is in breathing with difficulty that I begin to admire the ability to breathe easily
It is in moments of sadness that I begin to miss fleeting moments of matter how minuscule
It is in the midst of panic that I  reach for the serenity that had once surrounded me
Jun 2016 · 734
Fractured Mind
Angelique Jun 2016
It's so very difficult
So very difficult
To stand tall with a broken soul
To love very much with a broken heart
To think at all
Apr 2016 · 943
Angelique Apr 2016
Searching for some sort of relevance
Something to tie me down
                    -or lift me up
Something to keep me in motion
                    -out of my emotions
On a path forward
Not back around
To when I was
                Sad and Disillusioned
Feb 2016 · 697
Angelique Feb 2016
Humanity travels with strangers
With strange people

who are only strange to us because we lack their humanity
because we know not of their suffering

Because we know not what we destroy with the refusal to handle things carefully
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
Wingless Angels
Angelique Feb 2016
unknown voices
trapped in visions
find their reflection unappealing
shattered, they're left constantly longing for wingless angels
Feb 2016 · 780
Absolutely Nowhere
Angelique Feb 2016
lingering wicked truths
dressed in boring disguises  
fool just about anyone
they reveal random traces of hell
lifeless certainties that lead to absolutely nowhere
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
Angelique Feb 2016
ruined expectations
a destination of fools
obvious opportunities - lay damaged
the disappointment is hard to comprehend
the message is blinding
Jul 2015 · 617
Never Grateful
Angelique Jul 2015
Outside in the midst of nature and a boundary set by humans
Feelings are caught within our mind but the pain within my chest says otherwise
It leads me to believe that we suffer despite our blessings
and we're never grateful but full of guilt
We'll never find happiness but in fleeting moments where sadness awaits to wish us ill
Apr 2015 · 975
I Waited and Waited
Angelique Apr 2015
I always worried that people would notice and ask
In order to avoid any awkwardness or worrisome expressions, I came up with excuses for everyone
My family -- friends --coworkers
I spent day after day coming up with excuses until I realized that no one was going to ask
Mar 2015 · 470
What are we?
Angelique Mar 2015
Wonderment touches understanding but barely recognizes it
         Darkness rests among us, rather than the light we seem to crave
   We stand unsure of the
Sound earth fights untitled feelings
Are           we          in              love?
Mar 2015 · 1.2k
What We Do Best
Angelique Mar 2015
We fear the feeling of acceptance because we cannot accept ourselves.
We hide any resemblance of beauty by calling it ugly.
We hide any resemblance of nature by industrializing it.
We turn a society that is no where near perfect into an image of achievement because we need somewhere to look to.
Why can we surpass our limits but not ourselves?
Feb 2015 · 1.0k
Intoxicating Freedom
Angelique Feb 2015
Here I am staring into reality
seeing nothing but having everything at my fingertips.

All around me people have a grasp of the unattainable.
The reasoning is unclear to me.

The joke runs through the air.
There are seldom things that are ever clear to me.

I am blinded by their acknowledgement.

The truth is
      freedom is a hard pill for parents to swallow and kids spend their whole lives buying the prescription.
Hoping that one day
                              their parents will be medicated
                                                                  intoxicated by their own need for freedom.
I wrote this and haven't gotten a chance to edit it...I'll edit it sometime tomorrow
Dec 2014 · 1.2k
A Bump on the Road to Love
Angelique Dec 2014
It's the time to act on the promises
Instead of a welcoming embrace, I receive an apology
Played by the game I made
She deserves more too
But she has no clue
This is in the perspective of my friend. May she find what she's looking for.
Dec 2014 · 394
Will We Ever Accept?
Angelique Dec 2014
Two world collide in the quietest way
It is not a not a notion that surprises even the faintest of heart
It's a collaboration of two people who don't know where to start
It's movement in the place of stillness
Life in the place of death
It's you and I baby
Will we ever accept?
A work in progress
Angelique Aug 2014
Raving recognition increases terror
You sarcastically dismiss such grief
Reality feels entitled and everything falls apart year-round
A future worth tasting and all we've reached is this summer
In a year or two it's something we'll barely remember
I think this kind of described this summer for me. It wasn't very memorable.
Jun 2014 · 760
Simply Put
Angelique Jun 2014
I do not want to leave behind blame
I do not want guilt extracted from my words
I want a simple couple of words to speak my goodbye
Not about the cause but of the moment I chose to leave this world behind
I am currently reading some poetry written by Billy Collins. I'm thoroughly enjoying his work.
I recently read a quote that basically said, it's a shame when a young person hasn't seen most of the world, but has seen enough of it to know they do not want to live in it.
Jan 2014 · 1.0k
Angelique Jan 2014
We are all part of someone's dream, a realm of the universe unseen.
We displease, we heal, we unveil the hidden and yet all that can be seen is what is heard....
       disregarding all lives that were formed for a moment in the limelight that was never owned.
Some call themselves flawless but the notion in itself is full of flaws and we remain untouched by the obvious.
Well, it has been quite a while since I last posted anything. I have continued to write but I just never got around to posting it on here.
Nov 2013 · 1.1k
Faded and Stained
Angelique Nov 2013
a searching universe
continued cries
evil kisses upon lies

worried people
missing secrets
the town is suddenly screaming

admist the chaos
wrapped in longing
a boy and his repeated demons
faded and stained
all but the same
darling bleed and release
I like how faded and stained contradict each other. I put it as a temporary title but once I get my myself together, I'll be uploading a new title.
Oct 2013 · 689
Unwanted Reality
Angelique Oct 2013
The blue wanted to believe that the truth was trying to turn, run and touch the wronged
but death opened the room which broke the silent ground
It worked slowly I mean it could not speak
                                             could not even touch the ground if it wished
It just grew while reality filled ones feelings
Men stood green instead of trees and the strongest heart was that of an infant
Hmm well I could explain this but I think a big part of poetry is letting people interpret it. I like letting people turn it into their own.
Sep 2013 · 1.8k
Angelique Sep 2013
Dissatisfied with ourselves
                                          and lonely with others
Seeking the truth
                             but speaking with lies
                              ­                                                   What a life
Breathing oxygen
                                 but expelling smoke
Turning love
                       into hatred
                                                                ­             We're magicians
I dunno I think this is ok...
I was writing with the intention to submit this to this school lit thing but I wanna submit something rather good and I just can't find it in me to write anything of that value.

Just as an extra...!zHd1/
Aug 2013 · 977
Depriving Dream State
Angelique Aug 2013
Where no human lies awake
                                     a dream state                                                            ­      
                                                    One other
                                                            Shar­es this place
                                                           ­                    but it is on a murderous rampage    
                                                                ­               Wrapping its fingers around your throat
                                                          ­                     Til your breath is no longer all you hold
                              It takes your prized possession                     
                                           Not your life
                                but the happiness that hides
I had this poem up a bit ago but removed it for certain reason's that I barely remember. I changed it a tiny bit and here it is again.
Aug 2013 · 610
Guerra con mis pensamientos
Angelique Aug 2013
Constantemente en guerra con mis pensamientos
Esperando, pero no trabajo por la paz que busco
Por Que
              Por Que
                            No sé
Jul 2013 · 700
Angelique Jul 2013
And yet we dream of finding those moments in which we feel lifeless
Away from all distractions
We never do find relief from such a horrid grief
Only those who chose to ease
Well I've been writing off and on for this summer. As I am writing this I have a terrible headache but I barely have free time to post anything so I figured that I would post some poetry/write some poetry.
School is starting in less than a month and there is a lot I haven't done. I'm trying to finish my summer reading but every time I sit down to read I have to go do something with my parents.
but my summer has been alright...probably the best summer in a long time.
Jul 2013 · 1.1k
A Misfortune
Angelique Jul 2013
I am myself.
                     That's all
It's hardly anything but for you I will try to be everything

I don't know what will become of me
how life will shape me 5 years down the line
I promise to be forever thine

Just give me a chance
Take a step back
Take a breath
Let me down easy if you think I could never complete your picture
If that's the case then I hope you never meet another misfortune like me
So I wrote this a couple days ago and yeah I think it speaks for itself. I'm not too happy with the beginning of the last part but I'll take care of that later. As for the title....I'll be putting up the real title soon.
Angelique Jul 2013
Everyone claims they are watching out for me
What I become if all goes wrong
                                                      Will be my own fault
Angelique Jun 2013
Love disintegrates the same way our skin and bones do
Nothing is left once said and done
You might as well just grab a gun and be glad you weren't made to be the one
This is a short poem..I have another version where there is a lot more but decided to post the shorter version. I need to work on the other parts of it..I will probably post it later.
Jun 2013 · 494
Two Fates
Angelique Jun 2013
wi­th a fright
Waking          with a sight
I see the stars and the moon
Making me feel sane despite the delusions of my life
I feel loved as though the stars were hugging me
but yet the moon was tugging me
I cannot chose which p
                                                    to take for
                                                                ­       I am
                                                               caught between
                                                     t w o                                f a t e s
I wrote this poem in 8th grade. I found it in an old journal.
May 2013 · 715
Angelique May 2013
I know what it is to be burned at an early age
The ashes still sit on my skin
The memories alive like those flames
Very short poem.....
May 2013 · 838
Not finished
Angelique May 2013
"All I know is that I know nothing."- Socrates

You live with the
                             idea of death
You love with the
                             opportunity to hate
You try to learn of the
Which is an impossible task to take
And all the while you c o n t r a d i c t  yourself
Sometimes making your life a living hell

This poem is based on the quote, "All I know is that I know nothing."-Socrates
It was a quote my grandmother used to recite to my mother in Spanish.
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