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dani Mar 27
Somewhere in between
Tranquility and the twilight zone
I find myself in a timeless trace.
Unable to find the words
To express my endless love for you -
Longing to cherish you for all of eternity.
Carmen Jane Feb 24
This lonely street is full of people
They walk and talk and sometimes laugh
They all gather at the steeple
And all their chatter becomes a cough.

Among them there's a little girl
Who points bravely to the sky above
As they all look up she does a twirl
She bites a piece out of her glove.

They try to see if the sky is blue
They squint their eyes in no avail
They arrange themselves in a perfect queue
From above they look like a dragon's tail.

They all take turn to have a chance
To try to smell the absent scent
You might think they all in trance
This quest is keeping them content.

They all approach the only flower
That happen to survive that town
They keep it safe in their tallest tower
The absent scent, won't keep them down.
Macho Mole Feb 14
I am in a light trance, and you are not.

J am relaxed, cool, and calm, while you are like ruffled water, anxious to be getting on with it.

And you are impatient with me in my trance. This is strange because I am no threat to you, but yet my trance troubles you. And you instinctively, and without thinking, close my trance down and bring me down to earth.

You rejection is so strong and absolute, I must take notice of it, even though I don’t understand it.

Yet trance is so seductive for me I read about it in, “From Magic to Technology”, by Dennis Wier, and I attend a trance workshop, at the Australian National University, by the Sports’ Psychologist, John Turnbull. And I am entranced by writing every day.

I do a walking meditation when I am waiting for a bus, and I do a walking meditation to put myself to sleep at night. And I meditate by rocking back and forth, forward and back, rocking my soul in the ***** of Abraham, click, rocking myself like a baby in the arms of my mother.

Yet the rejection of trance is so strong, I wonder why. I think because trance means giving up control progressively, giving up control progressively from a light trance to the deepest ineffable (beyond words) trance.

And giving up control means being vulnerable. And the world ‘vulnerable’ comes from the latin ‘vulnans’ meaning wound. And naturally we don’t want to be wounded, we are afraid of the pain, disability, and shame of a wound. The military seek to wound others and avoid being wounded ourselves.

Unfortunately vulnerability provides the ground for creativity and empathy. So we prefer to conform and sympathise.

Yet we are entranced, across the world, by the universal Touring machine, held in our hand, our mobile phone. We prefer to be entranced unknowingly, in company with others, like a congregation.

But the possibility exists to design our own trances, and their effects, safely ourselves. A good place to start is by reading the book, “The Way of Trance”, by Dennis Wier.
I write poetry in a light trance, a deep trance is ineffable, beyond words, and beyond poetry.
Paul Butters Feb 2
Repetition is the best petition.
Drive that refrain into your brain.
It’s my mission.
Driven on by Stewart Copeland the musician.
Drums and dance
Send me into a trance.
Transcendental music
Any way you choose it.

Repetition, repetition, repetition
Just as potent as nuclear fission.
Sometimes, for me, it’s just too much.
As crazy as Screaming Lord Sutch.
Yet here I make a telling submission
About the power of repetition
As beautiful as a painting by Titian.
A composition to appeal to your cognition
To get you into a better condition
Without transition.

There are four hundred and ninety rhymes
Of repetition
And that’s not something from superstition.
But I’d better avoid a war of attrition
Even with your kindly permission.
It’s great to prance
And have a dance.
I’m glad you’ve given
This poem a glance
To give its rhythms every chance.
My aim is to enhance
And cut through the boredom like a lance.

Poems are music
Poems are Romance
So let’s advance
Then make a stance.
That’s my position.

Paul Butters

© PB 2\2\2020 (first line written 31\1 then notes made 1\2). Final line added 3\2.
Inspired by Stewart Copeland's TV Series "Adventures in Music" BBC4.
Owen Cafe Jan 28
Neon ******* and spiraling chests.
Smokey vision of reflected collisions.

A sauna of bodies,
minds, and seductive jests.

Sinking to the sky,
opening my minds eye.

I've never not always,
forever seen,
absently been,
in the now that is here.

A glow from above can only show,
we are the clouds and the mist of the moon,
swaying in trance to that which we hardly know.
"Man, last night got weird"
Sky Jun 2019
come over me,
wash into me
To take me away
from this madness
He wraps the world in his darkness
Performs sinister magic
Bewitches the ordinary and the weak
Unfolds deadly traps
Dissipates every possibility of escape
Captures almost everyone in trance
Makes his final move
And ends happy lives

It’s just as impossible to stop him
Only a man of great will has the guts
To outsmart his shadowy magic
greed can take up several forms
it's just an evil magician
will May 2019
kissed you in the grass of march,
as i wrapped my hands around your waist,
i can feel you glow
radiating the moon's light
maybe we could lie down
and let the world go fast forward
let's stay the night
as we doze off into the stars, into the galaxy
K Balachandran Apr 2019
fathomless cosmos,
is in an ecstatic trance.
we are in its dream!
John Shahul Jan 2019
She took the colors of rainbow
And came around me in splendid array
Like a sunshine dressed to **** me five days in a row,
She sat across me to sway
My mind and my heart to bend and bow.

Within eyeshot distance
In a beautiful blue dress my lady in love
Appeared in dream like trance
Remind me of those bluebells in silky glow.

Over her glowing skin my emotions ponder
Sparkly as fire and set me free from the torments
Of her thoughts in sleepless nights that wander.
My eyes held hers only for few moments.

She flipped her hair and wrapped it around
Her neck showing her shoulder in more detail
To make up my mind about her to turn around.
Her  starry eyes open wide with beautiful  smile.

Looking back at me as she gloats.
Twirled her shimmering hair few times,
She orchestrated rhapsody of delights
And snapped my mind into lucid dreams.

She is irresistible that I can only whisper
Melting in love with my burning desire.
Tilted her head as she made up her hair
And left it undone as she had me set on fire.

And slowly she letting me in
Watching her over again and again.
She opens up my heart into growing sensation
As she slowly letting me in
Only to find my unconscious mind.

She touched my heart and soul deeply with love
Under her hypnotic trance so profound
As she speaks, all my love that she can deserve
Her voice cast a spell on me to surround.

She brought her hair together with a bow,
Now her wish is my command,
She locked my heart forever with love.

I can’t think of myself without her to woo,
I told her I wanted to see her every day
And whispered ‘I don’t want to miss you’
Her name is Chelsea, she lives by the bay
She winked at me and said, ‘me too’.

Near the puzzle table we started to play
Mental map of our love to display with no clue
She promised me she never broke up
And her love grows stronger every day.

I am stuck in love and waited up
To cuddle with her every night and day,  
Need her now more than ever
Until my last breath can stay
We always be together and forever.
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