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JKirin Sep 2021
My emotions pour out in a torrent
with the sound of this magical night:
as you move in a trance, in the moment,
I embrace you with bright disco lights.

Hear the beats of my heart, of the music;
touch the notes of the dance, of my soul;
lose yourself to the rhythm, amuse me -
on the dance floor, for you, I'm the song.
about a dj, lost in the moment to become a song for the dancers
TIZZOP Jul 2021
take a close look at daniel blue: thievin'
tommy's wallet floats thru his garden
camouflage of a secretive spirit, bricks
and daniel does it all for loads of blow

milly meantime desperate since
her square drawings grow into strife
but that's how she acts out, love ya girl
yayo, tho, remains the white magic...

catch my thoughts, old friend, come over
yesterday's enemy, now platin mutants
lay down, relax, breathe deeply, 16 seconds
eagerly governing are kingpins & eagles

feel me in the midst of purple mist
among dusk, dawn, and dusk, 108 hours
insomnia, trance, return, greed, insights
months vanish like hours, but still here

you get me? this is much appreciated
this is a highly desired lifestyle, kiddo
especially when the mouth ironly hurts
and you spot the shadows of memories
Jake Welsh Feb 2021
rays of light strike the wall where a window should be. the hurricane is over, we haven't yet taken down the boards.
the thing about the storm is how exhausting it can be. it can take so much out of you that all you can muster is enough energy to think. hours expended in forceful trance don't quite seem like hours at all.
more like something else entirely.

i rest my head on the back of a ratty couch. there's a coffee table before me that i'd like to prop my feet on if only i had the strength to. i notice Elizabeth cross legged atop it. she's smaller than i remember. not in the way of height or weight, but in a way i can't quite put my finger on. she looks straight through the boards on the window, though i feel her gaze on me.

a few minutes have gone away. following their departure, Elizabeth turns to me and asks,
"do you remember me from somewhere?"
here's a draft i'm working on, pushing around some symbolism. this is going in my 5th chapbook. hope you all like it!
Grey Nov 2020
You are a lantern
And I am but a moth,
Gazing in awe at your beauty and welcoming presence.
As if in a trance, I draw near
And bask in your warm light
Too enveloped in your grace
To notice the corpses littering the floor.
You burn my once-gorgeous wings until I can no longer fly,
You sear my retinas so all I can see is you,
And yet I can’t leave, too reliant on your heat.
And just like that, a switch is flipped.
Your light goes out.
And I am left alone with only the wreckage you brought me
And the knowledge
That it’s all my fault.
mark soltero Oct 2020
technology is a saving grace
but their synth
is a siren in disguise
calculated syncopations
create chemical induced inebriation
beware of their trance
cause keeping track of time
is lost inside of euphoria
the emptiness of dread you have
will only grow until you are void
Dante Rocío Aug 2020
There heated up
The sight,
A pit lures, drags, with thoughts
beautifully by elegance perverted,
The rain my own furnace,
That I make it do of it itself,
That I make it be then of myself.

I choose to dance without body
Yet to make steps in dark in negation,
Observation, a true rascal-ification,
In other words: notes of silence resounding.
Moment the floor,
Heartbeats for the feet.
Air-tight bubbles for the breath.

Minstrel of Utopias I’ll become,
Standing as Ellipsis I’ll be intact,
And I’ll see as the end shall come
Through tears burning from
Nothingness of clouds.

I choose to gleam in
Eyes of half-liddance
And what is done of their feverish?
Sweat’s going out from the fascinating,
The chest is being opened to feel
how hot is the cardiac muscle
And love is made to its battles,
In the dark of the Day,
As you wish,
Or in the lightness of the Night.

You don’t tell reason, the right,
There is sound in feather’s flight
A trial in scarlet darkness of
music sonorous in mind,
Trying to capture my vivid beat in melody,
While dancing glory in pencil gold hair
In the pit of thoughts in Me.
In lush green of cigarette Italian book-like.

Prima, Prova.
First, Trial/
Earlier, Try.
Simon Aug 2020
You aren't entirely charmed to being whipped, if you don't take a moment to see what being merely "whipped" is even about. Showboating a charmed effect for something other than something else to "whip" itself back into shape! Lust! Ecstasy! All charmed effects without anything being whipped normally. When being whipped by a single charm defies ALL expectations for normal anticipations to fall prey to. Creating a very frustrating hypnotism functionality. Whilst also creating a very flustered trance that none can escape alone!
Charmed to be whipped isn't the countermeasure to some "doubtful" conclusion! It's meant to usher you forward without anything else seeping through to cancel out all incoming efforts (normal wise).
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